Monday, April 6, 2009

FTCA Elections: A tame affair.

Wilfred Abraham's idea of rest and recreation i.e getting away from sports politics, has been derailed at least by 1 year last Friday, as he was re-elected unopposed as President of FTCA. Last minute, 2 of the contestants withdrew as they had no reason to attempt to snatch the post from the incumbent President. Ensuring the incumbent President is re-elected without a contest, reflects the highest degree of respect bestowed on to Wilfred Abraham by the FTCA membership.

Apparently, the General Meeting had a high turnout i.e a 100% increase from a normal crowd of 20, as last Friday's gathering had about 40. Suresh Menon was elected as Vice President, while the Secretary and Treasurer were unopposed on Nomination day. The contest for Committee members saw the exit of Ronald Quay and the entry of P Krishnasamy (PK). Obviously PK would be an asset to FTCA. Above all, it would seem that the "opposition" has been tamed in FTCA.

Now FTCA have got the "same kind of thinking people" in their set-up. Life must now be a bliss for FTCA. Therefore lets see cricket doing more of the talking. Good Luck FTCA.

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Anonymous said...

Reminds me Real Madrid Team with all stars one time.