Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Malaysian Cricket Association's Deputy President resigns

I received this anonymous comment on the resignation of the Malaysian Cricket Association's Deputy President. It had caught many "cricket watchers" by surprise and apparently this is an "appetiser" to a "main dish" that is in the making. There is a lot of buzz and it would be wrong to speculate except that the common "thread" to the story is the need for fresh elections.

The story is "juicy" enough but not sufficient to provide a satisfying "thirst quenching" article. Time would help in filling the "jug" with the necessay contents and i think it is best to give it the period for the story to develop.

Below is the full text in blue print of the unedited version of the comment:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post ""Wanted" - Coach for Malaysian cricket":

MCA deputy president quits

Thank God. Its real Merdeka for Malaysian Cricket. We thought we need to wait for a year more. There is few more have to resign, we waiting for tat day.

MALAYSIAN Cricket Association (MCA) deputy president Datuk Dr Amarjit Singh has tendered his resignation, a move seen as a sign that all is not well in the national sports body.Dr Amarjit said his letter of resignation was sent to the MCA headquarters in Kuala Lumpur yesterday and that he had stated time constraint as the reason for his decision to quit.

"There is no need to say anything more nor do I want to hurt anybody. I have come to a decision to resign and that's it," said Dr Amarjit.

His resignation has come at a time when the MCA has yet to fill the post of two vice-presidents, left vacant by Mahindra Vallipuran who resigned about six months ago, and Affendi Fuad Stephens, who passed away early last year.

"But I hope the president (Tunku Imran Tunku Ja'afar) will take a serious look at the situation and fill up the vacancies, including that of ordinary member Gopal Sreenavasan, who has also resigned.

"If not, it is only fair that a re-election be called soon," added Dr Amarjit, who was also the chairman of the MCA development committee. -


Anonymous said...

Yellam Sh_ _ a maayam.

Tuanku Abdul Rahman said...

welcome back gandhi..we need you for cricket...

you are the man...we need put these jokers back to their places....

well done gandhi....merdeka, merdeka, merdeka

Gandhi, said...

The comment has been edited.

Reformasi has left a new comment on your post "Malaysian Cricket Association's Deputy President r...":

Dear Ghandi,

Good to see you in action.

So called our deputy president vowed to take the challenge for 2 years and did shit in MCA.

Not sure how to bring money in with his (words deleted) MCA had he spend all those and now when the money is all gone with plenty of debts he resigned.

What kind of leader we have. So called ex captain who lead the country. (Sentence deleted) For screwing money from the(word deleted)at his clinic. (Sentence deleted)
Full of bullshit he is our Deputy President. Took over from KLCC Project Manager and did one good thing by (words deleted)from the overseas cricket coach.

Look at the MMCA and their deputy. How profesional are they. What does this Dato knows about cricket develepoment rather developing his pocket.

Lucky for MCA now the idiot has resigned or chicken out...i hope MMCA could take over now. They are the best and we know they can do a better job.

(Sentence deleted)

Anonymous said...

Dear Cricket Lovers, Local n International.

The Departure of Key officials in
MCA, reflects on the poor leadership and lazy administration
by the President and his cronies.

The President deem NOT FIT-to be
where he is-Please for the sake of
the future of Malaysia-do RESIGN
Honourably in the name of Sports.
Wo...Wine...Songs thats his calibre.. + Cigars....to add on

Who will be the correct/appropriate
candidate....New elections have to be called.Sooner the better...

Yours in Cricket
Just me Bro.

Change said...

With his resignation we wonder the cricket circle is happy or sad?

I seriously think the President should step down together with others.

Than we will have a new fresh faces in and MMCA should take over with other individuals from other states who are really keen to develop cricket.

The current MCA should open their eyes and see some of their state associations and MMCA which are making the country proud.

For those who have resigned they can go to Club Aman or RSC and start drinking their beers till they die.

Its time to bring back our glory that we had. Its never too late.

A malay proverb says....

'Setinggi tinggi tupai melompat akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga'

States open your eyes, dont elect EXCO's that has soft heart and lead through emotions.

I m sure many will come in when few more go out from this EXCO. This idiot who has just resigned should not be elected from the first place and finally this tupai knew that he is always good in talking but no actions.

MCA President please resign and i m sure the cricket circle will support your resignation. You have done well and had your time. Its time to move on. People will respect you more when you leave.

Cricket lovers please come out with suggestions on who will take over MCA?

Gandhi, said...

The comment has been edited.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Malaysian Cricket Association's Deputy President r...":

Dear Cricket Lovers Local n International,

I read one of the comments spelling out'MMCA"that the Malay
Cricket Association of Malaysia,
The Esteeme Management Team in MMCA,are simply the best Administrators where CRICKET and
its Development is Concerned in
this Region- Quality,Accuracy,System and Development throughout the Year
even locally and Internationally.

How many Cricket Lovers Know the True Involvement of the Office Bearers in MMCA. I have read ,seen
and Experienced the Success.

The President in MCA will never
admit that MMCA has the Calibre.
If they overlap into MCA thats the day, Mr President has to be a
Spectator and truely realize
how Cricket has to be managed in

The Secretay is a YES man to the
President, and afterwhich does
what pleases him, thinks he is
a "Gods gift to Secretarial Duties.
A total mess up in all his undertakings, says one and does another.
Leave it to MMCA- and watch the Glorys into Malaysian Cricket...

I strongly bet my last Dollar.....
Inform the PRESIDENT that his days are numbered......
The last election Mr President had won merely on Sympathy, as his
dad (word deleted) Demise.
He even begged to certain quarters
that he wanted another Term, and
afterwhich he will hand over.
Tears was almost in his eyes,
to save EMBARASSEMENT., afterwhich
did Bullshit.....till to date.
W0....Win..and Song plus Ciga..

Mid Marh we will know....Where is MCA.

Yours in Cricket
Just me Bro

Anonymous said...

This signals the end of a group's (I will not mention) long held domination / connection of the sport,just like they used to control hockey and athletics, if you know what I mean. A new bye-election will usher in the group that have been waiting in the wings, longing to take over. Some of the current officials have been sleeping with the enemy from the last election. We shall witness the dawn of a new era and at the same time the demise of a group who will now slip into oblivion. The take-over will complete the final jigsaw of the administration of sport bodies in the country.

Gandhi, said...

The comment has been edited.

Cricket Avatar has left a new comment on your post "Malaysian Cricket Association's Deputy President r...":

MCA is in hot soup. You know why, because of too many chief cooks ? The resignation of Datuk Amarjit marks an agenda. MCA is screwed. Why? Many asking these questions wrongly and to the wrong person.

The president, “your royal highness” Tunku Imran and bladly Siva…sorry baldly Siva has made all the decisions when the constitution clearly states that for an executive decision, a collective decision has to be made by the executive council. The constitution never has mentioned that all executive decisions can be made by the president, the honorary secretary and Sham Jalil. Bringing a team of infants , hardly had carried their bats for couple of years have been politically selected to play for the “Nation”. Where do they come from. The (word deleted), our newspaper delivery boy have pimped us two clowns (jokers). One who was a wicket-keeper hardly know how to coach and another have been a player before but never been a player in the team. (Sentence deleted) They make a mockery out of everything they touch with the U17. Look at the record. Tonnes of players available and here they are a group of young dickheads trained and coached by a wicketkeeper and managed by an ex-player who was never a team player. All this comfortable job was given to MMCA to handle and what happened, they use this opportunity to strengthen MMCA seedlings but not MCA. Leeching as much as they could, parasites of the third degree. Here they are stating they could handle a better job. You are already doing the job worst than a garbage man. Don’t suffocate us with the garbage stench.

Why are all after money. Sports in the country are dying because of money politics. Look at Nepal, they started 100 years later and still beat us. Look at China, by 2012, they will qualify for ACC and by 2015 qualify as test nation. Where-else Malaysia, can still quarrel over spoilt-milk and try to find out who supplied the milk, why is it spoilt and etc.

If everybody looks into the interest of cricket, money is something very meticulous. The amount of money we receive from ACC and ICC is sufficient. I manage to get hold of a document which states the portioning of ICC and ACC. They are sufficient to run the national body, the state body and the national team, including paying a foreign coach.

With all the things in hand, why are we not improving? People talk and talk and talk but none into action. Even NSCA had problem, maybe now sorted but it is all about money. I know nobody gets paid in the Association. Even at state level it is voluntary basis. When there is an event sponsored and if the budget allows, pay those officials warmly, not heftily. Don’t make MCA your family association. Catering by your family, transport by your family, entertainment by your family, in the end your family buy a bungalow, cricket buy nothing and nation gets nothing out of cricket.

It is the good contacts of old cricketers like Datuk Amarjit, Datuk Harjit, and Datuk Shanta makes the MCA a proud coalition with ACC and ICC. But these people have been working from the back-stage for a long-time now and it is to the best interest that they now come out and share the lime-lights. I believe they could restore the dignity of Malaysian Cricket Association so much so that the MMCA will tuck their tongue between the crack of their (word deleted).

Gandhi, said...

The comment has been edited.

The Saint has left a new comment on your post "Malaysian Cricket Association's Deputy President r...":

A Buddhist monk once said "A gem is not polished without rubbing, nor a man made perfect without trials". I can't help to see the Malaysian Cricket Association being in the same arena as MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association) with couple of teams throwing stones at each other. One is hoping for a piece of the pie, some hoping for the pie itself and some is hoping to bake some more pie for the rest to eat.

There are vacancies in the MCA, 2 vice president, one ordinary committee and recently the deputy president. The first Datuk Affendi Fuad Stephens demise. God bless him and may he rest in peace. The second Mahinder and Gopal. Thirdly, Datuk Amarjit. Don’t anybody wonder why the top rank officials are quitting. Maybe because nobody want to be in the team laying piles of shit. Even in Malaysian politics, you give a person five years, here it has not even been a year, and he threw his towel away. Why? The president and the secretary are doing things on their own will, calling all the shots. Is this merdeka??? Merdeka to feast on left over money or left-over problems.

Why spend all the energy towards negative thinking when all could be diverted towards positive thinking. People who like to take advantage of this situation are not very clever comparing them to a mule. They are scavenger, vultures and hyenas, who sit and watch while the world feast on an issue and later these scavengers comes and feast on the left-over.

Who is MMCA? Meticulous MCA, Malignant MCA or Malicious MCA. Never forget what the extra (deleted) can do to spoil the sports in our country. Look at all the sports. Football, once reigning as kings now even a prostitute has higher morale than the team. Look at Bowling and badminton. If they are not being funded by the government, they will also go through the same “peeku” hole as MCA. What is so great about MMCA if not only in this country. Self-advertisement and sulking on others success is the only fantastic and superb thing they could do or manage to do. Cricket should be run by cricketers, not by politician, (word deleted) newspaper boy and a couple of leeches.

Oh yes, almost forgot, they are also good in camping people in a screwed motel and convincing the retards to vote for them. Of course, some of them were mystically had more brains than the guy with a pants size 60 and a neck size 30. An Indian proverb states “The way to overcome the angry man is with gentleness, the evil man with goodness, the miser with generosity and the liar with truth.” (Sentence deleted). Why are they even dreaming of managing MCA. Why can’t they manage their own MMCA and prove to the world they are the best. Oppps sorry they can’t …at least show to the locals they can even play cricket “English” style.

love for cricket said...

Time for oldies fto leave the scene specially after being in positions for 20+ years and 14+ years and not being helpful for the game