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Stephen Van Huizen - Good hockey "pedigree" and coaching track record but is the "climate" right to return?

Compared to hockey of the 90s, that of today has changed significantly in style of play and tactics, where training and preparing the team has taken a different dimension. The game has incorporated various elements that are undertaken outside the field, which have become vital cogs in the players' and team performance. These are the results of tests on various of the sciences conducted on the players combined with the use of the latest state of the art information technologies that would provide the coach intimate knowledge of where, when and how to use his discretion to optimise the performance of the team including the players. Essentially the structure supporting any world class hockey teams has become more scientific. Incorporating and managing them is a fundamental aspect of success.

In the last 10 years the advancement has been so significant and if any national hockey coach has not kept abreast with such developments, he would be severely handicapped in trying to obtain the best out of his players and team. This is probably why the richer nations are in the top 6 in world ranking, as they have the resources to ensure their coaches and supporting staff are well acquainted with the latest developments in hockey.

This brings me to Stephen Van Huizen, who has been recently appointed as the chief national hockey coach. Stephen is a good hockey "pedigree" for he is the son of Lawrence Van Huizen, popularly known as "Hoeji", a former hockey international donning national colours for the 1958 Asian Games and 1964 Olympics. Lawrence was also the assistant national coach of the 1966 Asian Games team and from 1981 to 1987 he coached the ladies national team. In 1989, Hoeji coached the Singapore ladies team.

Lawrence greatest legacy in hockey is developing young talents in Seremban particularly for St Paul Instituition (SPI), which was the kingpin school in hockey in Negri Sembilan in the 60s. 70s and 80s. Hoeji's tiring effort of spending time every morning and evening at N.S Padang before and after work, coaching young kids is a testimony of why Negri Sembilan was a major "supply chain" of talents to the national team. Stephen himself was one such person and there were many others by the score. Indeed Hoeji also had 2 teams in the NS hockey league namely Rangers "A" & "B", which were the base for the young players to continue playing hockey after they leave school. If a census was done, there is no doubt that Lawrence Van Huizen would have produced more national players than any other coaches in the country. What an achievement !!!

The Van Huizen hockey pedigree did not stop there, Stephen's uncle Peter Van Huizen too was a former hockey international. A national goalkeeper he was in the 1st national team ever to play in an Olympic ie 1956 Melbourne Olympic and thereafter he joined his brother Lawrence for the 1958 Asian Games. Peter was a "terrorising" keeper and any player within the reach of his stick or legs were potential victims of his robust and "gutsy" style of play. Many forwards playing in his era would tell you stories of Peter's goalkeeping exploits. Indeed the late Datuk Ho Koh Chye always regarded Peter as his goalkeeping mentor and he always encouraged Koh Chye to take him on and displace him as the State goalkeeper. This is Peter's "greatness".

Stephen had to continue the traditions of the Van Huizen hockey pedigree. He was Captain of the 1979 Junior World Cup team to Paris which came 4th in the tournament. He played for Malaysia in the 1982 & 1986 Asian Games, 1984 Olympics and 1982 World Cup. He reached the pinnacle of his playing career by being Captain of the team to the 86 Asian Games.

Being a "chip of the old block", Stephen embarked into coaching and his "stars" gifted him to be assistant to all the foreign coaches that were appointed to guide the fortunes of Malaysian hockey. He was assistant to Terry Walsh for 1992 Barcelona Olympics, to Volker Knapp for 1996 Atlanta Olympics & 1998 World Cup and finally to Lissek for 1998 Commonwealth Games and 2002 World Cup. He was the national coach for the 1998 Asian Games and 2000 Sydney Olympics. At both these instances Lissek was the Consultant for the team.

Effectively for this 10 year period ie 1992 to 2002, what is referred to as the "glorious era" of Malaysian hockey, Stephen had played a significant role either as a coach or as an assistant. This track record is yet to be surmounted by any other coach and the way Malaysian hockey is heading it would seem that such a track record would be preserved for years to come.

People have asked why Stephen is so successful with the national teams? Some say "greatness" comes when you are at the right place at the right time and of course doing the right things. Others say it is the constellation of his "stars" that has placed him there at that time to do the right things. Yes ! we could debate this day and night but the point being it has all happened for Stephen and that is what is important.

Today, his father Lawrence and his uncle Peter must be relishing in joy seeing that the Van Huizen hockey pedigree is yet again brightly illuminated as Stephen starts his Round II in Malaysian hockey as coach. The question this time is whether Stephen's constellation of "stars" now would put him in the right place to do the right things for Malaysian hockey.

I have to ask this question because :

  • Stephen has been out of international hockey for nearly 8 years and there have been significant changes.

  • For the 1st time Stephen would not be an assistant to a foreign coach or have the added advantage of having a foreign coach as a consultant.

  • Stephen is going to coach a team whose world ranking was around the 16th and just moved up to 14th. This is an added pressure which he did not face previously.

  • The "supply chain" of talents to the national team had been severely disrupted over the years and the quality of players today are significantly different.

  • The hockey "climate" now is distinctly different from the issues of discipline of players and the encroachment cum interference from officials including team management.

The list can continue but i feel i just want to give Stephen an "appetiser" so as he knows what he can expect in the "main meal". Stephen has to realise the equation has drastically changed as many of the "old guards" whom he had worked with and carry themselves professionally have left the scene. In today's climate there is an atmosphere that seems to be more related to individual self preservation combined with the greed for self propelling glamour. Aspect of what is good for the team and country seem to take 2nd spot because certain players and officials have other agenda to enrich themselves monetarily or otherwise. This decadence, very much like "cancer cells" has been eating into the foundation that held hockey together and it seems the collapse of Malaysian hockey may be inevitable, which i hope is wrong.

So Stephen, Are you coming back at the right time, equipped rightly, to do the right things to put Malaysian hockey right?


Anonymous said...

Gandhi, you should wait and see and not even comment as yet even though you are not scathing in your comments thus far. I think Stephen and Beng Hai should be given the opportunity to prove themselves and every encouragement should be extended to them. It is the officialdom who should be castigated as there are too many people with vested interests to protect and maintain. As an example, during the Invercargill World Cup Qualifier many of the Malaysian players were warming up with only a tracksuit top and worst some even just had their jerseys despite the inclement weather there. If you have played in cold weather, you should suit up until the time before the whistle is blown to keep warm during the warm up. Hence the phrase warm up. This is clearly the fault of the sports scientist or physical trainer who must understand the biological needs and weather conditions relating to playing in such conditions. Dr Ramlan Aziz previously commented on how he was surprised to find the players having nasi lemak for breakfast when the foreign players are having bread and butter as well as egg and bacon for breakky. Clearly, nutrition as well as diet must be looked into as well as strengthening and conditioning of the players and technological knowledge such as video analysis must be understood by the coaches.

Anonymous said...

Well Done Stephen and Beng Hai.

In you we trust.

You both are the best bet to help malaysian hockey whether good time or bad time.

We are in crisis now, welcome on board.

Malaysia Boleh

Anonymous said...

Stephen is the right man for the right post after cancellation of Oltmans service.
Stephen is the mentor for Beng Hai and got merit to become chief.
Beng Hai already given a chance to prove but fail in Invercargill and MHF should let him go and try others. Probably MHF choose Beng Hai as temporary Asst. Coach to Stephen as currently Malaysia really lack of Suitable National Coach talent.
Good Luck and All The best Stephen!

Anonymous said...

stephen does not look like the right man. it must then be updesh. stepens honeymoon appears over.

Anonymous said...

Lot have been said about senior team. The senior team is in the good hands of SVH & TBH.

Lets focus on 2013 team. I feel that Dharma should be assisted by Vicky. They will make a good team.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Stephen Van Huizen and Beng Hai over their appointment as National Coaches.

As both the National Coaches has just began their journey to world cup, nightmare have just started for a national school hockey coach.

This BJSS school coach revealed in the papers that his team might lose in this year's MJHL because SSPB has combined with TNB to form a stronger team. He also said that he has lost some players last year has weakened his team.

But the truth is an open book to all.

He was so busy with the Premiere league that he forget about MJHL.

He was busy with Sapura team and daily having coffee talking about his success that he totally forgot about his school team.

There was no time to train his boys but he had all the time to train his second paymaster.

BPSS and Setapak school boys were busy training and playing in the premiere leagues. They gained confidence, exposure in high level games and had high fitness due to continious training.

BJSS boys were busy going holidays. They were also not allowed to play in the premiere leagues.

With BJSS coach missing in Sapura, there was no training for these boys for months. The boys were out of touch in hockey and many had put on weight, clumsy and very low fitness.

Recently, some of the BJSS boys who were called up for Project 2013did not report for training.

The BJSS Juniors under the Junior Coach Lokman seems to be playing a better game than the seniors.

So, BJSS without trainings for 4-5 months, what results can they expect. They are at the mercy of BJSS Juniors, BPSS Juniors and The National Ladies team to deliver them full Points.

This school coach is going to blame everyone else but not himself for the defeats BJSS is going to face. What a shame to this coach. He made a statuotory declaration in the papers even before MJHL starts.

Do we need this kind of a coach for the development of hockey in a national sports school? Will it be the best for him to leave?

How can a National Sports school like this be a feeder to National Team if the coach stops his boys from trainings, exposure and involvement in high level tournaments. This coach not being a former national player like Stephen Van Huizen or Beng Hai will never know what sacrifices and challengers a player need to go through.

Will Stephen Van Huizen, Beng Hai and the future national coaches be able to get the best players in the country if this National Sports School fail to deliver?

Please Comment.

The Hockey Insider

Anonymous said...

Dear hockey insider,love the way you think.Sorry to say your thoughts are so shallow. First of all it is not nesecerry for a coach to be a ex international to be a good coach, if you dont believe me take a look at the 2013 coach and assistant.The league has just started, HOW can you make a conclusions, the sports school coach is just being modest, like any other GOOD coach.All the teams will like to beat BJSS, so what is the big deal? Are you sure thy are not training?Do not accuse without prove.BJSS must report all their training programe, you think the HM and her assistants are so dumb. as for lokman, he has just joined BJSS, here again you make stupid assumption.The coach has shown success in all his years there. What Have you shown ? Talk only la.Setapak no team in this year league man.GET YOUR FACTS RIGHTH!Who are you to ask him to leave BJSS?If he is not doing a good job, why MHF appointed him U16 assistant coach? Now you can say MHF is wrong. Only you are the best la, i mean all talk and no action.Stay inside.

Anonymous said...

Dear BJSS coach and all staff,my sincere advice to you. You guys are doing a fantastic job. There are many so called good coaches who are envious of you.Bother them, get on with you job.The are only coaches, you guys are coaches ,educaters,councellors and friends to all these students. You not only coach you also build them. Be proud of what you are doing.These people can only talk, because you have shown to them that you can do it.Not only with school boys, but also with ex international(Sapura). KlHC ,with all present internationals and so called GOOOOOOOD coach couldnt match you in any way.You are good example to all the other coaches. I wish you well and success in this year Junior league.

Anonymous said...

To April 10, 2010, 4 49pm, Guys, open your brains. I agree with the hockey insider.
Firstly, Setapak senior boys have joined UniKL. The BJSS boys who left BJ have become Thunderbolts with TNB. Thanks to UniKL and TNB for saving this young players.
Secondly, why go naked to the papers and give stupid excuses for weakness that the coach has planted in his school team. He just don't dare take the responsibility and accountability of the failures that he is going to face. You mean to say he is modest. You are stupid. He has just molested, raped and kill the Setapak School hockey team by luring 8 boys from that school to BJSS. Well, if you say they have been training, lets wait and see what will the outcome be for the Junior league. Be prepared with your diapers when the HM calls up.

Anonymous said...

dear all,

Please write your name and your reason if you want to establish something.

I have always had a good relationship with bjss.

Please dont drag me in any of your fights.Neither do i need you to praise me.I just want to do my job.

Thank you.

Coach Dharma

Anonymous said...

I admire Lawrence Van Huizen. Remembered him as the old white bearded man with a walking stick looking like “father time”. Standing at the side-line, intensely observing youngsters in an intra-school hockey game at the NS padang. This was back then in the 80’s. I was playing that time. He gave a lot for the sport that he loves, so I dedicate this long winded blah-blah as a tribute to him.
Hockey should be brought down to the grassroots level again. Elitism has no place in sports. Look at the hockey scene in our secondary school today, many schools dont have a proper hockey field, let alone a proper hockey team. Hockey is not soccer, not a game which they learn to play in front of their kampung houses, let alone under the high-rise residential flats/apartment blocks. Hockey needs proper coaching during school time on the school hockey field. It needed special equipments which cost beyond most schools could afford. It needed trained hockey teachers/coaches not just stand-in coach who never played the game in their life. The ministry of education must make it compulsory for schools to have a hockey team. Hockey is the only team-sports that we at least can say we are world contenders (soccer??–come on get real).

read more of my blah-blah

Anonymous said...

Mr Ghandi,

It appears that your blog is a favourite tool for the coaches to promote themselves. Well probably it is as some are behaving more like a SALESMAN rather than a hockey coach!

If you read between the lines, you will guess who these coaches are with their limited vocabulary and preference of words.

Ghandi, Is this the SECOND-WAVE coming as per witnessed in the 1st regime’s behaviour?

There is only one obvious fact at this point of time, many players in the 2013 are from the NATIONAL SPORTS SCHOOL SYSTEM; SSBP & SSBJ (KPM/NSC PROGRAMME).


Judging from the statistic, the national age group coaches can't take credit for their players’ performance.

There is also no depth in the senior level. There is no structured development programme in the past 6 years other than the thunderbolt (tnb)& Sports School Programme.

The 1 mas is in the pipeline and hopefully it will bear fruit instead of the sukan teras were millions were spend without getting much ROI.

The future of hockey depends on collective action in the development programme.

So let’s stop the back stabbing to promote the sport.

Anonymous said...

Hockey Needs Multiple Lenses.

The improvement of hockey in Malaysia needs a revamp from all angels. Absence of a good administrative system resulted in deteriorating state of hockey. We have the infrastructure, support from the government and sufficient funding but unable to produce high performance results. The deterioration usually blamed on the coaches when the real problem lies within the system. Look at our Malaysian soccer, we brought the best coaches here before and the result was not far off where our local coaches were. Exception Rajagopal…….... “No Nonsense Man”. This is where we need to be right on sight on the revolutions.

View 1: Train the Coaches
Stephen is no doubt one of the better coaches in Malaysia. His progress and development to be what he is now is of no question. He has been through the mill from coaching development hockey as well as high performance. He went on assisting both the Aussie and German coaches in Malaysia. This has equipped him well and he became coach in the Sydney Olympics for Malaysia. However, the system in Malaysian hockey administration has failed to take him to another well. Both MHF & NSC failed to align themselves and even went overboard with their decisions. To the extend NSC have a great influence who is the coach. Sometimes I just wonder what their role is!!!! Let’s go back to Stephen, he has been systematically phased out just to pave the way for SS. NSC has hand to it by saying he was demanding too much and on the other hand brokering a package for SS, which was way above what Stephen is rightfully negotiating. Stephen was merely negotiating for compensation in the even he needs to give up his bank job. The system was unfair to him. Comparing both their CVs, SS CAN'T even touch the shadows of Stephen. Put that aside what are SS’s credentials apart from good networking behind the scene. Now, the same masterminds are in the works to repeat what they have done to Stephen and this time around in the form of Beng Hai. What are their ultimate goals? Everyone speaks about the performance of current hockey team and zoom it to the coaches but nothing is done to develop up and coming coaches to another level. Sending them to FIH coaching courses alone is not the only way. There are other coaching aspects as well. For both MHF & NSC they need more than focusing, they are losing sight. They need to change their lenses and even view with multiple lenses. Find ways to mould our coaches to be world class coaches. Create a system built around the team to complement and support the coaches. This is the sort of things we need them for. Forget about finding excuses or coming up with press statements like “we send them to FIH courses” etc etc. Look at Korea, they have entrusted the coaching job to the coach and system around him just focus on complementing to his job. It’s not the other way around.

Anonymous said...

View 2: Align to the System
Leave the coaching job to the Coaches. Managers and administrators the name defines itself on the job required. Let us not loose sight on that. That is the problem now. It’s easy sitting on a helicopter or a ship making comments on the landscape. The coach dives in deep to see the value; i.e. the mind set, skills set and tools set. We are not the expert in these areas. Look at TNB, national power company, they have engineers, human resource, administrators but they leave the coaching aspect to the coaches. As a result they emerge as the MHL Champs. The coaches went to extend of dropping a current national player who caused a problem to the team. That is the sort of caliber we need in the coaches. The team comes first and the rest to align to team rules instead of the team aligning to the wants of a player. That is disaster the National Hockey Team is facing. The cause none other than the Great Officials!! Sitting at the grand stand and try to make influence on the selection is stereotyping. A person who is not a deep diver would not understand the underlying issues in detail work. That is the position of the coach. For me the officials are like the racing horse wearing blinkers heading to the wall. If only they stick to their job. Instead, the masterminds are working to change the coach who wants to meet their requirements. Small brains I guess.

View 3: GAP
We have established Stephen’s capability. Let’s not argue on that. The point to ponder is there is this “GAP” since he last coached high performance and now. Stephen definitely need time to Bridge the GAP. The style of play has changed drastically in world hockey. When Stephen took charge of team for the Sydney Olympics, the players were playing Lissek’s style. Stephen was in dilemma but however with the prior training and experience he was able to cope. But again he was closely in touch with high performance hockey.

During the GAP period, Stephen was in another role. He was playing more of a consultant’s role in the local league. His coaching ability coupled with managerial skills acquired from his job, has landed him well. Sapura probably the 4th ranked team in the MHL but however with his consultation they were able to come up with some fine hockey in them. Mind you, the players are in between social and competitive hockey. Probably, Stephen was seeking a passive role when he made the decision to come back but taking a No.1 role came in as a Surprise. Beng Hai is a close friend of him and all he was seeking is to come in as an advisor to Beng Hai while Syaiful being the assistant. A perfect combination we will ever find in Malaysian. All three are Olympians and have played together for the country. However, the landscape has been changed for all three of them. A consultant is made the coach now, the current coach is in the process of being phased out and the assistant coach is taken out of the system. We have the resources but unable to tap the best out of them. Failure to look beyond the horizon. Who is to be blamed now? Come on chaps, let us put our thinking caps.

Anonymous said...

View 4: Setting Targets
Setting targets is good but coming up with a realistic target needs analysis. Do we have one? Do the officials understand the language? A foreign coach is given 5 to 10 years to meet their goals. We pay outsiders high, give them free hand and more time. For local coaches, target depends which side of the bed the officials gets up from. The coaches go through a complex process to negotiate their pay package. Beng Hai is in the verge of reversing the down trend of our ranking. He brought us back from 16 to 14. Just two spots away from top 12. He took the team with the baggage and challenges. He stood up with coaching principles whereby the officials failed to support and went hiding when they were needed the most. In turn there were under-currents where all of them are part of this system and the Manager, nothing more to say other than “Enemy of the State”. No commendation for his achievements from any quarters. Sometimes I wonder whether the coaches were consulted before a decision is made on coaching aspect. Longest any local coach survived is 3 years. Target is on a short span. Paul Lissek was given about 10 years, I think. What we have in the end? Dutch guy is negotiating for 5 to 6 years. Please do not deviate from the subject, I am not against a foreign coach. The question is for how long are we going to be dependant with foreign coaches. Why Lissek is still being paid at development level while there are up and coming coaches? What happen to our goals? We have lost sight.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hockey lovers,
As for SVH & TBH, as at today they are the best and available coaches. No other coaches has put forward their application or stated their intention to coach. So rest the case. Just support them. We want hockey to improve. If have any ideas please forward to the GM. He knows what to do.
You know what he will do.....take to TM. Tuanku, patik have an idea bla bla bla. Then he becomes the hero. He is a champion. He knows everything.

Anonymous said...

Dharma is a good coach, no doubt about it. He is only coaching the boys who have good basic of hockey. So the job is easier. Why not he takes up coaching a school team whwre the boys don't know hockey at all. If in 2 years time we can see results, he is a superb coach. See the Anderson coach. He takes them from Form 1 and guides them till form 5. He is SUPER COACH. You can see results. Then boast to the whole world. Nobody can deny you.
No Level Coach

Anonymous said...

I personally think our GM can also coach our National team. His qualification....from 102, former National player, Asian games, Olympic, World cup etc. He knows a lot of things. What other national teams does, how they train, what food they eat, when to train, time line, what tactic to use, PC defence, PC attack, oh so many. Just sit with him. He can tell you everything. He even tells who can play and who should be dropped.
1 Malaysia GM

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11.35 pm,

macha, 12 years lah not 10.

end of 1994 - 1998 -V. Knapp/Lissek
(Knapp, implement groundwork for lissek)

1999-2000-Stephen Van Huizen/Lissek

end 2000-2005 - Lissek.

Anonymous said...

you cant have the same coach from birth to grave. players have to go from step one. there are coaches
who are good in the basics of hockey and some are good at taking higher level boys. so dont question from where dharma starts. it can be said that he really works very hard, so naturally some results will be there. so no need to envy him.

Anonymous said...

coaching is not only developing polished players.Just take a look at all the people who have developed these fine atletes.Some of them were not suppose to be hockey players, they were discovered by teachers who then turned them into good players. to name a few look at TG Ahmad Tajuddin, Baljit singh and there are many more. to do all thi you need patientece and dedication.It is not easy to understand the needs of a young player. Some just vanish.These coaches who have done development must be given credit. look at Pak Chik who coaches ST John and CBN.There are many others like him. Now thats what i call real love for Hockey.Today many coaches are there just for the fame and monetary reason.The get involve in all sorts of dirty politics.They lead bad example to players, like smoking in front of players etc.To be a coach you not only got to be patient, but also show good examples. Show the children that education is important, by u trying to develop yourself, give them guidence when the are on the wrong track, Dont misguide them, tell them the truth.They wii respect you. Earn their respect dont force or demand.Lets see, the two BJss boy who left, the are lost now. I mean in geting proper education . Do you think the wii do well in their SPM exams? Well lets hope for the best.

Prem Nair said...

Coach Drahma,

Since u are appointed to handle the 2013 team, focus and prepare them well. U should not get involved with KLHC. U should spend more time scouting of young players.

Dont get involved with politics. U have a responsibilty to lead the Juniors. We have trust in u, but dont let us down.

Prem Nair

Anonymous said...

Dear bro,

How can we have a corn-man as a GM in MHF.
1st he tried to corn authority in blue, 2nd he corn all the Selayang BBS boys & 3rd it will not take him long to corn MHF.

Selamatkan MHF

Anonymous said...

AWAS.... GM & GK musuh di dalam selimut...

Baik Sembur Baygon keatas mereka sebelum mereka mejahanamkan hoki negara.

Anonymous said...

dear 12.21pm 12th april,can u ask a teacher who teach standard 1 to teach form 5 or to teach in university, they can't. dont talk rubbish here. and for your information,kl is no 1 in the country for age group tournament for 2 years,who's work is that...every level u need expertise. So many coaches think they know everything especially teachers but know nuts only. when comes to theory,they are the best. but comes to teaching practical, they just shout from the side line.
About anderson school , use to be the best hockey school, now what happen to them. After inter district under 12 every year, they scout all the best players to anderson. then they train 5 days a week, so what u suppose to achieve.
please to whom ever giving comment, please write facts.

Arul said...

Hai Guys.Please allow Stephen and Beng Hai to do their job well.Give them the same support we gave to foreign coaches. Treat them well and pay them well too.Give them duo a long term plan(min of 4 years). Trust them and believe in their ability.Stephen is good tactically and strict, Beng Hai works very hard. It can be a good combo. Please do support our own coaches.
Arul(Ireland Asst Coach)

Anonymous said...

Arul, why is that every coach talks about years to prepare when the boys have been training all year. is this method followed in ireland.

Anonymous said...

Whose work is that?K.L is no 1 for two years.Can u tell me who is should take credit?My freind, the credit shold 100% go to the MSSKL development programe and the teachers, not who u and i am thinking.Lembu punnya susu , sapi dapat nama.About teachers from std 1 teaching form 5 and universiti, you arenow trying to compare a game which anyone can acquire skills to a person who specialize in a certain field?Why dont you ask a doctor to be a mecanic. Dont think like a small boy la.If the std 1 teacher never gave good guidence to the student he will never develop well, the secondary teacher only need to guide him to be a better student. So all the hard work is done by the primary teache , the secondary teacher just have to polish him.Now, think logically, who should you give credit.

Arul said...

Here's my email, contact me if you need to know why long term planning is the key to success in World / Olympic standard.It's all about QUALITY(structured training concepts) and NOT

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Brother Bloggers,

Every bloggers is a champion coach!

To be the INSTANT CHAMPION (like instant noodle) buy all the best players in malaysia and have a cigarette in your hand when coaching the team! Like performing jampi. This will be the key to success!

Anonymous said...

quoting April 14, 2010 12:14 PM


tell me in details what program or programs that KLHA had done.what junior program you are shouting about?
it is NOT KLHA is done single-handedly by coach Dharma. The teachers were helping him especially from the Setapak High and their players which is THE CORE of all age groups tournament. then Vive came in with his PEARL kids program..its a very fruitful one. Ask the chairman of coaching and development program.....what has he done?

what was MSSKL doing?


2009 - 3rd
2008 - champion
2007 - 4th
2006 - Q/F
2005 - champion

2010 - champion
2009 - champion
2008 - champion
2007 - 3rd

2009 - champion
(8 from setapak high school now in ssbj)
2008 - runners-up
2007 - runners-up
2006 - runners-up

where all these boys come? from KLHA programmes?

no way Jose.....
they came from U-12 MSSKL.

If MSSKL cant come up with players with sound basics at this level - its difficult for the age group coaches to continue with tactical if their basics are weak.

so dont simply accuse MSSKL has done nothing.

without fear or favour it is coach Dharma who is willing to go down all the way to the grassroot to help the players and the teachers.
Any other non-teacher or outsider doing this on their own?

maybe you can ask the chairman himself.

Anonymous said...

Dei dei dei hipocoach. You grab all the best players in the country at form 1 and tell that u produce the best players in the country. U grab 8 of Dharma's boys this year and talk soooooo biiig. You claim you are sooooooo goooooooooood, dare u to pick up any other school in the country and train the boys to become no 1 in the country. You will leave the hockey world for good. I have seen your shallow thinking in hockey and know your stupidity. You should be the first in the country to leave high performance coaching. You should be coaching primary school girls because he can click well with them, going holidays and sitting in the classroom marking for exam. The Sapura team with you would have failed miserably this year. You can't even tell the us what to do neither can you manage the team. Sapura was sinking in most on the games till Stephen Van Huizen who was initially the consultant got worried on the teams performance. He than took the role of a coach. It was then Sapura's game started to change and got second. So please zip your mouth and don't boast.

Sapura player.

Anonymous said...

Betul, Kalau itu coach sekolah tak ambil 8 pemain dari setapak tahun ini, dia tada team junior yang bolih beraksi tahun ini. Budak2 itu telah dilatih olih Dharma sejak Tingkatan 1 lagi. Merakalah yang telah bawa kejayaan johan bawah14 tahun lepas dan johan bawah16 tahun ini. Dia ingat ini pemain2turun dari langitkah. Banyak negeri tidak mahu menhantar pemain2mereka kesekolah dia kerana dia sudah lupa diri. Seganlah sikit. Lembupunya susu sapi punya nama. Cakap dekat itu coach sekolah, jangan buang tahi sembunyi tangan. Dia punya tangan juga busuk.
Bertaubatlah coach sekolah. Jangan terlalu berpolitik dan lupa diri sendiri. You patut ribuan terima kasih dengan semua coach negeri yang telah menyumbang, melatih dan berkerjasama dengan anda selama ini. Ai thambi, esuk masih ada.

Cikgu Sekolah

Anonymous said...

please lah let him take setapak boys. he will train and when come to age group tournament they will play for kl. kl will be stronger. if there are a lot of kl boys in bj juniors we can also request klha put them in kl league in all categories and make them the strongest.when we are strongest, the coach will not be significant anymore.anyone can take the team as we are sure of victory.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Was that how KL has been winning past tournaments. Dharma trains KL team day and night. And one insignificant coach takes the team for age tournaments. They than proudly claim that they have won championship. Can I also be given a team like that too, all paid for holidays on KLHA expenses just like the one to Sabah.
You too can be one insignificant Asst coach to Germany. Well, you just need to inform Sapura that you can win the championship for them. Than you hide behind Stephen. Next year, Germany is yours. The shortcut to Success.

Anonymous said...

There are many coaches who has worked previously in age group in K.L, never made noise about responsible for development of hockey. People like Rajan, Soon Mustafa and others has done their share. Now comes one clown from Malacca to K.l and claims thes he is resposible for success in K.L. What a JOKE!Like said earlier, given a team like that even the sweeper in K.L stadium can be coach.Sad he could not bring KLHC to be champion. Now what excuse you want to give.I Know , a schoolboys team coach beat me to it. Ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

KL are doing well because:

1)MSSKL spot good players and place them in their sport school Setapak High and coached by Cikgu Saiful and lokman that i work with.

2)BJSS and BPSS also has some very good KL players coach by Prakash and Ustaz.

3)KLHA with all their programms have many good coaches like vive,rajan,rizal,Norsaiful zaini,vicky and me.Then we have support from the president,secterary and all KLHA officials working hand in hand.They expose the boys in KL league.

Credit should be given to all above not me.I was only lucky I have more than other state coach has.

Thank you.

Coach Dharma

Anonymous said...

April 15,10.53

Why I cant lose to a schoolboy coach?

For you info,Prakash is the national sport school coach and he has won 10 times in JHL?He is a great coach and I think he should be given oppourtunity to be the chief coach of National age group team.

I am not god and I know as a coach I can lose to anybody.

Coach Dharma

Anonymous said...

Just remember, the VICTORY TODAY is the result of the PLAN, STRATEGY AND EXECUTION of the PAST 5-10 YEARS. Who's the person should got the merit? Just use our BRAIN to think and research then..

-Teaching Community-

Anonymous said...

Making of a champion

Dear Coach Dharma,

I have seen the qualities in which you have posses to become a good coach. I just wonder why 1 or 2 personals hiding behind the scene trying to put you low. I believe it's because they envy you on your results and your appointment as Junior world cup coach. I believe all the coaches are doing a good job but the level of coaching and thinking ability differs. Why do some coach fail to produce results while some even fail to tap the talents of some good players.

As a coach, is it because of your determination, dicipline, desire or maybe god given talent and a little bit of luck that makes you a champion? I believe you posses more ingredients than just above that makes you shine. Being around in the environment with the JWC cup coach thats you and the National/Olympic-level Coach Beng Hai and Stephen, I have observed that winning doesn't come from backyard but a full time commitment of excellence. Let me share my observations which I have observe from you three as I hope other coaches can learn and pick up the winning traits to become a champion too.

1) You enjoy hard work and always plan for success.

2) You are diciplined to your trainings and always looking for more. You pursuit for knowledge and push for higher levels of play is something extra to make a champion.

3) You are confident and optimistic.

4) You visualise success and always set goals during your trainings and games

5) You are consistant and never quit. You strive for never ending improvement and the extra mile

6) You are focused and always stay positive. You always avoid negative critism or influence.

7) You have incredible powers to focus and concentrate.

8) You help others. You never singled out another player neither do you deprive another player a chance to play.

9) You have the burning desire to succeed

10) You love the game and learn from your failures. You have deep love and boundless enthusiasm for the game.

Why do these qualities makes you three so exceptional. And why so few have it while most don't. Its because you radiate a mysterious strength, power and charisma that is seldom seen in many others. You have an aura of strength and power that sets you on the road of success. When you are a champion, you make champions.

The greatness of a coach is not a self praise but spoken words of his own players who cherishes him with love and respect for all the guidance and inspiration showered on them.


Anonymous said...

Hello KL Big head,
We talk with facts. Get the players registration list for U16. See for your eyes the list for KL. If I am not mistaken there are 7 players from Trengganu...some from BJSS & BPSS. Who is their coach?
KL kutip them & become champion. For discussion purpose....if Trengganu takes part. these players not there. Where is development in KL. Where is KLHA & Great Dharma? Not enough KL players or development for only 11 players?
Please wake up KL ?

Small Coach

Anonymous said...

Coaches are to be respected by players. They should set an example to players. Look at one & only Dharma. He takes the school boys for various age group. He shows them to be good in field and out. He smokes non stop and when Sun sets, beers flow into his stomach. Mind you, he is Muhamad Dharma.
Players at young age look upon their teachers or coaches. So when we have smokers & drinkers in National Team, credit should be given to Coaches who have coached them. Jurulatih kencing berdiri, pemain kencing berlari.

Anonymous said...

Dear Wellwisher (April 16 2010,12.44),
You write very well. It looks impressive. Results speak for themselves:
a) what happened to KLHC ? Full of national players but in TNB MHL lost in semifinal.
b)you visualise success - come to Carlsberg & win by arranging bottles
c)focus & positive - focus is in $$ . Positive in Beer & women
d)incredible power to focus - yes to get drunk & focus to look for women
e)comment no 10 is good. Learn from failures. Next season of TNB MHL sure success because buying more national players. Scouting already started.

Anonymous said...

The GM is going to reach his target. His proposal to President that Secretary & Treasurer be appointed was discussed in MHF meeting. Gone Army man & Tax King. Trip to India was fruitful for GM. He is next Secretary and his good buddy coming as Treasurer. Hidup GM

Anonymous said...

Is it True thet K.L won the under 16 with 7 Terengganu players?Why all the fuss about development progremes in K.l. Where have all the K.L born players gone?This might also mean that all the statics coach Darma gave and succeded consist of players from other states?What is development then? Can i ask KLHA development chairman.

Anonymous said...

This is another 'Lembu Punya Susu, Sapi Dapat Nama'. For Project 2013 also, we can see a lot of KL players mainly are coming from the development of both National Sports School. Not coming from the development of KLHA/MSSSMKL themselves. Yes, got a few of them from KLHA/MSSMKL. But how about their quality? They only a group of passenger that taking credit of their same home state coach! Simply can say, Project 2013 coach as one of the KLHA development coach bring them into the team to expose them. Then how about other players with such quality or maybe better quality from other States? Don't we notice that this is another chronism method?
Players that carry the name of Project 2013 Trainees should be the best players selected all around Malaysia and not only focus on certain states only. Don't simply pamper this Project 2013 players and make an easy graduation for them. It's still a long way to go and it just at the beginning of the journey!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tiger crystal, small coach, Sg buluh prison and Co Teaching Community,

Why the grudge and grouch? You guys can continue your life complaining, critisising, and condemning. In this fast paced world when everyone is trying to thrieve in cut throat competition and where dog eat dog mentality, who is serious in offering honest criticism. Who has the time to praise another person's hard effort other than fulfillment of their own egos.
One day you will come to an understanding that in a pretentious game of gratifying your ego, you have auctioned your inner beauty of your soul.
And to coach Dharma, accept criticism with joy and compassion. even Bagwan Buddha was critised. This jokers has taken their precious time to critise you giving you room for correction. If the criticism is unjust, just remember, even the greatest soul are criticised.
As I have wrote earlier, you have the indept knowledge and unshakable inner strength which will ultimately bring you to succeed in 2012, 2013 and eventually 2016. Believe in yourself, believe in your team and believe in your hard word. God will borrow his hand for your success.

Anyway it was confirmed that only one SSBP boy from Trengganu played for under 16 in KL's team this year. And this was the boy's request as the state did not sent a team this year.


Anonymous said...

Hello thambi2 kalian,

Jangan buang masa cekap kosong aje.. semua orang pun tau komen, tapi kalau ajak turun padang dan bantu hoki...langsung hilangkan diri.


It will be intresting to see how well the "Good hockey pedigree" improve the team.
He made the wright choice of calling Roslan (GK) for training. Currently i noticed that there is no replacement for Kumar incase he is injured. The gap is huge beetwen Kumar & 2nd/3rd choice keepers.

Anonymous said...

We can have good coaches but players can still have additional vices:
. and now drugging!

How much can good coaches help players if players themselves behave in such manners.

While some players have been punished because of minor disciplinary problem, what happens in Doping issue?

.Do you punish the player only if B sample is also positive?
.Do you blame the good coaches?
.Do you punish the whole team when drugs is involved.Must the team and players RETURN THE PRIZE MONEY because of Doping violation . can the prize money be given to the 3rd place winner instead?

Can good hockey"pedigree" bring the winds of change in such players who are in the national team? Can he:
Instill the much desired discipline in the national team in so short a time?
Can he make them work as a team when you have combined local and abroad talent; young"5 star"; the "have nots" and "those who demand evrything".

It is a challenging and demanding role for such a"pedigree"

Anonymous said...

It is very interesting in this blog that I notice how shallow and poor mentality the hockey faternity is.So many wants credit as though malaysian has won a gold medal at the Olympics.At the same time when about KL sucsess,so many parties are claiming for credit.BJSS and BPSS are also credited.So many praises are given to national sports school.Then when the KLHC team lost to Sapura,KLHC also has so many National Sport School players but the blame is only for the coach.He has many national players how can he lose but blame he take,credit I take mentality by certain parties.In the real world of sports coach for whatever tournaments takes blame or credit for his team.Development coaches takes credit for bringing their players to a higher level.If they are able to raise their game then credit should be given to their coaches.Here in this blog clearly picture how desperate one can get in to.Be proud or talk big if you can supply players for the malaysian team that won gold medal even at asian games level.But if malaysian coaches are in this blog and writing then for sure we would never be able to sucseed ever.

Confused Man

Anonymous said...

When I go through all these comments I find it difficult to answer who is a coach... and what are their aptitudes.. But then being a common man, I feel like expressing self to some of the points in a general view...

Who is a coach? One of the basic requirement which fulfills a coaching aptitude is hockey intelligence, sense of playing, technique execution, observation and rectfication of skills, tactics and sense of physical conditioning. But many of our coaches do not have an allround ability to be good in all these aspects. I found the teachers groomed to coaches have knowledge but when it comes to demnostration they lack, and players groomed to coaches have wonderful ability to demonstrate, but may lack the knowledge to handle kids at lower age groups.
The ability of a coach is how you are in a position to hammer sound physical, technical and tactical abilities into a player from time to time based on the various phases of performance. Hence all those who handle from a stage of beginer to a elite performer are to be credited for performance.

But then, let us take the example of 2009 JWC team, which was also handled by a sports school coach who later resigned, and his assistant took over syaing that he had only 8 months to train. Though he was assistant prior to this 8 months.... what was he doing? he did not train the team though he was with the squad? For him, he claims only 8 month training achievements. Some coaches wants to be credited for just the spade work done. For that they go and cry about to all. In the same 2009 JWC group, 95% of the boys were from sports schools. But, then team miserably failed and slipped further one step. But then, no grass root coaches or teachers or sports school coaches wants to take the credit for their miserable performance? Why is it so? Only when winning comes you want the credit? but when it comes to loosing the school coaches/teachers keeps mum and but then, only the cheif coach is sacked.
So, if a project coach has done some good in Asia cup, the credit goes to all who have dealt with the players. But then, the chief coach has to be hailed for the performance and given the due credit. So, my dear grass root coaches, pls do not be angry/or grumble if some one gets his due credit... and if he is willing to share his credit with others or not. When the sling is around your neck and when you are in the hot seat... the struggle is all alone... there is no one to share the stress and workload...
Every one is having good and bad qualities, behaviours and attitudes .. and it may be from the school teachers to the top coach in the country... Many coaches and teachers, drink and smoke, there is no exemption in this case for sports school coaches also. I do have photographs and also videos of some teachers, coaches and school coaches involved in these acts...but then, being a Malaysian... I do not wish to reveal it as this medium is accessed throughout the world and I do not wish to let down my country man and many sports person who keeps faith on these coaches and teachers.
So my dear coaches be smart while training and not in commenting about the bad habits of coaches. Look into what positive qualities they have than condeming them... and work together in building a great nation with hockey in the limelight.

Anonymous said...

Mr Confused man,
It is simple logic. You have the national players playing for your club but you lose to veteran national players...mind you the margin is big. So this has to be wrong game plan or took it easy. Who decides game plan? The coach. So he has made a mistake. If a player doesn't follow game plan, then the coach need to rest him.
Go back 2 or three years ago. When the super coach was coaching EY, who was the man behind him? The great Sarjit Singh (SS). He had a walkie talkie & advised the NOMINATED COACH on the bench. So who is better ? Coach behind the scene sitting behind the bench (SS) or nominated coach. Even naming the first 11 was done by SS. I was with SS when first 11 was decided. I questioned SS and he said just helping the coach & George Koshy.
Now .....please answer....who is better. SS or Muhammad Dharmaraj Abdullah?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

heloo common man, it is really great for a common man like you to have such knowledge about coaching in general and hockey in another common man ,i sincerely hope that you would know events before the appointment of the 8 months coach.when first coach left, the next was the assistant, when the second left the third was his assistant.did not all of the earlier said the same thing. this would go on until we achieve results.hello common man how long the senior team needs. the juniors are right on course

Anonymous said...

What a question? Who is better Sarjit Singh or Muhammad Darma Abdullah. Darma can only kiss Sarjit's feet man. No question about it. In fact MHF should consider Sarjit taking over the 2013 squad.THINK about it.

Anonymous said...

Sarjit vs Dharma = Vicky

Lets forget of SS & Dharma. Give Vicky the 2013 team. He will deliver the results. previous season in MHL, he was the man who won the championship for EY.

Vicky is the saviour...

Anonymous said...

Its like eating laddu when you pass bad comments about other coaches. For the betterment of Hockey, its best for those not involve in the current teams to shut up and let those appointed to do their work. People like SS, Rajn and many others failed miserably when given a chance. So let the current coaches do their job and we will wait to see their results. Till than others should back out and stop mumbling about asking for a team. They don't deserve a team at national level anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hai Mr Common man,
Let's get to your comment. As you commented you have said the JWC team consist 95% of sports school boys. I don't want to comment on the percentage. I think you are wrong. Anyway back to your statistic. That means the sports school coach / teacher has produced 95% of national players. I think this is a great achivement that no other coaches has achived. This players were under his guidance from Form 1 to 5. That means he has done a good job. Logically....think common man. The JWC coaches found them to be the best at that material time.
Anyway, what makes you to think that the team failed ? Get the statistics from MHF. Who did we play with and that teams ranking.What is the score margin ? How many PC we got & how many penetration into the circle etc. You should know better common man, who is actually a super coach.
You cannot compare this team to Project 2013 team. 2013 team played with Myanmar, Thailand , Singapore and others ranked very much below. You can't compare a horse with a donkey per se.
Another situation. Recent U23 tournament in Malacca. Did you see what Sarjit Singh did in the final? This is what we call tactical and game plan. Razak Cup last year...Malacca in final with Project 2013. Malacca used a good tactical...scare the players by playing hard & robust. What should the 2013 coach should have tell because you are also a coach.
End of the day, DO NOT BOAST that these are my players. Earlier they were nothing but now they are good.
You may have done something good but keep low profile and don't get into politics. Look what has happened to Sarjit not play politics. He is superb coach but nobody wants him. Camp changes, you are dead. Beware Malacca.....tsunami is on its way. Malacca reps might be history in MHF.
Officer in Charge

Anonymous said...

Helooo Mr. Officer Incharge
I think you did not understand what is written by common man. Because you are so mean. Tsunami will come and go. Same way, who takes birth will die. No chance of escape. 2005 JWC team utterly failed. They slipped one rank down then and slipped 2 ranks from 2001. So no use talking about your 1-5 performance.
It is funny to see a coaching chairman throws out the coach who trained the team till last minute and becomes self claimed coach. If someone has given a task for Chairman post should look into the interest of that post rather than fiddle in all matters other than coaching. He failed miserably in the national set up because of this habbit. So, while you boast I will laugh!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear all,
No others coach except the GREAT SARJIT SINGH!!

Dharma = Only lick SS feet once but become so big head now like an expert coach..But still, he's in blur now without SS guidance. Just wait he bring the ship to sink down!

Tai Beng Hai = The 1st COWARD coach that quit to coach National jr for 2009 JrWC. He's the main reason of the team not performing well as quit the job at the very last minute. Now dreaming about high level game with the Sr team? Who is he if not a coward?

Stephen = A good coach but too long keep quiet from high level hockey. It can be polished. But not with a coward coach like TBH! Why cant MHF/MSN see that Stephen can make a good combination with SS?

Rajan = Just like and even better than Dharma. Learn a lot from SS and become a Great coach now. But politics didn't like him for no reason! He got the merit as a great coach.

MHF/MSN should bring back SARJIT SINGH!!!

Anonymous said...

yes. we should BRING BACK Sarjit Singh.

Anonymous said...

My Hockey Comrades,

We all have our favourites and our adversary, so we have the right to trumpet or chastised our favoured ones.

But if you are championing the return of your favourites like the SS, you all must make sure that his character and dignity is impeccably above board and one must have the gratefulness and dignity to pay to the people that helps you out during their bad times.

So learn to pay your dues and maybe we all can learn from their greatness. If he does not, then our acclaim for him is blemished.

We know that you all have complete access to him, so asked him to give you all his take on this and ask him to give you names that you all can cross-check for the truth to be known, then you all can sing his praise and his return.

Till he sort out his mess, one should not sing his praise as this involved dignity and integrity.

Friends of Victims.

Anonymous said...

Hello... Sarjit was given chance & what he did = 10/2. He will sell all the games lah macha. Cant u all see what he did to Pakistan team in the wc?

Dharma is also not suitable for 2013 team. Full of failure in MHL.

Vicky is the man that MHF should look at.He will be the saviour of our Hockey.

Gandhi, said...

The commeny has been edited.Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Stephen Van Huizen - Good hockey "pedigree" and co...":

Dear Anonymous April 22 1:31pm a.k.a. Vicky

Vicky, (Sentences have been deleted) You will actually do well to just focus on one thing at a time. At the moment you want to be a businessman and make money, you want to coach and make money, you want to play and make some money, you also want to be mental concultant and make more money. You want to coach in Malaysia and also want to be consultant in Indonesia. Macha, don't be so greedy lah. You have not reach the level to coach national teams yet, so cut the crap! Look at your buddy, Arul. He knows what he wants and now he's doing well in Ireland.

Mind Reader

Gandhi, said...

The commeny has been edited.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Stephen Van Huizen - Good hockey "pedigree" and co...":

Vicky? Nation Coach? Oh great

A coach should stick to coaching not being a sales man (words deleted)instead of focusing on training

Not to forget certain sales man that price their stick at RM650 give a discount till of RM 250 and can still make 300%

Great sales people (words deleted)

Anonymous said...

Don't get too emotional. SS is doing 10/2. That is his cari makan. He is coaching National team. If players take loan from him or players give capital, that is different. During training he gives 100%. U23 everybody kena from 2013 team but only Johor could beat them.
If your arguement is considered, very difficult to get a coach. Steven is in CIMB- if any player opens account in CIMB, then Steven is wrong. Same goes with Velapan & Gopi- Maybank. Nor Saiful & Rajan - TNB. there are some but not many.
We must be practical. Unless we are prepared to pay them RM20k and tell them to leave everything, then some might consider.
Ask Coaching Com Chairman, Dr Baldy (PHD)
Over & Out

Gandhi, said...

The comment has been edited.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Stephen Van Huizen - Good hockey "pedigree" and co...":

We should throw Sarjit Singh and elect Dharma as coaching chairman. Sarjit has got black record (words deleted). Coaching chairman done nothing good for the improvement of hockey except (words deleted) Dharma will bring in alot of changes for the devolopment of this fastpace hockey in every state. He is very dedicated and the right man to lead this new hockey generation in Malaysia.
Hockey Community

Anonymous said...

'''2005 JWC team utterly failed. They slipped one rank down then and slipped 2 ranks from 2001''' by Anon. April 21, 2010 8:38 AM.

Dear Gandhi,
This statement can make us confused with wrong info. Hopefully you can give the truth statistically data on this.

Malaysian JWC Team Performance:
2001 (Hobart)= 12th place
2005 (Rotterdam)= 10th place
2009 (JB&S'pore)= 12th place
Look like 12th place is the worst BUT dont forget about a batch of Malaysia JWC Team that NOT EVEN QUALIFIED for JWC Tournament..Who's batch is that?? :-)

Anonymous said...

Dey Thamby..If Sarjit wannna become rich, he will never look forward for hockey! It only because of his passion of the game!!! He can live in rich, peacefully and happily with his brothers and do moneylending business so so so long time ago..But he's not!! He never greedy for money!! Not like all current coach we had now..all greedy for money and try to stay as coach as long as they can because no other income!! The worst, insult others to get the benefit..and then killing each other too including their own blood sucker! No passion of the game if no money..What a shame on you!!
Deyy....Sarjit only pick up the best to accompany him..If you are not selected, thats mean you are not good enough!! So please learn more and more..There's no any easy way to success in life especially in hockey!
That 10/2 business or match fixing are not in Sarjit's path..If got, just give all of us the PROOF!!!I repeat..Give THE PROOF!!! Why not lodge a POLICE REPORT for the so called Match Fixing??? Afraid it will bounce back to you or can be sue because of that blind accusation?
Talk about Dharma the big head? He only lick Sarjit's ass..Dharma's idea in hockey all within Sarjit's fingertip..
Deyy..Just bear in mind..Poor Dharma, a pity normal contractor so long time ago will kill anybody who trying to disturb his current career and income as he got nothing!! Nuts!!
Tai Beng Hai the coward? Also NUTS!

Anonymous said...

yeah man , you are right. The current 2013 coach and hiss ass hole assistant are good for nothing. No qualifications and criteria of becoming a good coach.Take part in tournament involving not ranked teams , win and boost as tough they are the best. Look at the stupis assistant, whoo is arrogant. He during his playing days has shown bad examples to players. What can he do for the young.Likewise Sarjit has got the best out ogf plavers. He gave confidence to players.How di Kevinder became promising player during JWC? What can 2013 coach and assistand bring out of players? Nothing. So SARJIT is still the best.

Anonymous said...

FOR THE KIND ATTENTION OF : April 26, 2010 12:13 PM
If he was not greedy for money, why did he start the buisness of money lending? You claim that he could have joined with his brothers and do the buisness? But then why did he start? Why did he not go and register a case of defamation when this issue was alleged?
Hey you claim that he picked up best? hahaha. He picked up all his relatives as coaches and one from the army too who does not have any ideas of coaching? Then why did he drop Kuhan lah? Was he not the best in the country then?
You have stated that "So please learn more and more..There's no any easy way to success in life especially in hockey!" hahaha.. Ask him why he could not qualify in FIH master coaching course? Is it beacuse the number of gifts and Jerseys were not enough to satisfy the FIH course conductors? If he could not pass? why did he go to World Cup in Delhi to prevent Malaysian hockey coaches from attending FIH course?
Hey comon lah, all knows who he is? A person who back stabs his friends for any personal gain? He wanted to conquor MHF and wanted to act as a soleman for hockey in Malaysia. Never allowed others to grow. But licked all his friends ass for money and sabotaged them when ever he liked.
TBH is much better coach than your friend. Everybody knows that TBH was forced to resign from the junior post of coach because of your friends politics and personal gains as he never had money to lend him for his buisness.
Though TBH resigned his love for hockey continued and he did work with women team before being appointed as national coach. What about your friend? Though he was sacked you dont see him in hockey grounds other than when JB is participating in a tournament. Committment is required as a coach. Even if you are not a national coach, go to hockey grounds train younger boys. Your committment is not sitting in KL and controlling JB. So my dear friend.. please see that your friend learns good things about others and hockey too, rather than playing politics.

Anonymous said...

Who is A Better Coach and who licks who.

Stephen is a better coach than Sarjit.
Beng Hai is a better Coach than Sarjit
Dharma is a better Coach than Sarjit
Gopi is a better Coach than Sarjit.
Both the Saifuls are a better Coach than Sarjit.
Azlan Bakar is a better Coach than Sarjit.
Vellappan is a better coach than Sarjit.
Prakash is a better coach than Sarjit.
Vicky a a better coach than Sarjit.
Rajan is definitely a better Coach than Sarjit.
Pakyah is a better coach than Sarjit.
So what is Sarjit. The worst coach of all. So he licks everyone ass.

Ass reader

Anonymous said...

Everybody here play good politics...............Malaysia Boleh!

Anonymous said...

Helooooooo April 26, 2010 4:18 PM.
For your information, K. Singh got most promising player of 2005 in Rotterdam because of our neighbour country's influence - as he was the TD of the tournament then. Just imagine, Malaysia ranked 10th then, got the most promising player of the tournament. How can that be? The teams which were ranked from 1 to 9 did not have any promising players in their teams? andc Argentina and Aussies who played the finals was it by mere chance? Then why not the so called coach did not produce more promising players like him in other tournaments? We Malaysian's are not blind lah, dont think that he has the ability to produce players of high calibre than playing politics to extreme. If he had that calibre and love for hockey, he would still be on hockey field everyday like Dharma. He does not even come to see his own son playing in the national junior league. Why? cos, he sees it as a disgrace. During the Razak cup, he selected one of the best players in the country who is as old as he is. Is he the most promising player? or just tagged him to the team for receiving favours or sponsorship for JB team?

Anonymous said...

How to be the best coach- recipe ?

1. hire the consultant to do the training.
2. rope in assistant coach that can work without supervision.
3. regularly have teh tarik at mamak stall and don't forget to bungkus more for training.
4. cancell morning training after watching EPL with players. the magic word "tired ..lah" training cancel!.

Brrrother no problem ..lah

Anonymous said...

How to score top marks in MHF coaching course?

play in singapore league during coaching course.

who the coach involved ss.

malaysia boleh!

Anonymous said...

Dear April 26, 2010 4:18 PM,

If you have gone through the tournament which 2013 project team participated, you will notice that they won the SEA Cup with U/18 boys. The previous SEA games in Thailand, which Malaysia won included many senior and then current national players. So winning with U/18 is a credit. In the u/18 Asia Cup getting silver medal also is a credit coz, they beat the previous U/18 edition champions India, 3rd ranked team Korea. So this is again a credit. You call his assitants as not qualified coaches. But they do have more than 10 years of playing in the national team. That itself is a higher qualification than getting a certificate stating that you passed level 3. As far as practical is concerned they are 100 times better than any one. Over that, they must have attended to many national coaches (local and foreigne) who have directed them to win matches for us. You dont even have the standard to match their abilities. So don't feel jealous about them.

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Vicky adalah seorang jurulatih yg baik. Dia banyaki mendorong pemain2dan tidak pernah rasa letih banding dengan coach Dharma.

Kalau MHF bijak... gabungkan En. Sarjit dan Vicky dalam pasukan 2013. Mereka lebih sesuai mengendalikan pasukan remaja daripada Dharma.


Anonymous said...

april 26, 4.18pm

Please ask your coach,who was the man behind the saga of one set jersey bribing for the Razak Cup team to buy votes to vote against the current project 2013 coaches in the last MHF agm.

Dont talk nonsense and the real stupid nut is you.

Anonymous said...

Hello all bloggers!
Till today I was supporting Dharma and gang for there sincere efforts.
But after going through these blogs comments, I have changed my mind. Now,I support SS, Vicky and BJSS coaches to be the national coach. Bring them back at the earliest. They are the saviours!!Others please get ready to bury hockey!!!Then there will be peace at least.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, you seem to know a lot of what has been happening.I never read all this in the newspaper?Whay wasnt there any complains.What makes me wonder is, IS THERE ANY PROOF? 1.What Sarjit does during his free time is none of anybodys business.I am puzzled if the are not trining according to programe, his pay masters MSN shoulq querie.There has not been any. All accusation about selling game and 10/2, was made and we read it in the newspapers.Why no police reports are lodge? Why no players involved are punished or called for investigation?DO YOU HAVE ANY PROOF?I you have , i dare you lodge a report.3. You speak about Beng hai coaching womans team, and about passion and why Sarjit is not involved in Hockey.Pls ask the question to the 102 GREAT FOOLs.Why Work with 192 Fools.They are the to doom hockey in malaysia.He wants to see his son playing or not is none of your business.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, you don’t buy news papers and read? Many things came in paper. But the main papers are controlled and edited by bhai groups. So it does not come in that? Since you say -nobody's business then you should not put on anything in this blog to make people reply to you. For proof you ask players and co-coaches who were involved in the business. He initially did talk of filing a defamation case? but then why did he withdraw? that itself is a proof. Each profession has it is dignity and one should be loyal to it. TBG is a sincere coach. That is why he is in ground. A doctor should be working in the hospital, an engineer in the site, a money lender in pawnshop. So let it be. That’s the reason that he does not want to come to ground? If he was a faithful hockey coach he would have come to ground. Nobody is bothered to ask you this if he was coming to ground. A profession is always full time. Cannot be a part time job. Then you cannot concentrate and develop yourself as a coach.
Everybody is proud of his son playing a match. Most of the children’s parents come to ground. Though Steven worked in bank, his love for the game made his whole family to come and watch his son playing even before he was recently appointed as a national coach. Many players girl friends, wives, kids, parents and do come and watch the matches and if father is a hockey coach, then he should come to the ground. I don’t have to ask 102 or 192 fools to find out the reason. Because I believe that they have their own kids to look after and not someone elses??.

Gandhi, said...

The comment has been edited.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Stephen Van Huizen - Good hockey "pedigree" and co...":

hello sarjit son is already in project 2013. both his father and dharma brought up that boy. dont bring your 10/2 and 102 story into the boys life. i think he wants to play for his country (words deleted).

Anonymous said...

Lets go watch the game we all have been waiting for. BJSS vs UNIKL.
2/5/10 Sunday : Tun Razak.
5 pm.

Supporters are welcome.

Anonymous said...

ok boss we will be there to watch bj play unikl

Anonymous said...

You are supporting him because he from N. S. Malaysian Hockey cannot
go far until unless they have club base development. European countries doing well because of club development. As long as there is infighting among officials.
some competition rule which determental for the development of hockey. It is diffucult task for Stephen. I am frankly telling to you he won't succeed. Malaysia Team won't qualify for the World cup and Olympic.

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