Sunday, May 30, 2010

Does Malaysian Sports comprehend the term "Excellence"

I received this anonymous comment and i believe its content deserves to be highlighted.

"Excellence" is something that is lacking in the Malaysian sporting culture. Part of the reason is that the sports administrators themselves have not embodied it and therefore everything from them downwards is void of the concept.

When the "preacher does not have the knowledge what to preach, how can you expect majority of the followers to know of it, in order to appreciate, adopt and implement". Here from the National Sports Council (NSC), Sports School, Project Schools to the National Sports Association (NSAs) and the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM), they do not comprehend the aspects of "excellence" and therefore it is not in the Malaysian sporting DNA barring very few exceptions, even them we can count by our fingers.

So much of resources have been poured into sports but i believe the so called administrators themselves need a major "realignment" to understand and implement the facets of "excellence", if Malaysian sports need to make any significant impact in the world sporting arena.

Please read the edited version of the comment below as it is "food for thought" to stimulate our thinking process if we are serious in wanting Malaysian sports to achieve world class status.

"Dear Gandhi,

Excellence is what MHF should pursue.In my mind the essence of excellence as George Will said "Sports serve society by providing vivid examples of excellence".

Growing up I was taught that anything worth doing is worth doing well.Excellence does not happen by chance.It takes total commitment and consistent effort to be the best we can be.

The core players,coaches and manager in Project 2013 must be place in a programme where we continuously seeking improvement,learning and developing.

For a start participating in the Commonwealth games certainly gives a good exposure.

Greek poet Hesiod stated "Before the gates of excellence the high Gods have placed sweat; long is the road thereto and rough and steep first;, but when the heights are reached then there is ease. then there is ease, though grievously hard in winning".

Embrace any and all opportunities to learn and improve.

In short there is no excellence without focused labor.

Thank You."


Anonymous said...

CSI reports

A booo to BJSS school hockey coach who fails to seek exellency in his boys

Angers and disapointment can be seen in many people eyes the way BJSS plays in the SEMI's. Wat a shit performance after six to seven years of pampered training. Is this wat we get after government spents millions of ringgit on these boys. If it was not for the goalkeepers super performance, UNikl would have trashed BJ with atleast 7 goals.
BJSS with 1 National under 21 and 7project boys, they could have easily trashed any other teams.

The overall performance of BJSS was a total let down. Many other teams have caught up and beaten BJSS performance not because BJSS don't have good players but they have a screwed up coach. This fellow should be sacked on the spot not only because of his bad performance but of poor attitude, non committment and lacking to see exellence in his boys. This, if his principal fails to see, than she too should leave the school for good.

Further to this, Failure to allow BJ boys to participate in premiere league and going for holidays was the job of an exellence coach.

Failure to train and coach your school boys from November'09 till Mid March'10 was an exellence coach commitment. I have records of his trainings and have records where about was he at that time. If BJ coach still denies, It will be expose to KPM.

Denying the 7 BJ boys to participate in project 2013 trainings was a big mistake a coach seeking exellence did. All the seven boys were pressured by one school administrator and the bj coach. They were told not to get involved with the project team. It was because the BJ coach and one school administrator had some problems with the project team coach. Rather than settling the issue, the school used the boys against the project coaches. The boys who went for training the first day was all called up and told to stay away from the project training.
A National sports school seeking exellency have coaches and administrators actually disgrace the sports culture embodied in them.

BJ coach has no diplomacy. Due to his arrogant and stupid behavior, BJ has lost alot of sponsorship for the hockey boys. Look at wat the badminton players and football players plus athletes are getting. BP hockey boys are now fully sponsored by Tenaga. They get high performance sticks and shoes, allowance, oversea trips and games, further studies to Uni's with scholarship and adoption programme into Tenaga. BJ Hockey boys get shit because nobody wants to deal with the BJ coach. Who is losing. The boys are.

BJ coach stops his boys from exposure. BJ coach teaches his boys that it is 'ok' to withdraw.
If a coach who has been given the best boys in the country is a mentally handicaped coach, how would you seek exellency from his boys. He would only produce mentally retarded players. He will never be able to produce a player with character because he himself has got no character.

Let the BJ coach go around licking for exellency for he's lacking the principles to exellency.

Just get him out of BJ, sent him to a girl school and save the boys.


Anonymous said...


Lord Claus Moser a british academician once said "Education cost money,but then so does ignorance".

Lets zoom in to Bukit Jalil Sports School(BJSS),our first sports school in Malaysia.

As In theie website

Vision:To Generate World Class

1.Academic scheduling is flexible so that it is conducive to the training and competition needs of student.

Happenig Now:We can't release our students for national training,their studies will be effected.

2.Safety,wellbeing and welfare are paramount importance.

None of the hockey players wearing mouth guard.
Note:Without a mouthguard children are not allowed to play hockey in all hockey academy they enrol in Europe.(Excellence starts from attire).Safety cannot be compromise)


Look at the players,you know what they have been eating.


A quality of a school is all about their students out there playing now.

Can BJSS achieve their vision:

Can they? How many world class athletes have they produce?

Interesting Question.How many athletes have retired from active sports after leaving the school?Why?

I will repeat the wise words of Lord Claus Moser "Education cost money but so does ignorance"


Anonymous said...

I find that the teacher coach from Perlis who is coaching a school in KL is frustrated with the BJSS coach. He has been hard critic. My advice is he should prove himself to be a good coach to be absorbed to BJSS or BPSS. The fact is he is not good coach , that why cannot get to BJSS. He should try harder ,not behave like a half past six boy.
Kampung Coach

Anonymous said...

Let's be practical. How many present batch of hockey boys of BJSS & BPSS are good academically. Good means, can just pass their SPM with minimum requirement for University or Matriculation? Very limited.
What do they do after hockey if they don't have good results? Unless they get employed by TNB or Maybank then it is ok. What happens to the rest ?
This is where the teacher WOULD have advised them to concentrate on studies first. This could be because the boys are weak in studies and Project 2013 don't have any tournament this year. Most probably the boys will join them after the exams. Don't jump the gun.
Can you who is commenting or the coach provide these boys a decent job after their playing days? Just look around. We must not be selfish. Think of the boys future also.
All Rounder Educated Coach

Anonymous said...

At least BJSS still can hold the MJHL Overall Championship for the past 6 years..This time at 3rd place..Wake up call for them and they need to do more homework..Need to monitor their progress afterwards though..
But being wondered about SSBP..They got the best players this year and SSBP's 1st eleven were among in the best eleven of Project 2013 Team! Beside that, this year SSBP got the expert guidance from TNB-Thunderbolt coaches..There must be something wrong..With including of 1 child act National Player, 1 so called Holland League Player and the rest of eleven are very experience with Project 2013, MHL, past MJHL, Razak Cup, etc., they should simply whack others team in the MJHL 2010..But they dont!!
For the past MJHL also, SSBP still NOT EXCELLENCE even they can bring in a lot of hockey talents in our country as per what they responsible to as a National Sports School..Even last year SSBP failed to become the MJHL 2009 League Champion because of a draw match with Setapak High School (normal secondary school!) and lost to SSSBJ in the overall final..Theres NO WINNING TOUCH from their TEACHER COACH anymore and MHF/MSN/KPM should look into the matter seriously..Why not try others to replace the FAILED?

Anonymous said...