Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Incredible India" - It is dented but still can be saved.

"Incredible India", the advertisement that is supposed to attract millions of tourists to India, must have been severely dented with the catastrophic events that have been taking place in New Delhi, the venue of the Commonwealth Games (CWG) which is to begin on 3rd October. Yes! it is incredible how the Indian Organisers of the CWG left it so late that it nearly jeopardise the whole CWG. Indeed an international news reporter summed it by stating that the whole event is compared to organising an Indian wedding where everything comes together at the last minute. However the CWG is no Indian wedding; rather it is an international sporting event that is two third the size of an Olympics, yet having all the events of the Olympics.

India has spent anywhere from US$6.0 to US$10.0 billion including construction of a new airport, Metro system for Delhi and roads & bridges let alone the sporting infrastructures plus the CWG sports village. Despite the huge spending, the unhygienic environment leading to deplorable conditions at some of the accommodation units at the Games village and the shoddy work that permitted the collapse of a foot bridge connecting to the main stadium plus the crumbling of the ceiling at the weightlifting stadium, has given rise to enough complaints from participating countries that is putting the whole CWG into jittery position. All these without doubts has devastated India's image and some have called into question India's qualitative skills and standards in organising such a mammoth event. Indeed India was given 7 years to get their act together and today questions are even asked why was India considered for 2010.

India is now the 4th economic power house in the world and the events unfolding with regards to organising the CWG is not doing good to India's international image. Some in India may argue this as a media conspiracy to hurt India but what is more important is that the Indian Organisers allowed it to happen. Obviously if the Games itself moves smoothly without any further glitches and brings the best in sports, that in a way may help to mitigate the disastrous aspects which existed prior to the commencement of the CWG. Still we cannot discount the fact that what happened in India will remain a negative stigma everytime one talks about CMG or if there is another major event to come to India.

It is a pity as "Incredible India' has so much to offer. Its multi-ethnicity that provides the multi-dressing with multi-colours, its multi-culture with multi-culinary dishes combined with multi-language and multi-religion brings out the kaleidoscope that is India. The combination of tradition and modernity with English predominantly spoken provides everyone with something to enjoy and slowly people grow fond of India. It is this attachment that brings back the people to India. I am sure the athletes from the 76 countries participating in the CWG would share the emotions of the wonderful memories of India when the curtains come down at the end of the Games.

Mind you, one would have thought the only challenge India would have to face in this CWG is the aspect of security. Troubled by multi-layers of threats from Assam to Kashmir, Maoist to Nazalites, Hindu to Islamic fundamentalists, it literally keeps India's law enforcement both at national and state level extremely busy. Indeed this is one area that had usually troubled visiting sporting teams prior to their visit to India but the successful hosting of the World Cup hockey early this year has shown that India can get on top of the situation. There is no doubt the security services would be on full alert, which itself may be inconvenience to people but such inconvenience is needed as a sacrifice for public safety and peace.

It is not easy for India to organise the CWG when the country has its fair share of natural to man made challenges to face. It took on the challenge 7 years ago with its economy prospering and having a wealth of human resources, it is "dumb founding" how India got entangled in such a scenario before the Games. There would be numerous post-mortems, many finger pointing, scapegoats and above all people who would want to benefit from such disasters. End of the day is whether India would do enough in the future to assure the world that such things would not reoccur. This is something that is important for India and its people.

Good Luck India for the Commonwealth Games.


Anonymous said...

It is the same as your company. Last time all was ok because you had your connection but now what happen. Another example....your push hockey. You con everyone. You collected donations from many people but never showed to state where you did your push hockey. Now no state or company want to support you. All are humans. Everyone has weakness. Don't harp on it. Support hockey and don't critize as though you know everything. If you have Good ideas, channel it to MHF. I am sure MHF also want ideas to improve. Easy to condemn others but then please look at your self first. Are you PERFECT? Nobody is perfect. Accept it CHEATER !

Anonymous said...

Hi Gandhi,
Whilst I can understand being Indian, you are partial to your homeland, but I am not. As the Westerner would wont to comment, you should know your people and race better. Anyone who has any dealings with India and Indians will definitely tell you they are not surprised. I play hockey and coach the Sikhs here in Melbourne previously. One thing I can say is that as a race, you need to lift your game in terms of honesty and diligence. I think as the saying goes, you should know it better just as a father of a family should know his offsprings better than anyone else. Why express surprise that despite given 7 years to prepare, it was only left to the last minute. As Malaysia had even hosted the event in 1998 despite not having to show the world it has arrived on the world stage. This is not schadenfreude but the urging of one who cares.

Anonymous said...

hi Gandhi,

this is not really relevant to your post, but i just thought it was an interesting point but none of the papers picked the story up.

as you know Jiwa was included in the team at the last minute, without going through the so called 5 months systematic centralised training done by the other 24 plsyers. We can draw 2 conclusion from this, both of which is not pleasing.

possible conclusion number 1 - the training program for the team is hopeless. jiwa does hockey training 3 to 4 times a week with his club in perth, spends other evenings coaching ladies teams and he goes to work in the mornings. Here we have the team training 3 times a day - physical/hockey, gym and then hockey - usually 6 times a week. Thats 3 times as much sessions as what jiwa does!! and yet he at the age of 31 is at the same fitness level as them??

possible conclusion number 2 - there was never a fitness test for jiwa; or the results for the test was altered. Which can be easily verified by the conditioning unit of ISN. The coaches just wanted him in, as they did not have believe in the other players. Which is also begs the question - what the hell have they been doing in centralised training all this while?

I believe there is a definate flaw in the training system and mechanism. The teams' centralised training does not work. When this type of things happen, we will get more and more players dropping out - who in their right mind would want to train the whole time and yet still not be good enough to be in the team?? just imagine yourself being one of the dropped players...how demotivated would you be...

Cinta Hoki Too

Anonymous said...

Well Done MHF and TM for the great effort taken to revive Malysian Hockey. WE support all the ongoing changes and we as outsiders could see the drastic changes taking place in hockey. recently senior team and junior played very well against the New Zealand. bravo TM and MHF.

Anonymous said...

Chennai: With problems at the venues multiplying in the Commonwealth Games, set to go into history on Sunday, there is a threat of some important competitions getting devalued due to non-availability of technology.
Competitive hockey is likely to be one to suffer on this score. Despite repeated reminders, the Organising Committee has remained indifferent towards providing facilities for a video umpire, an important segment of tournament conduct.
Dennis Meredith, Competitions Director in the International Hockey Federation not long ago, and now acting as a Consultant Manager for hockey, regrets the downgrading of image of the sport at this level.
Mr. Meredith has demanded that over 300 journalists who are kept away from the stadia where the athletes are training should be granted immediate access to the stadia to witness the training and have an opportunity to speak to the players.


The consultant accuses the OC of negligence and incompetence in dealing with an important facility despite bringing up the subject as early as in 2008.
“We will not have a video umpire set up here because of the incompetency of the OC,” he writes and adds, “first identified to them by me in 2008, followed up with meetings in 2009 and 2010 and every month since July. OC responded too late for creating a proper organisation to put in place and have the requisite equipment and technical experts to facilitate it.”
He feels that the absence of a video umpire lowers this competition to a “second rate” discipline. Despite this going to the Chairman and Secretary-General of the OC nothing happened until Sunday and of course it is too late for FIH to organise at that stage,”
Meredith has also warned that he might be forced to cancel training sessions for the teams if the staff were not properly accredited. It appears the paid staff and the volunteers at the hockey venues were wrongly accredited.
Instead of facilitating entry to blue zone, the paid members have been given red zone cards. The fields are without ball pickers at this point.
Meredith concludes the e-mail addressed to all important officials dealing with this sport saying “If this matter is not resolved today (Monday), I will have no alternative but to consider cancelling all training sessions until such time as we have appropriate accreditation for both paid and volunteer staff available to service the teams at training sessions.”

The Hindu

Anonymous said...

MALAYSIA beat New Zealand 3-0 in their second friendly yesterday, to
signal that they are primed for the New Delhi Commonwealth Games
However, just like the first friendly which ended 2-2, the Malaysian
players were guilty of missing numerous sitters which came their way,
and this is someting which they can't afford in India.
Shahrun Nabil slammed in a top-of-the-net stinger in the 33rd minute,
while Amin Rahim scored a penalty corner goal in the 41st minute. The
third goal was scored by Izwan Firdaus in the 62nd minute.
The last time both the teams played was in the World Cup Qualifier final
in Invercargill, where New Zealand won 2-1 and grabbed the ticket to the
New Delhi World Cup.
In the Commonwealth Games, Malaysia are in Group A with world No 1
Australia, India, Pakistan and Scotland. In Group B are England, New
Zealand, Canada, South Africa and Trinidad & Tobago.

Anonymous said...

hello 102, some of your 102 members were in the payroll of the alleged conning character and are holding key position in MHF now. Come on dont tell they were not involved in push hockey then. you are poking your own eye.102, you must now say that you are perfect not admit nobody is perfect. at the least you must not use the word "perfect".Dont use words where you will be backfired. learn from some of your 102 who are perfectionist in using "lalang'words.

Anonymous said...

Too much hockey can be bad for your health too!!! Clearly, Malaysian HF missed the point and so are the coaches. I am coaching here in Melbourne and the last three years have coached three different teams to the premiership. Without a grassroot competition across every state, Malaysia hockey will not lift the standard of play. As well, the evening postage stamp games will not do anything to improve the basics except the continuous dribbling skills without passing also known as goreng in my days playing in Malacca. Malaysian hockey should also develop good nous and tactical plays. Not the mindless back and square passing without understanding that the purpose is to draw the opposition into pressing and their own forwards to get into space or position to penetrate the D. At the 2002 WC, it was painful to watch the players doing it without understanding so much so the spectators were shouting "Training kah?" The other form of outlet is to toss the ball into the air to relive pressure where as the Western teams used the aerials to form a counter attack not to mindlessly lose possesssion.

Regards and Thank you Gandhi for your care for Malaysian Hockey. Keep it up as we need all form of criticisms destructive and constructive before the powers to be will wake up to the fact we need to work together to improve Malaysian hockey. I was in Invercargill and believe me despite the press and everyone there trying to tell you that other than the last ten minutes, Malaysia would have qualified for Delhi, it is never going to happen as the BS had the better of the play. I even have the dvd for anyone interested.

Anonymous said...

apa itu 'push hockey'? apa kayu pakai?apa gol pos?ada pengadilkah?main mana padang?ada kalah menangkah? pelik sangatlah

Anonymous said...


Ashamed to be in the same race as you.


Anonymous said...

Armpit was behaving like managing YNS before. now the current players been spoilt by ridsect by his style. arrmpit get code 10 or baby johson powder. talk and criticise people and now yourself after the defeat silence and hiding in the tampin roundabout. ridsect and armpit has to stay away or else hockey no future. bring sarjit back. afterall armpit and sarjit are very close like brothers. adjust and speak to mhf hahsim sure can one. malaysia boleh.

Anonymous said...

Hitory of VP - Dr.INKING.
If we track this VP's records, that in itself may speak for him. In the previous MHF's administration, he managed to be with the winning team but as time went on he "fell off' with the "powers" who were controlling MHF then. He was relieved from the key portfolio of Development Committee and given the mundane responsibility of Competitions Committee. In a way that worked to his benefit for it gave him the opportunity to think about taking on the Deputy President's post at the last MHF elections. Fortunately his relationship with a particular personality in Asian Hockey Federation (AFC) paved the way for a "peace talk" whereby he was instructed to remain as VP. The reason was not to split the votes for Deputy President and allow the incumbent to win. Obediently he followed suit but he still has not forgiven the person who went on to win the election for the Deputy President's post.

This view stems from the fact that in the latest round of "fiascoes" relating to the Coaching Committees "politicking" on the appointment of coaches, he took side with people in the Coaching Committee including those he had "fallen off" with in the previous administration. Sadly, it is not the decision he made that is being questioned rather it is the unsavoury remarks which constituted the reason against of one Malaysia's greatest hockey sons who had loyally served the nation for 15 years. The person concerned was the most capped national player and his record still illuminates brightly awaiting to be surpassed for the last 10 years. This is a person who with his employer TNB is undertaking nationwide the "Thunderbolt" Development programme for kids. In the heights of audacity, the Coaching Committee supported by this VP with his cynical view decided to drop this former hockey international from the national coaching list for the most absurd of reasons. It probably shows that the VP is a staunch "Machiavellian" ie. "the end justifies the means".

Such an outlook may be because this year is election year for MHF and there are rumours that the VP may still want to fulfill his original intention of becoming the Deputy President.

Anonymous said...












Anonymous said...

Dear All,

The TM must do some drastic adjustment for the MHF and so Hockey can progress.

we are not dictating to the TM what to do, but to inform him what is behind the scene that His officials were brewing behind MHF's back.

1)Hon. Sec: he is not fit to be beholding this position and he is feeling very insecure of his minuses and he is covering all angles by playing gutter politics by being friendly to all sides hoping that he will get support from all HAs because of his breed.
He is a mole and he do not have the stature of being the Hon-Sec for Malaysia.

2) The fu-man-chu head injured VP should be thrown out of everything concerning Hockey, pronto. No mercy.
He will be big trouble if no action is taken now.

3) VP from one-eye jacks state is also in cahoots with the Chairman coaching south state because the vp is beholden to him as he claimed that he is the one that got him his position in the first place, as this VP have no track record in Hockey,so now it is payback time. If he has dignity, he will walk away after the Chairman claim then to be rubbished as a Hockey official in whatever capacity.

4) Treasurer: He holds the apron sting of his HA drunkard Sec. and he must do all his bidding or else he will not nominate him for his MHF post. This type of slippery snakes cannot be holding any responsible position in any organisation.

These are the main culprits in the MHF that is hindering the good work of the MHF, so they must be eradicated once and for all.

People, if you all have Hockey at heart, there is nothing that is good of them. So,if you are having teh-tarik in any mamak staff and any of their sympathisers comes along, please do not be swayed by them or be cowed by their claim of having big-wits behind their campaign.


Anonymous said...

Effectively 10 people were to be elected from President to Treasurer, of which 2 of the Vice Presidents (VPs) were to be from the states of Sabah and Sarawak. The TM as promised has kept to his word and moved MHF accordingly. Some believe he may be slow while most think that under the circumstances MHF was at, and is, the TM has done extremely well. Beyond this the 2 VPs, one heading the Finance Committee and the other the Competitions Committee, seem to have undertaken their tasks satisfactorily. On the balance of the 7 personalities, the underlying view points may summarise the predicament prevailing in MHF:

Deputy President - A person who can work hard and run around physically to get things done. More often his unwarranted comments or actions draw publicity plus controversy which tend to give the impression of the lack of material in him to hold the post. Yet he is courageous and had the guts to take on the incumbent Deputy President and win the election.Unfortunately he is easily swayed on matters without weighing the merits or demerits of the issues.

VP as Head of Medical Committee - Longest serving VP, however lately has been embroiled on an issue pertaining to seating arrangements at the MHL final. Prior to which he was rumoured to have made unsavory remarks on a coach who had served the nation as a player with the most number of "caps". Indeed his Medical Committee's existence and role has also come into question. The bigger picture of him not doing anything for MHF has become a talking point.

VP for Special Projects - Nothing "special" has taken place with him as a newcomer to MHF. Apparently he handled his task as an assistant manager of the national team at the World Cup qualifier fairly well. Unfortunately his advise to various Committee Chairmen on the "prerogative rights" of the Chair has permitted some people to take it on a "literal interpretation" and do what they want. This confusion has created a far share of MHF's confusion.

2 VPs - They are in the post by virtue of the constitution which requires Sabah and Sarawak respectively to hold the positions. Sadly, to date there has not been any contribution from them.

Secretary - A person who has learnt the fine art of survival in MHF. Friends to all and as such he has no discretion on information flow. He has been in the post for the last 2 terms and by "hook or by crook" he tries to get things done, though not necessarily properly. Even if it is not done he is not perturbed by it. It is in confusion he thrives as nobody becomes aware of his shortcomings. He enjoys the "trimmings" that come with the post ie allowance and a car. He seems much relieved with the coming of the new General Manager.

Treasurer - A person who is more caught with the politics of "power play" as he is the "eyes and ears" of vested interest groups. This was apparent at the latest Coaching Committee meeting. His understanding of finance and accounts is questionable including some of his actions. Maybe the presence of an Assistant Treasurer by appointment was a wise move by the TM.

Anonymous said...

UNIKL aim to make an instant impact in their second Malaysia Hockey League (MHL) season as they have hired a New Zealand coach, two Kiwi players and a German to beef up their squad.
New Zealand assistant coach Darren Smith will join UniKL after the New Delhi Commonwealth Games and he is ex pected to bring along a goalkeeper and midfielder. Another midfielder from Germany, with Malaysian roots, is also being courted by the University side.
Two established Malaysian players, S. Selvaraju and Baljit Singh Charun, have also ditched Tenaga Nasional and signed up with UniKL.
“We held a postmortem after our first season and found out the progress made by junior players in the squad has not met the desired level especially in the Junior League provided the opportunity and exposure given to them
“None of the Project 2013 players in the squad received a call up to train with the national team and only a few of the non-Project 2013 players were selected to train with the Project 2013 squad,” said UniKL team manager Amir Azhar Ibrahim.
And that is why the UniKL management embarked into some drastic approaches which include increasing com petition in training, changing the coaching approach, use of latest technology, youth development program (age-group) and establishment of the “Sport Excellence Centre”.
A five-year blueprint has been developed in June and received the endorsement from top management.
“Former UniKL coach I. Vikneswaran was part of the team that developed the five-year blueprint. But after Vick neswaran left the team to explore other opportunities (he signed up with Sapura), the management has hired Darren Smith, the current New Zealand national assistant coach. He will be assisted by the current assistant coach, K. Enbaraj.”
UniKL registered six junior players for the previous MHL season, and this year a record 14 Under-19 junior players will be registered with eight being promoted from the Junior League’s Overall champions team.
“Of the 14 junior players, nine are Under-18 players who will form the spine of next year’s Junior League team. The exposure and experience they will gain from training and playing in this year’s Premier League will increase the quality of the junior player pool developed by UniKL.”
The Premier Division will start on Dec 17, while Division One on Dec 3.

Anonymous said...

NEW DELHI: Does sport continue to be an instrument of peace and harmony? If visionaries like Baron Pierre Coubertin, the author of the Modern Olympic Games, and Rev. Ashley Cooper, who sowed the seeds for a sports festival for the English speaking people, which we call the Commonwealth Games, were to witness what has corrupted their concept, their anguish would be immeasurable.
A siege!

Enveloped by a security blanket, the national Capital mirrors the elements of a siege. A visitor entering this metropolis will be startled by the indifference and apathy, a total lack of gaiety even with only two days remaining for the Opening Ceremony.
Flags, banners and pennants that actually accentuate the people’s involvement in a sporting extravaganza are conspicuous by their absence. Even the few are confined to a few areas.
The myriad loose ends are appalling in every segment of the run-up to the Games. And they continue to be so, with more and more glitches surfacing by the hour.
Sport is perceived as a vehicle of pleasure towards conquering new frontiers of excellence, but today its predominating sentiment is fear, compounded by the lack of compunction in giving in to the temptations of wealth and dope.
It is the fear complex that has forced quite a few stars to skip the Games, notwithstanding the reiterations by the powers-that-be that every inch of the city is under surveillance.
Added to this is the lack of a financial benefit, apart from the joy of climbing the podium. The threat to modern mega sporting events collapsing in a financial mess stems from the growing gigantism, which Coubertin and Cooper wanted the host to avoid.


But commercialisation of sport has contributed enormously to this line of thinking. With 17 disciplines, CWG-2010, the 19th edition, becomes the costliest in the annals of the Commonwealth Games.
Probably, no other sporting event, including the Olympics, was disgraced by polemics as this venture is. Nothing seems to have moved in the right direction, but by the time the disintegration began to hit the face, efforts were redoubled involving multiple agencies, which proved to be insufficient to eradicate all the perversities that had manifested themselves thanks to the relentless focus by the media.
The mood here now seems to be one of despair, to run the event somehow, regardless of the criticisms and controversies waiting to erupt both at home and abroad. The image anyway has been tarnished, and the cosmetics applied in the eleventh hour are unlikely to obliterate the odium associated with Commonwealth Games 2010.

Anonymous said...

The present management team of MHF is doing well. Please continue. Don't bother on these comments. These are the useless 102 who cannot vote but talk big. 102 will come only if paid or can make money.
PLEASE ALL OF YOU : STAY AND HELP MHF. Hockey need you all.
Anti Money making and Cheats

Anonymous said...

Heard that problems are brewing among 102.....all because of money. UniKL team officials are being sidelined. Someone from 102 who has a big say in UniKL has left out some 102 guys. These guys are angry because cannot make money.
All the best 102. Keep fighting for MONEY.

Anonymous said...

What has happened? Vicky has been told that his services are no more needed in UniKL. He lost his cari makan. He also can sell his goods to the team and players. He and his good buddy are planning something terrible. Boss ......beware. Your stories are coming out SOON. It is already in discussion in pub.Plans are underway to remove you from 2013. Take care and all the best.
GOD bless 102. It all boils down to money. Cannot make money....trouble will come.
PM 102

Anonymous said...

The Seniors are already losing in India. The Juniors are expected to leave for India soon.You kacau the Manager even before he leaves for India. Kantoilah the team

Anonymous said...

MALAYSIAN Hockey Federation (MHF) vice-president for four-terms Datuk Dr S.S. Cheema confirmed yesterday that he will be challenging incumbent Nur Azmi Ahmad for the deputy president’s post on Oct 31.
The closing date for nominations is Oct 15, while there is a two-week grace period for withdrawals before the Biennial General Meeting.
Cheema, who was also nominated for the Deputy’s post in the last elections, withdrew to concentrate on the veep challenge instead.
“I have been a veep for eight years and feel it is the right time to challenge for the deputy’s post. I have received a good backing from the states that I have approached so far, and the feeling is good,” said Dr Cheema.
When asked if he heard of any other challenges: “I only read in the newspapers that Nur Azmi will be defending his post, and there is no other news of challengers.”
Cheema feels hockey has its work cut out for the next four years, and he is eager to help achieve the president’s dreams.
“Tengku Abdullah (Sultan Ahmad Shah) has outlined many plans to take Malaysia into the top-10 bracket in the world and I am willing to help achieve his dreams,” said Cheema.
Malaysia are ranked 15th in the world, and their acid test to break into the higher bracket would be the Asian Games, which offers a ticket to the 2012 Olympics and a shot in moving into the top-10.
The President Tengku Abdullah is expected to be re-elected unopposed, while the latest amendments to the MHF con stitution will see the posts of secretary and treasurer not contested, but appointed.
That leaves the fight for the deputy’s post, and four vice- presidents as two veeps will be automatically chosen my Sabah and Sarawak.
Immediately after the elections, a council meeting will be held to nominate chairmen for their various committees who will have their hands full in the coming months.

Anonymous said...

Losing is one thing, giving excuses is another. I must applaud the malaysian coach fof saying fitness as reason losing to India.The amount of Taxpayers money spent traveling to Europe and the amount of training done, this is a lame excuse.Please and for god sake stop lying to Malaysians. if you are not good , just admit it. Worst still you have a 19 years old Moron in your team. What he did in the game againts Scotland is unaccepteble.You should get rid of him,he is a habitual offender(remember SUKMA).Mhf should look into ther team performance.Always Excuse,excuse and excuses.Look at Scotland, the players are commited eventough the dont train full time.TM take action fast please.

Anonymous said...

Dear Steven.

A bunch of players like Faisal Saari, Sukri and Iswan are not ready to be in the National team. Jeeva Mohan don't deserve for a callup. There is nothing extra in them. So just drop them
Players must never loose the ball easily. Speed is esential and Fitness is mandatory. Targets on goal must never be missed. Playing the ball in the 'D' gives you more chance to put a goal.
Going all out like Tengku, Azlan Misron and Baljit are good examples for team members to follow. Maximise rolling substitute with fast players.

Please look at alternative players if you want to go far in Asian Games. Look outside the box. Many may look good in training but no mental strength to play international. You may have a chance Steven if you substitute some of your current players. But if you maintain the same players, even god cannot help you.

Your friend.

All the BEST.

Anonymous said...

saw malaysia playing in the Commonwelth Games.After losing, coach gives excuse, players not fit.Wow!after spending tax payers money traveling to Europe, this is what he has to say. Same SHIT different day.Scotland players dont train full time, yet they gave Malaysia a hard time.The coach should admit he is not good enough, Kudos to those suggested and apointed him. Pleave leave for the sake of country, dont be around just to be a passenger.
A 19 years old boy in the team, behaves in a abnormal manner.What he did againts Scotland does not potray sportsmanship spirit and disgrace to the Malaysia public. He should just be sent back.Players like this are sending bad signs to younger players.I think he is a habitual offender, ( Sukma he was red carded) TM please be proactive about things around you, many people are there just to please you, appont credible people, get rid of deadwood.

Anonymous said...

Vicky wants to leave UniKL. The team management is not doing what they promised....development. They want to get old players with experince. They want fast results. Hockey is not that. some guys want to meet up with President to updaye him. Then see what happens.
Anyway, Vicky never sold his things to UniKL. He never mix work with Business. He is a Pro.
Vicky's Good Buddy

Anonymous said...

The national coach promised a good game in the event team beats Scotland which the team did and then what happened-thrashing. Today you are talking differently. You are saying Australia are world champs.Are you drawing cartoons upthere because your players are playing like clowns downthere. Never see you looking at the team playing always looking down. Dont Talk of short corners. If you dont know ask some of project 2013 players. They will teach you of how to take and how to defend. 100% you dont know.Chetri let go some 59 goals in Malaysia and you still could not guide Amin. Do you know how many goals Amin scored against Chetri?

Anonymous said...

The remarks of the national coach are very, very damaging as a whole and the Manager seems to be silent on this matter. He should intervene to stop this derogatory, unconstrained statements of the national coach.

Anonymous said...

Its not just about winning the first game and losing the others. Can we keep going on winning till the tournament is over? Do we have the sustaining power and the endurance to complete the tournament gracefully.

Malaysians watching live on TV went through a very ambarassing moment to see Malaysian Women team stepping into the field to play with Trinidad/tobogo for the 9/10 placing. What was even more ambarassing was the way the girls played against this premature Trinidad team. I have never seen Trinidads/Tobogo holding hockey sticks in my life of 58 years. Finnaly there was a slap on all Malaysians face when we lost to Trinidad 2-1. What more has YahyaTan got to offer Malaysians. Just scrap the whole Team. Is he going to ask for more time? For what? Need more money on overseas trip? Enough is enough. YahyaTan started building the time on the wrong path. He is no international coach to lead the team for international tournamants. Firstly, The players do not have the physical characteritics to play international game. Secondly, the girls still play like local school girls tournamant. Thirdly, there are not trained to last one tournamant. So don't waste money on them and start looking at ways how to go international.

Look how the international teams play and learn the requirements before fielding a team at high level tournamants.

Anonymous said...

coach kene panngil balik ismail abu..baru kuat jentera serangan..lupekan sengketa lama..yg sudahtu sudahla..dengar citer ade jugak pemain dlm pasukan kantoi pergi.....tp tiada tindakan diambil sebab anak kesayangan coach..hallo you looking for crocodile hunter ka???

Anonymous said...

SVH...is another failure as a coach. He is only good to be asst. coach to 4 mata botak guy.

MHF...what the hell you people are doing?

Pls dont waste our money with bunch of failures. Its embrassing to see how the team perform in CWG. Lets accept the fact that the current team is not an International standard.

Jiwa Mohan....common SVH, he is old ready like pencen punya kuda.

Anonymous said...

As for the Malaysian Women Hockey Team in Delhi finishing last after a fine start to the tournament, the poor performance should not be blamed on the coach. The Mat Salleh commentators were surprised that on some of the extremely hot and humid days, the players were all wearing long sleeves and leggings which will definitely cause their core temperature to rise resulting in poor performance. In Delhi, all the foreign teams were wearing ice vests and using ice bath to reduce their core temperatures so that they can perform at their optimum. Maybe the Women team should withdraw forthwith from all further and future competition just like Pakistan does. This is the only fitting outcome if we cannot use the modern sports science and technology to enhance our performance.