Thursday, September 2, 2010

MHF constitutional changes will be a move in the right direction but is it enough ?

On 4th September, MHF would have their Extra Ordinary Meeting (EGM) which is being called to make amendments to the MHF constitution. Not having the full details, yet from the grapevine the information emerging seems to relate to the rights of the President to appoint the Secretary and Treasurer of MHF. Effectively it means that both these posts would not be contestable in the future if the amendments are successfully approved.

There were talks before the last Council Meeting which agreed to forward the amendments for the EGM, that some of the Affiliates were not happy with the proposed changes. With his "royal touch" the TM did the "magic" of putting the Affiliates at peace of mind as to why such appointments were deemed necessary. I also believe that the appointments of Chairman of Coaching Committee and also for Development would be amended thereby incorporating them into the Management Committee.

All these amendments make sense if we subscribe to the believe that "the bug stops" with the President ie he is ultimately responsible. So if we vote the President then it is only right he be given the mandate to appoint the key officials too. Some may argue that there is no "check and balance". I think that is a bit "dumb founded" as the MHF constitution provides for at least 5 Affiliates together to summon a EGM on resolutions they believe need to be debated and voted upon. This could also include a motion of "no confidence", if they believe that the responsible people are not doing their job properly.

This brings me to the rumour that some Affiliates in conjunction with this EGM may propose that the period for Office Bearers to hold office should be extended to 4 years from the current 2 years. There is wisdom in such a proposal as it coincides with the 4 year cycle of the World Cup, Olympic Games and Asian Games, which are the premier tournaments. This provides an uninterrupted objective basis to judge the President and his team on how they performed in the administration of hockey for the specified period. Obviously, the "downside" is we provide a continuous opportunity for the President and his team to allow the slide to continue if they are unable to arrest the decline. Fortunately,the constitution provides a pathway for an EGM to make changes in the administration if such a situation does arise. Fundamentally, there is room to redress such scenarios but we hope it does not come to such a situation.

All in all, the proposed amendments seem to set MHF in the right direction. However, as a "MHF Watcher", i believe the proposed changes are not comprehensive enough to overhaul the system, which is antiquated. The current approach seems to be a "piecemeal" and therefore the process to see changes may be time related. One area that is not addressed is the question of "full' affiliation rights. This seems confined to rules that came from "time in memory" and therefore has been confined to States and to the Armed Forces and Police. Looking at modern hockey it seems to omit the clubs and universities where most of the national players are emerging. This means that we are running hockey on an old system while hockey itself has modernised and is supposed to be manned by people who encompass technologies and corporate principles. These are the very people that are missing in the MHF administration because the MHF constitution does not "open" its doors for clubs and universities that could make the difference.

The other area that needs attention is the right of MHF to be informed of the activities of its Affiliates and the consequences if the Affiliates fail to perform. Currently there is an inequitable position where active and inactive Affiliates have the same powers, thereby not discriminating between them. This itself is totally unfair as inactive Affiliates which, i believe, are of significant number in MHF, can decide MHF's future. How ironical? There has to be a system of "benefit and burden" rule imposed to ensure that only active Affiliates are allowed to participate in the decision making process of MHF.

What is important is MHF must have a "living" constitution that provides dynamism to the affairs of MHF. This can only happen if a broad spectrum of people can come and participate in MHF and the only way this can happen is MHF has an "open door" policy to its membership for active hockey clubs and universities. Someday it has to come, and the sooner the better.

Maybe the TM may have his wisdom as to why he is approaching issues of constitutional changes in a conservative manner rather than a radical fashion. As a President he has the prerogative and he probably knows what should be done at the appropriate time. Lets go with him on this and time would probably bring the results that we are looking for.


Anonymous said...

There is some logic in the move to amend the MHF constitution!

However the members that should be given this "privilege" must already be performing and needed the additional 2 years to finish their task or their promise to fully deliver their mandate.

If there is no calibre in the existing committee members then we are just preserving a dead wood culture.

To start with it is a good move to make changes to the constitution so that the President is able to appoint his candidates for the Hon. Secretary and Treasurer to safeguard the association’s interest first instead of individuals politicking to remain in position.

What is the point of having members that can’t write or take hockey to the next level while holding office?

The DP’s position must also be reviewed as it is the DP that will drive the President’s mandate and not how it is now with the President needed to regularly carryout damage control and bring-in funding.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations TM and MHF for successfully steering the MHF to be a professional Organisation. And now the work of getting the right personnel for the respective position is the most important.

Previously, we have politicians and now we must have proven capabilities.

General- Secretary: MHF will commit a blinder if the GM is not positioned for this post. He have been been a breath of fresh air to Malaysian Hockey and all we Hockey people have nothing but praised for him.
He have all the qualities of a Hockey Administrator as he plays in the highest level of Hockey and he is also a person of high learning and have the highest sense of dignity and integrity.

MHF must not turn away from the fact that to have such a person one must look after his well being and upkeep. And for all that his salary must commensurate with his standing and commitment. And as he is of proven quality, it is most justified to give him an above market salary and do not bother about those sour grapes in the Hockey faternity and their miserable comments.

Treasurer: MHF must learn a lesson from the present one and must not pay peanuts to get a monkey like him. A Treasurer is the soul of any organisation and is the key keeper of the darkest secret of any organisation but if he allows himself to be used by outsiders to the detriment of his organisation that he is serving, he is a downright pariah.

MHF must look for a person who have the knowledge and professionalism required of the position. Go for a person that knows the requirements of making the players want to play for the country and excelling and not to cut cost just for the sake of doing so. He must be able to carry the carrot and the stick and all the players will respect him.

As for all the other things, we know that THE TM will get it all straightened out as MHF have now many respectable and professional personalities in its rank and it borne well for Malaysian's Hockey.

Well Done

Anonymous said...

Ghandi Ji,

We have to concur with 4:14 of even date and am encourage with the comments and observation of the posting. It seems like the Malaysian Hockey faternity at large is widely in agreement as to what the present MHF hieracy is embarking ie: bringing professional, reputable and cannot be 'bought' characters into its fold.

But what we cannot accept is that there are simmering characters that are braying for a change in the DP. It makes no sense for this to happen as we come to the knowledge that the DP is serving the TM very well and they are in daily contact in regards to the betterment of Malaysian's Hockey.

Hypothetically, if there is a change of personnel in this position and if what some affiliates get their choice then there will be mayham. If they have another Royal to be the DP, then will the new Royal accept to be the No:2. Then MHF will be disorientated and Hockey will suffer again.

As our wise folks always maintained: if it is not broken, do not try to fix it.

This present scenerio must be maintained for at least the next four years and if any wannabies want to be DP, let him prove his sincerity for serving Hockey during this four years and then all the affiliates that want a change of DP, can confidently hail their MAN as he have the track record to show that he have Hockey at heart and not a 'flash in the pan.'

Hockey people who is in the know sould have noticed that the present DP is a hands-on person and with the co-operation of the people in MHF have performed creditably and is also recognised by all for his doggedness to get things done: be it local or foreign.

In conclusion, our plea to all those that wants to rock the boat to look into their candidate and search their conscience and see whether their candidate can perform the work of a DP. If they have an iota of doubt that their candidate cannot do what the present DP is doing, please do not bring upheavals in a now professional and functioning MHF.


Anonymous said...

KPI for state HAs would be great.
Most of the states are doing nothing to promote the game. No league, no club structure. Ironically the stadiums are there :/

Anonymous said...

We should get rid of the Secretary & Treasurer. Bring in the professional and pay them well.MHF will spend the money for paying them. They will do a better job.

Anonymous said...

Looks like GM (Mike) is praised and best for Malaysian Hockey ? Is it you running this blog or your kuncu-kuncu helping to promote u.
Better go for Deputy president post. U can perform better and advise the President to make Malaysia the best.
But keep in money for DP post. Only charity.

Anonymous said...

Please pass your bio data to MHF or post it in the blog. The hockey lovers @ 102 will recommend to TM for you to be appointed as Independent member or ADVISOR to MHF or CONSULTANT to MHF.
Good at giving ideas. Take them to your company.
What happened to your PUSH HOCKEY? Everybody knows your con you made money. Story leaked out.
You talk so good, please continue your push hockey. States don't want it because all knows how you con them and made yourself rich.
You can still walk tall in town. Shame on you cheap pariah dog.
Better to BEG than CHEAT

Anonymous said...

ITS council gets more time to do the job, its secretary and treasurer are appointed on track records and not by votes of an election and finally after five years, a gold medal from an international meet in its cupboard.
The Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) and its players seem to be heading in the right direction, and more can be expected if the 1Mas programme turns out to be a success.
The MHF elections are around the corner, Oct 30 to be precise, and who the states elect will hold the reins of hockey for the next four years and the new term will give them more time to implement programmes, or to make a bigger mess.
Council members unanimously decided to appoint their secretary and treasurer in their extraordinary general meeting last Saturday, and also agreed to extend the office term from two years to four.
That eliminates two seats from the contest, while MHF president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah will also be re-elected unopposed.
It leaves the posts of deputy president and four vice presidents to the ballot, while two more vice presidents will be appointed by Sabah and Sarawak.
The new council will then have full control of the 1Mas programme, which is a state-based project to unearth talent, and if they get full support from their affiliates, the Malaysian team should be able to produce better results than what is being achieved today.
As other than the Sea Games gold medals, which are also drying up as hosts like Vietnam, the Philippines and Laos do not include the sport, Malaysia last won a Four-Nation gold in Poland in 2005 and then the recent Five-Nation gold medal in France.
Never mind the fact that the teams we beat were all ranked below us, the fact that Malaysian hockey finally won gold is rejuvenating in itself.
Malaysia, ranked 15th, beat Ireland, Scotland, France and Poland to the Five-Nation gold medal, but just barely as all the scores were close and we were even hammered 4-1 by Ireland in one match.
But the national players can expect to have their backs to the wall when they play in the Commonwealth Games against India, Pakistan, Australia and Scotland.
After that, they have to beat mighty South Korea, India, Pakistan, China and Japan in the Asian Games if they hope to play in the 2012 London Olympics.
If they fail at the Asiad, it will be back to playing against the likes of Poland, France, Ireland and Scotland in the qualifiers.

Anonymous said...

terima kasih TM dan MHF untuk majukan sukan hoki yang tercinta ini. Kami berdoa agar pasukan kami akan berjaya di bawah TM. Ia amat berbeza sekali keadaan sekarang jika diukur dengan zaman tiga tahun lalu. lebih kelam kabut dan tidak teratur. sekarang dapat baca dan melihat arus perubahan yang baik sedang dijalankan oleh MHF. Syabas diucapkan dan selamat maju jaya.

Anonymous said...

bagus mhf dan semoga majukan sukan ini ke sukan piala dunia dan olimpik. kami bersama akan bekerjasama. tahniah presiden Tengku Mahkota dan PHM bagi mencapai peringkat ini. allah lanjutkan usia tuanku.

Anonymous said...

Kodus to TM and MHF for the changes. Is been due for some time...........

Anonymous said...

hi bro,

kita kasi itu unikl koyek ini tahun. Coach macam muka chimpanze..
Ast coach macam badut.. Hidup Sapura.

KLHC, suruh gk pee mampus...

cuci tandas klha.

Anonymous said...

ask mike to be the DPM. He will sell m'sian hockey for sarjit/satnam/jugking...all bai's conmen...

Auta sing...

Anonymous said...

Skuad negara hoki sudah jahanam. penuh dengan skandal sek, dadah, & air haram.. SVH, u will get shit from this team. Mark my word. Pls get Darma to coach all this assholes

Anonymous said...

THERE is an eerie silence leading to the Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) elections as hopefuls as well as incumbents are waiting for a clear signal before launching their campaigns.
Nominations will be sent out on Sept 23, and close on Oct 15 with the elections held on Oct 30, but till yesterday, all those who were contacted lamented on the same issue -- that there is total silence as opposed to the fierce campaigning they are used to.
The main reason, according to the officials interviewed, is that MHF president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah himself is keeping mum.
Tengku Abdullah is the fifth MHF president, with the first being Tun Abdul Razak, followed by Sultan Azlan Shah, Raja Nazrin Shah and Admiral Tan Sri Anwar Mohammad Nor.
Raja Nazrin and Anwar only served one term each, while Tengku Abdullah was shoved into the hot seat and made it known that he will only be a temporary stop-gap-measure.
However, after serving one term, he seem to be enjoying the challenge and even spearheaded an amendment which will see him in charge for four years instead of two, as he is set to be retained unopposed.
The amendments also did away elections for secretary and treasurer, who will be appointed instead, leaving only the deputy president, and four vice-presidents posts to be decided by the ballot.
Two other vice-presidents will be nominated by Sabah and Sarawak.
However, Tengku Abdullah did not have his cabinet line-up when he won unopposed in November 2008, and those who are waiting for him to announce his favourites might just find themselves in the same boat again.
And those who were contacted said they will wait as long as possible for the president to make his stand, before throwing their weight on either hopefuls or incumbents.
Nur Azmi Ahmad is the incumbent deputy-president and he has said that he will be seeking his second term, but does not know if there will be any challengers.
He beat one-term deputy president Tunku Majid Sultan Iskandar by a 12-vote margin in the last elections, and looks good enough to brush off his challengers again, unless there is a strong lobby from the very top.
The vice-presidents voted in were Datuk Dr S.S. Cheema, Datuk Rahim Ariff, Datuk Sri Che Khalib Mohamed Noh and M. Gobinathan
Among the four, Cheema has served four terms as a veep while Gobinathan will be attempting his second term.
The sound of silence is deafening, but it is a good indicator that the affiliates and incumbents all respect their president and are waiting for his orders, unlike the previous years where only the law of the jungle applied when MHF elections were around the corner.
It also means states are more cautious and only want the best, as those elected will serve four years and not the whirl- wind two.

Anonymous said...

Host nation Argentina have won the BDO FIH World Cup thanks to a 3-1 victory over The Netherlands. It was a stunning match between the two top ranked teams, but two Carla REBECCHI goals either side of a Noel BARRIONUEVO penalty corner gave Las Leonas victory over the Olympic champions.
It was a stunning night for Las Leonas, who saw their star player Luciana AYMAR named as the player of the tournament. Incredibly, AYMAR was also playing her 300th international match for Argentina, with winning the World Cup being the perfect way to crown the occasion. The best goalkeeper award went to England's Beth STORRY, who helped her side to a Bronze medal earlier in the day thanks to victory over Germany. The best young player award went to India's Rani RAMPAL, while Maartje PAUMEN was given the prize for tournament top goalscorer. Australia were the recepients of the fair play prize.
The match itself was a brilliant encounter between the two best teams in the world. Argentina were clearly inspired by their cheering crowd, going on the offensive from the first moment, and struck the opening goal when Carla REBECCHI fired into the net in only the third minute. Noel BARRIONUEVO netted a second just four minutes later to send the crowd into delerium.

Anonymous said...

THE Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) took into con sideration an appeal from chief coach Stephen van Huizen, and will now field the best available players for the Com monwealth Games in New Delhi on Oct 4-14.
Earlier, the MHF were adamant that a mixed team be sent for the Commonwealth Games, while the best be fielded for the Asian Games in China on Nov 12-17.
“We decided to send the best available players for the Commonwealth Games after taking into consideration an appeal from van Huizen. The coach felt that playing in New Delhi would be a good preparation for the Asian Games and so be it,” said MHF president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah.
Malaysia are grouped with India, Pakistan, Scotland and Australia in that playing order in Group A of the Com monwealth Games.
In Group B are England, New Zealand, Canada, Wales and Trinidad and Tobago.
“However, now that we will be sending a full side, I expect the team to show some results and not just make up the numbers,” said Tengku Abdullah.
One name which was conspicuously missing from the list was that of Kelvinder Singh, who picked up an injury during the Azlan Shah Cup, and has been on the recovery list since.
“We have selected the best and those who showed im provement in all the Tours that we had prior to the Com monwealth Games.
“It is an important tournament for Malaysia, as even though it does not offer a ticket to anywhere, it will prepare my players for the Asian Games challenge,” said van Huizen.
Kelvinder when contacted said: “I did not attend a few training sessions (in Malaysia) when the team was playing in Europe, because there were only a handful of us who were left back home.
“However, I have fully recovered from my injury and will train hard to re-claim my spot and play in the Asian Games.”
In the Asian Games, Malaysia, 15th ranked in the world, are in Group A with defending champions South Korea (sixth), China (14th), Oman (43rd) and Singapore (39th).
In Group B are Pakistan (eighth), India (ninth), Japan (16th), Hong Kong (54th) and Bangladesh (34th).
A gold in the Asian Games offers a direct entry into the 2012 London Olympics.
MALAYSIAN SQUAD: S. Kumar (gk), Roslan Jamaluddin (gk), Madzli Ikmar, Jiwa Mohan, Amin Rahim, Razie Rahim, Baljit Singh Charun, Shukri Mutalib, Nabil Fikri, Marhan Jalil, Shahrun Nabil, Faizal Shaari, Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin, Hafifi Hafiz, Azlan Misron, Izwan Firdaus.

Anonymous said...

Sunday, September 19, 2010
Great Wall of silence

THE Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) are perplexed with the total shut-out of information from China regarding the fixtures and type of artificial pitch that will be used during the Asian Games in Guangzhou from Nov 12-27.
MHF have written to the Tournament Director as well as the China Hockey Federation, but there has been no reply to date.
“I just checked my e-mail and there is still no reply from the Asian Games Tournament Director or the China Hockey Federation. I am a little perplexed as such information is normally given many months before a tournament,” said MHF secretary Hashim Yusoff.
According to Hashim, the information, especially regard ing the kind of artificial surface teams will be playing on, are crucial to coaches to plan their strategy.
“When we organise the Azlan Shah Cup, or for that matter, any other tournament, the fixtures and type of surface is given out months in advance so that coaches can have a clearer picture and plan early.
“China is keeping the information to themselves, and this is certainly puzzling.
“I am left with no choice but to write to the International Hockey Federation (FIH) tomorrow for an explanation,” said Hashim.
Hashim said he smells something fishy in the silence: “Malaysia are in a good group and with a good chance to a advance to the semi-finals as India and Pakistan will not come into play before the knock-out.
“That is why we need to know who we will be playing first, and how much rest is given before we play the hosts. All this is vital to any coaches’ planning.”
The groupings were released a month ago, and Malaysia are in the same page as the hosts.
Malaysia, 15th ranked in the world, are in Group A with defending champions South Korea (sixth), China (14th), Oman (43rd) and Singapore (39th).
In Group B are Pakistan (eighth), India (ninth), Japan (16th), Hong Kong (54th) and Bangladesh (34th).
A gold in the Asian Games offers a direct entry into the 2012 London Olympics.

Anonymous said...

One of the comments here of an interest......everyone is useless in MHF except the GM. Mr GM is on the works now campaigning to retain his position. If you are good no one can deny. But do not point others are useless and you are the hero....where is your team spirit culture? such a hero is no hero.