Monday, August 30, 2010

Congrats Malaysian hockey and Stephen but do not let the "success" be "hollow".

As i sat in front of my computer, i was in 2 minds of what to write over the Malaysian hockey success at the 5 nation invitational tournament at Paris. Malaysia became Champions and the question is should we be "chaffed" about it? It is rare these days to see our hockey lads winning tournaments especially in foreign lands and therefore whatever the opposition, 2nd rated or otherwise, it is only proper that we must extend our congratulations to the team, coaches and supporting staff.

I use the word "proper" because the effects would have been devastating to Malaysian hockey if we had not become Champions. On world ranking we are above all the other teams that participated and therefore it is a great morale boaster for the team and also for Malaysian hockey that we topped the tournament. In that sense the hockey lads in Paris did their job and therefore congratulations is the order of the day.

The other question that would arise is whether one is happy with the performance of the lads? This is a fundamental question to be answered before we get carried away with winning the tournament. I ask this question based on the following rationale:
  • Malaysia is the highest world ranking team in the tournament.

  • Malaysia has been on centralised training for the past few months for the Commonwealth and Asian Games in comparison to the other teams.

  • The Malaysian team had warm-up tours to China, Australia and Europe before the Paris tournament.

Effectively what it means is that we were probably the "most prepared" team at the tournament. Therefore winning this tournament should be a normal phenomenon like "day following night and night following day".

The more important question we should ask is whether the performance was convincing. The goal margins of victory Malaysia had against Poland, Scotland and France does not bring great joy to any hockey analysts. Moreso if we take account of the margin of our defeat with Ireland. In summary, taking account of the preparation the other teams had put in in comparison to Malaysia's training phases, the performance of our lads is definitely lacking and there is plenty, and i mean plenty, of room for major improvements.

This in a way begs another question ie whether we have the time to make that mark improvement before the Commonwealth and Asian Games? This question has to be considered by the team management because at both the Games, the best teams and higher ranking teams would be there and they would be much more prepared than the teams that participated at the Paris tournament. As i had stated previously, that is going to be the "real" test and will our hockey lads be able to escalate their performances to a level that they are medal contenders?

WELL! it is important we celebrate the Paris success so long as we understand that victory would be "hollow" unless we set it as the start of the journey for far better things to come, provided we recognise the issues at hand and address them properly. Well done Malaysia and Stephen Van Huizen.


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With the TM at the helm there were so much improvement to the MHF.

1) Appointment of the GM seems to be the most vibrant happening in the MHF. Since he came there were so much ramatazz to Hockey and the public awareness have been much achieved.

2) Implementation of Hockey project have been in full swing. But we must have some caveat for it as we have plenty of wet blankets that were eveready to bushwack anyone's good intention with their negativity because they were all sour grapes.

3) Problem characters are diminishing in the MHF but MHF must seize all opportunities to eradicate all these 'pest' so that cordial operations of the MHF can proceed and Hockey advancement achieved.

4) Exposures: Congratulations to MHF for sending 2 of their coaches to Germany for exposures to high level Coaching Courses and MHF must keep on sending Coaches in their employment for international exposure when any opportunity arises. Do not worry about the negative reactions from those whom are envious but as long as the MHF is doing everything for Hockey, all opportunities should be acted upon regardless of reactions.

TM, please do the needful and stay in the MHF and rid MHF of all these buckbears that YOU have inherited.


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Tuesday, August 31, 2010
India crushed 7-1

The second day of competition at the BDO FIH Hockey World Cup in Rosario, Argentina saw victories for The Netherlands, Germany and Australia as the Pool A kicked into action.
India crushed by Paumen's Netherlands
India were on the receiving end of a 7-1 score-line as The Netherlands turned on the style to record a big win in their opening fixture of the BDO FIH Hockey WOrld Cup 2010. Penalty corner star Maartje PAUMEN scored a hat-trick in the match, with midfield maestro Naomi van AS playing a starring role in the triumph.

Match 4 - Netherlands v India 7-1

> The Netherlands beat India 7-1 today to record their biggest World Cup victory since beating Ireland 6-0 in 2002.
> For India today’s defeat by a 6-goal margin marks their biggest defeat in World Cup competition.
> The last time Netherlands scored at least 7 goals in a World Cup match was 29 years ago in 1981 when they beat Belgium 7-0 and Soviet Union 7-3.
> Their record for most goals in a World Cup match is eight in 1976 vs Mexico (8-0).
> The Netherlands saw four different players score in today’s match. The last time this happened in a World Cup match was in 2002 when they beat USA 5-2 through goals by Ellis Verbakel, Mijntje Donners, Ageeth Boomgaardt and Aniek van Hees (2).
> Marilyn Agliotti netted her first World Cup goal for The Netherlands. At the 2006 World Cup she scored once playing for South Africa.
> Netherlands’ Kim Lammers and Maartje Paumen (PC) also netted against India in the last World Cup in 2006.
> Paumen scored a hat-trick and is now joined top scorer at Rosario 2010 with Luciana Aymar (ARG).
> Paumen is the first Dutch player to score a World Cup hat-trick since Kim Lammers and Sylvia Karres scored three goals each in Holland’s 6-1 win over China in 2006.

Match 5 - Germany v New Zealand 2-0
> Germany secured their fourth successive win over New Zealand after beaten them at the 2006 CT (3-0), 2008 Olympics (2-1) and 2010 CT (5-2).
> Germany are the first team to keep a clean sheet at this World Cup and New Zealand are the first team that failed to score at Rosario 2010.
> 20-year-old Celine Wilde is the youngest goalscorer for Germany at a major tournament (OG, CT and WC) since he 2000 Olympics when Fanny Rinne scored also at the age of 20.
> Tina Bachmann’s only previous World Cup goal came in 2002 against Russia, also from a penalty corner.
> Germany scored one of 8 penalty corners awarded in this match. New Zealand were awarded 2 PC’s.

Match 6 - Australia v Japan 2-1
> Australia have extended their unbeaten streak against Japan to eight competitive encounters (6 wins – 2 draws).
> Kobie McGurk (AUS) netted her first goal in eight World Cup matches, by converting a penalty corner.
> Australia’s captain Madonna Blyth scored her second World Cup career goal. In 2006 she netted in the match against South Africa (1-0).
> Koari Chiba ended Japan’s streak of four top level matches against Australia without scoring.
> Chiba is now on five World Cup career goals, adding to the four goals she scored in 2006.

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jangan jaga tepi kain orang. jaga kain sendiri. kain sendiri dahlah kotor. semua tempat mahu masuk kepala unikl, pasukan remaja 2013, padang turf dan sekarang pasukan kebangsaan. baca artikel ini.

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia will have to get past China and South Korea first during the Asian Games in their quest towards making the 2012 London Olympics on merit.

Malaysia were drawn in Group A with hosts China, Asian champions South Korea, minnows Singapore and Oman for the Guangzhou Asian Games on Nov 19-28. Group B comprises Pakistan, India, Japan, Bangladesh and Hong Kong. Former national skipper Mirnawan Nawawi believes that Malaysia need to focus on beating the hosts.

“I think we have a good chance of making it to the semifinals but we need to concentrate on beating China first,” said Minarwan.

“Our team have the ability to beat China although we lost to them at the Four Nation tournament in Dahlian last month. South Korea would be a tougher opponent. Mirnawan added the team, coached by Stephen van Huizen, must avoid dropping points against the weaker teams in the group.

“We must beat Singapore and Oman. I foresee goal differences to be a crucial factor in the group stages so the team need to score as many goals possible,” added the Project 2013 team manager.

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Irish tactically better
As Arul plots Malaysian downfall
Haresh Deol
Thursday, August 12th, 2010 09:53:00

As 1 Malaysia dont be a traitor and insult malaysian team. you played and learned how to coach in this beautiful country. nsc funded you with taxpayers money with an exetnsion without knowing the due date. be humble and stay low and when you are away remember your soil and be professional. congrats to national team for winning the event. just a piece of advise for all malaysians out there and watch the words uttered against your soil. malaysia boleh.

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