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On tours playing mediocre hockey teams - "There must be problems in the team management".

The wisdom of the senior national team tours - "Timing, countries & opponents", was the title of my article dated 18th July 2010, which i hoped would stir some thinking in the team management and MHF. It would seem there is "lethargic" thinking in MHF as they continue their 2nd-rated thinking of playing warm-up matches with 2nd rate teams ie those that are behind them in the world ranking. It seems to be a ploy of creating a "feel good" factor by playing with such teams so as to give the impression that all is well with our senior team.

In the China tour the national team played China, Pakistan 2nd team and Russia; all behind us in ranking. Following which they went on an Australian tour when the Australian national team was already in Europe for their warm-up matches before the Champions Trophy. Again they played with clubs and teams which probably the team management believes would not stretch the Malaysian national team or provide humiliating defeats. A purposeful way of creating the "feel good" factor for the players, MHF hierarchy and the hockey fans. This is probably a neat way of "pulling wool over the fans eyes".

Today they left for an European tour. The 1st leg is Germany, where they are playing 4 club teams and then fly to Ireland to play a few Test matches before coming back to Europe ie Paris to play a 5 nation Invitational tournament. Again the timing of the tour "stinks" ie after the Champions Trophy and this may explain why countries like Germany, Holland, Spain and England do not bother to even consider playing Malaysia. Further the hockey season in Europe coincides with winter and playing clubs in summer is only providing pre-season practice for the club teams. The question of flying across to Ireland without stopping over and playing England seem to reflect "dullness" in the mental faculties of the team management. Having omitted England may be out of a "fear" factor and the fact they come back to Europe for the 5 nation tournament calls into question the "zig zagging" route they have employed is a further proof of the "dullness" that is prevailing in the organisational aspects of the team.

To top it all the Malaysian team is again playing with countries that are below them in world ranking. Why this diabolical thinking that is prevailing in the team management? It is probable they want to have the "feel good" factor of making sure they are not pitted with high ranking teams and get thrashed. It is this "fear" factor that is taking Malaysian hockey through some strange process of preparation by playing with mediocre teams that is giving a false sense of believe and hope. Eventually the truth shall be known when the Commonwealth and Asian Games begin. By then it will be too late and the team management would start reading their prepared script of: "these are the best players we have and what else can we expect".

At that stage we would have forgotten the strange process of preparation and playing with mediocre teams in the hope we can win gold in the Asian Games and qualify for the Olympics. This "cock eyed" outlook is killing Malaysian hockey and only encouraging the good resources of the country to go to waste. The planning that has gone into the 3 tours gives the impression that: "someone cannot even organise a drink up in a brewery". It shows the shallow thinking that is prevailing with the team management.

To make matters even worst, for the preparation of the Commonwealth and Asian Games following the European tour, ie for nearly 2 months, the national team would not have had any warm up matches. MHF is desperately trying to put together some invitational tournament as an 11th hour "saving grace" exercise. It calls into question what the team management have been doing all this while? It is very unlikely that the national coaches have screwed up all the planning and the tours. The belief is that these matters have been under the jurisdiction of the national team manager and apparently he has been using his personal contacts in Europe and Ireland to facilitate matters. This in a way has sidelined the coaches and the MHF administration and has created the "feel good" syndrome.

Psychologically, these sorts of activities are usually undertaken in view of the "fear" factor. Probably, the team manager did not want to be put in a corner to answer for the performance of the team if they have humiliating defeats during their warm-up matches if they play the top teams. Maybe the preparation period is so long and the stress levels would also be long. Therefore playing mediocre teams helps to minimise the stress levels. It is this sort of selfish thinking that goes to jeopardise Malaysian hockey.

The disaster in this whole episode of preparing the team for the Commonwealth and Asian Games is that neither NSC nor MHF had taken the trouble to review what exactly the team management are doing. If there was a process of accounting for their plans then both NSC and MHF would have questioned why the national team is embarking on tours and playing with mediocre teams. Each tour runs into hundreds of thousands of ringgits and one would have thought such a basic question would have been asked. It would seem that NSC is just prepared to spend the money so long as it was budgeted. It would seem there is no need for further justification, so the national team has just got to spent the money. This "tidak apa" attitude by NSC compounded by the failure of MHF Team Management Committee (TMC) to act properly shows why the national team is not going to succeed in both the Commonwealth and Asian Games.

Lets better appreciate the fact that when we are not playing with the best, we are deluding ourselves by playing with teams at lower rank than us so as we have the "feel good" fact, which is ultimately going to destroy the future of Malaysian hockey's quest for international success. This "shortsighted" thinking of the team management is further putting Malaysian hockey 5 to 10 years behind and it is a matter of time before we will join the ranks of 18 to 20th in world ranking.


Anonymous said...

Good morning Mr Gandhi,
The way you put it, you are one of the best consultant in the world. Good keep it up.
If all of us agree with you that lower ranked teams MUST play with higher ranked team, then which team does FIRST ranked team will play with? Then Australia cannot play any friendlies. What will happen to second ranked team? Who will play with them? First ranked team will not play and they will not play with 3rd ranked team?
It is easy to talk and comment. When you are in it then you will see problems.
What ever is done is in the BEST interest of the team. No hidden agenda. A lot of issues need to be looked .....availability of teams, accommodation, pitch, climate, testing of new players, execution of tactics, set play, adaption of game plan etc. So when friendlies are planned all these are taken into consideration.
If you think you are good, please pass your ideas and TMC will seriously consider them , Mr Gandhi.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gandhi.

Why do MHF like to ride on dead horses?

The current national coach Stephen seems to always looks tired, haggared, sickly and of no confidence in himsellf. His players too looks at him with no confidence. He does not have the positive aura to lead the national team.

Despite all the changes that MHF is doing to progress hockey to higher level, they still can't see their biggest weakness within the system or organisation. It is the selection of the right choice coach to lead the national team. MHF selected Stephen as the National coach for his vast experience in the past and Sapura's success as 1st runners up in national league. The vacant National coach position was than given to stephen.Many failed to recognise that it was Kuhan who was behind Sapura's success and not their coach stephen. Beng Hai was dissappointed with stephen's style of coaching and wanted to leave coaching during the Azlan Cup tournament as both the coaches had different ideas to progress the team. Stephen was noticed thinking and coaching like a 2nd class coach with old ideas and far behind tactics. Somehow both patched up.

MHF should realise that Stephen has left the international arena for many years. The game format and pace had change tremendously. For MHF to expect high rating performance from Stephen was childish and unprofessional. There are many other coaches in Malaysia who can lead the Malaysian team to better results just by opening the door for bigger pool and thinking 1st class rather than 2nd class.

I agree with Gandhi that Stephen is taking all Malaysian's for a merry-go round. Malaysia's hockey team is the country's team, not a social club team for stephen to spend money with his clubbing tours. The budgeted money should be well-worth spend on tours playing with other national teams to see our national teams actual strength. That will give MHF the avenue to evaluate the national teams players and coaches performance. Stephen's 2ndclass coaching mentality is the pysco's coverup that all his boys are doing well and are preparing good for the Commonweath and Asian games.

MHF to look into the national coach's game plan before being endedup in his bobbytrap, thus will eventually fall lower in world ranking.

Anonymous said...

Stephen should have had the game plan before he was among those who presented the memo to the Minister. Now, after he has managed to take over the team he cannot go around saying that we must be practical, what our ranking now is, i leave it to the management, this is the best players we have, i am just helping out, how tough would it be at Asian Games and how much tougher would it be in Qualifiers. What can ever he commit, let everyone know. It does matter even if he cannot acheive. Sarjit promised ticket to Olympics. It may not be possible but he made the commitment, not negative all the while.

Anonymous said...

I heard that even the MHF management are fed-up with this van huizen who has started to get too big headed.
They say he is now demanding too much, more money, more this, more that, all which only benefit him and not the players who are actually fed up with his coaching ideas.
And I was shocked to read in the Star that Stephen did not take kevinder singh for the Five-nation because he is over weight and not fit.
Kevinder has proven time and again to be the fittest in tam and he scores average of 14 in tests, which is far better than the rest.
He was undergoing rehab after knee injury and naturally he put on a few kilos which the hardworking player would have easily shed in Europe.
But it looks like this moron and arrogant stephen is going to kill another malaysian gem, like beng hai and saiful killed selvaraju's career.
I know for a fact that kelvinder is heartbroken, and feels useless now.

Former International.

Gandhi, said...

The comment has been edited.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "On tours playing mediocre hockey teams - "There mu...":

Stephen is the biggest joke Malaysian hockey had ever had. I was among the unfortunate to play under him in the sydney Olympics where he just told us to defend and we had many draws in games which could have won.
I ersonally felt with any other broad minded coach my team then could have finished fourth with ease. Korea silver medallists was the most painful moment in my hockey career.
What a joke to have such a man, who even then was only interested in what he got out of the sport, how much salary, how much benefit which part of the world he can visit free of charge etc.
I know of one incident where when all of us received new shoes, stephen came back with his box the next day and told mhf ayah that his show was too small and he needed a size bigger.
The ayah took the box and gave him new shoes.
(Sentence deleted)
Real pariah attitude and now he is going from china, australia, germany, ireland, france and god knows hwere ales to play sub-standard teams so that his players will win and his name will become known as a good coach.
in commonwealth games we going to be trashed by India, pakistan australia and even scotland.
And in the asian games, maybe even singapore, if drawn with malaysia, will hold us to a draw.
then only MHF will believe what I am saying.
Good luck to the hockey players, and good riddance to stephen after the asian games failure.

Disappointed in sydney

Anonymous said...

Dear MHF and Gandhi

Is Stephen heading The National Team on the right Path to Olympics?

The National team is currently going merry-go-round in Europe. Let them enjoy.

Then, The national team will go Karoeke in India during the Commonwealth game.

After that, the national team will go partying in China during the Asian games.

The only hope for Malaysian's team will than be the Olympic's Qualifier in London next year. The koreans, Indians, pakistans, china and japan are all out fighting for the same ticket. If stephen does not change his 2ndclass coaching mentallity, remove his fear factor and move strong, malaysian dreams to make it to the olympics will be met with disaster.

After millions of dollars preparation for the national team with merry-go-round, partying, and karoeke, Stephen will only endup buying the malysians a ticket to the London's National Zoo.

Wise guys think beyond.

Anonymous said...

whatever can be mentioned on this blog. a million dollar question to ask "do we have the quality and capable materials or players to take up the challenge" foget about the coaches. even klhc@ey has most national players yet lost in the mhl and sri lanka asian champions club. get the house in order first before commenting about the coaches.

Anonymous said...

Buat nak comment. Sekarang pentadbiran and pencapaian PHM amat di banggakan. duit dah banyak and aktiviti pun bagus. tapi kita takada pemain-pemain yang berkebolehan seperti mirnwaan, saiful zaini, mike, kuhan, shanker, nasihin. players sekarang mana ada pelajaran dan iq yang begitu rendah dan tidak boleh berkomunikasi di peringkat anatarabangsa. kita jaguh kampung aje.

Anonymous said...

Pencapain terbaik adalah pada dua tahun iaitu pada 1975 tempat keempat and pada tahun 2002 tempat kelapan. pemain sekarang semua hancur takada akal dan kemampuan untuk beraksi dengan tekanan atau layak ke sukan olimpik atau piala dunia. jurulatih dan pengurus pasukan adalah amat penting tapi sekarang pengurus pasukan manjakan dan memberi banyak faedah walaupun pencapaian yang dicapai adalah begitu sederhana. kita perlukan pemimpin yang boleh ambil tindakan drastik dan tidak hiraukan kepentingan diri sendiri, pengurus pasukan sekaran berat sebelah dan pasal itu pasukan KLHC tidak capai apa-apa tetapi lumayan tetap baik. bagaimana pemain akan di ajar mengenai habuan hanaya akan diberi jika capai matlamat. pemain sekarang kurang daya untuk saing di peringkat anatarabangsa. hantarlah mereka ke kelas pisikologi atau motivasi atau ambil pemain-pemain universiti yang ada otak dan cergas untuk ambil cabaran ini.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ridsect. You have started to get your media boys through the armpit to question the wisdoms of the National Coaches. They are the best and most qualified and done and achieved the optimum level. they got rid all the illness that was plaguing the team such as gambling and indiscipline matters. Since they took over everything done based on merits. Ridsect you have killed Dr/Vp as team manager pls leave the coaches alone. let them do their job. thanks ridsect.

Anonymous said...

please give the coaches a chance. steven joined in feb after mhl. only 6 months now. what can they do. previous mhf has damage the national team and we are behind time compare to big names in world hockey. now mhf is trying very hard to repair the 6 years damage under by previous mhf. the wonder now there is 1mas, two project squad 2013 and 2017 to fill the vacuum left or done by mhf. no quality juniors and said by late ho koh chye we need thinking players means can make decision under pressure and good judgement. previous two junior world cup 2004 and 2008 no any quality and standard. thats why the game is suffering. current mhf trying very hard to uplift the standards that is left damage by certain personalities. even ey has three quarter of national players yet in the last 8 years only won once the double of mhl. that is our national team standard. give time to steven and he shall do it.
1984 LA Olympics

Anonymous said...

Dont blame anybody. last olympic and world cup was 2000 and 2002. after that no where. what did tan sri laksmana dan tengku majid did. big hole of hell they left. no more talent like the best during tun razak days sambu, shanker, hadi, saiful, lim, boss, mike, enbaraj. the vadai man with chili and the standard was exciting............

Anonymous said...

Asian Games


Group A: South Korea, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Oman.

Group B: Pakistan, India, Japan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong.

Women (Round robin format)

China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, India, Kazakhstan, Thailand.

lucky malaysian team played with korea nad china during azlan shah. also went to china for 4 nations. during commonwealth same pool with pakistan and india. the team knows in and out of korea and china. in semis they may meet india or pakistan. only info the team do not have is Japan. i think the team played with korea, india, pakistan and china this year many times. coaches got no any excuse. mhf did a good planning that played with top four giants pakistan, korea, india and china. only worry is japan with dutch coach. good luck and need to beat china to semis. coaches dont wrry about this blog and comments. do your job and perform. the smae people who attck now will congratulate when you win. thats life with the world now.
die hard fan of hockey.

Anonymous said...

Bukan tiada pemain- pemain yang berakal. Tetapi coach-coach kebangsaan senior tak berani ambil budak-budak seperti itu. kerana mereka akan menyoal dan coach-coach tiada jawapan.Ada banyak budak-budak tak nah kalah tetapi mereka tiada dalam pasukan.Stephen dan Beng Hai tak bolehlah.Mereka hanya tunggu sampai mereka diganti oleh lain.

Anonymous said...

It is the coaches who have to make sure that the players have the quality and material not Ghandi.What are they doing morning and evening. The commentor's million dollar question is instilling that Ghandi and the rest of us have to ensure that the players have the quality, not the coaches. Ghandi @b***@m***@e*****please get to the ground to get the quality and until such let stephen and beng hai relax.
If the coaches feel that the players have reached the optimum level and still there seems to be no result, then the coaches have no more ideas and therefore ridsect is right to spray them out.

Anonymous said...

latest news. complains from bandar penawar sports school parents. their sons received SALARY payment from tnb thunderbolt through their teacher coach. thats mean all money banked in to the teacher and then given to the players. but got a lot of unnecessary DEDUDTION and keep saying need to bare for expanses without showing any receipt. but no logic as tnb thunderbolt reserved the money as salary and should not been deducted! all the players become so BLUR now. but off course the teacher now just bought a new LUXURY car!
SPRM please check and get this culprit OUT! thats never ending story of malaysian hockey!

Anonymous said...

hello, stephen and beng hai should at least bring back the ranking the boys were holding in the junior ranking or better. I think sarjit and rajan are better than these 2 guys. dont be emphasising on ilness etc those are only sideline issues. performance is key issue.they should be at least in standing 10 internationaly. look at dharma and gang.they are seeing light at the begining of the tunnel. day by day improving. adopt some tactics like that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys and Gals,

You all sound like Indian Hockey. First, you blame the Administration and then you blame the coaches and then the players. You got to understand the hockey world has passed you by. Australia has won the Champions Trophy 3 times in a row and also the World Cup. Next is the Olympics and neither the coaches nor the Administration are at the forefront to claim credit but all the credits are due to the players. This is the most inexperienced side they sent to Monchengladbach and yet they were able to thrash everyone and without losing a game thrashed England in the Final 4-0. All they play is simple attacking hockey without any of these shenanigans going on. The strength of their hockey is their extensive state leagues which feeds into their AIS program. Malaysia used to have a good state league systems in every state but now that is gone and only so-called MHL exists whereby it is plainly stupid to have all the national players playing for only one club. Invigorate the state system so that they are strong and can feed into the national program.

Anonymous said...

MALAYSIA have been blessed with a kind hockey draw in the Asian Games, and reaching the semi-finals should be a breeze.
However, the erratic form in the 2006 Doha Asian Games is still fresh in mind, and even coach Stephen van Huizen said ‘it all depends on how the players hold court during the tournament.”
Malaysia, 15th ranked in the world, are in Group A with defending champions South Korea (sixth), China (14th), Oman (43rd) and Singapore (39th).
In Group B are Pakistan (eighth), India (ninth), Japan (16th), Hong Kong (54th) and Bangladesh (34th).
The Asian Games this year will be held in Ghuangzhou, China, from Nov 12-27 and a gold medal in hockey is a direct entry into the 2012 London Olympics.
“Naturally, the first target is to finish top-two in our group and play in the semi-finals. But having said that, I do not believe it is an easy group as we still need to win big against weaker teams in case goals come into the picture,” said van Huizen who is in Germany with the national side.
Van Huizen feels even though Malaysia had played against China and South Korea in the Azlan Shah Cup, and then China in a recent Tour, the Asian Games normally brings out a different side in most teams.
“Yes, we have played with Korea, China and in the Com monwealth Games we are in the same group with India and Pakistan.
“All these matches have and will give me an inside to the teams, but then again, they will also know about my players and it will not be easy in the Asian Games,” said van Huizen.
Four years ago in Doha, Malaysia were grouped with Pakistan who held us to a 1-1 draw, Japan (2-2) Hong Kong (2-1 and Taiwan (9-0)
Pakistan, Japan and Malaysia all ended up with eight points, but Malaysia were bundled out of the semi-finals on goals difference and ended up a miserable sixth instead.
So, naturally, van Huizen is not ready to count his eggs yet.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ridsect are sold in shops and coffee shops. take nationalplayers and lose matches talk of the shops about klhc failure in colombo recently. armpit big turban where are you. screw up yourself with azalina fam yns nad talks like guru from himalaya. wear saffron and meditate armpit and take along ridsect if got mosquiter up in the mountain. now we know why your armpit smelly use more ridsect and not baby jonhson powder. adios guru.

Anonymous said...

Eventhough MHF is less than 2 years under TM's leadership, there are already drastic changes and progress that can be seen in MHF activities. To name a few, live telecast of local hockey games, new rulings in Razak cup to allow younger participation, development of project 2013 team, development programmes at grassroot levels such as 1mas and the under 18 state leagues. Very young talents are also being identified and given oppourtunity to play in overseas clubs. One day will soon come that all the foundation and groundwork being executed by TM and MHF will be paid off. We should be able to rise back in the world of hockey to be top five. This has never happen in the past but will take place in the future.

TM has just given a re-birth to hockey in Malaysia which is barely 2 years under his leadership. Should TM give away his Presidency post, malaysian hockey is going to be buried for life. No one will ever be able to revive hockey back if it is not for TM. FAM felt the pinch after he left, thats why they brought him back. MHF should not suffer the same as his contributions are enormous and need to be fully appreciated.

Anonymous said...

What does it takes for the Golden ticket to Olympics?

Its all about the winning attitude, believe and character. You need the outmost winning attitude and winning character to go Olympics. Does the national coach have it? Or does he not? You can't question if the players have it or not till the coach have it. If you look at the current younger players like the project 2013, they have it because their coach Dharma has it. They fear no teams and respect no players. They feel they are the best and shivers any opponents. This year National league will again see the UniKL young players performing. This Unique UniKL team with all young players will the most admired and most feared team in the National League. With vicky and Emraj behing this UniKL forcefield, this team is going to hammer all other teams and could be the alternative team to Olympics Qualifier.

Sayonara to the senior team and stephen's circus.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Gandhi...
I believe Stephen is doing the right job of taking players to play the matches with countries those who are ranked lower or even if he is playing with foreign clubs.
I am sure that he has taken the team to train and not as many of the bloggers state here 'as a joy trip.' When I analyze the situation - few things to be considered -
1. I find there are no clubs that match to a level of national team to play practice and trainig matches.
2. It is fasting month. The players are compelled to observe the religious obligations when they are here and the team players are asked to report for training late in the night.
3. The players tend to lose their body weight and physical fitness qualities during the fasting month when at home.
4. There are no teams or clubs to play practice matches - late in the night. Which club wants to take
the extra effort of playing practice matches in the night?

In such a case, if the coach has planned to play club teams in Europe - it is not a waste and players can continue training with minimum control over religious issues. Secondly you have teams to play training matches even after 6 pm, as I believe it is summer in Europe and the days are long enough to train. Thirdly more number of low intensity matches would help the players to be in rhythm rather than loosing the physical base and inturn getting injured (chances) by playing high intensity matches against top teams in the world. Lastly, this period is almost a pre-competition period and if you do not play team build up macthes and if you dont set your tactics now... then the team is going to face a bad tune during the competition.

I believe Stephen is in the right track and he should be commended for his hard work rather than being criticized.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to TM and MHF. You are listening to us.


mahatma said...

Dear observer, 3.05pm August 16.

You can feel very generous and sympathy for Stephen with all your cooked up reasons, religious sentiments and excuses but the Ausies, Germans, Netherland, Korea, China, pakistans, India, England and others won't. They will thrash you maximum if you are are not prepared. Do you want to come home humiliated or be prepared mentally and physically to face the best in the world.

The only path to beat the best is to play with the top countries in the world. These current warmup games with clubs and exposing our players at inter-national clubs should have been done years ago during the team selection. It would have given these players good feelings, exposure, confidence and strength. Rushing for this kind of experimental exposure now is like trying to change a mickey's mental strength, fitness, physical power, speed, teamwork and skill against the giants who are like hungry tigers will not bear results.

While only a few former national players were given the opportunity to play in oversea clubs previously, the current Project 2013 team management is seen constantly giving their players the opportunity to be trained overseas. These young players are already in demand for international clubs because of their exposure. This kind of 'all out' preparation can only be seen in a 'master' coach who is preparing his team years ahead to win in international tournaments. Sorry to say that the current and the previous national team coaches was reluctant to think that far.

The lack of thoughts for exposure at younger age for their players, the lack of exposing our coaches at international attachments and false thoughts that our coaches are ready to battle shoulder to shoulder with germans, Dutch, Aussies and Spain have contributed to malaysian hockey being slump internationally.

Hense, I believe MHF with its resources will be able to win international tournaments with no barings if the weakness, shortsightedness and competency in administrating the crucial aspects of their strategy to success is observed and implemented timingly.

Anonymous said...

Ayoyo, ini blog sudah jadi mcm itu Raja Petra punya blog atau mcm blog-blog politik. 10 cerita kalu 1 saja betul lagi 9 semua dongeng. Then also want to drag other people either by making false accusation or making statement on other party behalf that they don't even belong to. Sekarang baru la aku tahu kenapa hoki banyak susah nak maju. Pity la sikit to those that really sincere to develop hockey with no personal agenda.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Stephen van Huizen a draw specialist! go to jugjet.blogspot.com -- arul selvaraj 3 stephen 3..
And sydney 2000 olympics is back to haunt the malaysian team under draw specialist!

[edit] Men's Team Competition

* Preliminary Round (Group A)

* Malaysia – Germany 0–1
* Malaysia – Netherlands 0–0
* Malaysia – Great Britain 2–2
* Malaysia – Pakistan 2–2
* Malaysia – Canada 1–1

* Classification Matches

* 9th/12th place: Malaysia – Spain 0–1
* 11th/12th place: Malaysia – Poland 3–2 → Eleventh place

* Team Roster

* (01.) Roslan Jamaluddin (gk)
* (02.) Singh Maninderjit
* (03.) Chua Boon Huat
* (04.) Gobinathan Krishnamurthy
* (05.) Kuhan Shanmuganathan
* (06.) Nor Azlan Bakar
* (07.) Chairil Anwar Abdul Aziz
* (08.) Mohan Jiwa
* (09.) Mohammed Madzli Ikmar
* (10.) Ibrahim Suhaimi
* (11.) Nor Saiful Zaini Nasiruddin
* (12.) Keevan Raj Kalikavandan
* (13.) Mirnawan Nawawi
* (14.) Calvin Fernandez
* (15.) Abdul Rahman Shaiful Azli
* (16.) Ibrahim Mohammed Nasihin (gk)

Head Coach: Stephen van Huizen

Anonymous said...

Speed training is the fundamental basic principle in the High Performance sports like hockey. Speed can play a major role in making athletes more successful in many sports.There are numerous factor such as stride length, stride frequency, strength power.
functual felexibility, acceleration and proper technique.
Our National Players lack all this. The European and the Australian teams have all this.
Even you bring top cocah in the world we won't succeed.

Anonymous said...

Adding to ....August 20, 2010 2:08 PM

Speed cannot be just improved like that....it also depends on genetics.. basically, you got to have fast twitch fibers to improve speed qualities. If you have slow twitch fibers, then how much ever you train for speed.. is of no use. But our players have the potential... the coach/trainers needs to look into what they lack and train accordingly.

Anonymous said...