Thursday, August 5, 2010

No end to the "Inquisition without authority" saga.

To many, when a decision is made, they are prepared to accept it even if it is not in their favour. Some would moan and groan about it but eventually accept the decision. There would inevitably be a selected few who believe that the decision was not fair because they think that the "decision maker" may not be fully furnished with the pertinent information to make the right decision. They continue the "fight" and provide the necessary undercurrent to keep the issues under "boil". It is their hope that the subject matter would be revisited and the decision may change. This itself is the making of a "saga".

In my last article titled: "Inquisition" without authority on the aspect of payments to Project 2013 hockey players, dated 30th July 2010, there was an unusual volume of "traffic" in comments on the matter. Clearly there are factions; ie on one side there seem to be the pro Project 2013 management team supporters and on the other side is the support for MHF Treasurer, President KLHC who is concurrently Vice President of KLHA and the teacher coach of Bukit Jalil Sports School. I am naming these people based on what i have made out of the various comments.

The issue here is that at the last MHF Council meeting, TM as President of MHF had informed the Council that the complaint of non payment to players of the Project 2013 for the SEA Games in Thailand by the team management does not arise based on their investigation. In fact at the meeting TM announced bonuses for the Sea Games Project 2013 team. For all purposes the matter is settled but the undercurrents seem to give another impression. The "big ticket" here is the anticipated meeting that is being planned after Raya where the TM is supposed to be meeting the Project 2013 players. There is this notion that the truth would emerge at that gathering as some of the players would "spill the beans" to the TM. 'Presto !" the truth would finally be known, at least in the minds of people who are committed for such a scene.

Driven by this belief, these people have kept the issue fully ignited. On the other side, the supporters of Project 2013 team management take the view that these are fabricated stories that are being "bandited" around to discredit the team manager and coach in the Project 2013 team. The shocking aspect is that the team manager of the Project 2013 team was not on that trip and therefore implicating him is a travesty of justice. Effectively making such an accusation is making the case look extremely fragile. As for the coach, if people are aware of the system of responsibilities created among the team management, then they would know that the coach has nothing to do with the funds.

Maybe, if there is still a "story" to be told and if it does really matter in the minds of certain people, then it is important that matters must be done the proper and formal way through MHF. Their covert style operation will only create more unwarranted gossip that is only going to "stir" the issue further to the detriment of hockey. One thing that has happened is that so much "mud" has been thrown there would be a sense of distrust created between some players and the Project 2013 team management. This distrust would have repercussions both on and off the field. This is what has been created and the continuous undercurrent would further catalyst this distrust. This would only go to disrupt team unity and ultimately performance. So why then worry about the future of hockey when the very fabric of the future is being destroyed today?

To avoid such circumstances, it is imperative that all relevant parties ie MHF Treasurer, the President of KLHC, the teacher coach from BJSS, the Project 2013 players and the team management be gathered with MHF, NSC and Ministry of Education officials to settle this issue once and for all. If the relevant parties are found misleading Malaysian hockey they must be immediately suspended pending disciplinary action by their employers. If they do not have employers then from Malaysian hockey. This also goes for players too.

We have to take such decisive actions or not when we allow such matters to linger it creates greater problems and destroys the very purpose of setting up Project 2013 team. The process also weeds out people and players who are out to create problems, thereby permitting a smoother journey for the future. Failure to act by MHF is only endorsing such negative acts and undermining the TM authority as President of MHF. MHF cannot turn a blind eye especially when its own Committee member, key officials of Malaysian hockey from an Affiliate and Sports school plus one of their high performance team management are implicated with stories notwithstanding the official position of TM as President of MHF on that matter. This has to stop and MHF must act promptly and decisively.


Anonymous said...


There is a adage saying how good is the fruit depends on the tree.

The tree i.e KBS(Kementerian Belia an Sukan) NSC,NSI,MHF,Ministry Of Education.The fruits the players.

The pertinent question here, will the repersentive from all the above involve in developing athelets speak in one mind,one heart?

In MHF.will all the affiliates speak in one mind one heart to put hockey back into the world Cup and Olympics.

The road map to excellence as been put in place in all the above bodies.

KPI and enforcement put in place.

Come to infrastructure,we are one of the best in the world.

The goverment has been always supportive in the development of sports.

Put the right people at the right position.

Then the fruits will be great.

Till then we have to enjoy one saga after another with hockey sliding lower in world ranking.

Lets put excellence in place as the beautiful "George wills" said
Excellence in sports is vivid examples for society to follow.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...


when allegations are made without basis then drastic actions must be made. To stop all this the first area to make it painful is their occupation.

If he is a Teacher which in this case is likely, then his employer must be informed that he has bring ill-repute to The Education Ministry and he should be terminated.

As for the treasurer, he is from the Costoms, then likewise he should be sack.

As for the others, appropriate actions should be taken to prevent them from making false allegations and injuring innocent people's reputation and future.

All this people are acting on the instructions of a hidden hand and one do not have to be a NASA scientist to know who.

Then MHF must take the bull by the horn and go for his illicit activities and put an end to his operations.


Anonymous said...

Dear Gandhi,

With such a blog,sports lovers have a venue to share their knowledge in improving sports in Malaysia.

From what I have seen and heard,we are going nowhere because there is more bickering, infighting,jeolousy,envy and hatred.

From ancient time till now,all great leaders and coaches have preach ,you want to succed you need
"UNITY" with oneself and others.We are always told "Unite We Stand,Divide We Fall"

A sportsmen have to go through many phases before he or she mature to be good sportsmen.

The people and bodies involved in developing a sportsmen today

1.Parent /Primary School
2.Sports School
4.National Sports Association
5.National Sports Council
6.National Science Institute
7.National Coaches

Everyone have a role to play in developing a sportsmen.

The question to ask can all the above representative ot the bodies sit and have a healty dialetic in the name of sport.

I always wonder how a country like Australia which once a land where the British place their prisoners of war,today produce world class sportsmen in many fields i.e hockey,rugby,swimming,cricket and even football.

Sports teach us to be humble when we win and be gracious when we lose.

Sports is beautiful and gtting involve in sports give you joy in life an in the process you cultivate good values.

Malaysia have many talented sportsmen that can be world class sportsmen.

Unity starts from the top.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Ghandi@xxx,@xxx@xxx, Tired of this topic of Project 2013. let this rest. You have not commented anything of the Senior Team progress. what happened to their Australian trip?
It would be great to talk of their sucess story and shortpays,if any

mahatma said...

Dear Gandhi,

A re-birth to Hockey

Should TM give away his MHF Presidency post? Will it be able to survive in his absence.

TM has humbly announced that he is willing to give away his MHF presidency post to anyone who can lead the organisation better than him.

Congratulations to TM as he has been re-elected as Deputy President for FAM. Not a week has past since his reappointment, many are already gossiping about him leaving the MHF.

Eventhough MHF is less than 2 years under TM's leadership, there are already drastic changes and progress that can be seen in MHF activities. To name a few, live telecast of local hockey games, new rulings in Razak cup to allow younger participation, development of project 2013 team, development programmes at grassroot levels such as 1mas and the under 18 state leagues. Very young talents are also being identified and given oppourtunity to play in overseas clubs. One day will soon come that all the foundation and groundwork being executed by TM and MHF will be paid off. We should be able to rise back in the world of hockey to be top five. This has never happen in the past but will take place in the future.

And hense, a change in the Presidency should not arise at all in the coming bienial general meeting. Unlike football which is more of passion for TM, a gold, silver or a bronze in world cup and olympic must be TM's dream - a Malaysian's dream. It will definitely become a reality if TM remains as the President.

TM has just given a re-birth to hockey in Malaysia which is barely 2 years under his leadership. Should TM give away his Presidency post, malaysian hockey is going to be buried for life. No one will ever be able to revive hockey back if it is not for TM. FAM felt the pinch after he left, thats why they brought him back. MHF should not suffer the same as his contributions are enormous and need to be fully appreciated.

Majulah hoki untuk negara


Anonymous said...


With the TM at the helm there were so much improvement to the MHF.

1) Appointment of the GM seems to be the most vibrant happening in the MHF. Since he came there were so much ramatazz to Hockey and the public awareness have been much achieved.

2) Implementation of Hockey project have been in full swing. But we must have some caveat for it as we have plenty of wet blankets that were eveready to bushwack anyone's good intention with their negativity because they were all sour grapes.

3) Problem characters are diminishing in the MHF but MHF must seize all opportunities to eradicate all these 'pest' so that cordial operations of the MHF can proceed and Hockey advancement achieved.

4) Exposures: Congratulations to MHF for sending 2 of their coaches to Germany for exposures to high level Coaching Courses and MHF must keep on sending Coaches in their employment for international exposure when any opportunity arises. Do not worry about the negative reactions from those whom are envious but as long as the MHF is doing everything for Hockey, all opportunities should be acted upon regardless of reactions.

TM, please do the needful and stay in the MHF and rid MHF of all these buckbears that YOU have inherited.


Anonymous said...

Mr Chandran @ Gandhi,
looks like you know most. Did you talk to coaches, players , treasurer, KLHC President, MHF officials or others ?
Why WORRY if the case is revisited ? What is wrong if players talk to Mr President? Looks like you are dead worried. What have you done ?
No one mentioned any names like Manager of team (Boss)but you are dragging his name? Why ??
Are you linking him to the case ? Do you have any clue?
Wake up Gandhi @ Chandran ? Live up to your name .....
OTHERS Please don't get involved. It is the blogger and ME

Anonymous said...

Why is everybody worried about the truth . Let whoever who want to investigate . There is nothing to fear if nothing wrong is done. Let's have a board of enquiry to put this matter to rest. The decision lies with you MHF.