Friday, July 30, 2010

"Inquisition" without authority on the aspect of payments to Project 2013 hockey players.

The MHF Treasurer by virtue of his position has "ostensible" authority to carry out his day to day functions in maintaining the financial records of MHF. If for reasons he believes that there are some financial irregularities, he may have the right to inquire from the parties who have purportedly submitted the claim. If he is still not satisfied with the responses then he has to go back to the Management Committee and obtain consent for an investigation by him or a selected panel of persons. Failing to do that would mean that any investigation the Treasurer decided unilaterally may only bring the whole matter to disrepute, thereby implicating the Management Committee.

Matters got complicated when the Treasurer solicited support of the President of Kuala Lumpur Hockey Club (KLHC), who concurrently is the Vice President of the Kuala Lumpur Hockey Association (KLHA) to assists him in the investigation. There may be a degree of wisdom as some of the players involved could be from Kuala Lumpur and therefore the presence of a key representative from there could assists the investigation. Unfortunately when this person got entangled in this investigation, he failed to appreciate that in widening the net the MHF Treasurer failed to act properly in getting the proper approval. Therefore the President of KLHC has knowingly or unknowingly involved himself in a process that has no proper mandate or is not even a party to.

The matter gets further into uncharted areas as these 2 officials were trying to extract written statements from players who were involved with the Project 2013 squad. Uncharted as the players did not have their parents or club representatives or Project 2013 representatives in such meetings. Acting without mandate itself is bad enough but endeavouring to extract statements from Project 2013 players without the recognition of the due process is blatantly ignoring the rules of natural justice. Effectively these 2 officials have dragged the young kids into a campaign of trying to discredit certain person or persons without the proper procedure and making these players victims of their overzealous emotions. What they have said to the players or the promises that were made is something that is going to bug the hockey community for ages to come. More so as these officials may have sown seeds of distrust with the players on the Project 2013 team management which itself may have long term repercussions.

Are we developing a team for the future or are we creating a team that may not have faith and trust on its team officials? This becomes a fundamental matter as what these 2 officials endeavoured to achieve apparently did not have an iota of truth. I understand this is what the TM as President of MHF told the Council Meeting early this week. Therefore why in the 1st place were these 2 senior hockey officials on such a "gango" run with such information? Why does a KL official get carried away to personally indulge in such unhealthy actions? Is it all a campaign to discredit the people involved in Project 2013 as totally untrustworthy? No one is saying that it should not be done rather do it the proper way following the process that conforms to the constitution and rules of natural justice.

This is obviously a broader vendetta campaign and there is no doubt that there would be many more. If energies are dissipated on such wasteful activities, it only goes to show how much genuine interest these people have in uplifting the standard of Malaysian hockey. I really wonder why are they in Malaysian hockey? Maybe they themselves also do not exactly know the answer. It could be to create the chaos so as MHF does not function properly and therefore reflects badly on the current administrators. I am sure the TM knows all these and maybe he in his regal style is giving them enough room for them to recognise their own selfish acts and hopefully get enlightened. Hopefully they change for the better.

At this stage the Project 2013 team must be given all the support as the future of Malaysian hockey rests with them. Yes ! we have to be the watchful "eyes and ears" to ensure the team stays to its objective by providing constructive comments. Lets not go astray and waste time and resources on wrongful issues. Let this be a lesson to all of us. Come and help Malaysian hockey to be world class.


Anonymous said...

innishMHF EX-CO,

Enough of all this charade of being magnanimous and forgiving. This has gone to far. MHF must take all necessary actions to bring all this culprits including the so-called journalist to book. They have been doing all this things under the instructions of a'hidden hand'.

If left unattended,many more will come. Like in the Singapore Hockey Federation even if it is the truth, the SHF will use the Courts to cover up themselves.

MHF you have got them by the 'balls' be merciless and strike them now with all your might and let this be a lesson to all that you will be punished for having sour grapes.



Anonymous said...

Will the culprits seek a ROYAL PARDON from the TM and the MHF and be banished from Malaysian Hockey for 5 years.

The MHF Treasurer must he sack immediately as he is privital to bringing the MHF into ill-repute.

It seems that desperate people resort to desperate measures as the one behind all this is the 10/2 coach and his low down croonies.

Does his followers know that he is no more the DP of the Batu Pahat HA and he is also running away from the JHA.Royal instructions.

With all the above gone, he cannot be allowed to make a fool of the JHA. Now we wonder whether he can convince his followers that he will put them in the positions that they want. How to do it when he cannot attend any MHF meeting now.

Unless his followers have RMs with him, you are a fool to listen to his empty promises.

Is illegal money-lending a crime?


Justice for all.

Anonymous said...

this story is not new. Officials making money from players has been out there. This is a norm if officials are from Melaka. Present Deputy President ( previous VP) was team manager and there was issue of money not paid. Until now what has happened to the investigation. Now again. This story has been going around since Project 2013 was in singapore tour and then U23. MHF should appoint a committee to investigate. Players are young and scared to come forward. Don't worry , truth will be out soon. God is Great.

Anonymous said...



Loyal Malaysian

Anonymous said...

FORMER international Lim Chiow Chuan will officially take over the reigns of 1Mas from Sept 1, as the Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) embark on a journey to develop quality youth.
1Mas, with a budget of RM2 million from the Prime Minister’s department, is a programme where 14 states will concentrate on 60 players each for four major assignments.
The long-term project will cater for different age groups to prepare players for the 2013 and 2017 Junior World Cups, the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and the 2014 Asian Games in South Korea.
“The development committee presented their paper to the council which endorsed Lim as the Director of Development. He will be overall in charge of 1Mas and even though his appointment only starts on Sept 1, he will start two weeks earlier,” said MHF secretary Hashim Yusoff.
Lim is currently undergoing an International Hockey Federation (FIH) course which is being held in conjunction with the Champions Trophy which will start today in Monchengladbach, Germany.
“The development programme started in the middle of last month with nine states already in the process of selecting their pool of players to train.
“The other states are still in the midst of hiring coaches and I believe by early August, the project will be in full swing.”
The idea is to train the players for two hours, three times a week at their own states, and then have a tournament to cater for this group.
Before this, Lim was coaching the Singapore national team and his charges qualified for the Asian Games when they finished second in the seven-team qualifiers in Dhaka.
However, the Singapore National Olympic Council decided not to send the hockey players to the Guangzhou Asian Games from Nov 12 to 27.
This prompted Lim to send in his resignation letter, and after he submitted it, the Singapore Olympic Council reversed their decision to send the hockey team to Guangzhou, but Lim stuck to his decision.
His last assignment with Singapore was the Asean Schools Championships where he said: “This long-term project will provide the country with a bigger pool of players to select from.”
The Prime Minister is also expected to launch the 1Mas Hoki programme in the middle of September.

Anonymous said...

Saturday, July 31, 2010
Malaysian women end up with bronze

THE Malaysian women only managed a bronze medal when they beat Uzbekistan 6-1 in the third-fourth placing match of the Asian Indoor tournament in Bangkok yes terday.
In the final yesterday, Kazakhstan beat Thailand A 4-1 and they will now play in the World Indoor Tournament in Poland next year.
Malaysia were the defending champions going into the tournament and they beat Thailand B 4-0 in the first match but there were no points awarded as the hosts had fielded a B side after Iran pulled out at the 11th hour.
Malaysia then beat Indonesia 9-1, and Uzbekistan 2-1, but lost to Kazakhstan 3-1. The telling point was when they drew 2-2 with Thailand A and missed out of playing in the final by a two-goal different to the hosts.
“We had fielded ex-internationals and a few budding junior players because the national team is in training for the Commonwealth and Asian Games and we did not want to interrupt their programme,” said Malaysian Women’s Hockey Federation secretary S. Shamala.
In the commonwealth Games, the Malaysian women are in Group B with England, New Zealand, Canada and Wales.
In Group A are Australia, South Africa, India, Trinidad & Tobago and Scotland.
Posted by Jugjet Singh at 5:30 PM
Labels: HOCKEY

Anonymous said...


MHF will not go down the same road as Singapore.
In Singapore, Coaches are treated by the nationality and colour of coaches. The clearer the better.

Like the Women's Asian Games qualifier in BKK, Singapore coach by a Speniel( related to Pres. FIH by citizenship) did not win a single game and yet he is now the Head Coach of the Men's Team. What baloney?

Lim have brougt Singapore's Hockey to a level that they have never been before, finalist for the 4 years in the Razak Cup Div 2 and qualify to the ASIAD on merit and when he wants to bring Singapore's Hockey to another level he was stopped in his track.

Due to his principle he resigned, to the utter surprised of many Singaporeans. They thought that he is for the S$ and he will not leave because money is too good.

They have always underestimate us, Asians but it is their preferences that is having that value of the great S$. And they are holding them in high esteem.

My sources have informed me that the Singapore Head Coach is going for a holiday in September and the ASIAD is in NOVEMBER and he is adament that he must go for his holiday as his wife who is working in Singapore is on holiday. He is jobless in Singapore until the SHF saved him. And to top all this he did not have the qualification to be a Head Coach as he only have a development Certificate.

Hockey intellectuals if you are his BOSS, what is your course of actions?

Naysayers of Malaysian's Hockey we will not have this scenerio in our shore. Maybe because of you all that this will not happen, so i am thanking you all for your check and balances, unlike in the DOT to our SOUTH.


International Insider

Anonymous said...

World Champions Australia smashed New Zealand 9-1, Netherlands defeated pain 5-2 and Germany beat England 4-0. Tomorrow Australia face the Netherlands, England and Spain compete for their first points and Germany clash New Zealand.
Germany beat England 4-2 in the opening match
Germany are the first leaders of the table. The hosts left England no chances in the opening match and beat them 4-2 (4-0) due to their great performance in the first half.
GER v NED 4-2 (4-0)
1-0 5’ Oscar DEECKE (FG)
2-0 28’ Jan-Marco MONTAG (PC)
3-0 32’ Martin HÄNER (PC)
4-0 35+1’ Benjamin WESS (PC)
4-1 45’ Ashley JACKSON (PC)
4-2 65’ Ashley JACKSON (PC)

Australia smash New Zealand 9-1
New Zealand are 18 Champions Trophy games without a victory after getting smashed by their neighbours from Australia. Jason WILSON has scored two goals in his Champions Trophy debut.

Jamie DWYER opened the score in the third minute, he had never scored that early in a Champions Trophy encounter. Afterwards New Zealand gave Australia as less space as possible which made it very hard for the Kookaburras to enter the Black Sticks’ circle. It took up to the 26th minute until Australia scored again: Luke DOERNER made the first of his two goals in this match. Immediately after the push-back Jason WILSON made it 3-0 and four minutes later Simon ORCHARD even increased the lead. The Black Sticks did not give up and fought back. The hopes coming back to New Zealand after Nicholas WILSON’s goal did not last long because Australia answered just before the half time whistle.
The Kookaburras kept up their pace, scored phenomenal goals and frustrated their neighbours with four more goals in the second half.

AUS v NZL 9-1 (5-1)
1-0 3’ Jamie DWYER (FG)
2-0 26’ Luke DOERNER (PC)
3-0 27’ Jason WILSON (FG)
4-0 31’ Simon ORCHARD (FG)
4-1 33’ Nicholas WILSON (FG)
5-1 34’ Glenn TURNER (FG)
6-1 (54’) Jason WILSON (FG)
7-1 (59’) Russell FORD (PC)
8-1 (62’) Luke DOERNER (PC)
9-1 (67’) Russell FORD (FG)

Netherlands take 5-2 victory over Spain

The Netherlands beat Spain in Ramon ALEGRE’ 200th cap. They are second now and overtook Germany due to the better goal difference.

NED v ESP 5-2 (4-1) 1-0 (10’) Jeroen HERTZBERGER (FG) 1-1 (11’) Pau QUEMADA (FG) 2-1 (25’) Jeroen HERTZBERGER (FG) 3-1 (31’) Mink van der WEERDEN (PC) 4-1 (33’) Teun de NOOIJER (FG) 4-2 (36’) David ALEGRE (FG) 5-2 (55’) Rogier HOFMAN (FG)

Anonymous said...


Ashamed to be in the same race as you.


Anonymous said...

Hai jurulatih yg disayangi,
Jangan terlalu marah. Jawapan anda untuk menegakkan benang basah amat terserlah.
Banyak org hoki tahu bukan kamu yg buat duit walaupun kamu berhutang keliling pinggang. Kamu hutang pada org hoki di Seremban hampir RM30,000.00. Sekarang susah bayar. Sedang cari kontrak perabut merata-rata. Kamu jangan terlalu sibuk untuk pertahankan geng kamu.
Masalah di sini adalah pemain maklumkan bahawa mereka tidak dibayar elaun....bukan BONUS. Masa itu kamu dan geng berada di German. Oleh itu pemain dipanggil untuk mengetahui perkara sebenar. Kesemua 6 pemain telah menyatakan perkara sebenar pada masa itu. Pemain ini semuanya berusia lebih 18 tahun.....bukan budak hingusan. Mereka tahu dan faham apa yang mereka cakap dan tulis.
Tiba-tiba selepas kamu dan geng balik, cerita sudah bertukar. Dari maklumat awal, pemain telah ditakutkan dengan ugutan. Jangan lupa pemain ini ada kawan dan telah bercerita. Cerita ini sedang tersebar.
Ada beberapa pemain yang tak takut pada geng kamu. Mereka lebih senior dan benci apa yang geng kamu buat. Mereka tak takut. Duit itu hak mereka.....mereka punya. Titik peluh mereka.
Beberapa pegawai PHM telah menyedari perkara ini. Orang Melaka tak tahu. Presiden pun telah dimaklumkan. Hanya tak mau nama baik PHM dibusukkan oleh geng jahanam ini.
Tunggu dan lihat apa yang akan berlaku selepas Hari Raya. Selepas tandatangan dengan semua sponsor, semua akan disiasat. Bukti lengkap ada. Semua geng mulalah cari kerja baru. Pergi ke Singapura .....ganti Lim.
Coach Sarjit lebih baik le. Tak pernah sejak dia jadi jurulatih dengar cerita ini semua. Dia bagi orang pinjam tapi dia tak tipu duit orang.....HARAM.
Ceti Berlesen

Anonymous said...

Mr Ghandi @ Chandran,
I expected you to be impartial for hockey development....but you have jumped the Gun. You are also writing based on rumours. you need to check your facts before writing. You are just like others.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

janganlah teruk sangat. kalau sikit sikit bagilah chan. mana boleh 100% betul. peninglah TM. TM cari wang juta-juta sini nak gaduh untuk sikit-sikit

Anonymous said...

RM10,000 lesap, setiap pemain patut dapat Rm900 tapi depa diberi rm400 saja.
Bakinya rm500 seorang disonglap oleh si anu. Titik peluh kami depa belanja judi dan minum arak, takkan kami lepaskan mereka.

Ditulis oleh enam pemain remaja..

Anonymous said...

JI, AUG 2: 4.53, 4.57
If this blog closes, do you all have the capability to host one. You only are trying to destroy things that are going well and your people are not involved but when your people are involved and they screwed up, you all will look the other way and blamed others.

You all are full of cow-dungs.

You all have no capacity of the Voice in Sports or me. So, just eat your chapatis with dhall and get under your wives' saris and smell the dungs there.



Anonymous said...

Aug 2,3.08pm,

Why cannot sleep in Germany ke?FIH course too difficult kot?Never mind hope you learn some thing.

Hello my friend why people are angry because repurcussion of your false allegation has destroy the team in the future.But people like you wont understand.We understand your mentality.

Anyway after killing and damaging the team,you and your gang have escape free.Thanks to TM's goodheart.

Please I beg you,bring this matter again because what you and your gang have done,you need to be banned from hockey.You have kill the team.You stupid dumb head would never understand.

Please,please, please bring up.We are waiting.What happend in the council,I thought you say it would happen.What happend??Hear to many times but nothing happen also.Try to do something better this time,get some advise from the experts.

Anonymous said...


Lets pause for a moment and ponder "Why didn't the treasurer call for an inquiry and get the manager of the team to present his accounts.

Who was on the trip?Was any NSC officials with the team?Who rewarded the bonus?How much was their elauns?

Of all the question we need to ask why the treasurer when for the players when the manager is appointed by MHF.MHF have every right to question any irregularity they suspect.

The treasurer have tried many times to discredit the team management of 2013 but fail.

By getting the players involve,whatever the outcome of this allegation ,he have won.

He went for the kill ,to destroy the "Trust" between the players and team management.

Trust once destroy hard to regain back.

Why did the treasurer went for the kill to destroy the team?

Is it because of the constitution
changes,where his post will be appointed by the President.

Trust is one thing fire cannot destroy but human can.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Kami pemain takut untuk memberikan cerita sebenar. Kami beritahu Tuan Haji perkara sebenar kerana berharap dia akan dapat membantu kami. Nampaknya Tuan Haji juga tidak dapat berbuat apa-apa. Kami MAHUKAN duit hak kami...elaun makan kami duit US 20 sehari yang tidak diberikan. Kami gunakan duit RM300 yang kami terima di KLIA dari coach Gopi untuk makan di Bangkok. Hotel pun tak bagi makan. Bila habis duit itu kami guna duit kami sendiri dan pinjam dari kawan. Bila tanya coach Gopi , dia kata PHM tak bagi duit cukup. Bila balik boleh dapat. Kami nak duit kami semula. Nanti nak raya nak guna. Tolonglah PHM atau pegawai lain. Saya dan kawan-kawan saya berani bertemu Presiden dan beritahu perkara sebenar. Kami diberitahu tunggu sehingga selepas Hari Raya. Kami perlukan duit untuk raya.

Anonymous said...

In the Council meeting a letter was given to President saying players have received allowance. President as a wise man don't want to upset anything as bigger agenda was in hand. Investigation is still on. Keep cool.
Exco MHF

Anonymous said...

Hello Aug 2 8.28pm,
The argument is between these 2 guys and Gandhi. This person is giving his opinion to the host. You don't interfere. You have made the money from the boys and please count it in your wife's sarong. No one can see only YOU the cheats.
Now no training but getting allowance from NSC. Heard until after raya. Keep up the good work. Also don't forget to count these money (which you never work but get paid) in your wife sarong. This is not so haram as the boys allowance.
NSC must wake up. MACC must come in. Kerja tak buat tapi elaun dapat. Ini semua duit rakyat. Bagi dia untuk minum arak dan judi.
Dengar di Bangkok juga arak dan judi. Kita tunggu dan lihat akhir penyiasatan. Pemain akan cakap perkara sebenar.

Anonymous said...


As I was walking out in one of the Junior League game I watch a group of players from a sports school walking pass a project team coach.

The players are from the project 2013 and not even a Hello greet to their coach.

It shock me and I made some inquiry.

The coach of the sports school have been planting hatred into the boys mind towards the coach.

A child mind is like a beautiful garden and they are sent to school to be guided by their teachers not incite hatred towards anyone.

As the news is out now, this whole episode was plan when the Project team was in Europe in the sports school.A state secertary,MHF treasurer and the school coach gather the boys and inform them that they are shortchange.

Even in a court of law a man in innocence until proven guilty.

Here you have all created doubt on the players mind.

This is going on for quite sometime between the sports school and the project team.

MHF should get deep into the matter
and take action whoever is wrong.

For the sports school coach,Ministry of Education must do a investigation and if guilty he should be sacked because this involve children.

Did the sports school headmistress
been notified and authorised this meeting among the players, a state secertary and MHF treasurer to take place in the school.Why not their parents called?

The person that suffers in this whole episode of rubbish is the young players.

Anyway who cares?


Anonymous said...

August 3 , 1.24am
Lets set the record right. Accounts were submitted to the Treasurer. He is in control of the accounts. Players wrote to him asking for food allowance money which was promised by the officials. He referred to the President and was told to talk to the players to find out the truth. So he did what was asked to do. He spoke to the players. He took Tn Hj Johari with him after getting approval. Both did the talking. Truth was out. It was updated to the President. He knows what actually has happened.
First thing is "Why Can't the treasurer talk to the boys". He is the guardian of money matters of MHF. Secondly why must he talk to the officials. They have given accounts to MHF saying they have PAID allowance. That means they are reporting that money is paid. Now why must the treasurer ask the officials. For sure they will say they have paid. If not the accounts is wrong. So there is no reason for the Treasurer to talk to the officials.
The appointed manager is Mirnawan. Others went there. So there is no issue of bringing Mirnawan's name here.
Why can't the TREASURER OF MHF INVESTIGATE MONEY MATTERS. Why should set up a committee to do it. All the evidence is there. Even any one who don't have accounting knowledge will be able to see it.
Wht saying MHF Treasurer is destroying the team. Allegation of officials not paying money to players was there since Singapore trip. But treasurer did not do anything since no letters. All were merely hear say. Many MHF officials know about it. The DP knows. Now got letter, action must be taken. If not it is right.
I think he is doing his job. If nobody made any wrongs should not WORRY. Let him do his work.

Anonymous said...

Mr TQ,
The issue of players not saying hello to 2013 coach is personal. Their problem is going on for some time. But they sit and talk for hockey matters if need arises.
I will give another story. When KL won U16 in Sabah, all the players went up to Dharmaraj to shake hand. The coach is Rajan. Then only they came down and after Haji Johari told them , they shake hand with Rajan. Now who you want to blame...Dharmaraj or Rajan or players or their parents.
If your argument that parent must be there, then when players receive money also parents must be there to witness. This is rubbish. These officials only interviewed them based on the letter written by them. For your information only Hj Johari and treasurer was there. BJSS coach has passed the letter 2 weeks earlier. You can check with Hj Johari.
In the court of law...innocence till proven guilty. Let me ask you....WHO WAS FOUND GUILTY ? Investigation is going on. You have assumed and a few others including officials who made money are feeling guilty. Never do wrong , don't worry. IS IT GUILTY CONCIOUSNESS KILLING YOU AND THE OFFICIALS? Why kelam kabut ? Let them investigate. Let the truth come out. Why jump the gun ?
If not involved just keep quiet. Don't do your own investigation? Funny hah , Coach doing investigation and giving report.His name was never mentioned. Helping friends or cover up

Anonymous said...

reply to august 4th,8.30am

after reading all the comments,i really dissappointed with the treasurer and the school teacher.What is the job function of a Treasurer,is there any line say "you must go and become a investigater". There is always proper line to follow as ethics. You need to have an ethics, you will get it if you're thought in your family. Then it will continue in work place also.
Im curious,the boys was ask to write or they write themself before anything happen?They are under 18 boys who still schooling and they were ask to write this shit letter. from that action,The person who ask them to write is very desperate. Why?
Dear treasurer,did you get the permission from the president before or after meeting the boys,please be careful with your words! info from this blog saying you went to see the boys 2 weeks ago and you got permission last week, interesting!
You say,In the court of law...innocence till proven guilty. Let me ask you....WHO WAS FOUND GUILTY ?Nobody, and you should shut your f***ing gap.Why are writing nonsense then?
You say during the meeting,only treasurer and Hj Jo were there,where were you then,Dickhead! this is how i call educated stupidly people when im angry.
Rajan were not the coach U16 KL in Sabah,dickhead!Do you remember who was your father? i think you have memory lapses.
And Prakash,from this blog i read so many people hate you because you make yourself stupid,Why?If you want the job as Project team or National team,you should come and ask, and if they think you are not suitable,try next time. Life is like that,dont make yourself stupid.If MHF think you are other group,why the hell they send you to Germany?Nothing will bother you,but did you ever thought of your wife and kids,what other people think about them!
Sometime you get it,sometime you wont get it.Thats life.


Anonymous said...

kalau player salam rajan dulu atau dharma itu jangan salahkan parent dan itu bukan hal mereka.Pengurusan klha tau hal ini. klha ada banyak duit mereka boleh ada satu coach dekat bench dan lagi satu dekat stand. ini telah berlaku lebih dari sekali. mereka ada duit tunggu nanti you tengok 10 coach. hari itu lagi sakit kepala

Anonymous said...

The Wild Conspiracy Pt 3

Will BJSS coach Prakash stop his bickerings and transform himself to become a better coach upon his return from FIH course.

Is anyone undermining TM's findings and creating a dispute in the allowance paid to the school boys.

Looks like the battle is not over for the BJSS coach. Rather than trying to excel in his FIH course and making MHF proud, he is still busy with his stray bullets.

He still insist that the allowances were not paid to the boys. He says that he is going to make the boys confess to TM. He did the same to his principal who was fired-up to meet with TM. Finally, she was sent back embarassed as all her allegations about the project team management was unfound.

Now, the BJSS coach is going to force his boys to do the same. TM has done an enquiry and has established findings that there were no shortpayments for the boys. The matter was settle at the counsel's meeting. BJSS coach now doesn't seem happy and want to disrespect the royal's enquiry. He wants to do his own undertable enquiry.

As how he kept harrassing the Project 2013 management, now he is going to harrassed his school boys. These form five and PraU hockey boys have been force to do things against their will. They are going through mental torture just like being in alcatraz. Fortunately, Lokman is there with the other school teachers to pep them when they are depressed.

Some of his actions and preaching:
1)the school is more important than the country.
2)Stopping his boys from attending national callup as he says that it is still early.
3)forcing the boys to pen letters against their will which is his trend to protect his interest,
4)Giving bad images of the Project 2013 management which the boys are very upset and angry about. Everyday, he says bad things about the officials that the boys dont want to hear. The boys say ' tiap tiap hari mesti ada hentam sama coach'.
5)Giving mental torture to some of the boys by indirectly putting pressure.
Malays say "Kekuatan kita sebenarnya terletak pada hati". This coach is plucking away their inner strength with his fearsome enforcement
6)Sidelining the boys who speak up their mind
7)Potraying a small picture to his senior boys rather than a big one.
Thats why he is called a Mentally Handicap Coach MHC, not a JWC Coach.

I met with a group of BJSS boys accidently. I ask them, how are they? all smiled and said, 'Sungguh aman tanpa Prakash'

Looks like majority of his boys are displease, showing unhappiness and want a change in their coaching. This sentiment seems important as unhappiness and frustration will only lead to poor performance. Evidently, hockey lovers was saddened by the unbelievable poor performance of the BJSS team during the Junior league. The papers too flashed out crystal clear weakness and bad showmanship by BJSS hockey team.

MHF and the Education Ministry needs to look into this very seriously if they are want to develop the future world cup and olympic team from the National Sports School. Of late, I have been hearing that all the form three boys wants to leave BJSS after form 3. They feel that they will not get enough exposure and developmnet from the BJSS coach to excel and be in the future National team. The National Sports School has been built for these boys who have earn a place to be there. So I too believe that this school is not built for one coach but for the boys. Should anyone leave, it is the coach and not the boys. MHF should infuture endorse a National coach for the National sports School instead of a school teacher. Mindset of a school teacher cum coach is only within the school fence and no broader. And hense, will only produce players with a fixed mind just like the coach.

CSI reports

Anonymous said...

Baru baru ini saya dan kawan nak pergi pemilihan untuk pasukan UNIKL.Kami takut,Kami budak Pra U.

Bagaimana kami nak maju dalam hoki,
budak Penawar boleh,kita tak boleh.

Ibu bapa saya pula,jauh.

Anonymous said...

It is all the fault of that so-called writer in NST who likes to spin half-truths. He has made some coaches like Prakash big headed.
Now I think prakash needs a turban to keep his head from growing bigger, like that NST bhai...

Anonymous said...

funny lah.
sabah u-16, kl not coached by rajan lah. cakap hentam buta saja.
then off course lah salam dharma. budak semua sudah diajar 'kipas the ass' lah. bodek nak jadi player project 2013. kekekeke
thats the truth. even my maid if selected as 2013 coach, off course budak semua salam lah.
but if orang tua lalu sebelah budak ni tak pandai pulak salam. sombong lagi pulak.salam doesn't mean it so sincere from the heart lah.kekekeke

Anonymous said...

reply to August 5, 2010 8:03 PM
Then ask your maid become money lender also la...
easy kan...

bodoh punye komen!!!!

Anonymous said...

salam punya hal pun jadi kecoh..malaysia boleh