Monday, July 26, 2010

Amending the MHF Constitution - The "Wayang Kulit" that shall be played by certain Affiliates and elected officials.

The debate is on with MHF contemplating making changes to their Constitution. I personally think it should be comprehensive but news from the grapevines seems to indicate that the changes are "mild" ie a realistic approach recognising the requirements of MHF as it postures to capitalise on its immediate future. It is about an administrative "clean-up" to strengthen the proper functioning of MHF rather than being riddled with people who sway on sentiments to win support as opposed to the merits of the matter.

While i am not privy to the changes, the issue that has been talked about is the post of Secretary and Treasurer of MHF. Currently these are elected posts but apparently the TM as President has made it known that he would want the positions to be appointed. A Committee headed by the Vice President of Special Projects have made their recommendation on the matter too.

The wisdom for such appointments seems to come probably based on the 2 year experience of the TM as President and he must have his reasons. At the last BGM 2 years ago despite the number of factions there was no line-up of candidates by any particular groups. Since the TM became President unopposed and the then incumbent Deputy President lost the election, everyone else stood on their own "ticket". Effectively there was not a "team" to manage MHF, rather it was individuals with different views that tried to come together and administer MHF. This in a way permitted MHF to be pulled in different directions and more often there was "fire fighting" undertaken by the TM to bring sanity to MHF.

Fundamentally the key posts in the administration of an organisation are the President, Secretary and Treasurer. The President as the Head should obviously rely on the other 2 key people and more often than not it should be his people. This is where the issue of competency and speaking the same "language" combined with loyalty are vital ingredients to ensure the administration is properly undertaken. When the time comes for the President to state that "the bug stops with him", he knows that it is his people who have done or not done the job and the responsibility squarely rests with him and no one else.

Therefore when one Affiliate went publicly to question the wisdom of constitutional changes to pave the way for such appointments with the rationale that the future may not have "checks and balances", was he trying to start an exercise of a debate or canvassing support to derail the amendments? Whatever the motives it must be seen in the light of what is good for MHF and of the President who has decided to dedicate his time and resources to the game. If the Affiliates have doubts on him then why in the first place have him as their President? If the Affiliates want him then it is only fair that he be granted his wishes which is not to propagate himself or to enable him to sustain power but rather to ensure the sport organisation he heads functions professionally for the sports and the nation itself. Is that too much to ask from the MHF Affiliates?

My worry is that the upcoming Council Meeting where support would be sought to have an EGM to pass the constitutional changes, may turn into a "circus". Such things are not new as the Coaching Committee recently have had such history and it would not be surprising to see some of the "actors" from there reigniting the scene here. Using the excuse of a "healthy debate", people of the same kind may try to arouse feelings in the hope there would be a "fire". I am sure the TM is an "old hand" in such issues and having had his stint in other places would know how to defuse it. My belief is that at end of the day, as part of their "wayang kulit" strategy by show of hands, the amendments would be endorsed to be forwarded to an EGM for approval.

While waiting for the EGM, certain Affiliates and officials by covert operations may try to canvass to derail the proposal. Their key interest here would be to ensure that their friends can be elected to the posts, thereby they can have the needed accessibility. It is this selfishness based on self interest that is destroying Malaysian hockey. This is their reason to ensure that the positions are not filled by way of appointments. Their strategy in "wayang kulit" would also push for a "secret ballot" in voting for the amendments so as the Affiliates can be sure that nobody would know how each Affiliate has voted. This is going to be the crucial aspect of their strategy to succeed.

In a nutshell, it must be known that most of the Affiliates do nothing much for Malaysian hockey. Some even do not have a league and some even find it hard to have regular meetings. Yet! they become "king makers" in the hour where they are supposed to play an effective role for the betterment of the game in the country. They "politick" that provides the much needed "oxygen" to sustain their presence and ultimately their crooked sense of thinking only goes to destroy whatever is being built for the game.

This is where the Affiliates have to make their choices and that is if they want the TM to continue the good work he has done to date for MHF. Then they must wholeheartedly support the constitutional amendments and carry it through with the two third majority. Failing to provide that support would mean that we may lose the distinguished services of the TM and probably bring Malaysian hockey to the "Dark Ages".


Anonymous said...

Once again MHF some affiliates have shown how bad and unprofessional they are by talking to the press about the changed without even reading the changes and proposed amendment. So called shooting from the hip

There are only two ways to this

It you cant support the president and the changes he is bringing but you only want his cash and his connection.

Then you either step aside or the President can leave MHF and go where he is move valued for his contributions.

Come on, is it such a crime to have it appointed, yes its a mess administratively in there, yeah they got to sort out the roles of the GM and General Secretary once it is passed but it is layers that you got to peel away.

Next why a secret ballot. Stand up for your decision, be the man!!!

Affiliates must vote without fear or favour, unfortunately after 1pm today they will hide behind the skirts and dance like the way they normally to..

Good title, wayang kulit

Anonymous said...

Give the clubs some voice for the contribution they made to hockey.

Anonymous said...

The Wild Conspiracy Pt 2

Why is BJSS Hockey Coach alarming and harrasing the 2013 Project officials with Wild allegations? What has he got to gain or loose?

Lets read on.

BJSS coach feels very unsecured of his own doings in the past. He withdrawing his boys from project trainings and Malaysian Hockey League has hit him back very hard.

Losing to newcomers UniKL in the latest Junior League was the biggest slap on his face.

Over and over again, he tried uncountable times to destroy the Project team by tarnishing the officials image.

He thought by detatching the form five boys from the project 2013 team, he can kill the team and the coaches.

He thought by saying bad things about the Project coaches, the BJSS boys will keep away from them. And he also anticipated to eventually negotiate with MHF coaching committee to take over the project team.

That turnout to be a bigger disaster for him as the project coach brought in more players from other schools and states into the team. The current project 2013 players have gained alot of international exposure playing with national teams like India. Pakistan, Korea, Autralia and German. The current Europe Tour too has made the boys very strong, mature and confident. The pool for selection too has become bigger and more challenging. Malaysia can look forward for strong team like the Yogeswaran times in the late seventies and the Mirnawan times in the nineties in the next junior world cup.

This worries the BJSS coach if any of his pampered boys who have been kept in a box all this while will be able to come out and play for the country in 2012 and 2013. There is a lot of catching up to do and it will be miracle for this to happen. This will eventually expose the weakness of a national sports school coach who was not able to produce any top national players during his regime.

So, after trying many times and failed to remove the 2013 Project Officials, the BJSS coach finally made the biggest all out complot by throwing the cat out of the bag when all the 2013 officials were in Europe. That allegation too was baseless.

So, What is going to happen next? How will the BJSS coach try to strike again?
What should he do to correct his mistakes?

CSI reports.

Gandhi, said...

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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Amending the MHF Constitution - The "Wayang Kulit"...":


Your Excellency,

Please do the needful and show to those whom have made wild allegations against the MHF that YOU will not stand to these evil deeds.

Go to their employers and make sure that they are all sacked for bringing YOU and the MHF into ill-repute. You are being to kind to them and they have abused YOUR Kindness which they thought that YOU are weak.

YOU should ask for the resignation of the Treasurer for being involved in this false allegations and undermining the MHF.

YOU should also seek the NST to terminate (name deleted) as a credictable journalist have to check his facts before print. As he have vested interest in his liasion with all the crooks and he also have investment with the 10/2 coach he cannot be a honest journalist.
(Name deleted), you are riding a motor bike, with your karma of cheating your employer and making all this allegations, you will be suck (words deleted). So, beware of the Almighty Guru.

Chak de.

Gandhi, said...

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And now that NST reporter is sucking up to UniKL by writing good things about a coach who knows nothing.
Maybe he is on UniKL (word deleted) as well.
(Sentence deleted)
We chakde U!