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The wisdom of the senior national hockey team tours - " Timing, countries and opponents".

" To become the best, you must play against the best". This is what good sports administrators and coaches tend to strategise as they prepare their teams for vital tournaments that have significant bearing to world ranking or to build-up a future generation of world class players. This means the meticulous planning must be done in advance taking account of the top countries in the game particularly their own schedules eg hockey season, invitation tournaments plus whether their national team is in training, in order to incorporate our visiting plans. This effectively means that we need inroads with the team management of the teams we plan to have warm-up matches with including their respective hockey administrators. A lot of this rests on personal contacts where the major aspects are generally done by telephone calls and confirmed by e-mail. A distinct advantage of the electronic age.

This is where a good foreign national coach comes in handy as his peers are usually in similar positions in the other teams. This facilitates the personal contacts as the fraternity tends to be helpful to one another. Unfortunately our chief national coach has been out of the international circuit since 2002 while his assistant, having the exposure, is reluctantly kept away from important tournaments like the 2010 World Cup, other than for attending a coaching course. The lack of thought in exposing our local coaches at gatherings where the top coaches gather is a price we are paying today.

This "short sightedness" including the lack of a "will" to appoint a highly rated foreign coach only goes to show that we will not have the capacity to be a highly ranked world hockey nation. I say this because such foreign coaches bring with them not only the contacts but also the latest innovations in every facets of modern hockey. Unfortunately, we blur ourselves with such truth and get caught in a false web of thinking that our local coaches have the ability to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Australian, German, Dutch or Spanish national coaches.

Yes ! we can get there but it requires our coaches to get the appropriate qualification eg FIH Master Coach and the right exposure. In the past the pathway for them to get there has never been considered and this is where Malaysian hockey has suffered badly. The Coaching Committees were made up of people who lacked the foresight while the local coaches themselves were self contented not to pursue higher qualifications in coaching. All these get complicated when MHF and NSC appoint coaches without clear criteria on qualification, experience and success profile. Their ad-hoc thinking manner has allowed a "rojak" approach to the whole system that the aspect of meritocracy in sports has lost its actual meaning.

It is these finer points that have made planning in hockey suffer. We seem to have a 2nd rated thinking ie playing with 2nd rated teams in our build -up for vital tournament like the Asian Games that has a significant bearing to our pursuit of qualifying for the 2012 Olympic Games. So what have we done?

1. Go on a China tour recently when that country is not even in the top 10 in the world ranking. Further we play in a 4 nation tournament there with Russia which is ranked around the 25th in the world and Pakistan who literally sent a 2nd team as their 1st team was on a European tour. Honestly, we could not even defeat China in the final, who incidentally are ranked lower than us.

2. Now the team is on an Australian tour to play with the Australian Institute of Sports teams and various clubs. They are not playing with the Australian national team as they are away in Europe preparing for their Champions League. What is our national team's plan to achieve with this tour? Probably the satisfaction of having some sort of "good" feeling. Either they want good results or to avoid defeats of a thrashing score. Maybe it is this false sense of feeling that is blinding them to the reality of where Malaysian hockey is standing today.

3. Proposed tour to Europe and Ireland seems again to be omitting playing the top hockey nations there. The national team is playing club teams in Europe and matches against Ireland. They are hopeful to be invited to play at a 4 nation invitation tournament in France where their opponents could probably be France, Scotland and Ireland. Again they are teams that Malaysia believe they have an even chance of beating, thereby making their tour a success. It would seem that the "feel good" feeling be created so as everyone is happy despite the standard of Malaysian hockey.

We just have to look at Pakistan, India and Japan who are already in Europe and are playing the top national teams there. The reason is that they have foreign coaches who are taking advantage of warm-up games for the top teams in Europe before the Champions League. There seems to be a careful and progressive thought process in what these countries from Asia want to do.

The question we have to ask is whether these 3 tours are really beneficial for our national team? I believe the team management and maybe the money wasting people in NSC must obviously think so. Maybe it is an exercise of confidence building and therefore the players and team management have a better state of mind to perform at the Asian Games and Commonwealth Games later in the year. A twisted sense of thinking that is only helping our boys to be soft in their mental state by misleading them that they are good. Creating a "state of denial" by creating this "feel good" feeling is a hopeless way of giving the impression of the capabilities of our national team.

Seriously, i think lets start writing off our chances in the Asian Games and Commonwealth Games as i believe our preparation is not taking the right approach. If we want to pamper our team then it would seem that there would only be "softies" who cannot perform with the teams who daily practice to be top ranking nations in the world.


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arul, are you sure that the current national coaches should be given time some 4 years more to beat china.

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Hi Gandhi,
The Australian team is in Europe to take part in the Champions Trophy not the Champions League in football. Yes, the small minded thinking of the coaches and the MHF to only play club teams is a waste of time and resources. I know it takes about $200,000 to take an Australian team to Europe and likewise it would not be cheap for Malaysia with at least 18 players travelling, coach and assistant coach, masseur, cooks, psychologist, physiotherapist like they did in Invercargill. Yet they are going to play against club sides so that they would not be exposed as second rate. It is a case of what you do not see, you do not know. Takut mentality.

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In short the adviser to the President has failed. The person who is projecting is the most important and busiest in MHF. Need to learn a lot about team effort. The main article mentions the coach has left the gap of international hockey, very much a bulls eye. But who created that? Just tired on people's attitude. After creating a havoc in the selection of coaches goes around highlighting other people's weakness. Hope the shit doesn't land on you. said...

I feel we should scrap all on-going projects and place full focus on the future budding 1MAS.
If poor funding is the main reason why we are unable to give our players and coaching staff our best, we should begin to cut our losses. Senior team, junior team, excess cost, annual tourneys with poor outings, and more.

Catch talented players at a ripe age of 10-12yrs and begin professional training clinics. 1MAS should set a target of a 6 year game plan where by this crop would turn 18 by then and equipped with skills, ethics and a sense of camaraderie amongst the lot they have been training for the better part of 5-6years. Bi-annual tours with the usual culprits (India, Pakistan, Australia, NZ, England) for exposure and also performance assessment to measure progress.

Apply a reward/merit system based on performance. To ensure the kids are also doing well in school (good grades etc) game time will be cut short to those showing decline in studies. With poor grades, lesser game time = decreased chances to make into 1st team.

It's noted that my ideas are rather radical but results are definitely guaranteed in the long run if executed properly.

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gandi coach semasa bagi pasukan kebangsaa tak ada quality untuk memenangi apa-apa kejohanan. baru-baru ini kat china pun boleh kalah. baik bawa balik sarjit dan rajan untuk membantu. terimakasih.

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Anonymous said...

Below is the report from Mirnawan Nawawi from Poland, had no time to edit due to limited Internet access.

1st Test VS Poland U 21
Update match number 8

Project 2013 vs Poland U 21
Sroda Sports And Recreation Centre

Result: Project 2013 4 - 4 Poland U 21

Sroda is located about 30km from Poznan by bus.

1st half: In the 4th min, a move started from the Skipper Mohd Nor Faez everhead ball find Amir Farid who beat the Polish keeper and cooly pass to Firhan Ashaari to score the 1st goal. The Polish equalise in the 20th min via their 1st PC. However the Project's taken the lead again in the 21st min via 1st PC by Mohd Sabri. The Polish again scored the equaliser in the 24th min thru a FG.The Project's have the oppurtunity to take the lead again when they won their 3rd PC thru Syamim Yusof but Mohd Nor Faez fail to convert from direct attempt.

1st half PC - Project 3 PC's opposed to Polish 2 PC's

2nd half: The Project's started with the attacking mode and won their 4th PC's thru Syamim Yusof and Moh Sabri again scored the 3rd goal 2nd his personal with a top net direct attemp. However the Project's again let the Polish comeback to the game when they scored the equaliser in the 43rd min thru PC.The Project's won 3 PC's in 50th and 52nd but failed to score. The Polish too won a PC in 47th min but good goal keeping by Shahrul Azaddin denied the Polish. In the 57th min the projects gain the lead for the 4th time thru PC set pieces finished by Hizzat Hakimi Jamaluddin. The projects have the oppurtunity to add the score however attemp by Firhan Ashaari hit the post eventhough the Polish Keeper was beaten. In the 62nd min the Polish manage equal the score for the 4th time when they score thru a PC goal melee.

2nd half PC - The Project 4 opposed to Poland 3.

In considering the age factor and experience of the Polish, overall the team played well especially the forward Amir Farid, Firhan Ashaari and Syamim Yusof creating a lot of chances and creating PC's for the team. However they need to sharpen up their goal scoring skills in which only Firhan Ashaari so far has been scoring in most of the games. Positioning in receiving passes from the ball carrier in the D must be improve

The midfield exccept for Fitri Shaari and Joel Van Huizen need to buck up. Need to be more compose and be more stronger with the ball especially when facing the much more physical Polish. Need to cut down unforce error.

In defence need to be more tighter and taking their man fast. Need to stop giving some easy PC's to the opponent. The Polish scored their 3 goals thru PC.

Lastly need to learn how to keep the lead and do not allow the opponent to get back into the game not once, twice, third but fourth time.

The pitch too actually is one of the reason coz it's new and quite bouncy and slippery. Resulted the players late in settling down.

So far no serious injury to the boys.

Our team personal target is to win the 3 test series against the Polish eventhough we know that the Polish are U 21 and more experience. They are in the midst of prepairing for the U 21 European Championship in Poland starting 24th July and are in a good condition. We have set a high benchmark but it is possible to achieve. We have told the players that we need to win trow match if we would want to win the series. We want to see how they handle the pressure to win games.

We were host by the Polish Hockey Federation for a dinner after the game just now and again there will be an official dinner trow host by the Mayor of Sroda after the game. So far the Poland Hockey Federation has been nice to us. And we should take note of that for future reference.

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Amendment to pay, not elect MHF secretary

THE Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) council meeting on July 27 is expected to endorse an amendment to their constitution which may turn the post of sectary general into a paid post, instead of an elected official.
The move is being headed by MHF president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah to make administration of the association more accountable.
“The issue will be discussed in the council meeting next week, and after the council approves it, an Extra Ordinary General Meeting will be called.
“And if there is a two-thirds mandate at the EOGM, the amendment will be submitted to the Sports Commissioner’s office to be endorsed,” said a council member who declined to be named.
The MHF is also expected to tighten other areas in their constitution, which has been abused by certain quarters to their benefit.
“The special projects committee (under vice-president M. Gobinathan) will also tighten the functions and powers of the various committees and sub-committees to make daily ad ministration much simpler,” said the council member.
And with the MHF elections slated for the end of this year, the new amendments will be immediately utilised and if the plan becomes a reality, there will not be an election for the post of the secretary this year.
At present the MHF secretary is Hashim Yusoff, who was elected in the last elections.

Anonymous said...

Think carefully before amending constitution

PENANG HA vice-president Ranjit Singh cautioned Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) council members to tread carefully when they deliberate to change the post of their secretary from elected to a paid staff.
The MHF council will meet next Tuesday and among the agenda is a motion to amend their constitution to enable the president to select his secretary, instead of the states by ballot.
“Penang are still 50-50 on this issue, as we feel that council members need to debate intelligently before calling for an EOGM (Extra Ordinary General Meeting).
“And from what I gather, right now, many states oppose the idea because it is open to abuse and could lead to many problems in the long run if we have a paid sectary instead of an elected official,” said Ranjit.
He feels that the system has been tried in the FA of Malaysia, and it was not a success.
“Right now we have a hard-working president in Tengku Abdullah (Sultan Ahmad Shah). He has injected many fresh ideas into the sport, and also made MHF financially sound.
“However, when there is a change in leadership in future, the new president might not be of the same caliber and then the problems will start as he will hold the reigns on the secretary.
“And once the constitution is amended, it is not easy to get back to the old ways.
“State delegates need to voice out their feelings on this matter in the council meeting and not just keep quiet and then vote against the idea in the EOGM, as this will be seen as a waste of time and effort,” said Ranjit.
According to Ranjit, the Sports Commissioner’s office was keen to promote a paid secretary and treasurer in associations, but the plan backfired when an association almost went bankrupt when both the paid staff got together and started siphoning funds on the quiet.
“And now, the Commissioner’s office does not make it mandatory to have paid secretary and treasurer after this bitter episode. I believe a healthy debate at the council meeting will solve many matters and that is what the delegates should do.”
The MHF council are also expected to suggest a few other amendments to to tighten some areas in their constitution, which has been abused by certain quarters to their benefit.

Anonymous said...

where is sarjit and rajan. bring them to project 1 mas to help malaysian hockey. their experience is vital for future.

Anonymous said...

how to do well there is reidsect handling team. no results at klhc and national team. remove this ridsect and armpit from hockey. ooiiii get lostlahhhhhh.

how to do well there is reidsect handling team. no results at klhc and national team. remove this ridsect and armpit from hockey. ooiiii get lostlahhhhhh.

Anonymous said...

Let's be practical. How many present batch of hockey boys of BJSS & BPSS are good academically. Good means, can just pass their SPM with minimum requirement for University or Matriculation? Very limited.
What do they do after hockey if they don't have good results? Unless they get employed by TNB or Maybank then it is ok. What happens to the rest ?
This is where the teacher WOULD have advised them to concentrate on studies first. This could be because the boys are weak in studies and Project 2013 don't have any tournament this year. Most probably the boys will join them after the exams. Don't jump the gun.
Can you who is commenting or the coach provide these boys a decent job after their playing days? Just look around. We must not be selfish. Think of the boys future also.
All Rounder Educated Coach

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Anonymous said...

heard ridsect and dr.inking are fighting about selection who is manager. heard secretary general of ahf played a role and seek dr.inking to quit and allow ridsect to be team manager coz he is helping ahf to play in the asian champions club in kl and sri lanka. you give some and get some in return. reality of the current world. dr/vp left and thinking to challenge current dp with the support of ahf sec.

ridsect manage to spray the dr. and killed. now ridsect is back to his old nonsense. joined armpit former fam tug and mole-st. ridsect was busy standing outside thebench during azlan stm.hah want show power and lick (deleted) gk@ridsect is destroying of msian hockey and failed in many qualifiers. gk@ridsect only got money to throw and spoilt players. no ethics and no rules. the team has denggi fever and beware of this bloodsucker@ridsect. now again lead msian team to olympigs. waste of shit and time. even mhl cannot win wants to manage international hockey. plays for rsc and drinks and follow the tactics to be use at msian team. thats why half of the team are drunkens. pity coaches stuck between the ridsect and armpit/molest. all the best. heard armpit licking ahf officials and sighted many times.

Gandhi, said...

The comment has been edited.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The wisdom of the senior national hockey team tour...":

Dear Jul 24-12.16

We have always warn anyone that ever mentioned money-lending Coach(name deleted) and thigh coach(dink dink)( name delete)) we will dig out other stinking things about them. Do you know that when Pakistan offered (name deleted) the Coach position and his basic requirement is that (name deleted) and (name deleted) must be included in his accepting the post. Why? because (name deleted) have alot of RMs with him and he have no choice. (Name deleted) have taken alot of $ from alot of people and he cannot pay, so you want him to come back to 1MAS to corrode the project?
As for the thigh coach it is better that we leave him in the company of the KLHA 'R" club. He is a gonna as a human being.
As for you all that have written about RODSECT and others that have done alot for Malaysian's Hockey in terms of professionalism and welfarism, if you can put your actions and money in your mouth then feel free to criticise or else go under your wife's sari and stoop like a country mouse as you all are people whom are very good in commenting and running people down with no alternatives but with utter jealousy because you all cannot be measured like them.
Like i say, just go under your wife's sari and enjoy the aroma.

BE WARNED: any more sour grapes outburst and praise from any one about these CHUTIAHS, we will open another can of worms.

Guess what the Pakistan did, they ask him

Anonymous said...


the Penang VP have no right to comment on anything that the MHF will be doing unless he attend all MHF's meeting-SOBER.

Gandhi, said...

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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The wisdom of the senior national hockey team tour...":


MHF must change constitution stating that 'Anyone under the influence of liquor should not be allowed to attend any meeting'. All (word deleted) will be thrown out. Jug, get a more creditable personality for your focus. If you cannot get anyone else, try the one that is walking around Sri Petaling. Do not have to get a drunk from Penang.


Gandhi, said...

The comment has been edited.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The wisdom of the senior national hockey team tour...":

July 24.3.27pm

Mr all around.Please get your facts right before you write.Look at the history of BJSS hockey students.They were never good in academic or studies.Because this school is full of shit teachers.

Now under this new principle who has never stay in any school for more than 2 years come in with fantastic ideas.But she dont know the school is full of shit people.
They get into some much of issues with project team,they would say they would care about the boys studies.Look when the principle and the became chef-de-mission and the coach become the coach of asian school.Did they ask the form 5 players to play?Surely yes.What about their studies if they dont do well.It is because of others and not us.

Now we wait and see whether they can provide jobs other than in kfc,McDonalds and pizza jobs.We see what song they play.What happend to the result Form 5 boys last year.U want me to publish or u can publish with some respect.

Do you know what I think of BJSS.(Words have been deleted) is the most liability that the school has and not forgotten the sneaky,selfish and useless coach who wants recognition for every BJSS boys.Really Stupid people.I wonder the future of our athlete in this school.Sports and studies see dark times in this system.

Get a analyst and do a comparison of those days without sport scool and now,you would get a answer Mr ALL ROUND TEACHER

Anonymous said...

Hai guys.
Hot news. Our Project 2013 officials are in hot soup. News are out that they didn't pay the players allowance. Boys were only given some money and balance "pocketted". The boys have complained. The officials are talking to the boys to `not to talk the truth'. The boys have also spoken to their parents. Most likely it will be brought out in Council Meeting.
ALL ARE 102 members. Just look at them. Cheap cheats. Bullying players.
Players are scared because they have been threatern. `Takut tak boleh main untuk Malaysia'.
MHF Coaching Committee must investigate immidiately and sack those 102 officials.
MHF image is at stake. Sponsers will shy away if money is pocketted by officials. They will loose confidence. TM must act and sack them
Shame on you 102, who want to improve hockey in the country. You guys are "improving yourselves" only.
If no money go beg at the roadside.
ANTI 102.

Anonymous said...

Biar saya maklumkan cerita sebenar. Sebenarnya saya dan pemain lain di paksa buat tuduhan palsu keatas pegawai 2013. Dan inilah kisah semasa Sukan SEA CUP di Bangkok pada tahun lepas. Kita di paksa dan bendahari phm dan seorang pengurus bawah 16 telah jumpa kami di pejabat PHM. Mereka telah kelirukan kami semasa itu. Tetapi selepas berbincang dengan jurulatih dan baru kame sedar bahawa kita semua telah di bayar dengan jujur. saya harap benda ini tidak dibesarkan oleh jurulatih sukan sekolah kami dan dia dan bendahari phm ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk sabotaj jurulatih kami yang disayangi. terimakasih.
Pemain 2013 dan BJSS.

Anonymous said...

ini semua angkara Bendahari PHM. dia bersubahat dengan jurulatih bukit jalil sebab mereka dengki dengan kejayaan yang diperolehi oleh skuad 2013. jangan mangsakan kami dalam agenda dan niat jahat ini. jurulatih bjss sedarlah bahawa kita semua adalah satu untuk membangun sukan hoki. kita disempit dengan tingkah laku bendahari dan jurulatih sukan sekolah. kedua-dua mereka dari Pulau Pinang dan telah meminta bantuan dari bengali yang berjanggut putih dan botak dalam agenda. dia telah datang ke sekolah untuk berjumpa kami dan bertanya soalan yang tidak patut ditanya. kami begitu takut dan harap perkara ini diselesaikan.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Three meetings were held with YB Minister of Youth and Sports including the full presentation on 22nd October 2008 at Parliament.

As the tenure of "102" former hockey internationals had ended with the submission and presentation of the proposal, we believe that the document should be accessible to everyone who loves hockey and supports Malaysian hockey.

Treasurer and BJSS Coach read the above before commenting.

Anonymous said...









Anonymous said...

Dear All,

The TM must do some drastic adjustment for the MHF and so Hockey can progress.

we are not dictating to the TM what to do, but to inform him what is behind the scene that His officials were brewing behind MHF's back.

1)Hon. Sec: he is not fit to be beholding this position and he is feeling very insecure of his minuses and he is covering all angles by playing gutter politics by being friendly to all sides hoping that he will get support from all HAs because of his breed.
He is a mole and he do not have the stature of being the Hon-Sec for Malaysia.

2) The fu-man-chu head injured VP should be thrown out of everything concerning Hockey, pronto. No mercy.
He will be big trouble if no action is taken now.

3) VP from one-eye jacks state is also in cahoots with the Chairman coaching south state because the vp is beholden to him as he claimed that he is the one that got him his position in the first place, as this VP have no track record in Hockey,so now it is payback time. If he has dignity, he will walk away after the Chairman claim then to be rubbished as a Hockey official in whatever capacity.

4) Treasurer: He holds the apron sting of his HA drunkard Sec. and he must do all his bidding or else he will not nominate him for his MHF post. This type of slippery snakes cannot be holding any responsible position in any organisation.

These are the main culprits in the MHF that is hindering the good work of the MHF, so they must be eradicated once and for all.

People, if you all have Hockey at heart, there is nothing that is good of them. So,if you are having teh-tarik in any mamak staff and any of their sympathisers comes along, please do not be swayed by them or be cowed by their claim of having big-wits behind their campaign.


Anonymous said...

heard sanjay money man, bjss coach, team manager of under16 dan vp from penang are working behind the scene to sabotaj malaysian hockey. your penang state also cannot manage wants to talk great. you stole sukan teras money and register your house and took monthly rental. the file is at macc and waiting to be made active. stay away and dont envy with the success. your time are all over. tresurer is caught that the story about players didnt get money is not true and all players have declared got money. treasurer and bjss coach caught off guard. dare you to bring this matter face to face and we wil face the music and make sure apology is done. dont insult tm dan mhf for your personal gain and glory.

council member of mhf

Anonymous said...

BJSS please get your PRIORITIES right.

These National sports schools are feeded with the best sports students from all states right from the age of 13 to be molded and become the country's future athletes. They are groomed to represent the country and if they fail, the sports school failed in their task to produce world class athletes.

Actual fact is the sports school has failed since it was established because non of its students have ever produce any medals in the olympics. So the government has been wasting its millions of ringgit generously to schools which cannot bring results.

The Govermnent is funding these sports school with millions of ringgit annually on highly nutrious food and sports facilities to train the students in their sports field everyday without fail and when called up for national training camp to report. Unlike now, it seems that these students have been groomed to hybernate in their classrooms.

With regards to their studies, the students study by simple modules and the teachers can plan to have their extra classes not to clash with their national training.

Please bear in mind that the sports school students entry into Pra-U is with minimum qualification but their entry into Olympics as world class champions requires world's highest qualification. As such success is not an overnight victory but a strong foundation of hardship trainning and national exposure right from the earliest age possible.

A medal achieved in the World Cup events is a reward to each and every malaysian. And every malaysian should help these individuals achieve the country's ambition so it be their mother, father, teacher or couch.

So, Sports school please get your PRIORITIES right and release your boys for national camp training. Witholding them is already violation by law as they belong to the country and not to any individual or schools. And please do not mislead the boys with the wrong intentions and get caught ofguard.

Anonymous said...

CSI reports

A booo to BJSS school hockey coach who fails to seek exellency in his boys

Angers and disapointment can be seen in many people eyes the way BJSS plays in the SEMI's. Wat a shit performance after six to seven years of pampered training. Is this wat we get after government spents millions of ringgit on these boys. If it was not for the goalkeepers super performance, UNikl would have trashed BJ with atleast 7 goals.
BJSS with 1 National under 21 and 7project boys, they could have easily trashed any other teams.

The overall performance of BJSS was a total let down. Many other teams have caught up and beaten BJSS performance not because BJSS don't have good players but they have a screwed up coach. This fellow should be sacked on the spot not only because of his bad performance but of poor attitude, non committment and lacking to see exellence in his boys. This, if his principal fails to see, than she too should leave the school for good.

Further to this, Failure to allow BJ boys to participate in premiere league and going for holidays was the job of an exellence coach.

Failure to train and coach your school boys from November'09 till Mid March'10 was an exellence coach commitment. I have records of his trainings and have records where about was he at that time. If BJ coach still denies, It will be expose to KPM.

Denying the 7 BJ boys to participate in project 2013 trainings was a big mistake a coach seeking exellence did. All the seven boys were pressured by one school administrator and the bj coach. They were told not to get involved with the project team. It was because the BJ coach and one school administrator had some problems with the project team coach. Rather than settling the issue, the school used the boys against the project coaches. The boys who went for training the first day was all called up and told to stay away from the project training.
A National sports school seeking exellency have coaches and administrators actually disgrace the sports culture embodied in them.

BJ coach has no diplomacy. Due to his arrogant and stupid behavior, BJ has lost alot of sponsorship for the hockey boys. Look at wat the badminton players and football players plus athletes are getting. BP hockey boys are now fully sponsored by Tenaga. They get high performance sticks and shoes, allowance, oversea trips and games, further studies to Uni's with scholarship and adoption programme into Tenaga. BJ Hockey boys get shit because nobody wants to deal with the BJ coach. Who is losing. The boys are.

BJ coach stops his boys from exposure. BJ coach teaches his boys that it is 'ok' to withdraw.
If a coach who has been given the best boys in the country is a mentally handicaped coach, how would you seek exellency from his boys. He would only produce mentally retarded players. He will never be able to produce a player with character because he himself has got no character.

Let the BJ coach go around licking for exellency for he's lacking the principles to exellency.

Just get him out of BJ, sent him to a girl school and save the boys.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

jurulatih bjss keluarlah dan berani jumpa kita dan bincang masalah ini. jangan gunakan orang untuk kebaikan anda. kesian kat pemain pemain bjss yang dipaksa tulis surat tanpa mengetahui agenda mereka. kalau tak bayar kenapa pemain lain tak bawa hal ini hanya pemain bjss saja. tanyalah ketua pasukan dan pemain lain. hanya emapat atau lima saja kecoh bukan satu pasukan. mereka pula dipergunakan oleh orang orang yang ada hubungan di pulau pinang. yang kecoh bendahari, naib presiden dan jurulatih bjss semua geng penang. inilah geng yang jatuhkan raja nazrin dan bawa tengku majid dan geng inilah juga yang jatuhkan tengku majid dan sekarang ada agenda lain. dah tualah berhenti ajelah. jangan buang masa. hal ini pemain pemain dah tahu cerita sebenar dan pemain semua mengaku telah terima duit mereka semas di sea cup bangkok dan myanmar sukan asia bawah 18 tahun. tak ada masalah kalau berani jumap semuka dengan mirnawan dan geng selesaikan masalah ini. jangan menyorok belakang buntut india dan bhai.

Anonymous said...

hey thamby sanjay. jangan jolok sarang tebuan. dengar you ada banyak kes kat kastam dan phm. hj johari jauhkan diri jangan jadi zoror dan superman dalam hal ini. bhai dari pulau pinang tak ada sebab atau hak ke sekolah bjss bagi mencetus masalah ini. stay cool brother. prakash bjss buang masa dan tidak layak jadi jurulatih. kat liga remaja pun tak boleh menang nak cakap besar.

Anonymous said...

July 26.10.36pm

Mr.BJSS coach.Dont hide behind the curtains.Yes your allegation we have heard.We have also heard how you make the boys sign the letter of allegation.we can understand your frustation as how you kill the BJSS players players hope of playing for the country.We also understand you have lost of ideas to attack project team.We also now how you brought the Penang VP to talk to the players and complain about project official.We also know how you brought the MHF treasurer and a klha official to investigate this allegation.We also know how the letter was wrote by teacher and force the boys to sign that they are pulling out from the project team to concentrate their studies.

Hello my friend you make all decision for your players, project team never object and fight your decision.We just go on.Now you are afraid that your decision is killing you.What can I do my friend.NOTHING!!You screw everything up.

Now your allegation.Let it be like this.You call the MHF treasurer and your Penang VP together with the KLHA official to ask TM to call for a royal inquiry.Call all the players that went for the tournament,if the boys say they have not been paid we would resign.But if it was otherwise please get lost from BJSS.Please bring it up in council.I beg you please.

Asking people to go and beg on the road is still better than people making money from vendors and act innocent.Get your facts right my friend.

Gandhi, said...

The comment has been edited.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The wisdom of the senior national hockey team tour...":

hey(deleted)the treasurer of mhf. you were remove from(deleted)due to scandal then seek (deleted)help to be posted to kuantan. dont let us expose your wrong doing. how is the (deleted) chick and (deleted) chick then you park at the ocm hotel during hockey meets. what about the money in mhf during 2008. dont rock the boat so much. we will tear you down. heard you want be Vp in coming election. your days are gone. sayonara.

Anonymous said...

To All,

The truth need to be inform.When the project team was suppose to go for european tour which was plan last year,suddenly there is a Asian School meet clashing.So the great BJSS coach is the coach for team.He and the great treasurer try to sabotaj the european tour.Money was slash and until last minute the team was not sure whether they can go.The team went finally.The two greats was upset.BJSS now force the pra-u boys who has start school not to go.They have earlier stop the Form 5 boys.This has make the boys angry and upset.

The great treasurer and the Penang VP is invovled in this matter because Penang is the only state that didnt release any player for project team during U-23 and Razak Cup last year and coincidently Penang players are from BJSS who are stop from attending training.So this clowns thinks their players are victimise.One Penang player who was from the last junior world cup trainee was selected still and went to Myanmar but after that he was call for training he say "Saya malas nak training.When call him he dont even pick up his phone.I cannot understand why such player is given pra-u in this BJSS school.Isnt pra-u for future national player.

Mr.Tuan Haji Johari for you.I dont know how you was blinded.You went to investigate.This is the story.BJSS coach is now under pressured because parents are upset why their children not in the team to europe.When project team went to Bangkok for Sea Cup we were given short of money.All team and even our ladies eat in the hotel.We were the only who can afford to eat in hotel.We fly with airasia wherelse the ladies flew with MAS.The bus took both the team together and left us in 2 different airport.By eating outside the money is still not enough.But MHF ask us to go first and claim later.The amount is RM 5417.Then came our treasurer who wants to nail the team,he thinks why did the team claim after they came back,surely there is a foul play.He took the file and went to the school.BJSS coach was happy.It seems the treasurer ask how much elaun the boys got.The boys told they only receive 300 in the airport.But in the claim form they sign 900.So with this they force the boys to write a letter and the treasurer took it straight to TM.The correct way is to wait for team come back from europe and ask the official.But here NO.Lets kill them.When the team came back from europe,this story is there,when check with the players they say yes they rcv RM300 and rcv USD 160(USD20x8days)but they say the treasurer didnt talk about elaun makan.They rcv another RM30 one day before leaving to Bangkok.So it is 300+570(US160)+30=900.The boys are confused because the team was promise BONUS for winning the SEA CUP.Their problem since they cannot attend training they are worried that their bonus was not paid to them.But the bonus has not been paid yet Mr Tuan Haji Johari.Why you as a respected man in KL get invovled with this crooks.Yes I know there is 3 out of 5 boys are from KL.The coach is also from KL.Why you jump the gun.You want to be the manager is it?

So now council is clear what has happend?I hope the BJSS get lost from BJSS.You try to put sand in peoples rice bowl.In another 3 months when the form 5 boys who you are torturing in the school leaves school the game start.When we keep quiet you want it.We will give what is due to revail at that time.

Anyway there is another story this BJSS coach start in KPM early in the year.It seems players and coach were drinking in Myanmar during U-18 Asia Cup.Jugjet write the story.Haji Johari go and investigate.treasurer get letters send to TM.Bring Penang VP alias Karpal Singh to BJSS quickly.Go and fy kites.

Anonymous said...

The Wild Conspiracy Pt 1

Meaning on CONSPIRACY :
A joint effort directed towards a goal.

Theory of CONSPIRACY :
1) Seeking to explain a disputed case/matter as a plot by a secret group rather than an individual.

2) An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful or subversive act with political intention.

3) To accomplish a legal purpose thru illegal action.

The BJSS school hockey coach had brought up issue to MSN and MHF that his schoolboys had been shortchanged from their tournament allowances by their project 2013 officials.

There was no complains from other boys in the team who went for the championship other than the complains from the BJSS boys. It was noted that the boys was again force to write a complain.

The allegation went up to the highest level in MHF and MSN. TM after investigation found out that the allegation was baseless and that all their allowances was paid off with extras. He is also topping up with additional bonus to reward the boys for their performances.

Why is K.Balu alias Pra.. Subr.. alias BJSS Sports School hockey coach peeping the Project 2013 officials with magnifying glasses and throwing falsehood and frauds?

Why is he alarming the Project 2013officials again and again.

What is he so affraid about?

What has he got to gain or loose from his actions?

Will his WILD CONSPIRACY work.

to be continued.

CSI reports.

Anonymous said...

Saya rasa pelik la. Adakah dalam MHF jurulatih yang bayar duit? Ini mesti kerja pengurus pasukan. Mengapa jurulatih yang dibawa masuk dalam cerita ini. Komen yang menyokong jurulatih jelas menunjukkan bahawa DIA atau org dia yang cuba menpertahankan cerita. Biarkan pengurus yang beri cerita sebenar. Jurulatih sibuk .....mengapa? Terlibat sama ke atau dapat sebahagian dr $ haram. Bertaubat la
Tau cerita sebenar

Anonymous said...

Anonymous July 31, 2010 12:23 PM.
I agree with you.
Manager should give detailed report to MHF and MHF should let everybody know the outcome. Then, we will know the truth.

Anonymous said...


Encik Tau Sebenar,

Apa yang you tahu?Bodoh lagak pandai pulak.Pengurus tak pi ke Bangkok.Banggang!!!Itu pun you tak tahu.

Lepas tu buat tuduhan pengurus makan duit.You orang nak buat tuduhan palsu pakai otak sikitlah banggang.

Pilah main dgn anak2 naik basikal atau main gulilah,tau perkara sebenar konon.

Malaslah banyak sangat orang bodoh.Pi tgk cerita konsipirasi lepas tu dapat idea yang lebih bagus.Cuba dengan teliti lain kali.

Eh kalau jantan dan berani jangan main kotor.Nak jatuhkan orang,jgn main taktik kotor.Jatuhkan dengan maruah.Bukan macam ini.Jgn guna pemain,banggang!!Nak tuduh orang bila org terlibat tak ada kat Malaysia adalah penakut dan pengecut.Apa hal you risau bila jurulatih masuk campur?Eh you panggil satu malaysia masuk campur dan sisat,tak ada masaalah,malah dialu-alukan.Kenapa nak takut,panggil polis pun sekali dan you tampil kedepan,ini pondan cakap sini bolehlah.Nenek saya pun bole tulis.

Anonymous said...

Coach 2013,
don't get carried away. We know Mirnawan didn't go to Bangkok. Truth will be out. When the boys meet the President personally, truth will be out. Now no training.....only after Raya. So get your gaji buta and keep quiet.

Anonymous said...

Hello beer man,

Make sure the president meet the players.I am waiting.Why after raya your BJSS players are coming for training is it.Would inform MHF to put red carpet.Are you coming too.Need to put yellow carpet.

You and your gang talk so much,nothing happens.Attempt after attempt still fail.Your boys are telling when you are going to win.You wont achieve then and you would never achieve anything.You try many things but we kept quiet.This one is too much.Your threat never materialise.

Mine is just wait for SPM examanation to be over.

Anonymous said...

August 1 2010, 1.01pm
Siapa yg bodoh? Saya sudah habis apa ada. You yg bodoh. Kerja tak tentu hala. Sekejap buat kontrak, lepas tu minta tolong orang bagi kontrak. Macam minta sedekah.....Kalau tiada hoki kamu mungkin jadi kutu....amat memalukan. Jangan kata orang bodoh. Tanya diri sendiri...apa kelayakan kamu dan orang lain yang kamu panggil bodoh.
Saya jika tak ada hoki, masih ada kerja dan boleh mendapat gaji bulanan. You apa ada? Tak ada hoki matilah kamu. Siapa mau bagi kerja pada kamu? Nanti talipon kawan-kawan minta support. Ini adalah lebih kurang minta sedekah. Tetapi itu sudah menjadi perkara biasa untuk kamu. Hutang pun banyak....kawan yang bagi hutang. Dia pun tak mau kacau u. Dapat kontrak bayar sedikit. Apa punya hidup? Sedar diri. Jangan panggil orang bodoh.

Anonymous said...

Aug 3,2.23

Kalau ada master besar sangat ke?You cerita orang berhutang.Ada hutang dengan you ke?

Kalau orang berpelajaran sampai masters,dan ada gaji bulanan yang you megahkan.Kenapa you minta duit dari setiap kontraktor bila BJSS beli peralatan sukan.You mahu saya report kepada SPRM.Jgn cakap banyak,pi buat FIH course betul2.Jgn malukan malaysia kat sana.U ada master atau meter, nanti kita akan tahu.GOOD LUCK

Anonymous said...

Coach, jangan marah jika u tak ada masters. Masih boleh belajar. masih ada masa. Bila tak ada training dan dapat gaji buta belajarlah . Mesti boleh pandai.
Hutang beli rumah dan kereta itu biasalah tetapi hutang dgn kawan dan tak bayar atau slow, ini yang boring. U tak perlu hutang dengan saya. 100% saya tak akan bagi. Susah nak dapat balik dari u. Kuttu yang u main dan telah tutup half way dan u untung. Orang lain semua sangkut. U guna taktik hoki ke ...... spin off and u get the Ball (money) dan take & run along the line. Don't turn back. Don't do Indian dribble....will slow u down. hidup mesti ada maruah.
U nak repot pada SPRM ....sila. Tengok siapa kena. Tak ada training selama 2 bulan dan terima elaun untuk melatih budak. Ini apa...sila lapor. U kena dulu. Jangan kacau orang.
Wang Halal

Anonymous said...

Hai guys, please wake up. Looks like this is being personal clash. Stop this. Question is were the players paid allowance. It is for the Manager at that particular time to answer to MHF. President has also said No Issue. Why argue ?

Anonymous said...