Monday, October 18, 2010

Battle for MHF Vice Presidents - "One of contenders may seem to lack the apprenticeship service in administration of Malaysian hockey".

The current President of MHF has made MHF an attractive proposition to encourage the numbers to gather to battle out for the various posts in the offering. MHF these days is much more solid both in administration and wealth as it has come clear of its sloppiness and debts. The recent constitutional amendments to permit the appointment of Secretary plus Treasurer and with the period extended to 4 years for Office bearers seem to have provided the extra interest to compete for the remainder contestable posts. The focus seems to be on the Deputy President and Vice Presidents (VPs).

As for the VPs there are 6 positions of which 4 are contestable and the other 2 are reserved for Sabah and Sarawak. For the 4 contestable positions there are 8 candidates of which 3 are incumbents and they are:
  1. Datuk Seri Che Khalib, Chairman of the Finance Committee.

  2. Datuk Rahim Ariff, Chairman of the Competition Committee.

  3. M Gopinathan, Chairman of the Special Projects Committee.

The 4th incumbent is going for the "broke" and has offered himself as a candidate for the Deputy President's position.

The other 5 candidates who believe they too can be a VP are:

  1. Manjit Majid Abdullah, Secretary - Johor Hockey Association.

  2. DSP Mohinder Singh, Head of Hockey in Polis DiRaja Malaysia

  3. Johari Abdul Aziz, Vice President - Kuala Lumpur Hockey Association.

  4. Rahim Ahmad, Coaching Chairman - Selangor Hockey Association

  5. Ow Soon Kooi, former national player

Without any doubt, looking at the list of candidates all save for one has done "yeoman" service for Malaysian hockey administration either at National or State or both. Although there is no condition precedent of a prequalification criteria, it yet provides persuasive indicators of the contesting personalities.

Ow Soon Kooi is relatively a "newcomer" to administration of Malaysian hockey although directly or indirectly he is involved in businesses that have connections to the sporting world. Some of this may provide a "convergence of interest", which could be helpful while at times the convergence of interest could become a "conflict of interest". This thin dividing line can become problematic if it is misconstrued and can put Malaysian hockey in disrepute.

The other key question Ow Soon Kooi has to answer is whether he has the time? As a Malaysian "hockey watcher", this question begs an answer because early this year he was offered the post of one of the 2 team managers of the senior national team. Ow Soon Kooi refused that appointment on grounds of time and that answer may come to haunt him as he offers his services for VP, particularly as the post is for 4 years.

There is no doubt Ow Soon Kooi has served the nation well both as a national player and as a former officer with Polis DiRaja Malaysia. As a player, not only did he don the national colours but also became the Captain of the national team. His close relationship with people like the late Datuk Ho Koh Chye and Datuk R Yogeswaran while employing a few national hockey players plus other sports related personalities have kept him abreast with the developments in hockey. He has also indulged in having a hockey team starred by a few former internationals and coached by a known sports journalist.

Does this mean Ow Soon Kooi has done his "apprenticeship" to be among "equals" to be considered for the VP post? This is not something that can be answered by us but rather by the Affiliates who would have their representatives at the BGM. What would be good is for Ow Soon Kooi not to contest but rather be nominated by the President either as Chairman of Coaching Committee or Chairman of Development Committee. These are key positions and the future of Malaysian hockey is dependant on the performance of such Committees. I am sure if he offers himself for such positions MHF would be more than willing to have the services of such a distinguished former national captain. In a lot of ways this may help to suppress any potential "innuendos" that may arise that could bring unnecessary colour to the elections.


Your Conscience said...

Dear Chandran,

This must surely be one of your worst comments. Definitely not thought out properly, or at length. It is so easy to shoot from the hips. Look at the man in the mirror tonight. Regards.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with you on Ow Soon Kooi. Why you never comment on Rahim Ahmad ? Has he proven his administrative skills ?
Why can't we tap Ow'a talent on business and change Malaysian hockey to sports industry? Let the states do development...with 1MAS. MHF only plans for states. It is the duty of states to execute the plan. Don't expect MHF VP to do it. VP can only monitor.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ghandi,

You need to see the big picture.VP should also hold key positions in sub committees. Your views pls????

Former national star cum business man.....diversity in managing people as well as running corporation. That's the outlook we should move into. We can argue about conflict of interest until cow comes home but can never reach to a conclusion. Let's get to the primary subject.

VM Chandran said...

You are a strange animal, Gandhi. You give the impression that all the ills in Malaysian hockey and cricket bothers you, and yet if one is to read between the lines, your own selfish agenda sieves through.

You think you know it all, but that can't be further than the truth.

For starters, you are a faceless blogger and that alone immediately denies you any credibility. Yes, I am anonymous too here but the day you confirm who you are, that would also encourage commenters to reveal themselves.

I have misgivings about some of the comments by other sports bloggers like Satwant Singh, Tony Mariadass, Rizal Hashim, Chris Raj but at least they don't hide behind a nom de plume name. We all have our suspicions about who you really are, and that your sometimes vile comments should not be dignified with a response.

But, unfortunately, you have villified some personalities whom after so many years watching the shenanigans from the sidelines have decided to step up to be counted. Even that you hold against them.

You forget for years Malaysian hockey was run by a tyrant (just like in MIC) that no person with an ounce of decency had wanted to get involved. Moreover, this tyrant was so insecure that a good man was never welcome and all access to the president then (Sultan Azlan Shah) was blocked off.

There is one man who wants to be upgraded from VP to DP and during a lunch get-together, he had the audacity to ask the MHF president to facilitate gambling machine licences for his club. Imagine, it was at an open forum and this "good" doctor had not the presence of mind to realise he was compromising a royalty, and a Muslim, for whom gambling was "haram".

His argument was the income from the gambling machines would be used to finance hockey development in the club. Heck, Kelab Aman has never played in the junior or senior league. They don't even have a team in the KL League, for crying out loud!

I would welcome former internationals into the fold, though I would also be wary of some (esp the one from Perak).

Check the background of the candidates -- how many MHF meetings have they attended, how many times their own committees have met and how much have they done in their own States. Be informed, for instance, that Manjit Majid Abdullah has been Johor HA secretary for 30 years and they don't even have a league. The two stadiums used for the Junior World Cup are white elephants. And consider this: Manjit's platform to stand for elections is to contribute towards national hockey.

Don't you think charity should begin at home? Likewise, in Perak and Negri Sembilan.

There should be e elected VPs and my vote would be for Mohinder, Johari, Rahim and Ow Soon Kooi. Why? Because Mohinder is keeping alive the hockey tradition in the Police force, Johari because he is party to the best league in the country (KL has five divisions), Rahim for the same reason that Selangor now has a league and they are moving now, and Ow Soon Kooi because of his business acumen and he had been a keen watcher, spending hours at a time dicussing the game with people in the know, as you have indicated.

The two "compulsory" VPs from Sabah and Sarawak -- the only time they show for a meeting is when they need to get back in as VP. After that they are "ajaib".

For DP, unfortunately neither R. Yogeswaran nor Ken Pereira are in the fray. But these people are -- Tengku Majid, Cheema, Abdul Hadi and incumbent Azmi. None are worth their weight in salt. In this sense, I can only feel sorry for the president, TM of Pahang. So, it would be open season here.

Given the DP, whoever it is, would be a "dead duck" anyway, hopefully, the president would be circled by strong VPs. Fortunately, now he has also the luxury to pick his secretary and treasurer.

So Gandhi, contribute well. Consider the options properly. Fewer people are beginning to take your blog seriously, don't make it worse.


Anonymous said...

It is unbelievable that you have posted this article.

If your purpose is a character assassination exercise then you have done well!

Like anonymous 4:53 PM said with Ow’s business contact he would probably bring in more good to MHF rather than the other candidates.

At the moment the MHF kitty is healthy. The President, TM who have done it alone. Other than that Datuk Seri Che Khalib is the other responsible person.

Now everybody wants to jump into the bandwagon.

What about the other candidates? Why have you not commented on worthless candidates?

Why not stories about one candidate who was a bankrupt and cheated the MHF by using the association’s letter head to solicit for funding to starts a scam program. What about activities of promise / soliciting money for Datoship?

His case is still under investigation? Or swept under the carpet because there is an agent involved from the association?

An incumbent MHF suspended for 1 year because of indiscipline as a player. When he was entrusted with the duties as team manager, he failed his duties. He is rumoured to hold a fake PhD and currently entrusted to chart Malaysian hockey future. Are you tolerating because he is the lesser evil and you are waiting for the kill?

Like the saying “what goes around comes around” and probably what the last group did in their term is also being practiced today, cronies, bad mgt etc.

Nobody knows which horse will deliver but what is important beforehand is that they must be trustworthy and put hockey above self.

There is no end when we play god. Hope your source for facts gathering is reliable. Sadly within the hockey circle the 102 have failed and diverted from their objectives.

Good day mate!

Anonymous said...

Bro Chandran
Please RIP your blog. You are being bias. Keep your ideas to yourself, your company and family. Hockey doesn't need you and your stupid ideas.

Anonymous said...

""Sadly within the hockey circle the 102 have failed and diverted from their objectives.""

Agree! So sad........ May God bless 102.......

Anonymous said...

Hey Chandran,
Why never post my comments? Sudah malu ke or feeling stupid !
Not everyday is your day. Sometimes it takes U turn and you will feel the heat.
Your days are over

Anonymous said...

In response to VM Chandran who wrote a great comment I just have one point I wish to clarify
Rahim the coaching chairman Of Selangor never has even lifted a finger to help the Selangor league or any tournament the Deputy President and his team of hardworking officials has carried out in the past two years they have been on board. Except being prominent in pictures nothing else.

Anonymous said...

VM Chandran should get his facts right . Negeri has been running a league for the past ten years. It was the first state to organise the under 18 league. This year there were 15 teams in the NS league. Check with MHF .i dont want to comment about others but NS has organised U15 , U16 and U 14 tournaments besides the closed six a side

Former Secretary said...


The VP race has thrown up an interesting number of candidates

1. Datuk Seri Che Khalib the sole reason he is there is beacuse fo the 1.5M his organization pumps into other that that the man is a great asset but unfortuinately he will not have the time to contribute. Whats need to be analyzed if the 1.5M iis there because of his seat or a required contribution from the GLC

2. Datuk Rahim Ariff, has worked tirelessly to get competition off the ground and looked at formats, being who he is outside hockey has helped with the growth of the indoor game in his state and nationally and internationally. Sadly he is guided at times a little to much by the current Hon.Secretary who seem to dictate too many thing. Weather he can lead and perform with him depends to be seen

3. Sadly of the 3 current VP contesting Mr. M Gopinathan, had done little for MHF but a lot for him. One stint as Team Manager and doing his small legal part in the constitution revamp there not much he can boost about having done as a VP in MHF. HE achievements is almost zero

Former Secretary said...

The asipring candidated
1. Manjit Majid Abdullah, Secretary - Johor Hockey Association. Already is part of the council by virtue of the untouched seat as JHA Secretary and yet nothing is done in Johor domestically. If you can even contribute tot he development in you own state what can you bring to the national platform.

2. DSP Mohinder Singh, Head of Hockey in Polis DiRaja Malaysia slightly better then Manjit keep police team alive. If he is not there then what happens tothe Police team. Outside of the Police Team what else has he contributed almost Zero, its a one man show sitting in almost every committee.

3. Johari Abdul Aziz, Vice President - Kuala Lumpur Hockey Association. Without Prejudice this is an awesome character that I have watch, observed from the TNB team days to the current position as manager of the Youth teams. The takes charge of the team coughs out his won money, doesn't make false claims, if his family travels with him he pays out of his own time. Treats the players like his own children he keep his profile low and get the job done. I wish I had him in my state. This is a resource and depth that cannot go untouched and delegated must be really blind if they do not see his contributions todate. He is on the field and in the meetings working for Hockey

4. Rahim Ahmad, Coaching Chairman - Selangor Hockey Association sadly the poorest character fo the lot that is aspiring, sitting as the VP who is there for when VIP comes and contributed ZERO to the National Coaching Committee except be a renegade. In his state also, I have come to understand he does zero in his coaching committee and does little to help the other committees. He could not even manage the State Veteran team using his brothers and close friend to form a team and showing up with 12 players to a National Veteran Tournament held last year. Further more as a VP in Selangor working for the same municipal council that manages the Turf he cant even get them repair the turf. forget about getting the turf for free to even clean the turn he does not have clouts. SHA definitely did a poor and baffling choice. I wont be surprised if he pulls out

5. Ow Soon Kooi, former national player having being offered many time to be apart of MHF to be Team Manager a businessman who does not have time. Will he be another Tony Fernandes who gets a seat on the board because of the money he contributes or will he give back to hockey. MR.Ow when provided the opportunity only talks about National Team and talent pool.

We got to be serious sorry the Delegated have to be serious who and what kind of characters that want to win.

Anonymous said...

Wow...Anon (6.02), for a State which has been running a league for 10 years, and with so many age-group tournaments, Negri Sembilan certainly assembled a "brilliant" team in last year's Razak Cup.

Why don't you reproduce the team list here with the ages of the players?

You should be the one who should check your facts before shooting off again.

Anonymous said...

MHF, please hire foreign coach asap before it getting worst! Foreign coach immediately needed for this time being..

Anyway, Sorry to say that Sarjit still the best local coach we got currently among others.....Sincere comments...No offence to anyone...Its reality...

Malaysian coaches,
Pls put aside all the jealousy, anger, betrayal, etc. between all of you and i beg you pls unite together to re-build our glorious team!


Anonymous said...

Yes man , you got it right. SARJIT is still the best in malaysia. TM please look into coaching committee and make a wise decision.Look back into all age group coaches. some are not fit to be there.Dont think of cronism.Let the malaysian have the best.That is SARJIT.

Anonymous said...

Just a comment to hockey lovers. It will be good if all contribute ideas and corrective actions instead of hitting on someone or campaigning for some characters.....the last thing you want to do is naming a person and hit him hard. We need some professional etiquette and if need be give pseudonyms.

As a hockey player we need to show some class instead of playing cat and mouse game.

Anonymous said...

Based on merits and not sentiments, Sarjit still the 1st choice

Anonymous said...

Anon. 4:50 PM,

You are right. Think out side the box. MHF, TM, MSN must not allow hockey to be abused by individuals.

The money lending, match fixing, selling game, gambling during, coming to training drunk must not be repeated.

Those responsible for bringing hockey to this low must not be considered back.

Hidup hockey!

Anonymous said...

Abang Lim, apa jadi 1MAS? U ada duit pigi padang. Persatuan ada duit pigi padang. Coach ada duit pigi padang. Tapi pemain tada duit pigi padang.Kena ajar hantulah untuk jadi pemain Malaysia. ajak Bomoh jadi coach.

Anonymous said...

New Committee,
Please get Sarjit back. He will do well. Malaysian Hockey needs him. He will be able to rope in Paul Lissek.
We don't need foreign coach. Don't waste public money.
Former player

Anonymous said...

On 12th February at the Tun Razak Stadium, the final of a well organised Malaysian Hockey League (MHL) event was undertaken meticulously to get the crowd to come back to support hockey. Many milestones were created in the MHL this year and the ultimate manifestation was the attendance at the terraces ie. nearly 5000 people. Something that was not seen for main years in Malaysian hockey.

While the people concerned were out making the sponsors and related parties welcome to the finals, trouble was brewing at a certain corner of the grandstand by an MHF official. He seemed disgusted that the sponsors were given the front row of the VIP seats with the TM, while he was to be seated at a row back. This arrangement was not to his satisfaction and probably "huffing and puffing" he left the stadium. While the MHL season's grand finale was going on, he was sighted at the Royal Selangor Club. This person is no other than the long serving MHF Vice President (VP), who is supposedly to head MHF's Medical Committee.

Why the fuss? Just because he is the VP, he must get the limelight? Mind you there were people there who had contributed significantly as sponsors to ensure that the MHL succeeds and surely they have "better and greater" rights for the event. If any, this VP should be asked what he has done for Malaysian hockey in his long serving period with MHF. Oh yes! maybe being vocal only!

If we track this VP's records, that in itself may speak for him. In the previous MHF's administration, he managed to be with the winning team but as time went on he "fell off' with the "powers" who were controlling MHF then. He was relieved from the key portfolio of Development Committee and given the mundane responsibility of Competitions Committee. In a way that worked to his benefit for it gave him the opportunity to think about taking on the Deputy President's post at the last MHF elections.
The story does not end here as the VP has made his way to become one of the two team managers of the senior national team. Mind you, he was not nominated rather he volunteered for the position when a recommended candidate refused the nomination. Shocking to many was when he explained that it was always his wish to be a team manager and as such nobody protested. As an afterthought, there is a view how is he going to undertake this new task? To date, he has done nothing as Chairman of MHF's Medical Committee. There is even a suspicion whether he has a Committee. So why volunteer for the position?

The gossip that emerges seems to make reference to 2 tournaments where he wants to be seen to be leading the national team as manager. The 1st one is Sultan Azlan Shah Trophy, where he hopes to make an impact with His Highness Sultan of Perak and the other at his "ancestral" home ie India for the Commonwealth Games. Strangely both these events do not have an impact on Malaysia's ranking in world hockey but it would do wonders for his reputation. That of course is quite important.

The morale to the stories outlined above seems to provide an image that one can remain a long serving official of MHF by being vocal and at the right time making the right alliances. It is not about what one brings to MHF, rather it would seem what one gets out of MHF. In a way this probably explains why Malaysian hockey has suffered in recent years. What is incomprehensible is even those who had painstakingly worked for the good of Malaysian hockey with the best of intentions get their reputations "mutilated" by people whose interest is all about themselves. Is this not sad ? Yet, time and time again such people seem to maneuver and remain in power for the glamour. At the end it is Malaysian hockey that suffers.

Anonymous said...

This Dr VP dreams of DP personality has been around for a long time but has contributed nothing or little for the sport. he is in the MHF for selfish gains & personal glory. Don't even think for a minute that he is going to contribute ideas and work for the improvement of hockey simply because he has no ideas, can't work, played very little good hockey but TALK A LOT just like most of his clansmen. Before assuming current portfolio, he was the Development Chairman and did NOTHING to bring up grassroot hockey. And now as the Chairman of Medical Committee, I think he will do well in collecting urine samples for doping tests!
Now that he has begged his way to be appointed as the asst. team manager, it will be interesting to see his contributions to the national team. I have my doubts as he is known to be very calculative with his time and money. On many occasions over the years, he has complained about having to pay for a locum so that he can attend MHF meetings. What can we then expect from this kind of administrator. Not much.
But then again, his 'strength' is to stir up a lot dissension and create animosity between other officials and ultimately disunity in the organisation.
Gandhi Ji, you have observed very well about his reaction for not being seated in the same row with the TM during the MHL Final. It was such a petty issue and his childish behaviour just reinforced what everyone already knew that he is there for personal glory & ntohing else. This 'glory seeker' must be removed at all cost.


Anonymous said...

memang tak masuk akal, macam mana hang boleh pikir macam itu. rasanya hang takada akal kot.Kalau budak itu mahu belajar bagus la. kalau pi tution saja tak cukup.Di wakil negara dan jadi bijak , bukan macam hang.Kalau masa lu sekolah lu ada pikir macam ini ka, ada yang tak kena? Patut la lu tak pandai.Mana ada sekolah yang mahu rosak masa depan budak, mungkin sekolah yang lu belajar kot.TAK MASUK AKAL LA.

Anonymous said...

All of you who comment on MHL finals, please get your facts right. Ask GM what happened. Don't just say things without checking the true story.
Truth Must Prevail

Anonymous said...

Better be sure who you want to ask about the TRUTH....oops!!!