Friday, October 29, 2010

TM need the right people who can serve Malaysian hockey properly and are loyal to the President.

TM is the Crown Prince of Pahang and is conducting himself regally in his position as President of MHF. Staying away from the "bitching" that is taking place in the contest for Deputy President (DP) and Vice Presidents (VPs), the TM is probably doing the right thing. Someday in the future all of us would be his "raayat" and therefore wanting to interfere in the process of an election by stating who he thinks should be in the MHF Management team would probably be shortsighted. This is where the TM displays his "greatness" as he gives every candidate the fair opportunity to participate without being biased if they are genuine in their endeavours.

Strangely, this outlook of the TM may create a "dichotomy" in MHF. The TM's greatness may permit the candidates with varying outlooks to solicitor support in whatever manner they deem fit to get voted to the positions. This may not give a "team" spirit in the new MHF Management as people with different outlooks may pull MHF in different directions. This itself in the initial period may give rise to sufficient confusion including distraction and disturbances which may take the focus from MHF. It is not because the TM is not in control of the situation, rather it would be his nature to permit everyone the opportunity to give their views and some may take this as a licence to push their agenda. The time-wasting that may be caught in the "verbal diarrhoea" may in a way be an "opportunity cost" to Malaysian hockey as to the delays in implementing programmes to shift Malaysian hockey to world class.

The proponents of "verbal diarrhoea" generally have the ability to be the centre of attraction so as they can become closer to the TM for reasons best known to them. Of course it is not difficult to guess the reasons and it is mind boggling on the measures they take. The sad aspect of this is that these people do not have an "iota" of knowledge of what to do and they use their external sources to "feed" them with pertinent points to make them look extraordinary. Rather than being creative they display their skills in "punching holes" on other people's work. It is "dulling other people's boots" rather than "shining their own" that is their modus operandi in showing off themselves. The glaring aspect of all this is how they are able to be present at functions where the TM and certain VVIPs are present and yet they do not appear at any other times when they are most needed.

These are the people whose whole actions contradict the famous statement of late President John F Kennedy ie "ask not what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country". Similarly these people are there in hockey to derive something from hockey rather than giving something to hockey. Of course there are exceptions and mind you a very few only.

This is where the delegates to the BGM on Sunday must decide carefully to differentiate such people. It would be difficult but there are enough stories, some may be truthful while others maybe a figment of one's imagination. The bottom line is whether the candidate can support the President's vision on Malaysian hockey. He should catalyst the vision rather than catalyst his own self interest in being in hockey. Enough stories have been told and the delegates have that opportunity to judge for themselves to give a "team" that can work with the TM. Although the TM will not ask for one yet the delegates for the sake of Malaysian hockey can give the TM a "workable" team. The important thing is not to be swayed by the dinners, drinks and promises rather be guided by the sense of justice so as the people elected can work with the team loyally to turn Malaysian hockey as a world force.

Enjoy the dinners, the drinks and what else that comes with it, but end of the day the delegates must have to answer to their conscience that they gave Malaysian hockey and the TM the right persons for the right positions to take Malaysian hockey into the next 4 years. If the delegates get it right then we have good years to come in hockey or not they themselves have to be blamed and no one else.

So delegates touch your heart and use your head to make that wise choice.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gandhi,
What you said is so true? But which country is not beset by problems of incorrect administration running it. Just look at India and you can see why Indian Hockey is languishing at the bottom of the world heap. Still they take heart that the silver medal at the CWG is a sign of revival in Indian hockey fortune despite the shellacking they got from the Aussie. How out of touch they are. Malaysia lost 4-1 in KL CWG and yet the Indians think they are going to be world champions next. They also have a foreign coach in Jose Brasa. When they tried to engage Charley, they stuffed it up big time. But even if they have Charley, I do not think they can come back as they must accept they will be around the 7 to 8 position of the world rankings henceforth. My basis of the assessment is the very stupid way of playing hockey, goreng goreng all the time. The stupid thing is that they do not realise it and this make it doubly stupid or the American would day dumb ass stupid. In the case of Australia, they had two CEOs the incumbent and the previous person whom they hired from non-hockey background. One was from Basketball and the other from Aussie Rules. They would not even know how hockey is played until their appointment. But this has not deter the success of Aussie hockey as the true influence which are the coaching personnel are not interfered with. Why do you think they have the HA office in Melbourne and the training center in Perth? Clearly whilst a good administration will be important for the promotion of the game and achieve success, it is not the end of the world. More importantly is the grass root system and that includes a good grass root competition in the individual states as well as being an all inclusive game. When I was growing up in Malacca, we had all races playing the game but now it appears only a certain race plays it. Whilst it is important to bring this race into the game it should not be at the expense of the other races. This is also where Malaysia has continued the road to decline in the hockey world. As long as these officials see an opportunity to make money or nama for themselves, they will not be deter by their lack of interest to advance the cause of hockey in Malaysia. Like the previous administration and in particular one certain individual who only uses the opportunity to advance his business interest to the detriment of hockey in Malaysia and yet he was allowed to hold rein for at least a decade.

MHF Watcher said...

These are my concerns:

1. There is nothing to pick from among the four candidates vying to become deputy-president. None of them deserve it. I don't envy the delegates who will have to choose the least of the devils. I just wish we can declare this position null and void.

2. My greatest wish is to see two former national captains among the vice-presidents -- Ow Soon Kooi and Mohinder Singh. This would be awesome.
And Johari as well.
I am concerned that Che Khaleb will be elected in as well. In the past two years, he has never attended a single MHF meeting. His only strength is the sponsorship from TNB.
But consider this -- Che Khaleb's term with TNB ends next July. What then? Here we are all ready to vote in a man for four years when he would only be good for 7 months. You can be sure he will not be seen at any of the MHF meetings for the next 4 years again.
As such Rahim (Perak), for better or worse,would be the better choice.

Anonymous said...

In 40 rests the fate of Malaysian hockey. Dont talk cocck armpit turban. waste of siththhhh and useless toxic from armpit and destroying msian sports.

Anonymous said...

Very Good Article. good luck.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Malaysian Hockey.

With all the rodents out, Malaysian Hockey will have a chance to achieve.

So, Smelly, you have lost all credibility, go and arrange your own PATHE BHOG. You have compile all the ill-doings of everyone and then you went and canvass and propogate the worst crime. Shame on you.

You are going on the warpath against the incumbents just because you touted yourself to be the GM,MHF but was passover to Mike, whom is 100% more sincere and reputable then you.

Well, another CHUTIAH back the wrong horse.

By the way, what have happened to the other kingmaker- Sarjit Singh. Only Hong Kong with their kind can accept him as their Coach. Has he became skinned that he have to leave home and his young wife to seek employment abroad.

All you Chutiahs, please leave Hockey as you all are destroyers and not truly lovers of HOCKEY.

Well Done, TM, now you have your mandate and now you must cut and trust and use your whip to get all in shape.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations TM,

Now you must get reliable and respectable people to Head all your Committees.

Do not go for the dead wood that have aged beyond their usefullness but ones that have the capacity to do what is right and face adversity and brickbats.

Do not get people that have no love for the game but is there for their own agenda eg: getting Datoship and freebees.

Get people that can call a spade,a spade and not to play to the gallery at the expense of Hockey.

You must get Chairperson whom when face with illegal transactions or any lax in their committee to bring the culprit to task and not one that sweep all these sins under the carpet for the sake of his popularity.

All Chairperson must be people that have the capacity to stand on their own and not to be manupilated by their croonies just like the Coaching Co.( Have i have to ellaborate?)

Sir, may ALLAH grant YOU the strength to fulfill Malaysians dream for our HOCKEY.

Happy Times are Here.

Anonymous said...

Another 4 years tenure for the clown........

Anonymous said...

Dear JUSTICE PAO, All i can say is SHAME ON YOu, You article clearly shows what an ASS HOLE you are,STUPID pig who doesnt know what he /she is talking.

Anonymous said...


TREASURER, what have you to say? You tried to make wild allegations about this Team in cahoots with all the sour grapes of Malaysian Hockey and put all our young players in collusion course with their officials.

Thank God that the truth have prevailed and you were caught with your pants down. Now let us see if your so called friends will bail you out with the disappearance of the EUROS.You are lowest of all God's creation.

You will never be with the MHF again and there goes the protection that you think that you have when in the MHF.

Che Perang is waiting for you to return to your job as a Custom's staff.

Go seek your friends from BJSS and SS.

Now You are alone and no one is on your side. (ANAK, so appropriate)

Colleague from Customs.

You can never

Anonymous said...

Decision has been made. Everyone must respect the delegates choise. Let's get together and work to improve hockey for Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

I think the coaches of 2013, should join politics.Now they are behavinh like politicians.Better still they should take over Samy Veloo.The truth will definately prevail, and believe me in due time,Those involved will answer(to god).Who are you guys trying to corn,everyone knows what a low life scums you guys are. Remember , every dog has its day.

Anonymous said...

From the votes of Deputy President Post, we knew currently MHF really got an earthquake and not united anymore!
14 votes vs 11 votes vs 10 votes vs 1 votes..No strong majority win..
Now the worst as MHF divided into 3!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


The TRUTH ALWAYS HURT. Why u all always jump on the wrong trees. Search your souls and maybe your God will forgive u all when u all show repentance.

Repent, your time is nigh.


Anonymous said...

you tried to scratch the balls of 2013 team coaches and you ended up in a miserable dog day. now you both keep scratching each others balls till your 'dog day' comes. relax untill another 4 years, and think how you can screw these coaches?

Anonymous said...


Losers always consoled themselves that they will live to fight another day.

All you losers and their supporters must realised that 4 years is a very long time. To long a time to be stressed and envy the victors. We might be burnt anytime, so why talk about 4 years.

Start doing the right thing from now and maybe you all losers will have a better quality of life.

Do not go to nasi khandar shops and talk cock and sing song as for the next 4 years you losers are nothing. Do not lurked in all corners and boost your own egos by hailing yourselves that you all can do a better job.

Get real losers, get back and shut up.


Anonymous said...

wow! 2013 coaches got balls? Thats news, i thouth they are cowards!What to scratch?