Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MHF elections: "Status quo and no room for former internationals."

5 posts were up for grab last weekend in the MHF election at their BGM. The contest was for Deputy President (DP) and for 4 Vice Presidents (VPs) and interestingly the winners hold the posts for 4 years. There were 4 contenders for DP including the incumbent, a former DP, a incumbent senior VP and a former national hockey player. As for the VPs, there were 8 candidates including 3 incumbents, an Affiliate VP, 3 former hockey internationals and a Secretary of an Affiliate.

Once every 2 years, although now it shall be once in 4, the delegates to the BGM have that very important role when they carry with them the ballot paper that dictates collectively who would be occupying the various posts to lead the MHF Management Committee. Whilst the TM returned unopposed during the nomination, it would seem the contestable posts have enough candidates reflecting a growing interest in MHF. This obviously gives the impression that the TM must have done a good job at the helm of MHF and that there are more than sufficient candidates who want to be part of his new team.

Last Sunday the delegates silently spoke through their ballot. If there is anything we can infer from the results of 4 incumbents reelected and an Affiliate Secretary becoming the 4th elected VP, it is that the delegates were pleased with the TM and his team for the last 2 years. Although the Deputy President may have been a close call, still he was reelected. We can sit and gossip till the "cows come home" but the point is the results of the election reflect a "status quo".

Notwithstanding this, it must be recognised that the TM had taken an ethical position of remaining clear of the election by not naming his team and above all he chose not to exercise his vote. In that sense the results had more significant meaning for it was free of any of TM's influence. The TM must be praised for such a stance as in this way he shall always be the unifying force for Malaysian hockey.

The other inference that could be made from the results is that there was no room for the former internationals. 4 former internationals were in the race, 1 for DP and 3 were for VPs. Of the 4, 3 were former national captains and save for 1, the 3 others were involved with the Affiliates. For whatever reasons the delegates did not give these former national players the sufficient votes to get them past the post. It would seem that even if you serve the country as a former national player or as national captains, there is no guarantee that such credentials can hold in an election. It shows the delegates have their own mind and candidates must be fully aware of this.

Now that the election is over, the various parties if it did exist, must get back together and work for the betterment of Malaysian hockey. The TM has kept his bridges well intact and therefore he is the unifying force, which means we must give him our full support to ensure his vision to make Malaysian hockey as a highly world ranked nation materialises. This has to be the immediate mission and with the TM at the helm nothing is impossible.


Anonymous said...

One thing for sure Malaysian hockey will be in the shit house till the next agm.

Anonymous said...

since your favourite is not elected, you think that Malaysian hockey wil be in shit house? Comon gentleman .. be positive

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the delegates preferred to continue with the status quo. Sometimes a change is as good as a holiday like the changing of the guard at the FIH. The election of Els Van Briesman will be more of the same and at least with Leandro Negre, there is a hope and expectation that new blood will bring with him new ideas. But alas it is too Eurocentric that Asian hockey has been left to languish like before. When do they ever learn and maybe once when the Asian nations give up on the game then maybe they will realise the errors of their way.

Anonymous said...

It is not the end for former internationals. Why not start contributing at state level for development of hockey . This is one way to serve the nation. Lets keep our differences aside for the betterment of hockey .For those elected , do a good job as there are ways in the constitution that u can be removed .

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... November 3, 2010 1:47 PM - How about you and your so called followers stay miles away from the so called shit out.. sigh.. the election is over thats the result why dont you just suck it up and move on

Former internationals can still contribute you dont need a post. Lets see if Soon Kooi, Mohindar, Hadi can still contribute.

Just a note, it is indeed puzzling that Hadi being nominated by Perak yea ended only with one vote where there other two reps from Perak Sallehudin & Dato Rahim sabotage and voted for others. One wonder why did they nominated him in the first place.

At least Mohindar & RAhim (Selangor) got the two vote minimum from the state reps and somehow wrangled the other 3

Anonymous said...

Anon 951am that just shows your shallow thinking i don't support anyone just that the muttons elected are the same as the a holes rejected,do u get it you mutton mutal.

Anonymous said...


why are we all so negative? think of the positive.

At least one good thing have come out of this exercise, CHUTIAHS are wipe out.

Please, TM, keep them out. They are a hindrance to MHF.

The only creditable one is our GM and he have time and again proved that he is different from the rest.

Please, retain him and never make the mistake of using any one else.

As, for the TREASURER, MHF have learnt her lessons, so please get someone that is clean and professional not half-cooked ones.


Anonymous said...

anonymous on November 5, 2010 8:16 AM

Perak Hadi had 1 vote and the vote came from Secretary Salleh,For your information,Hadi himself vote for Tunku Majid,I'm still not very sure why he stand for election if he dont vote for himself. I think he got something from Tunku Majid as usual... Guess what will it be?

Anonymous said...

November 5, 2010 10:04 AM

Muttons or chickens are re-elected coz they must have done good job, but then crows, cowards and donkeys may have to keep washing each others holes in the pub.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gandhi,
Perhaps you can start a new segment as to what is wrong with the Malaysian hockey team style of play and how to improve it. Whilst the administration is important, it is now done and dusted and nothing we can do.

Anonymous said...

All of us MUST respect the decision and wishes of the delegates. Now we hockey lovers need to support. Who is not sure or not able to, please stay away. Hockey will have less headache.

Anonymous said...

These 102 have a lot to gain because their Godfather from Melaka is Deputy President. Their adviser , GM is also there in MHF office. Have a gala time.....keep making money. For sure we are staying away. May God save hockey in Malaysia.
Council Member

Anonymous said...

good riddance to bad rubbish.

Quicker the better. chakkas

good always triumph over evil.

justice have prevailed once again.


Justice BAO

Anonymous said...

For those keep hitting on 102 etc etc. Please understand the point that 102 made then i.e. hockey is going downwards hence change is to be made. That's the entire purpose and most of us saw that good intention. That has been done for a better or what not. Therefore, its not clever to make negative remarks against 102 because there are 102 ex internationals who saw the good intention and 99% of us are not directly involved in any of the administrative matters.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...We know 102 need extra income. Nothing for free. So called saviour using the name of sincerity for development

Anonymous said...

The original presumption of 102 was that hockey was going downwards and that needed to be addressed which was actually done, as claimed by 102.If the 99% or less believe that there exists,now, administraive flaws which will deteriote further the standard of hockey, they should rise again to rectify the flaws or else they would be considered dummies who have been manipulated by a few. The 99% should feel very guilty for branding many of the juniors of the 2009 team as useless and indiscplined where none of national players in the last 50 years have performed significantly better during their days.Is the team now good or disciplined, whether it is the seniors or the juniors? You will soon hear the 2013 boys blamed for their upbringing for any habits possessd by them such as smoking. The 1976 world cup was played on grass and they had off-side rules then which most asian teams capitalised to an extent. The 102 now looks good at condemning others.

Anonymous said...

Even the school old boys without any international recognition can do much better hockey development rather than this 102.
We all the teachers need this type of sincerity for development as some 102 will never show their face without any pay or simply said MONEY.
As no education with some 102 made them jobless and will 'kill' others including teachers and even the players to protect their earnings from hockey.
But who cares? Teachers can still earn their salary without hockey. But how about the players? Who gonna pay them success with hockey, education and job? Touch n Go principal by 102 can bring success to them?
Current development practise that no balance between hockey and education as per what being practised in the past will bring more and more non-educated ex internationals. Just watch the impact soon.

-Teachers are not stupid-

Anonymous said...

November 18, 2010 4:34 PM commented on discipline.
what you talking?smoking starts in school,not when they come to national set-up,idiot. there is 65% smokers n this country are below 16 years old,are you aware of that. Thats why the kementerian kesihatan is hiking the price of cigarrete so the young lads will minimize the smoking.
We must understand now that we dont have material for national assignment.
Can you work without sufficient income for daily lifestyle...Can you,if yes,you will be the person in this world to do so...
And stop all the nagging and do good thing for hockey. Everybody complaint,but who does the work?
Project team,please do well in the future. The complaints and hiccups is the way to make you stronger and better,so that you wont do the same mistake others has done.
For national team, good luck vs China.It will be most important game for future of hockey..


Anonymous said...

Well Done Malaysian Team who beat India 4-3 at the semi finals of Asian Games 2010!!!
You all did a great job and what a fighting spirit shown!!

Well done Stephen!! You are the man!! The right choice!!

Not forget, Thanks Sarjit coz bring a new face and style of current Malaysian Hockey Team...Make an easier task for another great coach, Stephen to continue the job...

Good luck and all the best in the final guys!!!!!!!Bring home GOLD MEDAL and LONDON OLYMPIC!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for inserting this as 'smelly' does not allow comments. We know the reason 'Y'

This one is for you naysayers: shut up for the next four years and let the men do their jobs.

Naysayers like: smelly,ss, bjss and all you chutiars.

Kneel and put your tails in between your legs and ask for forgiveness.


Anonymous said...

Well done Malaysia. I find people staking claims for sacked coach, who never even turned to the venue where national league or national team was training. Other than selling games, he never contributed anything. His regime got over 3 years back. Full credit to Stephen and Benghai.