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"Hybrid" style of voting in MCA election creates "surprises" tantamounting to a "unity" Committee..

'Unity" talks had failed and on the eve of the MCA elections the "roll call" of the 2 contesting camps indicated a 24 votes for one side and 11 for the other. Mind you this was based on some form of commitments from the 9 incumbents and the 26 delegates from the 13 affiliates. As the beers and whisky was "put down" on the eve, there was a high level of confidence beaming out of one of the camps. The presences of most of the delegates at a pre-BGM probably gave sufficient comfort that all shall be going well the next day. The other camp on the meantime had used certain elder "statesmen" of cricket to talk to various incumbents and delegates to give them their support. These therefore meant that a selected few in the other camp had already been approached by the various emissaries. Yet ! some of them remained silent and continued as without giving any inclination of the approaches.

Quite honestly, there is nothing sinister in what was going on. A perfectly legitimate exercise and the onus is left with each individual who choose to join the "camp configuration", to judge for themselves, what they are going to do is morally right or wrong. Beyond that, really I feel there cannot be any critical comment on that strategy. A lesson that people must learn, is, whether you can trust delegates when they give you a commitment.

On Valentine's Day, at MCA premise in Kinara, the BGM commenced and there was enough confidence oozing from everyone. Nobody had any other notion except to come and vote on a "bloc" manner. However, between the pre-election meeting of one camp and the day of the election i.e about 12 hours a part, a strategy materialised among 4 + 1 personalities to use their combined 12 votes to determine who to be put in as office bearers. This I call the "floaters". They are part of the 24 votes but yet they quietly decided to "break away" and vote for candidates from the other camp. They hold the so called "swing" votes to determine the results. Incidentally, the equation of 4 + 1, represents the 4 who were at the pre-election meeting while the other, +1 was not at that meeting,.

Accordingly, the anticipated "clean sweep" of the elections backfired. The incumbent President, Tunku Imran won easily. Indeed i have been one of those who advocated that he should gracefully step down. I am proven wrong as the delegates wanted him to remain and it is a reflection of his support with the affiliates. Sadly, P Krishnasamy (PK) failed to retain his position as Deputy President and Dr Amarjeet Singh, a former national cricket captain easily won the post. With Tunku Imran and Dr Amarjeet in their respective positions, it seem to show that each "camp" is represented. Maybe the initial results seem to indicate a "subtle" arrangement for a "unity" team.

I feel sad, as PK had done a lot for MCA from the time he was Treasurer, where he extended his personal funds to keep MCA from being financially bankrupt. He personally financed a lot of players for their education and even got them employment. He helped MCA in the supervision during the construction of the cricket stadium including lately the "lighting" for day and night match. His organisational skills was best reflected in the 2006 3 Test nations one day international tournament and the Junior cricket World Cup. Nothing can be done except that there is no assurances that even if you do a good job you are guaranteed a place. A lesson that office bearers must take cognizance's .

For the 2 Vice Presidents, again the results reflect one from each camp. Mahinda Vallipuram, a former Vice President of MCA and who was not in the list of the past incumbents made a sensational comeback. Indeed, not many gave him a chance if bloc votes had prevailed. Affendi Stephens, the President of Sabah Cricket Association easily got the highest vote for this position. Affendi is a newcomer to MCA. Rosmanizam from Malaysian Malays failed to secure a position and this was the surprising aspect of the results. It seem that the "unity" line-up was still prevailing.

One of the "survivor" of various MCA elections is the former Executive Secretary, who served as Secretary and then in the last 2 years was the incumbent Vice President. This time C Sivanandan, wanted to return to his old post and easily won the post.

When it came to the "ordinary members", the 4 posts was shared by 2 from each camp, thereby reflecting the continuous spirit of "unity" i.e literally determined by the "floaters" who carried the 12 votes. They provided the swing of 6 to 12 votes that in a way brought a "unity" Committee.

While on the surface that maybe so but the so called camp that had the largest votes were the biggest losers. Effectively the "floaters" have removed any strong personality from their camp in the new Committee, thereby giving the other camp a greater control. Yes ! it is a "unity" Committee but controlled by one camp. After all in reality that is how organisations must be governed i.e with one clear cut leader.

Indeed whoever orchestrated this entire strategy must be congratulated. A scheme that achieved its purpose and still gave effective control to the appropriate party. Brilliant !!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Ghandi & Readers,

The results of the MCA Elections is the saddest moment for Malaysian Cricket.

Not that Tunku Imran won... for all said about this man, give him the space as lets be frank and honest here. He has done something for Malaysians who loved the game.

The saddest moment is having two officials back in the is a greedy former teacher and the other did nothing in the last two years except spent most of the days and nights from a big land across the Straits of Malacca.. He runs the local competitions, premier and division one leagues via his handphone.

The former teacher... executive secretary-secretary-VP-returned to secretary just shows how greed has got hold of him... all he is interesed is the RM1k he is going to receive in travelling expenses as secretary to top up his government pension and oustation trips to do coaching jobs.

Did i say coaching jobs!!!.. Being the chairman of development, he should have delegated the job to the 'little' qualified coaches under his wings..instead he has taken upon himself to do coaching!! Nothing comes free as he is paid for that job.

So ever pondered why he was so keen to hold a position in MCA... that's because he needs the outside jobs and CASH!!!... Have he not made enough in the ACC tournaments...

Removing the incumbent deputy president P. Krishnasamy is the most insane thing to happen. Just what has Datuk Dr Amarjit Singh conributed before as deputy president... perhaps giving away free asma inhalers and antibiotics to the players ... (there are a few current national players who could do with some of this medication... if there was one for 'Ego'...that will be nice.

Anonymous said...

The 2009-2011 Executive Committee Members

YAM Tunku Tan Sri Imran Ibni Almarhum Tuanku Ja’afar
(2010 will be his 20th year as the President of MCA! Hope he finaly puts his foot down and takes full control of the EXCO in deciding the best course of action for the bettement of Malaysian Cricket!)

Deputy President
Dato’ Dr Amarjit Singh Gill
(Hope he actually does something for the game instead of putting his name forward for ACC Courses, creating fights with the national coach and downgrading the national team)

Mr Mahinda Vallipuram
(Hope he finally realises that this is not SSCC ventures / Silver State CC / Guardian Ventures but its the Malaysian Cricket Association! and it should be run as an sports organization (decisons from the EXCO)with a private company's efficency not as a private company (decisons from CEO) with an average sports organization modus operandi (wrong ppl at the wrong place & spy for the bosses)

Tuan Hj Affendi Tun Mohd Stephens
(All The Best!)

Hon. Secretary
Mr Sivanandan Chinnadurai
(the Biggest Kingmaker in the history of Malaysian Cricket with a BIG Personal Agenda! God saves MCA!)

En. Ahmad Feisal Hj Ahmad Tajudin
(Hope he walks the talk and not be spoilt by the other useless members)

Ordinary members
Mr Gopal Sreenevasan
(Having a vast knowledge of International Cricket will not be enough but will need to take the effort to know about local cricket and local players)

En. Sham Jalil
(A Reminder: This is the Malaysian Cricket Association and not the Malaysian Malays Cricket Association)

Mr Narendran Viswanathan
(All the Best!)

En. Mohd Ridzuan Manivanan
(The first nail in the coffin of MCA Domestic Cricket.. there goes our Domestic Cricket!)

Anonymous said...

Hey i like that, wat you say is right. Hope for good.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! The knives are out already for the new Exco. YAM Tunku, please steer the ship with a firm grip and not let the return of the two top clowns sink the ship. How can these two who have wrecked havoc whilst in office be voted in again? They will now be rubbing their hands with glee for revenge on the individual(s)who orchestrated their downfall.
Well, it looks like all the appeals for a better future of the sport is now water under the bridge. Anonymous 2, your timely reminder for some of the elected members is spot on. Don't know if any of them follows this blog? Nevertheless it just loads up more 'ammunition' for the coming months / years.

Anonymous said...

Its fun out there with the MCA Elections and Anonymous 1 and 2have been very spot on these individuals.

There is a malay proverb saying: "Jangan meludah kelangit (Do not spit towards the will eventually fall on you). This is what happened to those decision makers in the blog voting system or shall we say FLOG VOTING!! (hahahaahahahahaahh!!).


The King Maker (You know who).. refuses to let go of his whip and eventually whipped himself here. It will be interesting what agenda he has now though he has been going to town from his little home in Sungai Petani to downsouth Johor Bahru telling the old folks he is going to step down in this elections. Can you actually believe him!! A leapord does not changes its spots.. Actually he should have been born a Chameleon!!

Alas!! It seems that the executive secretary has been too involved in the elections - playing robin hood role backwards(Robbing the poor to help the Rich)!. He has started wearing contact lenses so that the new committee will not recognise him (eyes always red... dunn know why).

Anonymous said...

I would like offer a job in MCA for anonymous NO.5. R u ready to take buddy.

I know you.

Your old buddy

Anonymous said...

You guys are just lame.....

Someone with red eyes also you write and make a fuss about it.

What do you people actuall want? If you all were good enough, you would be running MCA by now.

Why aren't you guys doing so? There must be a reason why you guys are not in MCA........

Anonymous said...

Wow.... Anonymous 7 is so sensitive. By the tone of the language the former national captain (we have two in MCA now)is the writer of the article. A very arrogant comment from him.

Confucious once said" "Be humble as a bamboo". The taller a bamboo grows, it tends to bend downwords... humility, modest and respect fellow human beings.

Anyway, what is so new about him!.

Anonymous said...


TELL ME...........