Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentine's Day - A day of choices in MCA.

February 14th, the day everyone with passion displays their love for their partner or future partner. In the case of MCA, that would be the day affiliates and incumbents would make their choices on who shall be the office bearers for the next 2 years. The question is , whether there is a "passion" to retain the incumbents or create a "change" i.e find new partners to the game.

Rumours in the market can only be confirmed on 7th February, the date of nomination. This time, there was talk of a "unity"committee but the initial good intention seems to have been undermined by sheer stubborn approach by negotiating parties. Part of the reason is the incumbent President wants to remain in his post. The other is the introduction of certain "faces" to certain key positions seems to imply that the parties are interested to hold those posts. Therefore compromise for the betterment of cricket based on the "best person for the job" may not materialise.

Obviously this is sad. The incumbent President is holding too many posts in too many places and it is clear he does not have quality time for Malaysian cricket. There is no doubt he has passion for the game but the question is can he give quality time. Indeed the current incumbent Deputy President is an able candidate for the post. He has done a lot for cricket and also for the welfare of players. It is only appropriate he should be rewarded but being a close friend of the incumbent President, he would not perform the "tyrannical" act of challenging him. Another person who would do an excellent job as President is the current President of Royal Selangor Club. A former national cricketer and was also the Secretary, who was responsible to revive Malaysian Cricket Association, would fit into this the position splendidly. Again I think having served under the incumbent President as Secretary, i cannot see him wanting to create any ill- feelings at this stage of his life. Of course there are many other candidates but the question is whether they want to to be seen to be challenging the incumbent renowned personality.

As for the Deputy President, the post is essentially "tailored made" for the current incumbent. Although he is not free from controversy in the last 2 years, yet he has also worked hard in his area of responsibility. In the past he has extended his own resources to keep MCA afloat and that is the sort of commitment that is displayed by the current incumbent. If he is not re-elected there would be a travesty of justice.

I understand that the current President of Perak Cricket Association, a former Vice President of MCA is highly keen to make a comeback. A good worker and able to do his job well. He had in the past ruffled a few feathers, the manner he undertook his job. Obviously, these were no ordinary feathers and he had to pay the price by losing in the last MCA BGM. More importantly, has he smoked the"pipe of peace" to pave the way for his return. I have no doubt that his organisational skills and prompt nature of attending to matters, would make him an ideal person for MCA.

Another person being encouraged to take the post of Vice President, is the current Secretary of an associate member of MCA. The organisation in which he is involved, is doing a great job in development and have extensive programme throughout the country. In many ways he has been the administrative "backbone" of the organisation and has been performing a remarkable job. Strangely, he seem to have a number of critics and some wonder whether it is because of envy or his style of doing things. Again, if he joins the office bearers of MCA, it would bring a broader dimension to MCA.

Rumours emerging from the cricketing circles indicate that the incumbent Secretary is retiring. If that is so, may i wish him and his family the very best. While i have been critical of him in the past, i must also admire the brave decision he has taken not to contest. It is important that his past services be recognised by the MCA. As for the Secretary, a peculiar news is floating around. How truthful it is, is difficult to verify. Some indicate the former Secretary, who is the incumbent Vice President, is keen to return to his old position. I think, some just find it difficult to give up.

An ideal person for the post of Secretary is the current Executive Secretary of Federal Territory Cricket Association (FTCA). A former national cricketer, a national coach and also match referee plus working as minuting secretary in a club, would bring a significant value to MCA. The point is whether he is prepared to take on the administrative task of the national organisation.

In another 2 or 3 days, we shall know the true situation and therefore we would know whether "camp" politics is prevailing or there is a genuine attempt for groups to work together for the betterment of Malaysian cricket.

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