Monday, February 9, 2009

MCA - "What a great interest to be an office bearer".

36 people (including the same persons) are nominated to contest a number of positions in the coming MCA BGM elections. The post of President is a 3 cornered fight, while for Deputy President, there are 4 candidates. Every posts is "heavily" contested, thereby giving an impression that there is great interest and also the expression of democratic rights in MCA. Prima facie, all is right but deep down is there an agenda to the contest?

Unity talks have been going on a few weeks but one side was very demanding for the key positions and recommending names of people who do not have the time to even turn up to the cricket field. The issue of having the "right candidate for the appropriate post" was not the order of the day. The other party had names in their list that seem threatening to the opposite faction and therefore the seat allocation could not be sorted. Breakdown of "unity talks" meant that it is a free election but encompassing "camps" support. So, in a way the election is orchestrated, depending which camp carries the majority of the votes i.e affiliates.

There is no doubts as the day nears for election, there would be a number of candidates who may pull out realising that the whole election exercise may already have a pre-concluded results. This may also encourage a "last effort" unity talk to pave the way for a balanced representation in MCA i.e avoiding winner take all concept. Such situation may not arise unless the incumbent President withdraws and bargains for his loyal and hard working Deputy President to be retained. The question is : "Would the incumbent President undertake such a sacrifice for the love of cricket." An answer most of us are fully aware.

Looking at the candidates for the various positions, it would seem there is either a strategy or a level of greediness for power at all cost. I state this as there are a few who have been nominated for 2 0r 3 positions. Although they still have time to withdraw but the fact that they knowingly let their names to be thrown into a number of positions calls into question their own wisdom. If a person permits his name to be dragged through such a ploy, one may wonder whether on the first place this person is a deserving candidate for any post. A question the affiliates have to decide upon but again if a "herd mentality" prevails than even a "frog" can be elected.

The way things look, a "clean sweep" may come into reality, if any one camp has the influence over majority of the affiliates. The scenario emerging may indicate that and if the "king makers" in their careful thoughtful process do not encompass members of the other camp in their line-up, then MCA may see itself as a "split" organisation with continuous problems. If the new leadership is prepared to accept this and live with it, nothing can be done about it. Equally, giving representations in non key posts also does not permit a "give and take" attitude and the problems would continue to persists. It is finding the right balance with a working team is what Malaysia badly needs for the betterment of cricket. Can this happen in this election? Only "great people with great minds can do great things". Lets see !!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

MCA elections line up this time looks very funny and hope that we don’t get jokers and fanatic people running the whole MCA. I feel current VP is being too greedy and totally against the DP and President. Surprising me is the attitude of the current VP (CS). Hope the affiliates take the right decision. I see the current Hon. Secretaries name in the line up. What’s happening affiliates after all what he has done. Think before you vote please. Thanks and god bless

Anonymous said...

Dear Gandhi,

Its tie for a new and dynamic,committed officials whom,
the Affiliates have all been waiting for for years.

The Top 4 positions have to be
revived, Royalties as Presidents
in the "Malaysian Sports"
is an embarasement, They, are just looking for Personal Glories,
Testimony/Actions speak.Which sport
in Malaysia has excelled with such
so called Royal connections-simply
sad that everyone are blindly, been

Hope the Affiliates, make it a point, to elect a suitable Leader,
who could have time for the Exco/Committee.
My blessings to the in coming committee 2009-10.
NO ROYALTIES, Just commonors and
see the changes......

Just Me, Cricket Lover.

Bye Bro.

Anonymous said...

If this people win, you can see difference in Malaysian Cricket:

President :
YAM Tunku Tan Sri Imran Ibni Almahrum Tuanku Ja’afar’

Deputy President :
P. Krishnasamy

Vice-Presidents :
Mahinda Vallipuram
Gopal Sreenevasan

Hon Secretary :
R. Devindran

Treasurer :
Asgari Fuad Stephens

Ordinary Members (4 positions) : V. Vijayalingam
Sivanandan Chinnadurai
Mohd Sham Jalil
Lt Col Gerard Denis Singam

This is the best you can get.

Think about it voter's.

Anonymous said...

Tunku - OCM president & Antah Holding Chairman

PK - Big business man

Gopal - Partner in a big law firm
Mahinda - God knows what??

Devindran - VP of Sime Darby

Asgari - Big co-operate man

Do you think they have time for cricket?? You must be joking.

All these years Tunku & PK was in the committee, what did they do to lift the standard of cricket?

Does Gopal know cricket? Has he played cricket? What significant chances has he and Devindran done to FTCA all these years?

Mahinda SSVC president – Where is the development that he has promised? Where are the new breeds? (see latest scorecard in MCA website - you will understand more)

Vijayalingam – Where is Sarawak cricket today??? They don’t even have a team in the MCA league.

Probably this line up can organize more major events rather then lifting the standard of the game.

Anonymous said...

All affiliates in Malaysia should
follow this "Principle" if you wish to NOT to Vote.

Be like SELANGOR, SIX years NO
AGM held, so no need to vote,
The President, so called Top Gun
from ASTRO, an "International
DISGRASE" to him and his committee.

JOHORE, talks like an Encyclopedia,
(-THE PRESIDENT), ACCOUNTS not submitted for SIX years.
What a shame to these affiliates, and, let these Champions to talk,
ICC and ACC, MIGHT employ, such
people as CEO's.

The President of MCA, doesn"t even
been aware of such matters , and
he expects to be in MCA for another
TERM. Good Luck,President,MCA, Selangor and JOHOR.for 2009 elections.

Thats the Faith

Faith Healer 2009.

Anonymous said...

The list is out. Those who are reading this blog should know by now the background of the candidates. What?! who is so and so? Don't blame the readers! If we don't know you, you have not done anything significant for cricket. Aspiring candidates, please prove yourselves at your own state / club level before even think of trying to run a national association.
On the other hand, the ex-internationals think they are heads and shoulders above the lesser mortals. Don't live on past glories!
Also don't be hoodwinked by the impressive corporate positions of some of the hopefuls.
Time and again has proven that running a national body is a different kettle of fish.
Another election, another set of officials but the trophy cabinet still remains empty. Vision 2020 achieve Test status by then? Still long time...10 years away.
Affiliates, please vote wisely for the right candidates whom the cricket fraternity shall entrust to chart the future of the game in Malaysia. Wishful thinking?

Anonymous said...

MALAYSIA qualified for the final of the ACC U-17 Elite Cup for the first time since 2000, tasting victory by 55 runs over Qatar in the semifinals at the Institute of Engineering ground in Kathmandu on Tuesday.

All the credit goes to the boy's. iam sure after this some names will tell around because some programme boy's performed. If you ask me i give will all the credit to boy's only. its a player's effort.

Come guy's lets pray for our boy's win in finals against Nepal.

Malaysia Boleh

Anonymous said...

I heard Selangor cricket association is de-registered. As i know Selangor Cricket association is one man show by one of the VP. He thinks association is his own property. How come no AGM for last 4 years. Who is taking care of all the funds. Is there anybody to take care funds or that one also VP is one taking care. Where is 4 yrs accounts? i heard One of the VP, he dont let others to do anything. Even its his own committee members. He always doing one man show. Something smelly some where. who can answer this?

Anonymous said...

The Boys in the Under-17, at Katmandu, have excelled well, and for your Information, the 2nd Team.

What a proud moment for the Malaysian Malay Cricket Project boys, who have excelled.

HURRAY!!! to Sham Jalil Alhaj, for the Focus and determined efforts.

Can anyone deny" MCAM" of their
Quality hard work with the age group, in Malaysia.

MCA should arsher them in Subang
International Airport on Arrival.

What a treat to Malaysian CRICKET History.- Knowing the attitude
of the Pesident- "Don"t worry lah,
they Know how to find their way
Home.???? attitude of MCA.

Observer, OJ
Cricket Lover.

Anonymous said...

What is this? Malaysia is only one country having two national bodies for one sports, both taking benefits form sports council. If iam not mistaken under-17 team went to Nepal is Malaysian Under-17, i dont know whether its any other team went there, bcoz they way people claim is like some other tean went. Anyway dont take credit when team winning, take responsibility when team loosing also. dont be childish. malu lah.

Its me buddy.

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Please don't the players. They have done well to reach the final although the match was over by lunch. Anonymous 2.14AM, what time will you be there at Subang to receive the players? I'll bring the banners and garlands. Don't worry, I'm staying at Sg Buloh only, not far and there wont be many people using the airport nowadays.
The project has been going on since late 90's. Let them have some credit lah. Every national junior cricketer was produced from the project.
See you tomorrow at the airport, lol.

Anonymous said...

S'mee buddy,
Now I know.
Both players and officials will benefit from the two associations. Receive from the right and left. Go for trips organised by both parties too.I will ask my children and neighbours to take up the game because sure to be taken care of. Maybe that's why so many are clamouring for the posts too this Sunday?!

Anonymous said...

We have always excelled in age group levels. I don't understand whats the big issue here. Just because election is around the corner this topic of U'17 is brought up to highlight certain individuals and association.

We have always been second to Nepal all this years long. Other countries doesn't have the depth or foreign players to field. Unlike in the senior tournament they have a lot of foreign players who qualify to play.

When we become champions then there is something to talk about. We haven't won any tournament for a long time! Nobody remembers second place.

Anyway, well done to the boys. Good effort.

If this so called "project" has been going on from late 90's, where are the players? Why can't we compete at higher level?

Cut this bull****, we are no where near of being a test nation or an ODI nation. Beat Nepal first!! Have we ever beaten Nepal in any level??

Ask Tunku / PK / Mahinda.....they might give u an answer!!

Anonymous said...

One last request to all affiliates, Please think about future of Malaysian Cricket before vote. Dont Vote for fanatic and powercrazy candidtaes. Think who is capable to take Malaysian cricket to international level. Vote for those who can work together with players for thier future in cricket. Dont put malaysian cricket to some new hands.Look at the list you easily can find out who can run the show without clashes in coming 2 yrs. In current committee their are some potential members, pls vote for them.for eg:President and deputy president. With out them iam sure Malaysian cricket will goto drainage. If dont let them win, you can see worst ever MCA in future. iam not telling who to vote, you just have look into the list, you will realise the future problems. If affiliates really think for cricket, you will vote for right persons. Thank you

Its me buddy!

Anonymous said...

"It's better the devil you know"..although we have never been champions since both of them at the helm. Only achievements -runner-up in U17 & U19 womens, excellent host and having the 2nd best (to UAE) facilities outside the Asian Test countries. Will the wannabes make any difference? Maintain status quo and remain where we are or take a gamble and hope....

Anonymous said...

Its sad to know person who worked hard and did sacrifice for Malaysian Cricket lost in election and a person who never did anything won the election
(this person is not from Klang Valley ). One thing iam sure, nobody is looking for a person who can do good for Cricket. Same time happy to know double standard people lost in election. Any way hope this new committee will do something good for future of Cricket. Its request for new committee, please do your duties with out complaining each others.

Good Luck for new committee

Ini saya lah