Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Malaysian cricket played by a small number and represented by a minority Exco.

MCA, at its last BGM, went through a challenging election and some clever voting styles got a hybrid of candidates from different camps elected. It should have represented a "unity" committee but the events of the past few weeks seem to represent otherwise.

The President of MCA quite easily retained his post in the election and the MCA is still his base for his positions in OCM and ACC. His services are extended to international sports bodies and that keeps him preoccupied. He has made his mark as a world renowned sports administrator.

This does not give him much time for MCA and as such the Deputy President and the Secretary have effectively taken control of day to day matters in MCA. In a short period these 2 have created a bit of commotion, firstly with the resignation of the local national coach and thereafter culminating with the resignation of the Vice President and an Exco member.

The resignations have attracted sufficient attention. On the local national coach, the Deputy President and the Secretary were literally "mucking" around and time delaying the announcement if he was travelling with the team to Singapore. The idea was to get the Trainer to go with the rest of the official entourage and by playing the delaying game they were hoping the coach would not get his leave from the public health sector. Their game plan backfired, as the local coach, in disgust, tended his resignation with a sarcastic comment to MCA to hire more foreign coaches. The silly thing here was no one was honest enough to tell the coach the truth.

As for the Vice President, he had been given the task to implement an ICC-ACC directive of setting up a structure for Malaysian cricket funded by them. This is to be headed by a CEO with certain other key positions also to be filled by appropriate candidates. The matter was discussed at the Council and the Vice President went about diligently to undertake the task. The Secretary, caught with protocol and bureaucratic thinking, made attempts to derail the interview process that was organised by the Vice President. Frustration had set in and a good number of colourful written communications were flying around including to the Affiliates, with each party addressing their case. This surely reflects the powers at play and the Vice President did the rightful thing and resigned. Following suit was also an Exco member.

Ironically, in all these Malaysian cricket suffers. The national team is now without a coach as their foreign coach has finished a financially rewarding stint. The structure to be put in place as required by ICC- ACC is stalled, permitting various vested parties to promote their candidates. Time would definitely point us to the truth and until then lets hold our comments.

As for MCA, with the demise of Affendi Stephens, the Exco stood at 9. Now with the resignation of these 2, it is further reduced to 7. In the meantime, one of the architects of the hybrid voting in the election who got elected as an Exco member has not attended a single meeting since that eventful day. Therefore there is only effectively a 6 man Exco and if the President is only granted a casting vote then the whole Malaysian cricket rests with 5 people. It only takes 3 to win an issue and as Malaysian cricket is played by a small number of people, it is reflective of the minority Exco. What a sad state of affairs Malaysian cricket has got into.


Anonymous said...

Malaysian Cricket

NO.1 : Post

NO.2 : 1970's

NO 3 : Passed away ( Sorry )

No.4 : One man show

No.5 : Good for election.

No.6 : Too young for MCA politics

No.7 : Double Association ( JDP )

No.8 : Good listener of one man show. No self brains.

No.9 : Wasting his petrol from outstation to kl

No.10 : Absent for ever, busy playing snooker in overseas.

Players : Wasting Future.

Cricket Boleh

Anonymous said...

Can i know why 2 exco members resigned?