Friday, September 25, 2009

MHF's attitude of importance for National Team would devalue Malaysian Hockey League.

The Malaysian national team has become so important that all other events that may involve senior national players take a secondary position. The Malaysian Hockey League (MHL) was delayed taking account of the national team's preparation for Sultan Azlan Shah Trophy, Asia Cup and lately the FIH Champion Challenge II tournament in Dublin. That had been the priority and everything else came to a standstill, save for the Razak Cup, even then the national team was on tour. A very unique arrangement.

Today MHF is at dilemma with the World Cup qualifiers in New Zealand in November. Prior to that date there is no local activities for the national players to be engaged in, as all tournaments where they could participate is literally postponed to after the qualifier. This special breed of players and their officials including those in MHF cannot be disturbed from their sole focus ie the Qualifiers.

At least that is the perception that is being created. Time and time again this argument from the past has shown that it is a "fallacy". Time and time again as the rest of hockey remains "stagnant" in the country when the national team is in centralised training, our special breed of players to whom so much importance is placed, does not seem to reciprocate the so called unique arrangements. If any, all that is being done is our World ranking is continuously slipping and pretty fast too.

One area i got to give credit of late is that MHF seem to have developed a bit of foresight. Mind you they have started to contemplate what happens if Malaysia qualifies for the World Cup at New Delhi in February 2010. It is an outside chance but yet they are concerned if the reality prevails. Guess what? The 1st casualty would be the MHL, which is scheduled to be held in November 2009 after the qualifiers. One suggestion is to have the 2009 MHL after the World Cup probably in 2010. The reason being this special breed of players yet again need to focus for the World Cup without any distractions. Not that they do not have any distractions now, from partying to heavy consumption of alcohol to returning wee hours of the morning. All these are done while they are at centralised training and possibly on "off days" when they need to recover.

So why all the fuss? Malaysia is probably the only country in world hockey that goes into such extremes including postponing its NATIONAL LEAGUE. Yes! we want to make life easier and simpler for our players but all we do is to encourage their mind to become weaker, such that they are unable to take on the pressure both in and out of the field. How than do we expect Malaysia to take on the world when we pamper our players to such a state.

I do strongly suggest to our coaches and team management to revisit the various video recordings and find out how often the team "cracks" and allows the goals when they are under constant pressure. That statistics would show you the clueless nature of our players under stress conditions. They are like that because of what MHF has done and is still doing ie giving them everything at the expense of the rest in Malaysian hockey. All we get is weak minded players who do not know how to react to various scenarios in the field, as they do not have the experience to face the real life situations. In short they live in a "made believe world".

Many in MHF may not understand this, as none of their elected office bearers have played or coached national hockey or for that matter state hockey or even state hockey league. So the decision makers may not be fully appreciated of the scenarios outlined. They obviously want to give the best to the players in the hope the players would reciprocate with the best too. It has not worked out that way and it is not going to work in the future too. Revisit and study as there are enough empirical evidence to state that a change in our approaches is required. Do not remain "stagnant" or not we would just be "sucked" in with failures that we would be in an irreparable position in world hockey. Please MHF do something urgently and constructive !!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

When they are going to learn?From state associations to the parent body is run by 'dungus'!The state secretaries are all sitting down to make something in return in the state. No development. Coaching , Umpires and development chairmans in the states are more interested in the national affair rather than concentrating on their state affair. The same goes to MHF Coaching, Umpires nad Development Committees. They come for meeting to kill people whom are working but in their own state they do the same. Kill! Kill!Kill!and then talk cock.Johor is the best state whereby the Coaching Chairman stays in K.L and does remote control from K.L. He should be awarded the best Coaching Chairman and sooner or later he will be eyeing for the MHF Coaching Chairman.
Fan of 102

Anonymous said...

Dear Anony. 10.26 and all,
My opinion, it doesn't matter where and how the States Coaching Chairman do their job. The most important thing is the 'result'. Yes, nowadays we only want a good result! It depends on how smart all the coaches as The State Coaching Chairman. If you look at Johor personally, their result is quite good in local tournament so far. So, I think he already did a passion and brilliant job even though only thru his 'remote control' job. But remember, only one in a million can do as him!
If we look deeply at our current National Coching Comittee Chairman, whats the result produced so far? Nothing at all..How about the others State Coaching Comittee Chairman which is 'full time' at their own state? Not all of them really successful. I agree with you that the best State Coaching Chairman should be given the National Coaching Chairman post. We need to think and work smart..with passion of course...

Anonymous said...
We know how the Johor Coaching Chairman works smartly. At one SUKMA, overnight he became the ladies coach because he knew Johor ladies will become the ultimate champions. This particular team was coached by Cikgo Ismail for 3 months but unfortunately yhe great work smart coaching chairman of Johor took over the team and became champions.
This year under 23 team was coached by Saiful for more than month but the great work smart coaching chairman took over the team, a day from depature to the tournament. He is great!Lembu punya susu Johor coaching chairman dapat nama.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous 2.52,

I heard from some Johorean bankers in MHL, the previous Johor U-23 coach get sacked because of misused the money given for players allowance..The money claimed by the coach paid by JHA/MSNJ for previous development training towards next SUKMA..So bad, the allowance not received by the players..And as a result, only a few players attend the Johor U-23 centralised training in KL as a lot of them already lost their trust and hope to him..Then, JHA noticed about this matter before the U-23 tournament and KIVed the coach appointment. By the way, that coach using the players databases he keep and simply called them up for training in KL without any official appointment by JHA. During the training in KL (wondered why not train in JB's Jr. World Cup Stadium?), the players won't get any allowance including food, transport, accomodation, etc. for about 1 month! This is because of this coach as JHA need to beware of him..Really respect the players as they can give money, all heart and soul for hockey! At the very last minutes, their State Hockey Coaching Chairman took responsible for the team to U-23 T'nament and become champions!
Even I'm not a Johorean or Johor fan, but still can get the exact news explained by related person..Don't simply accuse anybody without see with your eyes, hear with your ears and the most important, think with your research 1st and get the specific proof and result..Don't get hockey more to your personal matter..
Sorry for all and let get back to the main topic here, "MHF's attitude of importance for National Team would devalue Malaysian Hockey League."

'Majulah Hoki Untuk Negara'

Anonymous said...

Mr.Annoy 2:52
Don't waste time. That guy who is defending the 10/2 is involved in that bussinness or he wants his son's to get selected in the National team.