Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What is happening in MCA ?

I received a comment as printed below for my article on the local coach. The comment brings another dimension of what is happening in MCA particularly on the ground. How on God's name can the national cricket team management make such a blatant calculative error in Singapore. Please read and appreciate why Malaysian cricket is in such a diabolical state.

"Most of us who are following cricket or who plays cricket knows who you are referring to. I am a big fan of Mr. Kajang. He has been a servant to Malaysian cricket. He has produced a couple of good players. He has dedicated most of his time for cricket. I am happy he has left MCA. MCA has taken him for a ride. Mr. Kajang, it is not your lost, but their lost. Keep up the great work and I hope you produce more good cricketers.

MCA will never change. Everybody has their own agenda and vested interest in MCA.
“If what I heard is facts then all I can say is good luck to Malaysian cricket” – Malaysian Cricket is gone, they don’t need any luck. Cricket in Malaysia has gone to the worst possible level ever, both management & standard wise.

On a different note, what happen to our Malaysian team in Singapore?? Firstly, the management (Manager, Coach & Captain) has to be questioned. How can you miss calculate and get the wrong message across the players. Before going in to the last group match against Singapore, we were 2 points ahead of Bahrain and our run rate was higher then Bahrain making us 2nd on position.
The message was, Malaysia are guaranteed a place in Div 5 even if we loose of next match to Singapore and although Bahrain wins, they need a big score of over 400 runs to over take Malaysia. It was also said that the calculation was done and it was the correct calculation by the organizing competition.

At the end who makes it to Div 5!!!!! We lost, Bahrain scored 300 runs and they went through. We rested 3 of our main players for the last game against Singapore, thinking that we have already qualified for Div 5. Such a shame. We ended up number 4 out 6. Shame on you, Coach , Manager & Captain – what were you thinking?? You just lost us a place in Div 5. Now we can wait till 2012 for the next ICC tournament.

Questions must be asked!

Probably, they should have taken a mathematician and not a coach or manager. Or probably the Manager should have bought a calculator with him rather then cigarettes!!! "

If MCA gets involved in playing around with emotions of people then what happened in Singapore is probably a reciprocal action by "forces" to warn MCA to be careful in the future.


Anonymous said...

Capt. + Coach + Manager + Selectors of the Malaysian team,

Mathematic Equation:

Rakesh didn’t play = Malaysia lost

All 3 games Malaysia lost, Rakesh didn’t play.

Brilliant idea to drop him for the 1st game!!!!!!!! We lost by 2 runs. We have never lost to Bahrain before this.

So much of hype about new opening partnership, what happen?? It doesn’t matter if you score in friendly matches, it matters in Big matches. Track record & statics plays a big part also.

Get your facts rite and do don't have vested interest. Play to win.

Anonymous said...

U r really very great in making up stories. There is a proverb in tamil "pinch the child and move the cradle" that goes well for you. One more news for you the VP and one of the exco member has resigned because the senior team lost in WCL.
From, your follower