Sunday, October 4, 2009

Good thinking MHF !!!!!!!!!

So often we are critical of MHF that at times we overlook some good things they undertake For example. in the Malaysian Hockey League (MHL) they did not "cave" in when the defending champions decided to pull out and also on the aspect of the possibility of Malaysia qualifying for the World Cup. There seem to be some form of new thinking which is innovative and above all addressing the issues directly, thereby putting hockey as the paramount matter.

Now it would seem that the MHL will probably have 5 teams in the Premier League and the games would be played in a few different states with a "carnival" atmosphere, encompassing the idea of a "hockey festival". This without doubts seem to reflect a "new style of thinking" in MHF. I must tell you that i was surprise for i always had the impression that the people in MHF were endangered species or maybe extinct like the dinosaurs. This new idea comes at the right time as hockey need a major push. Our international furore in hockey has not been good to fill the "appetite" of the fans. A fresh breath is very much required and the latest idea seem to provide the right anti-dote for the current sluggish nature in Malaysian hockey.

This forward thinking seem again to come into play with MHF who are now having a contingency plan for the MHL if Malaysia qualifies for the World Cup. Previously, they would have done it the easy ie postpone the MHL. This time such thinking has gone out of their mind. Rather they have devised a formulae where the national players can have their training and still play in the MHL. This sort of mixture keeps the momentum going in Malaysian hockey rather than everything coming to a standstill. Indeed this new style gives MHF a better manner to plan their future calendar. After all, the self made restrictions of the past must now be best forgotten and the future must be seen through a different prism.

MHF must be congratulated for coming up with such innovative thinking. I hope this is not a one of process but rather the start of many worthwhile changes they plan to execute. I may want to know why the sudden change in MHF. Maybe in adversity MHF has been "enlightened" or maybe it is a process of timely self realisation or maybe there is someone who has become the "factory" for ideas.. Whichever way, MHF has found a proper sense of thinking that seem to give an impression, there is hope for Malaysian hockey.


Anonymous said...

Well done MHF..More chances for everyone in Malaysia to watch Malaysian Hockey at higher level..

Anonymous said...

OK for a start.
Hopefully the legacy from this initiative will be the states to adopt hockey more seriously and establish local clubs they can be proud of.

Anonymous said...

An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

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