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"Talks" that the former national coach may make an appearance in the MHL.

In the early 2000s, it was told that a core of young coaches were highly disappointed with moans and groans that they were not being given stints to work with the various national teams. They put it down to 1 person, who in those days was responsible for the day to day decisions of MHF. The story goes that there was so much hatred and anger that they were trying ways and means of getting rid of him. He was so well entrenched that it was near impossible to do it.

Luck seem to stare at these core of young coaches, when he followed the then President and voluntarily retired from MHF. Things should have looked better but other than some inroads the main aspect remained the same. Part of the reason is that the previous leadership still had close links with the new leadership and therefore the influence continued. Still one or two made it and not that all was lost. The few manage to exploit the situation and made it a point to understand the operative system that was in place.

When the then President decided not to seek reelection before the expiry of his term in office, various forces started their action plans to take control of MHF. There was sufficient time for the politicking and various strong personalities found themselves in key positions. Yes ! there was a change and the old status quo was shown the exit barring for the new President. There were others from the old status quo group who change accordingly to the flavour of the day. Some may call it the "chameleon" behavioural pattern.

Prior to this, the then Junior National coach had a good relationship with his colleagues in the hockey fraternity and they shared a lot of ideas to transform Malaysian hockey. 2 such persons were the Manager of the EY team and its coach. They plotted together the EY game plan and strategy including encouraging the national players to join the EY team. This created the initial influx to the ultimate monopolistic control of national players when the Junior Coach got promoted as the National Coach for the senior team. Was this coincidental or otherwise, is something that is still being speculated.

The relationship between the then National Coach and the EY coach started to show signs of strain and the talk was that the National Coach had a "fear"syndrome of the success of the EY coach and this he probably realise could constitute a "threat" to him. The other possibility was the growing influence the National coach was having with MHF and the fact that there were stories of the "make or break" strength he had on certain issues. The rumour was, he made sure that the EY coach would not make his way into the hierarchy of coaching in MHF. Again all these seem speculation and it is difficult to confirm any of the stories.

On the other side, it is said that the EY Manager has always maintained a good relationship with both the coaches. This is probably a shrewd aspect as their relationship may come useful in the future. So why create "enemies" when you have to always look back to guard yourself. This thinking is probably a sound basis of leading life.

Now that the EY team is to pullout of the Malaysian Hockey League (MHL), the peculiar aspect is that the EY manager is rather silent about his players, who are still on contract with EY. Some believe that he may release them after the World Cup qualifiers in November, so, as their National Team Manager he still has control over the players, who are mainly from EY. The other opinion and probably looking more certain is having another team with the same players where National Team Manager may have indirect interest. There is a believe that this arrangement is being worked out so as to avoid utilizing EY's name and at the same time being able to overcome some of the conflict issues. This probably is a prudent way of disengaging oneself and maintaining the standards to which one is trained.

If the new team materialises, then the question of the coach becomes the issue. EY's coach is already with the Project 2013 Team and such he would not be available. There are no other coaches of an accepted standard who can fit the position, except for the former national coach. Further his indulgence with the Johor Under-18 and winning the national tournament has obviously got his "adrenalin" flowing. The latest news about him in the alternative media also provides some form of insight that he still wants to coach. The more persuasive argument would be that all these players were under him either in the National Juniors or Seniors or both. As such he knows them and they know him and therefore they all may speak the same language.

Time shall be the judge of the issues that is being speculated above. Whichever way what must benefit out of all these maneuvering, if any, should be Malaysian hockey and not any single individual or group only. That is the key for Malaysian hockey to move forward.


Anonymous said...

Dear Gandhi,
My opinion, I don't think so former national coach afraid of the so called 'threaten' from his EY's coach friend..
But it just like what happen to our Tun Dr Mahathir and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim..'Lawan Tokey' and finally divided into two political teams..
It because of no patience by the 'next leader' to take the crown..
Just my opinion..

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarjit and Dharma,

Please shake hand and work together for our Malaysian Hockey sake!
Both of you are the only best we had currently. But please understand and accept that both of you really need each other! Just left everything behind..Don't let others manipulate the situation and make their own personal profit..
Both of you are the identical candidates that can bring back the original path of Malaysian Hockey from a lost!
For malaysian hockey sake.......For malaysian hockey sake.......please....

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that people are harping on the politics of coaches and national players.

You want to dilute the matter- please concentrate on the young and upcoming " Raw Diamonds" . These are young TRAINABLE YOUNG boys. Never look down or belittle the young ones- polish them for the future.

In doing so you dilute the politics involving the national senior players and those who want to leave for any reason at all and the dominance of one coach.

In life- no one is indispensible- everyone has to move on and out.There is no " ANTI AGING " formula- it must be graceful aging.Only wise people realise this.

One must create more opportunities to expand and polish the number of " unskilled" young players by the other local coaches who feel sidelined. Prove your worth in polishing these gems and get them onto a higher level- of course it takes timeand is a very painful process-but it is worth the trouble. "Rome was not built in a day."

Eventually one can change the dominance of the MHL with "experienced" senior/ foreign players"- It is the willpower to make the change. Bring out the shine in these "young gems " and you will see they are not inferior to the outgoing seniors .

Good Coaches are not born overnite. They go through phases of experience with constant READING and application of skills and most importantly communication and respect with players and other team officals both locally and abroad.People are judged and respected by their sincerity in their work not by their name. The other coaches must never give up hope and harp on this one and only irritating issue. Aim for the future.

Anonymous said...


DID I GET it right,bro.

Gandhi, said...

The comment has been edited.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post ""Talks" that the former national coach may make an...":

What that (deleted) sarjit still harbours hope after the betting scandal,have we in Malaysia lost our marbles or is the bai in (deleted).

Anonymous said...

EY will never touched the tainted coach with a twenty-foot pole. EY and her management are all intelligent and honorable people. will they go near a leper?

If EY does, they will be the laughing stock of the world. Before this unbelievable rumour came out, the ex-coach was seen having lunch and checking in our neighbouring country as the ex have cables running our neighbour's hockey. Rumours were rife that the ex is heading there. When confronted the ex so called buddies and clansman disowned him. Even our neighbours knew that he have been tainted.

So, you mean that the EY management is less savvy then our neighbour.No way.

Come on guys, give more credit to EY, which stands for all against what the ex have done.

As for the 'two friends' coming back it can never happened as the ex have blemished the good name of his friend behind his back.

The previous MHF DP told the ex that since he is the National Coach, the best person to succeed him should be his friend. The ex then chastised his friend in front of all those present as to why his friend will never be in his coaching set-up.And all the while they are having tea together at KANNA.

Do not give any avenue for his return, as the saying goes be careful when a s---- is at its weakest. Now the ex is at his worst because his mouthpiece the sight abnomaly creature is gone.

No resuscitation please, EY or else the good name of your organisation will be smeared. It is not worth it.


Anonymous said...

That's how unprofessional behaviour at our Malaysian Hockey exist..Some hope that just having tea together all the while, will granted a place in the national coaching line up..Don't get me wrong as I only give my opinion..


Anonymous said...

What Standard Sarjit has got like Dharma. Dharma has alraedy proved himself by taking raw youngsters to International Victory. He has got the brains. Talking about the great Sarjit he only wants a ready made team. "Lembu punya susu sarjit dapat nama". He has alraedy proved himself on two occasions- SUKMA ladies wherey the team was trained by a teacher for more than 3 months but taken over by our great sarjit 2 days before depature nad recently the U-23 team coached by Saiful but 1 day before the tournament threw out saiful and the great sarjit took the team. Everybody knows how he passed his level 1, 2 and 3. The present coaching chairman is the right person who can talk on this. A person who can't even write a tarining program wants to take up coaching. He has already done enough damage to Malaysian hockey.
Dharma if you shake hand with Sarjit , than you going to hell with him for sure and if EY hires him as the coach than everybody is going to laugh through the a....h..

EY Fan

Gandhi, said...

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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post ""Talks" that the former national coach may make an...":

My God the teh tarik and vadai coach. 10/2 is going to back in action. God bless EY !If he can (deleted)the Malaysian team , what about EY? Sure bankruptcy!

Anonymous said...

Might be EY will take him but not Singapore because he might use the bomoh on EY. Other neighbours? Brunei.Possibilty is great. His bomoh tactics might work there.Thailand ? No way because our Junior Coach had already sold the Malaysian style of Coaching there. Thailand will never higher because they also no he is close to our Junior Coach who had handle the Thai team. AH! Mynmar. He might throw out Saiful like he did it during the u-23. Indonesia,Vicky watch out!Here comes the one and only 10/2.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 4:24

It's interesting to note your comment that the great loan shark will not get a chance in Thailand because the former junior coach has sold his coaching there. For your information and everyone else in the hockey fraternity in Malaysia, our U18 team has just returned from the SEA Cup in Bangkok and there were numerous stories told about the behaviour of our former junior coach when he was coaching the Thais in 2007. The Thai Hockey Association will never again hire another Malaysian coach because our former junior coach had bahaved disgracefully and given our country a bad name. Stories that came out from the mouth of the Thai officials were that this coach had spent most of his time drinking and womanising every night and did minimal coaching. Even when he did coach, his coaching was so poor that the Thais felt cheated. They said even their local coaches can do a better job. The Thais will never consider another Malaysian coach because of this moron. He has destroyed the good name and potential career of future coaches from Malaysia. You can ask the TNB players and they will tell you tales about his coaching ability or rather the lack of it. For your information, the Thais now have engaged 2 Pakistani coaches and an Argentinian coach for their teams.
When TM took over MHF late last year, he had wanted to remove him from the junior team but the Dep. Pres. was afraid of the repercussion from the press with months to go before the Junior World Cup. After all they had removed 2 coaches prior under the old administration. And the price we paid was 12th placing in the World Cup, worst ever result. Not many know this, but his team even lost to Singapore in JB in one of the test matches weeks before the Junior World Cup but fortunately for him there weren't any reporters there for the match. Everyone in hockey knows that the discipline is very poor in the junior team. What do you expect when the coach smokes in front of the players! And he even had the audicity to publicly declare that he is the man for the job for the Project 2013 team knowing very well that there was already a coach handling the team. He was there simply because the loan shark put him there when he was high and mighty under the old administration. The stories that emerge from Bangkok is very disturbing and MHF must take serious view on this and not appoint him ever again in any of the coaching position in the national set up. We must safe guard the credibility of our national coaches. The damage is done for now and it will take years for us to convince our neighbours again that there are indeed good and credible Malaysian coaches around.

Anonymous said...

I find lot of unwanted stuffs are spoken in this post...Pls talk positive for devlopment of hockey in Malaysia. The U/18 won the SEA cup and came. But none of the papers highlighted its victory. I saw a line stated in NST online yesterday. When our own team wins a tournament nothing is highlighted. All the papers carry cock and bull story about sports results around the World but not within the country... Is it beacuse of prejudice or is our culture like this...?

Anonymous said...

Dear Gandhi,
Would appreciate if you could find and tell us about our previous jr world cup performance.
If i'm not mistaken, 2001 (Hobart-Yahya)-12th, 2005 (Rotterdam-Sarjit)-10th and 2009 (Malaysia/S'pore-Rajan)-12th. And I think there was a squad in the 90's which was 'the worst' as they not even qualified for the jr world cup. Hence, we can see also the equal standard of 2001 and 2009 squad

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 8:48

FYI, the mainstream English newspaper will never report in detail or credit the performance of the U18 team simply because the coach is a bitter rival and a threat to the loan shark. The reporters are buddies and fellow investors in his loan sharking business. Harian Metro however gave good coverage and write up of the team's success.

To Anonymous 9:15

Everyone in hockey knows that the 2009 junior world cup team was destined for failure. There was gross indiscipline in the team with players smoking in the dressing roon after matches, what do you expect when the coach himself shared cigarettes with the players. And this is the same coach that went to coach Thailand and tarnished our country's name 2 years ago with his shameful behaviour. Shocking stories are emerging from players and officials who just returned from SEA Cup. The Thais are very afraid of Malaysian coaches now... they should be after seeing the Devil!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous 9.18,
I think, you take all this matter deeply 'too personal'. Please remember, we really lack of positive ideas here than the negative. Don't simply comments just on behalf of your side and make this forum as your political campaign zone. Sometimes, 'kerana mulut, hoki negara binasa'


Anonymous said...


if i am not mistaken this article had activated the most interest. And without prejudiced it shows the group that is allaigned with the ex have came out as the worst people that Malaysian hockey had.

And now, since the demise of the sight lack-ey of the ex there arises another mouthpiece of the ex in the form of a limping assistant coach of the JWC. How did MHF appoint a coach that can't even walk and cannot wear shoes to be in the Coaching set-up. And now, the shoeless is getting a say in the MHF Coaching Co and a mouthpiece of the ex. What a joke? Have they got no pride?

Please bro, let us not 'flog a dead horse' and in no way can anyone can be serious enough to give the ex and his handicapped cronies a place in their unblemished setup.

That goes directly to you, EY, and if anyone takes the ex and co, let it be assured that there will be hissing in the backgroud that will make every proud person blushed.

Give us a break, no mercy after the disgraceful conduct of the JWC Coach in Thailand. He only goes there for drinks and sex.

Wonder if he is in attendance at the JWC Dinner sponsored by our CO-Host as it was known that his speciality of Thailand were in attendance and JWC players were involved.

Now the AHF is also having a bad name as they are the one that recommend the JWC Coach to Thailand.

MHF please do some drastic spring cleaning and eradicate all this people that gave, we Malaysians a bad name.


No one will

Anonymous said...

This is for you Dharma. Don't worry that you did not get publicity. I know you believe in god. It will be a +++ for you in his record. Talking about our two big local English Newspapers - both the papers are good but the sports reporters and editors whom are handling hockey will never write good about you because you are not good term with their good friend ( the former national coach - loan shark). Keep up your good work. God bless you.
For the two guys - one the loan shark and the other the Thai specialist , please do one favour for the sake of hockey to come up in Malaysia. For GOD SAKE GIVE UP.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 9:41

Sorry to pour cold water on your enthusiasm but let it be known that I have no personal or political agenda with my comments. I just merely want to expose the misdeeds of the ex junior coach that gave Malaysian coaches a bad name in Thailand.

Anonymous said...

Saudara Gandhi,

Saya sekali sekala menjenguk blog saudara utk mendapatkan berita hoki terkini dan memang komen2 yang diberikan walaupun kadang kala kasar dan pedih tapi ia adalah perkara benar yg berlaku di arena hoki M'sia. Berkenaan cerita ttg jurulatih remaja yg pernah melatih pasukan Thai, apa yg ditulis dalam blog saudara memang benar belaka. Saya baru melawat Bangkok dgn pasukan sekolah saya tidak lama dulu dan memang cerita yang sama dibangkitkan oleh jurulatih & pegawai hoki Thai. Jurulatih yg dimaksudkan itu selalu mabuk dan kaki perempuan hingga mangabaikan kerjanya. Oleh krn itu, org Thai tidak percaya lagi kpd jurulatih dari Malaysia. Saya dengar mereka sekarang mengambil jurulatih dr Pakistan. Harap2 pihak PHM waspada terhadap gelagat jurulatih tersebut dan tidak melantik beliau lagi utk pasukan kebangsaan. Amat memalukan!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous 10:38

If you must know how the former junior coach was appointed to coach the Thailand team 2 years ago, he is related to a big player in hockey turf business in Malaysia who in turn is the 'beh kia' of the AHF Gen Sec. Go figure.....
In this vicious hockey world, it's not what you know but who you know that counts but sadly the country gets a bad name.