Saturday, October 10, 2009

NSC need to change its procedures on disbursement of funds for national teams tour expenses.

Last Monday seem to be a unusual day for Malaysian hockey. On that day a senior national day was caught playing truant from national team training (became a known fact) and the other it was rumoured that the assistant national coach for the ladies team had RM $26,000 stolen after he had received the said. sum from NSC for the ladies tournament that was going on in Bangkok.

Sources indicate that there is some form of news "black-out" and as to why, it is any one's guess. Maybe it is a security measure that they do not want the public to know because such practices are a common feature in NSC's modus operandi. Apparently this time the cash given is small while there were instances in the past where coaches or managers had to carry as much as RM $200,000 to RM $250,000 in cash for foreign tours. The amount depends on the anticipated expenditures from hotel bills, internal travel , players daily allowances to other ancillary expenses.

When i heard this i was totally shocked that in this modern era as the nation works towards a "1st World" status, NSC seem to have an antiquated system of fund disbursements, which probably deserves to be documented and displayed in Muzium Negara. Indeed the current system is such that it only encourage abuses and in the past such stories were well talked about. It has been told that there are times that it is near impossible to get the expenditure report and supporting documents when it comes to close the accounts. Despite all these past stories and experiences, NSC nor MHF had made any changes but rather they seem to be continuing a "3rd World mentality and system" in a country that is striving for "1st World" status.

I cannot understand that in this modern world why do we revert to such "antique" disbursement system. I hope neither NSC nor MHF have their monies in the pillows or in the mattress at the houses of their financial staff for safe keeping. Honestly, most of these payments could be paid by telegraphic or Internet transfers in advance of the tours if they are properly planned , thereby minimising the cash that has to be carried. Even then why the cash? There are sufficient financial papers like the travellers cheques that would help to minimise the risk factors.

What NSC may not be comprehending is that the theft of monies maybe replaceable but what if it is a person's life. Theses days the thieves would do anything to help themselves to the bountiful of monies. I am sure that neither NSC nor MHF would have taken the necessary insurance cover both for the person and the sum of monies they carry. I am sure of that because such covers are expensive.

What further surprises me is how such a system is permitted to exists by both the internal and external auditors. The system has major flaws and yet allowed to operate. It is very strange that this has been going on for so long. I think NSC has to seriously review and make the drastic changes to bring the operating system to a "1st world" methodology with a proper system of controls with minimum of risk factors. Lets not wait for that unfortunate day and regret but rather make that changes immediately.

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Anonymous said...

No changes in the performance of the ladies players after coach Kumar left. It was a senior team which took part in the recent SEA cup. Only change is now money has gone missing. NSC and MWHA trust the coaches more than anything. If it was a different pool of officials might be MSC would ask them to pay back. Malaysia boleh!