Monday, January 25, 2010

KLHC wins the national hockey league title - "Is it meaningful?"

Before Kuala Lumpur Hockey Club's (KLHC) last match in the league with TNB at Malacca last week, KLHC were already Champions of the Malaysian Hockey League (MHL) when they beat Sapura 1-0 at Johore Baru the week earlier. Now that the MHL gets into "knock out" stage ie quarter finals, KLHC must be the front runner for the "double".

Firstly we must congratulate KLHC for becoming Champions. I must state before the league commenced I had put my bet on KLHC. They had inherited the entire team from EY ie the 2008 Champions, save for some "window dressing" on the team management.

On paper, the team was literally made up of the majority national senior and junior players. Indeed there was confusion in KLHC as they had more players on their payroll than they could register. Rather then releasing them, KLHC still kept them and appointed them to various non-playing positions, thereby not giving the players the opportunity to play for the other teams in the MHL. Unquestionably, an "employer-employee" matter.

Even before the first"whistle" could be blown in the MHL, KLHC was embroiled in the aspect of coaches. KLHC's original coach ( part of the inheritance from EY) is "going places" and is now the national coach of the Project 2013 team. His current employer ie MHF, did not permit the national coaches and their assistants from coaching any of the MHL teams. This did not go down well with KLHC and they had to make "questionable" arrangements. Again insofar as MHF is concerned, like KLHC on the excess players, this is an unquestionable aspect of "employer-employee" matter.

The MHL should in theory be a "walk through" exercise for KLHC. Packed with more than sufficient national players they should not have problem with any of the teams. It is all a question of margin of win only. Unfortunately what looks good on paper may not necessarily be in practice. KLHC had to struggle in some of their 10 matches they played to secure the title. They drew with Maybank, who only have the pleasure of having a few retired internationals. They were stretched by Sapura before winning 1-0. Sapura in this match did not have the services of their 2 current star internationals. Finally on the last day of the league KLHC loss to TNB 4-3 after leading 3-1. The ambition of coming through unbeaten in the league was demolished on the last day.

The results of KLHC has a "pin-pointing" affect ie it provides an insight of the state of affair of Malaysian hockey. The good news is KLHC won the league but the damning point is they struggled despite all the national players they are carrying. It shows that Malaysian hockey is in a diabolical state and despite all the "questionable" arrangements with coaches the best is not seen in the players. KLHC may represent the "decaying" nature of Malaysian hockey. In fact in various "corners" it had been heard that the Malaysian players in the KLHC team were not committed to training and the games as expected of internationals. Excuses of "loss in concentration" provides good narration for kindergarten kids as their bedtime stories.

Seriously, if this can happen to KLHC, then the probability of it happening to the national team is very great. Therefore, can KLHC take pride with its success in the MHL when in fact they should have easily "sailed" through it. MHL is the major tournament in MHF calender and when KLHC "national" team struggles with lack of commitment, what hope is there for Malaysian hockey?


Anonymous said...

KLHC= KL Happy Club

Di mana ada gula, di sana ada semutlah !!!

Money makes the world and people move.

It can MOVE THEM UP or it can MOVE THEM DOWN..... whichever way we want to see it happen ..... Hockey improve or decline .... its all about sense and nonsense.

Gandhi, said...

The comment has been edited.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "KLHC wins the national hockey league title - "Is i...":

We cannot understand,our Malaysians so called hockey lovers, they have some growing up to do. Do you dammed, not to do,also dammed.

We are always questioning the morality of others achievements but you are just sitting on your fat aske and do nothing.

When your favourite EPL Clubs does what KLHC does, you all jump up and down and praised their glory regardless whether they used top Dollars to get there and the whole Team is made up of International Stars that means they have the best in the world and you all can be affiliated to those Clubs.

Ask yourself the differences between the EPL and the MHL. In this modern world $ and intelligence makes the world goes round. At least the KLHC is contributing to our economy by sustaining the living standards of our Malaysians' players. With income, these players will have added incentives to represent Malaysia. They have no worries about jobs.

What have you all got in the EPL that you all are barking for them and showing your diligence to them. When they win the League with their whole team of all countries National Players, you all praised their ability. When our Teams do the same, you all critises.

We come to the conclusion that our fans are one of these denominations which we will give you all a scenrio to fit yourself in:


Which means: When you put a dog on the throne, the dog will come down and lick.

2) A man goes to the market to buy crabs and he noticed that there were two cages of crabs. One cage have crabs tied up and the other let loose.
Noticing this abnormally, the customer asked the seller what is the differences between the two cages. He replied, the loose ones are (word deleted and replaced with the term 'A'} Crabs and the other tied ones (word deleted and replaced with the term'B')Crabs.

Press on to explain the seller said, the tied (word deleted and replaced with the term 'A') ones will help each other to get out of the cage and run away and flourish. The loose (word deleted and replaced with the term 'B') ones will pull any that try to climb out of the cage and all will stay there to rot.

This is to illustrate the differences in mentality of you arse holes.

We are guilty of being KLHC lovers because we were given t-Shirts. We are perfectly sure that if any of your siblings have benefitted from the generiosity of the KLHC, we can be sure that you all won't be crying foul.

Thank You KLHC for the good times and not forgetting our t-shirts.


mahatma said...

Strength without Unity

You may have all the best players but if they are not willing to unite for one purpose, there is no stength.,
Do not blame the coaches 100% for the poor performances of the KLHC. In these case the players are matured enough to make the best decision while on play but they did not. If they were playing to their best as some other teams did, they could have sweep all teams with above 5 goals.

Than why such poor performance by KLHC.
1) Because KLHC felt that the winning was going real easy but they were going downhill.
Tenage felt that it was not getting easier but actually they were going uphill.

2) Because teams like MayBank and Tenaga came fully inspired to play and win. For tenaga, winning is a big thing - against national players. Its pride for them
But for KLHC players, winning is a small thing except for the money. They are playing against their small brothers and retired ones.

3) Tenaga and Maybank players honours their coach words as wisdom and pledge what he says.
But KLHC players know everything.
KLHC players felt that nobody could beat them and they lost.

4)The Tenaga players took the statement of their coach that they will win the final game against KLHC as a motivation and challenge. And so did the Coach of KLHC who did not take the Tenaga statement lightly.
But the players in their mind thought they have won the game even before they play. The mind is like a parachute. They function only when they are open.

Players who are not prepared to improve themselves or give the best everytime they go into the field are simply paralyse and retarded.

The lack of dicipline, poor attitude, mental preparedness, character and committment towards training and tournamants are the major contribution towards such a bad performance.

The national players if not all with their display of poor performance would have definitely cause a heart attack to their coaches and country.

Many are asking if we still need to ride on these dead horses or look for new set of players who can be trained to shoulder our country's faith on hockey.

To all National league Teams,
It is possible to fail and lose in many ways while to succeed and win, there is only one long way.

Anonymous said...

Siapa Coach KLHC ? Saya dapat tahu dari Former Malacca Player dalam komen Umpires , betul atau tidak?. KLHC,Sapura,TNB - puppet coach, UNIKL pemain mereka kebanyakan coach oleh coach projek 2013, Maybank -pemain coach dan Nur Insafi semua pemain mereka jadi coach.
Elok ambil pendapat Former Malacca Player tawarkan kepada cikgu-cikg yang dia telah namakan. Malu lah team Division Satu ada coach dibelakang tirai.
Penyokong Hoki.

Anonymous said...

As we see it in the MHL, there are few routes to success
i)built your strength with what you have ie training, tactics etc.
ii) weaken your opponents by taking out the best player from them
iii) Take the best in the country and keep them in a pool.
The effects
No (i) is ideal to create an arena for the improvement of Malaysian Hockey whilst create an environment for the coach test out his coaching ability.Well this is not the scenario.
No (ii) as a result we compromise the competitive environment. There are no tough opponents to face. Its more like walk down the park.
No (iii) This is selfish approach but if I have the money I better take this approach. Is it good for hockey or development of hockey you be the judge?? But who cares winning the MHL is the motive. Mind you individuals involved here suppose to take the national interest as well. The worst thing is some of the players are rotting and not staged. They loose out playing in a competitive and challenging situations. What future beholds? A weak set of national players who can play hockey but loose the character of staging themselves in a competitive environment i.e. ability to cope under pressure and rapid thinking. Why? They never train or play in that environment locally.
Realistically, any big spending team only need few senior national players and mix it with Juniors and create a star. Usually, A Star is born after any major games. Sadly, primadonnas are the stars and they are diminishing.
Read inbetween lines

Anonymous said...

A few years ago, E.Y (currently known as KLHC) easily thrashed other team in MHL at least 3-0 on aggregate. It's normal if heard that they win 5 to 12-0 that time. But starting last year MHL especially during the final, they start to lose their momentum and only can win the final on penalty shoot out!
The hidden things, last time E.Y aka KLHC which 80-90% of their players are National Player, they got the routine of their training for National Team in the morning and E.Y's training in the evening. Simply said, Morning Session by Sarjit and Evening Session by Dharma. Actually, they groom and boost their standard of play during their session with Sarjit. Ask the players themselves. Concurrently, Dharma also learn something precious from Sarjit during their tea time. The proof, you can see the similarity of their ideas of play such as formation, long ball/overhead style, p.c drag flick attempt, attacking and defending style, etc.
After Sarjit being 'toppled', and Dharma didn't like their relationship goes for long, E.Y aka KLHC being trained by Dharma alone. And National Team training handled by Beng Hai and Saiful. There we can see their standard of play decreased a lot! Even assisted by Vive, they cannot help much. Sadly, something and somebody had missing....

Anonymous said...

Seriously, if this can happen to KLHC, then the probability of it happening to the national team is very great. Therefore, can KLHC take pride with its success in the MHL when in fact they should have easily "sailed" through it. MHL is the major tournament in MHF calender and when KLHC "national" team struggles with lack of commitment, what hope is there for Malaysian hockey?

1. Offcourse the funder will take pride of the success thats why he became the National Team Manager. For him money can buy success. MR. G, shame on u...

2. As for the players, what do u except, easy money...easy life lah. No need to work hard as long Mr.G ada..kita semua hidup, tak kira kita main atau tidak, janji sen masuk...

3. Mr. G, why have u been selfish till screewing up the future of not registered players & destroying the future of hockey in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

January 26, 2010 3:41 PM

Tum hai wada kuta, booat pongk..jaa

sorry my hindi is broken. the above means " You r the biggest dog" And bucks alot"

Chilled out bro... SSD

Anonymous said...

January 27, 2010 10:22 AM

Who do u want to market? Selling King/Viking?

Anonymous said...

Hello fellow cock and bull story tellers,please get your facts right before writing.Dont think malaysian are stupid as you all.
AS of 2010 this is the facts.
KLHC-8 national player,1 national junior and 2 project 2013.The rest are former national or junior player or trainee.

TNB- 6 national player, 3 national junior and 1 project 2013.The rest are former national or junior player or trainee.

Sapura- 4 national player, 1 national junior and the rest are former national or junior player or trainee.

Maybank- 0 national player,6 national junior, 1 project 2013 and the rest are former national or junior player or trainee.

Hello my dear smart ass,how is it that KLHC is a national team.For your information almost all the current KLHC national player join KLHC when they were schoolboys.Now they become national player so what you want KLHC to do, send them to your team is it.Do you know how long this team is around,10 years in mhl.Do you know how many time this team lost and the players were kept before they became national player.If KLHC give up this players are you willing to support this players.

Wake up my dear writers,pls write something which is honest and truth and we can read and respect your article.Not come here to write your grand mother stories and smear people"s name.If you can do what you call the Mr.G do for hockey even 10% of what he has done,I would have known you and cherish you as saviour.Even to you MR GANDHI if you have or can contribute 10% of what MR G has done for hockey with your own money.If yes may god bless you and if not please use your brains and not your ass to write.

Lastly I challenge all of you, go to mhf and get your facts if you think i write nonsense like most of you.Some of you has write some things which is good and can help hockey.But the some... pls dont make people who know the truth get hurt.

Confident and please challenge me if you think you are still smart ass.

Gandhi, said...

I have edited the comment.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "KLHC wins the national hockey league title - "Is i...":

I as a former Malaysian player knows how (name deleted) coach. During a game , in his right hand is the Stop Watch and in left will be counting gadget wereby he will be reciting some words told by a bomoh so that can win a game.He will be reciting it and the number of times is ticked at the gadget. During training he sits , he drinks teh tarik and eat vadai. What coaching he does nobody knows. What ever Paul lissek tells he only knots is head because he cannot read and write.It was pity at that time who choosed him as a coach. EY at that time inly had 2 digit scores with weaker teams like Dolphins not with other teams. He had some henchmen in his team who was involved in the money lending bussinness.
Brother get your facts right.

Former Player

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1.44pm,

Saya setuju dengan kamu.Encik g atau presiden KLHA telah membawa KL di bawah pimpinan dia kepada satu kebanggaan negeri.

Dalam tahun 2008, kl menjadi naib johan b-12 lelaki,b-14 lelaki.Johan b-16,b-18 lelaki,sukma lelaki,Piala Razak.Johan b-16 perempuan.Selalunya dia akan pergi ke perlawanan akhir dan memberi saguhati kepada pemain kl walaupun kl bermain dimana saja.

Dalam tahun 2009, kl menjadi johan b-14,b-16 lelaki peringkat negeri.Piala Razak ke-3.

Klha memberi peluang kepada pemain muda untuk bermain di dalam liga.

Klha bawah pimpinan beliau telah memulakan program "Pearl Kids" yg pernah Mr.Gandhi sebutkan.

Setahu saya 10 orang pemain dari skuad projek 2013 yang bermain di Piala Razak adalah pemain Kuala Lumpur.Kalau dia greedy dan selfish macam mana dia boleh melepaskan pemain-pemain itu.

Jurulatih projek yg disebut-sebut selalu pun dari Kuala Lumpur.Bila Jurulatih projek menjadi jurulatih E&Y kali pertama,dia tak pernah coach mana-mana negeri atau kelab.Siapa akan beri peluang kepada jurulatih mentah macam ini. dalam Liga Mhl.Mr G lah.Sama dengan pemain KLHC atau EY mereka mendapat pendedahan awal bila mereka hanya pemain biasa.Mr G lah.

Sekarang KL menjadi gergasi negeri, tetapi dulu semua negeri tuduh KL mengambil pemain mereka.Tetapi sekarang KL memberi semua pemain kepada semua negeri.Siapa yang greedy and selfish?Siapa yang betul2 buat "development" kat sini.

Dalam hal ini saya rasa Mr G,teringat pula cerita Holy Man lakonan Eddie Murphy adalah tepat.

Saya rasa masa dan pengorbanan beliau adalah ikhlas dalam perjuangan untuk membangun hoki di negara ini.

Encik Gandhi, saya rasa Mr.G patut diberi datuk atau Tan Sri.Saya rasa kita perlu lebih orang macam ini dalam hoki.

Encik Gandhi, tolong bagi tahu kalau ada orang macam ini lagi dalam sukan kita.

Encik Gandhi selaku blogger tak nak letak nama kamu tak apalah tapi kalau orang sengaja mencemarkan nama orang encik gandhi kena prihatin sikit, wet throughlah sikit.Kalau kita hilang pemimpin macam ini Encik Gandhi boleh carikan "replacement" ke...

Jurulatih sekolah
Kuala Lumpur

OOI said...

dear fellow bloggers and readers..
I have read so much on goings with the hockey scene from this blog of late..I must say some sounds so surreal whilst some are just out of this world.
But I must say as far as the topic on this Mr G is concerned, I have not come across an individual like this fellow in my 25 odd years in hockey.Whatever said and done,this fellow has put his own time and money into the game and all he gets is being condemned.I seriously do not see anyone else with perhaps the exception of that nur insafi fella doing the same.
We are all adults here, we know there are aplenty of people with money to spend but how many of them are willing to invest in something as frivolous as the game of hockey.Might as well buy some houses or land where the possibilities of returns are better.!
To this Mr G, well done and please don't let these detractors pull you down.Anyway,it's your mullah and you can do how you see fit with it.

Anonymous said...

Hello fellow cock and bull story tellers,please get your facts right before writing.Dont think malaysian are stupid as you all.

Dear January 29, 2010 1:44 PM

The above suits u very well.

KLHC was injected life by Raja Manikam & the previous President (Tan Sri). Not yr Mr. G or his cronies.

Yr current team is not made of kl boys for yr info.

Confident and please challenge me if you think you are still smart ass.

Anonymous said...

Encik Gandhi, saya rasa Mr.G patut diberi datuk atau Tan Sri.

Pada semua blog reader,

Ini lah hasrat sebenarnya MR.G utk mendapat Datuk / Tan Sri dgn menampil dalam arena hoki negara.

Kalau hadap sangkat utk gelaran...Mr. G dermalah dgn ikhlas ke rumah2 kebajikan yg lebih memerlukan drpd pasukan anda.

Kepada Jurulatih Sekolah,

Kebangaan sesebuah pasukan bukanlah dari segi $$$$, malah ia sepatutnya datang dari hati & jiwa pemain2 & jurulatih2.

Anonymous said...

pls refer to 3.21pm of even date

This'CHUTIAH' is just a big talker that have not contributed an iota of effort to the game of Hockey and he is talking in a position of authority. Ask him to refer to his wife and his mother-in-law for any decision that he have to make in his life.

Just curl your bandaged and what have you and go under their sari and leave how Hockey is run to the men.

If he think that any statistics is not in order, then contest it. Do not be a dog and go around licking and barking up the wrong tree.

If anyone can sing praise of King'R' then you must be his beer khaki and waiting for him to appoint you to one of his squard.

Without the present President and the previous coaches KLHA will be struggling in Malaysian Hockey. Heros will not be honored at home and only when they are gone then you all will live to regret.
Good work KLHC and NUR Safi and let all these aske holes dogs and snakes shiver with envy.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3.21pm feb 1,

You must be really stupid asshole of the year.Why dont you say KLCC is a vision of Tengku Abdul Rahman and not Dr.Mahathir.

Rajamanickam is definately a good secretary for KLHA under a good president not like you.

Anyway what are you up to,you want to be the president of KLHA or the Team Manager Of national team or DP of MHF or coach of KLHA.Let me advise you,with your stupid attitude and ballers to come forward tell us what "bubuh pasir in your periuk nasi" that happend to you which we want to know.Dont think writing here we would believe you.To me there is one job i think suitable for you, KLHC is planning a newsletter maybe you can write in the comic part.

Another advise to you,when you are young you steal small things and when you grow up you would be a bank robber.Same as you,you think you are smart writer in blogs, to smear people in personal capacity.When get caught like the grapic designer lately,DONT CRY and say you are suppose to get marry and need to support my family.For me when that happens to you i will laugh and spit at your face.

Anyway for your info,KL plays in a inter-state tournament.KLHC plays in a interclub and players all over the country can play and even if you can recommend from TIMBAKTU also can play for club like nurinsafi.if you want the players like you wish, start a team.A person like you, I am cocksure wont even buy a cup of tea for any hockey players so what to expect.If this blog charge 1 ringgit to write which the money goes to hockey, you will stop writing.

So again keep on trying,you can convince the public but not the hockey circle.

Confident Man

Anonymous said...

Anonymous February 1, 2010 8:57 PM & February 2, 2010 1:17 PM

Kenapa kamu nak terasa sangat degan komen February 1, 2010 3:21 PM. Apa yg dia cekap itu memang benar.

Lihat sendiri dalam pertandingan2 liga baru2 ini, org ramai pun tak nak datang ke stadium untuk sokong pasukan2 seperti dulu.

Semua org pun cekap apa guna pergi mononton game bila dah tahu sebelum pertandingan siapa akan jadi juara.. tak ada game yg berkualiti sbb pasukan kamu gondol semua pemain2.

Jangan terasa pula dgn saya yeah...

Anonymous said...

Kepada encik 3.31 feb 1,

Kita bekerja untuk mendapat nafkah supaya boleh bantu keluarga kita.Seseorang pemain punperlu melabur dari segi pengangkutan, makan dan masa dari ibubapa untuk berjaya dalam sukan.
kalau dah melabur mesti mahu kepulangan.Kalau macam kamu cakap hati dan jiwa, apa kita melabur pakai pasir ke?kalau macam itu boleh tak kamu datang kat sekolah kami dan basuh tandas untuk hati dan jiwa.

Apa yang kamu nak sampaikan kawan.Kamu sanggup hantar anak kamu dan kamu akan menolak sebarangan pulangan.

Tolong jangan mengarut kat sini.Patutlah orang nak bubuh pasir kat periuk nasi kamu.saya rasa patut bubuh chili kat juboh kamu dan pasir kat mulut awak.

Tolonglah jgn nak mengarut kat sini.Pergi main guli dengan anak2 awak atau tunjuk kebolehan kamu dengan isteri kamu.

Anonymous said...

February 2, 2010 8:38 PM

Kalau awak fikir cam org yg biadap & tak bersokalah, sentiasa awak jadi jurulatih kono.

Saya rasa baik awak jaga tandas sekolah dan bersihkan dengan lidah hodoh awak itu.

Dah lah tua, tak seberapa boleh dengan isteri nak cekap besar.

Wooi p cuci tandas KLHA dulu lah...

Anonymous said...

Feb 2 5.51

Hello kawan,

KLHC gondol semua pemain sebab tu tak ada penonton.Kesiannya tak ada pemain lain ke.Hello MHL boleh ambil dari seluruh dunia.Kamu boleh ambil semua 22 pemain pun dari mana-mana walaupun seorang pun bukan orang malaysia.

Kalau kamu nak sessuatu yang ada kat orang lain kamu mesti berusaha cari penaja atau modal untuk mendapatkannya.Kalau org lain nak ratu dunia sebagai isteri dia dan kamu pun nak,apa yang kamu nak kita buat,ambil pisau dan paksa dia ke?Tak boleh kawan kalau nak sesuatu kena usaha dan kerja untuk mendapat sesuatu.Jangan menangis kalau orang lain pakai merc dan kamu hanya mampu basikal.Sebab kamu tak mampu apa kita nak buat.Kalau mampu dapatkan pemain yang kamu nak,mesti boleh dapat.Tahu sikit pasal realiti kawan.