Saturday, January 2, 2010

The "U-turns" by Sports Schools!!!!!!!

I received this comment and have edited and formatted it as an article. The comment gives the impression that the Sports School policies are made as and when it is deem fit. If the comment is right then there is a lack of consistency in the Sports School. "Consistency" is a key element in sports and if the Sports Schools fail in adopting such standards then it provides a dim reflection of the Sports Schools. Ultimately too Malaysian sports.

I hope for the sake of sports in Malaysia the comment is not right. Maybe someone can through some "light" on the issues.

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Is there a screw-up in National Sports School ?

In 2007, all the form 1 hockey boys were send to SSBP and there was no intake for form 1 hockey boys into SSBJ. The principal of the school voiced out that the school will only take players from form four onwards as elite players. The reason was to allow individual events students a priority into SSBJ at form 1.

The subject matter got so hot that meetings with Education Ministry, MSN and MHF took place where BJSS firmly stood by their decision. All types of reasons were cooked up for their stand.

Today, BJSS has quietly made a U-turn in their decision to enrol form 1 hockey boys back.

Now, with the hockey National league in progress, SSBP has openly allowed their form 4 and form 5 boys to play for clubs BUT not SSBJ. SSBJ not only stopped their form 4 and form 5 boys but also their pra-u boys from participating in the National league. Some of these pra-u boys are already in the national junior team.

Bear in mind that this is one of the best platform for the players to perform and earn an entry into national squad. To make matters worst, one of the pra-u student has chosen to leave SSBJ to play for the clubs. Will SSBJ make another u-turn in this matter or will there be many more u-turns to come?

Unlike any other schools, National Sports School play a very important role in preparing and delivering young promising sportsman with power, discipline and education for the country. Its responsibilities includes giving proper educations covering all topics which the students might have left out during their absence in training or tournament including the monitoring process. This could be easily solved by giving a lap-top to students. But far more important role of the National sports school is to produce high performance players who will be able to compete international tournaments.

The sports school boys who exceed their current potential performance can only more up to higher level if they are exposed to higher level games. Discipline and education should not be the reason for the sports school to hold them back.

Lets not just look into the box but look beyond. Don't live in a small world but explore it. What we repeatedly do should make discipline and excellence not an act but a habit."


Anonymous said...

Sports School talks about students only-discipline,ethics,rules,abide to the law and many others but is there anything for the staffs like teachers cannot teach tuition,work part time, the coaches other than coaching the school players cannot have their own private coaching.Players cannot be released for clubs if the sports school don't put up a team.But coaches of sports school can be released or illegally coach clubs privately.This will be conflict of interest. Their coaching in the school will be effected because the concentration level and the interest towards the school will be less because the lucrative monetary they are gaining from the private sector.National Sports Bodies should have some say in their own sports like asking the coaches of sports school have a periodization plan or not because the administration of the sports schools are ignorant about this.

Retired Teacher

Anonymous said...

Sports school coaches cum teachers had obviously justified their responsibilities by winning championships comfortably and sustaining their winning run over the years. So why does it only have to be lucrative monetary gains? It can also be deemed as the coaches intention to face challenges at a more competitive level. These challenges and experiences will in return be improvised to suit the performance of a sports school athlete. Well, a token of appreciation is completely designed by the respective clubs and not upon demand of these coaches. Sports school coaches are also not being entrusted with national assignments, not even at age group levels until recently. They should be appointed to handle these teams completely. National Sports Bodies with the consent of MOE should also create an allowance structure for sports school coaches cum teachers for their services in training, developing and moulding future athletes for the respective sports bodies.