Thursday, January 14, 2010

Outwitting an MHF policy and the far reaching consequences.

Man's creative propensity is such that if he comes up with something, there will always be others who shall find a way of circumventing it. This can sometimes be good and at other times can be a drawback depending on the subject matter.

Using this as the backdrop, my story relates to Malaysian hockey particularly to the coaches attached with the various national teams. These coaches are in the payroll of MHF ( in reality it is NSC) with MHF as their employer. In essence the relationship between MHF and the coaches is a "employer-employee" one and therefore there are both written and unwritten rules to be observed.

This matter must now be microscopically analysed in view of the prevailing inconsistencies that have arisen. Being employees the coaches have to abide by the contractual terms and policies of MHF. Here i believe the concerned coaches had followed suit and requested clearance from NSC to permit them to coach some Malaysian Hockey League (MHL) teams. Apparently NSC gave the clearance and the matter was communicated by MHF Secretary to the Chairman of the Coaching Committee. Peculiarly, i believe the Secretary had not informed the President of MHF nor the Management Committee. The Chairman of the Coaching Committee in his enthusiasm by-passed the Coaching Committee and "rubber-stamped" the NSC clearance, thereby permitting the coaches to seek a supplementary employment ( not for some of the coaches ) with the MHL teams.

Sometimes "the world moves in strange ways" and as such at the first available meeting of the Management Committee, it was decided that the coaches involved with the various national teams should not be involved with the MHL teams. The directive for the coaches was to scout for talents at the MHL matches. There was wisdom in that decision from an ethical and conflict of interest point of view. This decision was subsequently endorsed by the Coaching Committee and this put the coaches in a predicament including the teams.

At this stage it must be noted that it only involved 3 coaches and 2 teams. 2 of them are full-time employees of one of the involved team's organisation and were seconded to the various national teams. One of them is regarded as a senior coach and is not even being paid by MHF or NSC while the other gets a paltry sum only. Insofar as the 3rd person ie the chief coach of one of the national teams, he is a "career" coach and lately his livelihood is dependent upon the remuneration from coaching. Therefore coaching the "other" team would have significantly improved his quality of life. It would be a sound enough reason if that is the only reason.

Superficially everything seems to be OK except when one "lifts the team's veil" to see what is happening. Some may say it is a beauty while others may think it is ugly. Maybe an insight of what actually is taking place may give you a better understanding:
  • The team that wanted the 2 coaches, only wanted to use their own full-time staff to undertake the team's coaching task. So to avoid any controversy, one of the coaches was registered as a player. This permitted the coach to be present at all times with the team. As for the other coach, his full time job is being the Head of the Sports Unit and this provides him access to the team while they are training. Meantime the team had registered another person as the official coach.

  • The other team with the chief coach seems to have adopted a different stance. They seem to have a "hide & seek" approach. Having registered a different coach as the official coach for the team, the chief coach is used as a "consultant" (not in an official capacity) by sitting at the stand and giving telephone instructions to the registered coach. Apparently he also attends team meetings before and after games. As to whether he is being paid for the services, i am unable to comment as i do not have information on such matters.

In a nutshell when we "lift the teams' veils" what we have is 2 scenarios. The team with their full time staff seem to be transparent in their workings. It is probably the principles of corporate governance in their organisation that is brought to the hockey field. It shows when you carefully groom people with the right attitude and training, the modus operandi of the team speaks for itself.

As for the other team , the "hide & seek" approach is a reflection of a desperate desire to win the MHL and therefore seemingly anything to everything is done by the backdoor. They seem to be in a "pressure vessel" and performance with result is the only governing factor. This is obviously a "Machiavellian" outlook and maybe the people behind the team may subscribe to such principles. This may not surprise me as the team is literally made up of national players and the investment in keeping the players is extremely enormous. Therefore winning at all cost is something that cannot be compromised, which itself imposes considerable stress to the people behind the team.

The problem with the "hide & seek" approach is that it becomes an example for others to follow. The danger being when players of the team who are all national players or youngsters would think that this is "normal". Effectively we would be teaching them the wrong things and thereby players may find it difficult to distinguish between right and wrong.

This paves the way for indiscipline issues among players especially when they see people involved making a wrong look right. The maxim of "what is good for the goose is also good for the gander" may come to haunt Malaysian hockey if the leadership at clubs do not set good examples to their players. Indeed if any, issues pertaining to excessive drinking with late night partying during training, smoking, betting and so forth could have had their "seeds" sown because of such instances ie condoning acts that are normally not accepted in our country. Lets not be "teachers" for the wrong things in life if we are in a position to influence young sportsmen.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bro and All...............




Gandhi, said...

The comment has been edited.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Outwitting an MHF policy and the far reaching cons...":

This (name deleted) and (name deleted)like to finger point to others mistake and indiscipline.
But how about their mistake and indiscipline? Who dare to punish them?
Thats why we must remember, don't simply interfere others personal life if we are not a perfect human. What you give, you will get back, soon.

Anonymous said...

Dear ghandhi,

The first person that should resign if he was man enough should be the RIDSECT MAN. Look at what he has done to the national leauge. sad..sad story lah

Anonymous said...

Readers maybe confused now:This "play of words" can tickle our guts out

Kill the Ridsect= getting rid of the Ridsect aerosol cannister

That means MORE INSECTS SWARMING AROUND ! We would all be stung dead!

We need BOMBA DEPT instead!

The blog states_ " The world moves in strange ways"
These WORDS moves people into mysterious and devious ways.

The " hide and seek" approach or " peekaboo" play sounds more like" -


The blog states- The danger again a "normal "behaviour by the players but

- "PARANORMAL" behaviour - evidently seen all the way till today


We need government subsidy for this too ???

Anonymous said...


our Malaysians in the Hockey faternity seems a 'sick' lot. You all cry foul on anything that people have done but ask yourself why you not do what the present people are doing.

You all are very holistic in your preaching but have you all tried to do what they(Ridsect and the lot) have done. They have what it takes to outwit the Authorities in Hockey and do not tell me you all have not commit the same offences for yourself in other areas like false reporting of tax returns and the lot.

The Hockey folks do it for the love of the game because they have invest tons of $ in their aim of excellence. Whereas the lot of you outwit the Authorities by hidding your assets, so as to impress your mothers-in law.

So, Malaysians Hockey Lovers you deduce who are the more dispicable.

For all those Saints that do not contribute to the game please just enjoy the game and if you feel strongly that something is grossly wrong, show yourself and help bring a regime of rightousness according to your beliefs. Till then do not 'pissed' of people that put their money where their mouth is.

To end my comment i quote from a Chinese saying:



Anonymous said...


Tolong beritahu apa maksud ridsect dan siapa ini.

Chingukuya kot...

Ha Ha Ha

Anonymous said...

Brader Ridsect - KLHC/EY

Beware Ridsect is hiding behind team and got his friends to clean his laundries to promote him as the next deputy.

His line up - former JWC09 Team manager and the blogger/former FAM who thinks he knows all is paid by the ridsect.

Beware MHF, they are coming. Better put Kelambu and mosquitor coil around the office and not kemayan.

Dangerous people two people that is dangeruos and not married.
GAYS stands for G_O_R_E and S_TW_.

Both screwing peoples back.

Get marry and settle down and produce hockey players and coach them and produse unbeaten records and throw cash around the astroturf and write and destroy people rice bowls.

Your friend

RENTOKIL - opponent of Ridsect.

Anonymous said...

Tahniah KLHC @ E&Y dan semua nyammuk-nyammuk dan Riscedst.

Apasal dia orang tukar nama. Mungkin EY punya boss boss dah tension dan marah sama ini Ridsect

Anonymous said...

Congrats to KLHC @ E&Y.

With almost all curent National Players, if u dont win the leauge, then something is wrong. To my suprise, they only managed to win by a solitory goal.

Can any one tell me whats happening to this so called the best team in the leauge? They are not able to trash most of the teams & they only manages to beat less fancy Sapura team without 2 star players by a goal.

Thank God, Vivek & co are not the National Coaches. Just imagine if this people are handling the National Team... Guestlah what will happen...

Mr. Ridsect, try a new set up of coaches in your team. If u dont have anyone in mind, then let me recommend you the most promosing talented coach..."I.Vickneswaran"

mahatma said...

Stop day dreaming and go into reality

Go see the World Cup.
Go see the Olympics.
Everyone is crying to win.
And here we talking about back- door tactics, hide and seek, principles and policy.

Now, you ask yourself why are we far behind many other countries. When you start to put so many red tapes to stop one from progressing, that is what you will get.

Go thru the pain now and live the rest of the life like a champion. Be prepared to struggle now to be the winner tomorrow. The winner is one who is not the best but the one who refuses to lose.

TM says 'I will do all the best for hockey and you just produce the winning results' Winning is not a sometime thing. Its an all time thing. You don't win once in a while, you don't do things right once in a while. You do them right all the time. So winning is a habit. Unfortunately so is losing.

Lets get the best coaches for best results. Being able to coach many teams and being able to produce good successful results is a huge blessing.

kavi said...

Rentokil no right to talk about
KLHC and its Officials. They doing good thing for hockey. Without them national players may not get allowance. Rentokil should talk about MHF Officials who are not contributing and just warming up the chair.

Anonymous said...

ridsect has spent lots of money and time for hockey. if he has been married probably his wife would have killed him by now. dont wake up a sleeping dragon. let him be a bachelor. ok. if he wants to be the deputy president let him try. most likely he would spend much more for hockey, then. he seems to be a man of results. i am sure that he will walk out if he does not perform as dp. there would likely to be a lot of comments of anyone he appoints. our circle is like this. so readers, let us take the best of the ridsect and dont kill his enthusiasm.

Anonymous said...

Hide and Seek coach

Congrats to hide and seek coach who has brought his team to be the champions. You are a winner.
No matter how anyone else tries to stop this coach, he still produces the best results. Thats why many people envys him.
Keep up your good work. May you lead the Malaysian JWC team to be the champions. Bless you.

Anonymous said...

ghandi what your blog creates new meanings and all. monkeys becoming angels, a persons face cant even be brighten up by astro telecast becoming viking, any name begining with r is becoming phobia, bachelors becoming gays,drinking becoming injurious. no such signs in liqours, like cigarettes.

Anonymous said...

Hello Champion of Pest Controller,
Talking about RIDSECT and Insects , you must be a PERAK guy or related to mosquito Bala of Perak.
You don't know even what a good person is doing for the development of hockey but you are telling to kill the RIDSECT. You must me the greatest ar.. ho.. of the year.Do you know that many players are playing hockey because of him. KLHA is now number one. What are the other states doing for the development of hockey?
I think you are also earning a good living by hockey. So please keep quite and just do your job. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

i concur with the author that excessive drinking during training is bad. just a friendly advice to whom it is referred. from sunday night to thursday night drink moderately. how much is moderate is upto you. friday and saturday night you can drink any amount.