Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Wanted" - Coach for Malaysian cricket

I received this comment for another article and i think the comment is quite "hilarious" that it needs to be independently highlighted. Obviously, the writer is taking "pot-shots" at Malaysian Cricket Association (MCA) on the issue of the coaches.

Mind you, MCA had and is still fumbling with the issue, particularly the manner in which they had "dumped" their long standing local coach. In desperation they tried to get him back but at MCA's pathetic old terms. Apparently the coach had "set" his terms, which according to sources seem "very reasonable". Indeed insiders indicate it is much less than the "claims" made by others or compared to certain key staff salary. Maybe the "small figure" does not attract the attention of the hierarchy in MCA.

Below is the text of the comment and i have formatted it accordingly:

"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Malaysian cricket officials seem to have lost the ...":

Wanted Cricket Coach for Malaysia Cricket

  1. Benefits: Free Lodging,
  2. Free car during contract period,
  3. Free parties at DP's hse,
  4. Can come for training after the schedule time,
  5. Free call to your Country,
  6. Every meetings you attend,
  7. You are entitled to get 4 can beers.
  8. Basically you will get Holiday package in 2 months contract.

  • Requirements:Degree in Haanji ( YES SIR ),
  • We are looking for a person who really can enjoy holiday.
  • You must be Management Coach,
  • You only can listen and follow what Management say's.
  • You can't be player's coach.
  • You must sit away from player's when match going on.
  • You must be talkative.
  • Your must work under supervision of DP.

Please contact Cricket Malaysia if you qualified for above requirements. "


Anonymous said...

Hahaha... well said.

But after we have had a good laugh about this joke on the sad state of affair of Malaysian Cricket...

What is in store for Malaysian Cricket in 2010???

The standard line that comes out of the MCA EXCO... no funds, no funds, no funds and no funds.

What a load of bullshit! what is the 10 opps sorry its 5 or 6 now MCA EXCO members doing since they stood for election and won their respective posts for 2009-2011 year.

People only like to be associated with Champions or atleast people who have a goals to be Champions...

Champions can only be built with proper governance to start with followed by proper administration support, followed by proper planning and implementation process, followed by proper execution...

Can we actually see MCA doing that??? hahahaha

For funds to come, we need champions, to have champions, we need to mould the team into a champion unit, to mould the team we need a GOOD coach not any half past six guy who talks like a champion but work like a loser..

MCA wants funds.. you will only start getting funds once you have your house in order.. Cricket lovers with big financial strength will come in once they see it as a good business investment to go with their passion for this GREAT GAME!

The goverment through NSC, KBS, etc will come in once the Malaysian Team starts producing results in major tournaments which can definitely be achieved if the process of becoming a champion is applied.

Its sounds simple and honestly it is.. but do we have the human elements (MCA people) associated or so called the guardians of this GREAT GAME till 2011 to do that??? even GOD can't answer this... hahahaha

Today is 28th December 2009.

The people who have cricket in their hearts can have a good 3 days to reflect on what needs to be done in 2010 for Malaysian Cricket to prosper or they can think, "no worries, we are doing a great job and continue to be a hypocrite be happy talking rubbish while sipping their beers at the club houses around the country...

Happy New Year fellow cricket lovers!

Anonymous said...

MCA recently roped an authourised cricket personnel to conduct a coaching course. Around 24 aspiring participants (including current national players) attended. The reason for current national players to attend the course is best left to the players themselves. The official was assisted by some ex national players who have been accredited as coaches by various authourities. With these support, I still wonder why Malaysia is still short on candidates for the national coaching post. One of the assistant course conductor has represented the country and now is even a practising sports psychologist. You have a 3-in-1 package and yet MCA is still looking elsewhere.
The numerous coaching courses specially organised for current and ex players over the years with the intent of upgrading them into coaches have gone to waste. Some national players were even fast-tracked to be accredited with the overseas coaching courses even though they have no inkling of basic coaching.
The appointment of the national coach has been neglected and in time of crisis, the national body either finds and overpaid an expartriate who was more interested in the money but knows little in coaching and managing the national side or throw peanuts to unsuspecting local national coach wannabes. The problem seems to surface everytime the national team prepare for a major tournament. Whoever among the association bigwig is in charge of the national team is dragging his feet and I urge the national players to highlight this.
Watch this space come the next big international tournament.

Anonymous said...

I heard Mr. Haan Ji is coming back as Malaysia Cricket Team Coach, is that true?

Anonymous said...

Obiously lah. Its 1 man's decision what.

Anonymous said...

U mean Mr. Ji's decision. hw abt others, they all dummy?

Anonymous said...

Vacancies in MCA

Note: The below vacancies will get by anybody having bad time. This job only can apply people who really gone thru tough time in their life. Its equivalent to committed suicide. Very important thing is, the candidate must have thick skin( Kulit Lembu ). It will be high risk in ur life. Sleepless nights is one of the factor. If anybody dare pls apply for below vacancies:


General Manager

Immediate opening for a very dynamic and energetic General Manager for an organization. The successful candidate should have sufficient years of experience in successful senior executive management with a strong cricketing knowledge and successful experiences with full people skills and presentation skills. Additional qualifications:
Strong leadership skills
Must be able to sell the brand cricket
Excellent communication skills
Knowledge of daily operation
Strong project-management skills
Fiscal control
Man with a vision with the ability to think out of the box
Excellent pay and equity position for a General Manager who will report to the Executive Committee of Malaysian Cricket Association.

Development Manager

Working for the Malaysian Cricket Association, the successful candidate will work closely with the National Director of Coaching and General Manager. Your role will include meeting clearly defined targets set down in an annual Action Plan to secure MCA's set objective.

You should be able to evidence experience of writing, monitoring and evaluating strategies and plans. Experience of Club Development, Club Mark Accreditation and Sports Development Networks would be a distinct advantage.

This role will also involve building close working relationships with key partners ( State CA's, clubs, schools and other parties) to help support the delivery of development programmes across Malaysia).

You will be a dynamic, motivated and enthusiastic individual who must have excellent managerial and strategic planning skills.

Anonymous said...

Vacancies in MCA
The positions have been interchanged for countless times (e.g. general manager to executive secretary) although the job specifications remained the same. It just goes to show how poor the organisation is being run. The elected member who has been behind all these sham (no pun intended) should resign. MCA has some of the most number of administrative staff among the national sports associations yet they continue to look for a man who can wear many hats. The present executive secretary just could not handle the job pressure despite having the best cv and being highly recommended plus immaculate playing record?
On the note of development which most of the task being supplied by affiliate(s?), Hong Kong qualified as Asia's representative in this year's U19 World Cup when all these years they have never beaten Malaysia in junior competitions. What development are we talkling about?
Wishing all the best to whoever is foolish enough to apply.

Anonymous said...

Comments can go on and on and MCA is never going to change. MCA means the man who runs the whole show :the Hon. Secretary. He makes everything and take everything. Rumors are Mr. Hon. Sec is aiming the GM post so your comment:

Very important thing is, the candidate must have thick skin( Kulit Lembu) he will never bother.

Anonymous said...

MCA is of 7 Exco. Leave out 2- DP and HS. The others pls pls do something

Anonymous said...



This was a comment a long time ago. I have to put it up to refresh all of our heads.

Anonymous said...

I heard comedian is back in exco, i mean ricky disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Ricky dah pulang dari Indon dong?

Anonymous said...

Ricky Disappointing good for nothing in exco, he was missing in action for 8 months, now he is back for what? Who is he, is he know cricket? is he capable person for developed cricket in this country? Guy's please pour some water and wipe out this kind shits from cricket circle. Let him go back to indon and do kacang putih business.

Anonymous said...

One bad apple spoils the bunch. The mere presence of this bad apple sucks the life out of other members. As the running of the association is spiralling downwards, the return of so and so will signal the death knell for sport in the country.

Anonymous said...

MCA website wrote ...'paradigm shift'.... Wah! Hope whoever wrote that knows what it means. Look at the mirror first before hurting yourself.

Anonymous said...


What is happening in Malaysia Cricket? There was a big war between players and coach during World League in Singapore, especially captain. Now i heard MCA going to bring same person as a coach.Is this is right move from MCA? or MCA want punish their own players? Who is the one behind of all this? ( DP or SC )?
Or MCA looking for some body who listen them as a coach, is he coach for players or for Management?

APALAH INI.............?

Anonymous said...

MCA deputy president quits

Thank God. Its real Merdeka for Malaysian Cricket. We thought we need to wait for a year more. There is few more have to resign, we waiting for tat day.

MALAYSIAN Cricket Association (MCA) deputy president Datuk Dr Amarjit Singh has tendered his resignation, a move seen as a sign that all is not well in the national sports body.
Dr Amarjit said his letter of resignation was sent to the MCA headquarters in Kuala Lumpur yesterday and that he had stated time constraint as the reason for his decision to quit.

"There is no need to say anything more nor do I want to hurt anybody. I have come to a decision to resign and that's it," said Dr Amarjit.

His resignation has come at a time when the MCA has yet to fill the post of two vice-presidents, left vacant by Mahindra Vallipuran who resigned about six months ago, and Affendi Fuad Stephens, who passed away early last year.

"But I hope the president (Tunku Imran Tunku Ja'afar) will take a serious look at the situation and fill up the vacancies, including that of ordinary member Gopal Sreenavasan, who has also resigned.

"If not, it is only fair that a re-election be called soon," added Dr Amarjit, who was also the chairman of the MCA development committee. -