Monday, December 14, 2009

"Tips" for TM as President of MHF.

Below is a comment for another article and i wanted this comment to receive the right level of attention. The comment literally believes that the President of MHF is doing his job but wants to see effective changes as the President is ultimately responsible.

Indeed the comment believes he holds the "key" to the future of Malaysian hockey and wants to see him use his "veto" powers if he is not satisfied with his team of administrators.

Something for readers to think about and comment. Below is the full text of the comment:

"mahatma has left a new comment on your post "MHF Committees in "Slumberland" - Part 5: "Pointle...":

All said and done, I believe the MHF association has played a key role to the success of hockey in Malaysia.

Just get the right people doing the job and the Pointless Team management committee becomes "meaningful" even though it is not anywhere in the constitutionally set up.

The vital person for the growth and success of all the committee set ups is the PRESIDENT himself. Anyone can run the hockey association but the president takes the hit and answers to the malaysians and to the world about the success or failure of the sports in Malaysia. Not the medical committee, not the TMC, not the coaching committee but the president himself.

The president who has much expertise and respect in the world of sports must be saluted not because of his position but his sincere majestic desires to bring changes and success to the hockey world. Changes is vital for the organisation to grow. The sooner the better as we have less than 300days for asian cup and olympic qualifier and less than 1500 days for the JWC.

If Raja Azlan Shah have been able to do so in the 80's and 90's, I believe that our current president has all the charisma, talent, power, credibility, leadership and willpower to bring Hockey to the next level in Malaysia,

Being the president, he shall have his veto power to override certain decisions made by certain committee if deemed not right for the progress of hockey and this has to be abide by all in MHF.

Dear President, Don't be a toothless lion. the future of Hockey lies in your hand. As the right or whatever wrong decisions made by you will see the success or failure of hockey in Malaysia."


Anonymous said...

TM should make all the decisions. The DP and the VP's should just resign esp the one's who don't bring in money.(Dr. Helicopter)
TM should appoint the best Managers to run committees like the Development and the Coaching.He should have a working committee,like Air Asia Boss, EY manager, former Sapura Manager, TNB Boss, and runners who can do the job like the present GM, the former coaching secretary,former umpires chairman,marketing personals like Pos Malaysia Boss, KLHA Deputy president. TM you can pick the best and there are people love to work for you without any monetary gain. This is just for your thought.

TM Supporter

Anonymous said...

TM supporter,
That was good one. Some tips is that TM must change the constitution like bringing the top 6 clubs playing in NHL as affiliates and throw out all the affiliates whom are inactive.Just for your info , the opposition is already working to topple the present regime. It is headed by a Secretary from north supported by a president in the nothern state and Secretary of another state. They are now already buying people. Sabah ,Kelantan,Terengganu,Perak,pahang are already in the list because they are frustrated over TM's decision of nominating the team managers of national team. No overseas trip for the secretaries means they will switch camp. Most of the secretaries only want to get involved in the national set up but not improving or running their own league.