Tuesday, December 8, 2009

MHF Committees in "Slumberland" - Part 4: "Actionless" Vice-Presidents.

MHF has 6 Vice-Presidents (VPs) of which 4 are elected and 2 others are filled by virtue of nomination representing the states of Sabah and Sarawak respectively. The idea probably was to ensure all States are fully represented and also to make sure that the States of Sabah and Sarawak feel they have roles in Malaysian hockey. Maybe when the MHF constitution was drafted then the hockey administrators probably had the foresight of embodying the principles of "1Malaysia" which is the current national slogan.

The 4 elected VPs have their roles defined by being appointed as Chairpersons of the following Committees:
  • Medical

  • Finance

  • Competition

  • Special Projects

The Finance and the Competition Committees seem to be sufficiently active in MHF, whereas the Medical Committee's activities if any ( refer to my article, MHF Committees in "Slumberland"-Part3: "Motionless" Medical Committee dated 4th December 2009) is a "question-mark". Insofar as the Special Projects Committee (SPC), there seems nothing "special" is going on for the services of this VP.

In fact the Chairman of the SPC, i believe is from the legal profession and has a good reputation for undertaking his task properly. It is a pity that this VP's talent is not fully utilised. Although he has been given ad-hoc roles purely as "stop gap" measures in the form of team manager or assistant team manager, still MHF has not fully capitalised on his talent.

Indeed players who were in New Zealand for the World Cup qualifier found him highly responsive to their needs as the assistant team manager. They found him approachable, understanding and easy to communicate with. More importantly he did not have an "agenda" in dealing with them.

It is sad that this VP although being new to MHF seems not to be used to the fullest extent particularly as he is a capable person. Why he being used on a "piecemeal" basis by MHF is "mind blogging."

On the other side the 2 VPs coming from Sabah and Sarawak seem not to exercise their "position" despite their legitimate rights that is enshrined in the constitution of MHF. Both have not made their physical presences in MHF Management and Council Meetings. This probably may explain why they have not been given any portfolios. I do not know whether it is fortunate or unfortunate that they are placed in this predicament especially as MHF VPs and seem not to be doing anything worthwhile.

What is shocking is that one of these States could not even raise a team to participate in the Razak Cup. Another interesting story was about the MHF VP from one of these States, who was appointed as a team manger for a national team on an overseas tour during the time of the previous administration. His busy schedule could not permit him to undertake the job but he recommended one of his family members to the position. Maybe in that State, they may work differently in the administration of hockey.

I may have stated that these VPs may not be contributing anything worthwhile and this may not be perfectly right. One of the VP is in fact in the Development Committee, at least in name. Please read my article, MHF Committees in "Slumberland"- Part 2: "Clueless" Development Committee. dated 1st December 2009, to judge for yourself the prevailing scenario.

What i find difficult to comprehend is how people hold positions and seem not to be worried about not functioning properly. Maybe it is the glamour or "rubbing" shoulders with VIPs or something else that drives them to take up the positions. I do not know whether they understand that they are holding the post in "trust" because they have been elected or nominated to do the job. Therefore in that position they act as "trustees" for Malaysian hockey and they have an implied "fiduciary" duty to perform with reasonable skill and care. Maybe this sort of dimension of thinking has yet to "hit" them to appreciate that holding elected positions even in Sports Associations has a far greater responsibility that they cannot simply ignore.

The issue i have raised about the 2 VPs has been a perennial issue in MHF. The matter has seldom been raised and everyone adopts an accommodating view. It would seem the idea of having the numbers and giving the perception that Sabah and Sarawak is represented, is more important than having functioning VPs. In a way MHF is being "imprisoned" by its own constitution and people have the "fear factor" not to raise the matter.

It therefore becomes essential that these VPs have to decide whether the MHF constitution should provide for Sabah and Sarawak the VP posts. They are the only people who can recommend and from what is happening they should do what is appropriate. Good people from Sabah and Sarawak can still be elected rather than being given the nominated posts. What is important is that posts in MHF must be for people who can perform rather than ending up as "passengers" and expecting the others to carry them. Somehow this is what is happening in MHF.


Anonymous said...

VP's in all associations- no action only can talk. Some are there to claim status and all of them as usual claim money but cannot bring in money. MHF VP's from 2007 are all waste of time. They cannot do something like what TNB is doing.The present MHF President is trying is best to settle all the depts left by the former MHF officials and develop the game to higher level but there is already one VP campaigning for Deputy post.

Anonymous said...

Slumberland...... Slumberland....

Rock-a-bye baby, on the treetop,
When the wind blows, the cradle will rock,
When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall,
And down will come baby, cradle and all.

Anonymous said...



The season of giving is neigh, so TM use your influence and authority to stamp those that is supposedly to be working for hockey but is underminding YOU.

Give them a gift of 'death' because we know that You are too kind to do it.

This is the season to give, please TM for the sake of Malaysian's Hockey do the neccessary. They have contravene the Country's Law and it is so easy to eradicate them.