Friday, December 4, 2009

MHF Committees in "Slumberland" - Part 3: "Motionless" Medical Committee.

After the MHF AGM last Saturday, it would seem 2 people were extremely busy and making a "beeline" for the press. They seemed excited and wanted to display their importance in MHF. They were carrying with them some "hot" news, which according to other office bearers was confidential in nature. Forgetting that aspect of it, the Deputy President and a long serving Vice President of MHF decided to "spill the beans" so to state. Many "MHF watchers" cannot understand why this was done particularly as the President of MHF was there and the TM would be the right spokesman on such a matter i e the foreign coach issue.

Some were finding justification why these 2 key personalities of MHF should act like this. If the TM was absent, a case could be made particularly for the Deputy President. This could be done under the constitution that he was deputising the President, which in this case was not so. As for the Vice President, it is not his area of responsibility and therefore why did he become "sibuk". Sadly both these key officials have let MHF down badly for it implicates the others as though they do not want to talk or are not transparent. It would seem the simple rules of confidentiality were flouted by them . These are no ordinary people but rather very senior officials of the MHF Management Committee.

The Vice President's principal area of responsibility is the Medical Committee. So the question to ask is: "Why is this Vice President so "sibuk" on the matter of foreign coach?" He must consider himself "lucky" to be in possession of such information and he should learn to honour the nature of such information, particular if he is told of its status.

He is probably "sibuk" because he has nothing much to do or his Medical Committee is so "super efficient" that he can find the time to indulge into other areas of responsibility. In checking around, it must be said that many do not know what is happening with the Medical Committee or even if it does exist. They think that if they are doing anything it is probably undertaking or assisting in dope testing and working out ways to ensure that there is physical "medical coverage" in MHF tournaments. Even this they are doubtful as this aspect is usually undertaken by National Sports Institute (NSI) and the MHF office just liaises on the matter.

Indeed, based on my knowledge i do not believe that any random dope testing has ever been carried out by MHF. The only time this tends to take place is when the tournament is organised by FIH or on behalf of FIH. I believe even for the Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) tournaments such random tests are not done. The Chairman of the MHF Medical Committee is a key personality in AHF Medical Committee.

One would be surprised to know that the MHF Medical Committee may not have members. It represents a sad state of affairs. If this argument is "stretched", it effectively would mean that this Vice President is not doing anything worthwhile in MHF. Does this explain why he can afford to have a "sibuk" attitude and thereby create an image that he is a key figure in the activities of MHF? Mind you, in a way he seems to have achieved this for the first impression of him dictates such a view.

Seriously, the Medical Committee if it exists and is properly functional could do "a world of wonders" for Malaysian hockey beyond its traditional role relating to dope testing and medical cover at tournaments. What they have to do is "quantum leap" in their thinking and the areas they can assists are:

  1. Enter into collaboration with Universities and study the eating patterns and lifestyle of the players including sleep, drinking, smoking and so forth with the intention of making the necessary recommendations, as to what should be done to sustain endurance and speedy recovery.

  2. Viewing advancement in Sports Science and Bio Medicine with the idea of having relevant courses or seminars for players, officials, and coaches, thereby creating a greater awareness of the key elements and working on them.

  3. With the assistance of NSI, undertaking Bio Mechanical analysis of players with the intention of overcoming their weaknesses and polishing their strengths.

  4. Working out "mental stress" training programmes with the coaches to enhance the capabilities of players to handle various pressure scenarios in a game.

These are some of the areas but as usual there could be many more. At this point, it is more important that the Medical Committee identify the priorities and implement them rather than considering any form of exhaustive list. The little start the Medical Committee can do would in fact be a "quantum leap". No Medical Committee in MHF from the past have taken responsibilities outside the traditional role. We are still dogmatically indulging in traditional ways when we are playing modern hockey. This probably explains why we do not have that "extra" to have sustained Malaysia as a force in world hockey.

The Medical Committee has to move with time and if they find that it is difficult to do so then they must make way for people with innovative ideas who are willing to serve. People cannot take up positions just to warm the "chairs" and give the impression that they are doing work. Sometimes it could be that the people may be out of depth in the respective fields that they continue with the past so as to be within the "comfort" zone. These are selfish views that do not help Malaysian hockey. In a way this may explain Malaysian hockey's current predicament.

Whatever it maybe there is no point beating the "war drum" or "massacring" people, rather it is important that firstly the Medical Committee exists and then start mentally positioning themselves to positively engage in making the "quantum leap" decision of taking on a significant role in the progression of Malaysian hockey. If that "mental block" can be overcome, then the "sky" is the limit. This is where the "sibuk" nature can be best utilised to serve hockey appropriately.

The Medical Committee in coming into existence must understand that they have a far greater role if Malaysia wants to win the coveted titles in hockey. The question is whether as "volunteers" the people in the Medical Committee want to invest the time. The solution would probably be to lay out the policies and procedures and get the MHF administration to ensure its operations. This is the key in ensuring the Medical Committee plays its vital role in moving Malaysian hockey to the right direction in this modern era. The question is whether the Medical Committee would be formed and would have the tenacity to pursue it or be a figment of imagination?


Gandhi, said...

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They all suffer from'acute inferiority complex' as all their clans were. They will try to destroy things that do not go their way.

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Anonymous said...

An officer boy elevated in life the vp so what do u expect,he is and always be a politician.That's why when it came to hockey credentials he only played state level n maybe one international game.

Gandhi, said...

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Have anyone ever meet a decent person that pay for a helicopter on his own publicity jaunt and land on the field and opened a six-aside tournament named after himself.

This person is really a [deleted] (oops sorry sick) publicity seeker and we hope that no decent hockey Club will participate in his Tournament again.

You don't have to be a NASA scientist to know who this low down scumbag is.


Anonymous said...

I think these 2 should step down. They are not going to develop the game but make and give trouble.Before some sit at you both , please step down.