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KLHA's Under 14 two "coaches" issue.

This was a comment i received for another article and i thought that the comment deserve "centre stage", so i have reproduced it as a main article. Obviously, the comment seem to indicate that all is not well in Kuala Lumpur Hockey Association (KLHA). Something i find difficult to believe as it is one of the proper managed hockey association in the country.

The comment seem to distort this image and i hope KLHA would be able to enlighten us on this matter.

Full text of the comment is published below:

"Mahatma has left a new comment on your post "Yet again Malaysian hockey misses the "crowning wi...":


Someone trains the KL under14 boys for 2 years preparing them for the under14 tournament and someone else takes the credit in 2 weeks.

It was a sudden shock to this coach upon arriving from Myanmar under18 tournament that his hard work was given to another coach.

Anyway everything started wrong from the selection process to the way the game was played. One player was not even in the top 18 list and was eventually sent off to play for Malacca where he emerged as the top scorrer for the state.

KL lost the first game and drew the second game. I was in Ipoh attending to a meeting when someone call me to inform that KL under 14 hit badly to the extend that some players do not want to play the next game against Tganu.

News went to the "Original" coach who was shocked with the results. He knew this team was a winning team and many KL coaches was lobbying for it. Not believing the results, he decided to see the boys and the game for himself. And his presence at the field the next day chased away all the curse and gave a fighting spirit to the boys. The angel's blessing went on to give a 7-1 winning against Tganu. The others was all history.

This team won all the matches from than on to win the championship. Of course with one coach at the bench and the other sitting outside showing signs to the boys what to do.

I was in KL when I received a call that the KL boys had won the championship. I slept peacefully that night and many others in KL did the same too.

Powerful characters have powerful minds and Powerful minds build winners. Success does not come overnight but pure hardwork. "


Gandhi, said...

The comment has been edited.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "KLHA's Under 14 two "coaches" issue.":

Gandhi Ji,

Malay proverb, "lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama".

However, the KLHA secretary must undertake full responsibilty for the fiasco because he is the one who appointed the (part of the sentence has been deleted) coach "Thigh Specialist" to be the coach of the U14 team. Many of the players' parents voiced their unhappiness over this one man decision and apparently being the drinking buddy of the secretary has helped his cause in promoting himself.

To those who think that this coach is innocent & capable and victim of vicious unfounded attacks, I fully recommend that you speak to the support staff from ISN who were with the Junior WC team. And not forgetting the Thai players & officials who have vowed vehemently that they will avoid Malaysian coaches like a plague from now. Speak to them & discover for yourselves that all that have been written about this character is absolutely true.

For those who can get their hands on a copy of the Junior WC report, please do so and read for yourselves the coach's report. I have yet to read it for myself but my sources informed that even a Primary 6 student can write a better report. This I must see!

Like all (deleted), this character can still strut around with a chip on his shoulder. Interesting!!!

KLHA Observer

Gandhi, said...

I think the above comment is being unfair to the Secretary of KLHA.

KLHA is not made up of 1 person rather by the Committee and i believe all well managed organisations have their policies and procedures for such appointments.

If the above writer is right then it is not the Secretary who should be blamed but rather KLHA for allowing such unilateral appointment ( if that is so).

Finally, i hope comments could be confined to the related aspects of hockey rather than personal matters, which at this stage is "hear say" without any formal note of complaint by any of the aggrieved parties.

Such the fundamental principle of innocence must prevail.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

dear gandhi,

yeah right!....lembu punya susu, sapi punya nama.
whatever that has been written by KLHA observer is very very true

I've been longing to send comment about KLHA but since i'm just a small fry and the Mr. King is so powerful in KLHA to the extend of overruling the Presidents decision i therefore choose to keep quiet.
KLHA is the best run association? terms of running the league....but
administration? = one man show

booking? = now must go to the King himself not DBKL anymore since he managed to convince the DBKL sports director to take over the booking part

DEVELOPMENT? hes damn lucky because the teachers are providing him the best talent in KL such as Setapak High St. John CBN and Seri Bintang Selatan plus the sweat and blood put in by the KL chief coach who is really imparting his hockey knowledge to the schoolboys and girls.
and again the coaching & development committee had done nothing since all can be tapped freely from the teachers who the one is really doing the development

what is SWIP? sukan wilayah persekutuan. other states will put up a tournament from all their districts and finding talents to form a sukma team
in KL you dont need that. just pick the players, seniors and some school leavers plus some from few states. voila! you got a kl sukma A team!

then someone managed to prod the king and convince him that the whole Convent Bukit Nanas school team play for sukma B
and later on invite the whole penang and pahang sukma team to play in a tournament!!

thats how it goes!

not to forget the confusion of selecting the coaches for every age group tournament. it will always be a merry-go-round from the like of raymond, lailin,siva, vive before he picked who is available or can take leave

back in 2005 the then u-15 tournament in pahang he chose the korean kang keon wook to be the coach for the team. kang himself admits and told his assistant who is really the one coaching the team that the teacher should be the coach and he will assist him with his experience but the King as usual will never pick up a teacher to be his main coach.
all the other states their main coach are teachers but not for kl. their teachers are nowhere but produced the best talent in the country!!!
mr gandhi! i really suggest you should talk to the hockey teachers in kl since klha didnt much appreciate them
call mssmkl= majlis sukan sekolah sekolah malaysia kuala lumpur to verify the situation and talk to the officer in charge there how difficult to deal with the King. every and out they will face the same problem...players list, training schedule etc will arrive very very late after much persuasion from the assistant coach (the teacher) and not to forget the merry go round of coaches

pls do your own investigation.
i guess he is too long in his reign and has become "untouchable"

Anonymous said...

December 3.55pm,
I think you got a personal interest - like you are the best friend of The King or the "Thai"specialist, or you got sons whom you want to put them in the national team like rubbing shoulders with 10/2 or the Thai specialist.
Anyway to clear your doubts, KLHA was always the king pin in the u-15age group National Tournament. At that time coaches were selected on merits before the King came in. The KLHA coaches were the chief coach and accompanied by a teacher of the champion school in that age group tournament. But after the King no teachers are given a chance.He has already made many blunders , U-23 screwed up by a coach whereby he dropped the original KL players and picked the Selangor boys and failed and now he is coaching a national leaguer team, then the "Dutch affair", the ladies opens appointiong the one and only beloved coach of him that is the Thai specialist, and at last now the u14 coach also is favourite the Thai Specialist. What else? All the office bearers of KLHA must step down and let the King rule. Waiting to see who are the coaches the King is going to appoint for the Sukma boys and girls team. For cock sure for both the teams the Thai coach will be the only coach beacuse KLHA as got no coaches?
KL teacher

Anonymous said...

dear kl teacher!

i'm surprise if you still want 'the king' to rule KLHA.Maybe your king is different from mine.My king is a direct translation from Bahasa
I dont have any hidden agendas when I wrote and send my earlier comment.
Teachers in KL are deprived of everything in hockey. as you can see even the technical committee umpires are controlled by the king.
teachers cant go far! as i told you their part is just finding talent nurtured them and the rest ..daylight robbery...!!!

i heard a program from the main sponsors TNB a year ago.what happen? where are the budding players?
none....why? because they are not interested in doing the donkeys job like the one done by the project 2013 coach. toiling under the sun without pay just for the sake of hockey.
i put up the same challenge to the 'thai' coach. get the boys, collaborate with MSSMKL and you can have your own 'susu lembu'

for the SUKMA coach

mens team

1. thai coach
2. one of the tnb coach bcos coaching chairman is also from TNB
3. Vive
4. Vicki


1. thai coach
2. rizal razman
3. sally

or the 'dutch treat' again?

let us wait and see.

where are the teachers?

just sally.....why? ex-national player ..kl born and bred.
teachers dont play for Malaysia.... not good....what a mentality!!!

umpires ? hafiza- why? the king groom her to the extent of giving accomodation in the stadium for free and she once assist him in the secretarial work. thats why shes in.part of the 'official' ladies umpires of KLHA

'i scratch your back you scratch mine'

the others?.......the outspoken one will 'kena pancung'

or they will make up story involving personal life....which 'the king' is very sensitive to it.

you have known two 'R's in KLHA but another 'R' is the one who creates a lot of confusion.He is the silent advisor and drinking buddy.
He is seen everyday in the KLHA Stadium and everywhere in any tournament but hes not the office bearer of KLHA. maybe wanna protect his sons as he vowed to see both playing for the country by whatever means.
Break apart this 3 'R's and probably you got better KLHA!!

-as i see it -

Anonymous said...

Nowadays, everybody got their own propaganda lah....
But we want RESULT!!!!!
Either Thai coach, 10/2, sapi, lembu, susu, dutch,teachers, GM,or else, its all involved MONEY either exposed or non-exposed!! Dont just bullshit here lah..Implement it!

Anonymous said...

Due respect to the dedicated teachers in K.L,it was a trend that KLHA gave the job to teachers as chief coaches at one time like Vincent,vive,caleb in the 80's and early 90's and than teachers were also recognised like Gana, Azmi but now sad to say that teachers are not given than the chance because of their reputation. A school wrote to KL Education department regarding a chief coach having an affair with a player (girl)but no action was taken. The respective school parents pulled out all their players from the K.L team. Now there is only one teacher who is capable of handling the kids. KLHA always respect the teachers.
EX teacher and others please get your facts right.

KLHA fan