Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Does MHF officials learn from their past mistakes?

Just prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, it was rumoured that a renowned South Korean coach, then with China is being "head hunted" to join Malaysia and uplift the declining standards of our hockey. While negotiations were ongoing, some "smart" MHF official met with another South Korean coach, purported to be a former assistant to the South Korean coach with the Chinese team. This created sufficient publicity in the alternative media i e "blogosphere" in South Korea that there was a tussle for the Malaysian job. The South Korean in China professionally withdrew from any further discussions with the Malaysian hockey representatives. Even a "secret" meeting held in Bangkok thereafter could not the coax the renowned South Korean coach to reconsider the Malaysian job.

Sadly, Malaysia was at the verge of getting his services but there were people in MHF who helped in "derailing" his appointment by not understanding the salient aspects of confidentiality and discretion when it comes to employment of "key" personalities. If these people had done such acts in a corporate environment, they would have faced drastic consequences including termination. Fortunately for them, it was only MHF and it would seem people get significant leeway to do things.

If that was the only incident then this article would not be forthcoming. The search for a foreign coach continued even after TM became President. This time the matter was handled by the Vice President of the Medical Committee. Why? It is anybody's guess? My article: MHF Committees in "Slumberland" - Part 4: "Motionless" Medical Committee dated 4th December, would probably give an insight.

Apparently, he was in negotiations with an Australian coach, who came highly recommended and was about to seal the appointment when the Secretary of MHF stepped in to take over the paperwork. In his "style" of English he communicated through the e-mail with the Australian and somehow confused the terms of appointment. Indeed stories were told that the Secretary was so keen to go to Australia to sign the deal, which itself probably created the confusion. Yet again, in the simplest of language MHF officials "screwed up" the whole deal.

With a brave front MHF's story then was they could not find a suitable foreign coach. All the backroom fiasco in MHF seem to have been forgotten and now as the story of the foreign coach resurfaces, nearly all the same officials have become the "players". If history is a lesson of the past, the question is: "Will history repeat itself"?

Statistically, there is a high probability. We need not create a mathematical equation. In plain words it is the same "players" who have in the past "screwed up" such deals. Now their initial acts itself have put potential candidates on to the defensive. Even at an early stage candidates cannot trust the "employer" on confidentiality, how does one expect for the long run. The people concerned are not "unemployed" coaches rather professional serving coaches whose request for "professional confidentiality" is of vital importance. To give "half baked" news to the public by MHF is tantamount to misleading all parties. So the statements of the Deputy President, the Vice President and Secretary of MHF with regards to the foreign coach is only going to help MHF lose its own creditability in eyes of all foreign coaches. The little hope we may have had for their services may have already been "killed" by the officials concerned. Can MHF afford such repeated "screw ups". The TM as President needs to think carefully.


Anonymous said...

No need to spend so much on foreign coaches. Just appoint Dharma as the Chief Coach cum he handles the 2013 team. He has got new ideas-
1. No full time players. They must be employed somwhere.Training after 7.00 pm. Training on Saturdays and Sundays.
2. National Players playing for clubs should be paid according to ranking in the National Team. So cooperatrion from the clubs.
3. Fitness should be handled solely by ISN physical conditioning experts.
4. Dr.Saju of ISN should be employed full time solely for hockey in the aspect of Video analysis.
5. Centarlised training only 2 months prior to the tournament but regular tarining in the evening should continue.
6. For future development of the game check the quality of Hockey schools in the states. There must be a full time roving coach nominated by the chief coach Dharma to see through all the development aspects.
7. The two national sports school should not have hockey team. All the players go back to the various states to play for clubs or sates or just change the coach and the principal of the school(SSBJ). SSBP aalowing the players to play in the Natioanl League.
8. The Coaching Co. of MHF should employ a full time Coaching manager recommended by the NSC to handle the development of coaches.
9. The Deputy and all the VP's concentrate on their states and let the President handle MHF with the GM advicing him.
MHF supporter.

mahatma said...

A Crying Appeal

Lets come clean to the hockey organisation (MHF) for the betterment of the sports in Malaysia.

May I ask :
When will the issue of National Coach be settled? Why is it taking too long?
Will our National team be ready for Olympic qualifier and Asian title.
Will the project team for 2013 be a reality?
Will Malyasia be rated top 3 in the world by 2016.
If the koreans can, why can't we?

MHF is not a charity organisation but have been formed decades ago by people with the intention to help lead hockey stay upfront as a leader of sports in Malaysia and the world. But as time passes, not only personalities but intentions have changed too.
There are 3 catogeries of people in the world.
1) People who can make it happen.
2) People who wait to see what is happening
3) People who wonder what happened

The president himself cannot afford to be a silent observer or wait and see attitude but to make swift decisions to see immediate results. With the top leadership changed about a year ago nothing seem to make its way for advancement.

Some personalities in MHF seems to be talking about the constitution and stay motionless rather than taking a positive approach. This people have been long enough in the organisation and have buddy system who protect each others interest BUT not the national interest. And I believe the president suddenly sees many barriers and walls that does not allow him to make decisions at the interest of the nation.

Please bear in mind that in hockey as just as other sports, the coach and players are the main pillars who make up this sports. The best players come to play for our country. The coaches guide vision, urge excellence, empower the one being coached, unlock the player's true potential through raising awareness, inspiring new ideas, encouraging creativeness, energising thru effective communication, suggestions and building can-do-attitude. The coach also implies in to improve performance, greater efficiency and effectiveness, how to approach a task, looking beyond immediate objectives and the future performance.
(Performance of the players is potential plus attitude with built- in character)

The others in the organisation are the supporting pillars with the president leading the organisation. The committees and the sub-sub committees shall see the vision of the president and lay out plans and targets to fully supports his national interest to achieve greater heights. Those who don't see the vision and mission of the president have to step out or be thrown out.

I just hope that we do not have the fourth category of people: The people who do not want to see things happening.

Anonymous said...


When 'screw-up' is consistently practiced then it is not a screw-up but should be taken as an act to sabotage or destroy the game within the association.

What we see is invidual(s) acting beyond their jurisdiction or permitted role in trying to gain out of hockey.


"Sabotage is a deliberate action aimed at weakening another entity through subversion, obstruction, disruption, or destruction. In a workplace setting, sabotage is the conscious withdrawal of efficiency generally directed at causing some change in workplace conditions. One who engages in sabotage is a saboteur."

Good luck to hockey.