Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Re: Appointment of foreign coach - "Could it be an act of sabotage"

I had received a stimulating comment for my article titled: Does MHF officials learn from their past mistakes. The article was dated 15th December and questioned the manner in which some key MHF officials had acted every time it came to the appointment of a foreign coach for Malaysian hockey.

The comment seem to bring a new paradigm into why this may have happened. Although speculative in nature it seems to introduce the concept that these could be "acts of sabotage". Could this be a possibility? I think it is "far fetched" but it is still worthwhile to study the issues that has been raised in the comment.

Below is the full text of the comment:


When 'screw-up' is consistently practiced then it is not a screw-up but should be taken as an act to sabotage or destroy the game within the association.

What we see is individual(s) acting beyond their jurisdiction or permitted role in trying to gain out of hockey.

"Sabotage is a deliberate action aimed at weakening another entity through subversion, obstruction, disruption, or destruction. In a workplace setting, sabotage is the conscious withdrawal of efficiency generally directed at causing some change in workplace conditions. One who engages in sabotage is a saboteur."

An interesting comment. What attracts me in the comment is the aspect of "consistently practised". Can we be certain that repeated mistakes are consistent practises? The whole matter is "mind blogging".


mahatma said...

Dear Ghandi,

I tend to agree that there could be some elements of sabotage for the appointment of foreign coach. But definitely there have been many screw-ups.

Just put the recomendation to the president and let him get the job done.

What about the MHF itself.
Has it been hijacked by someone?
Is MHF isolating from the public to hide its weaknesses.
Why aren't MHF able to attract crowds for the tournaments?
Why are there not enough publicity for the games and tournaments.
Are the journalist in good terms with the officials.

The last time the hockey stadium was packed was during the commenwealth games. Nowadays, you can hardly see spectators, only the players and officials. Even inter school hockey games fetches more spectators than some national tournaments.

Anyway I tend to agree with some anonymous comments about giving the chief coach job to Dharma. He has brought a lot of changes and ideas to the way the game is played. He has trained the project 2013 team to a very high level to performed in high performance championship and many senior teams are fearing them. He is the only malaysian coach who thinks, trains and plays the boys like the german and australian coach.
He has the capability and competency just like the foreign coaches. He has the burning desire in his eyes, dedication, inner strength, willpower and his believe in god that he will bring home the Junior world cup to our homeland Malaysia. This, the foreigner does not have. His pass track record tend to show his success and capability. I hope MHF will entrust him to continuously coach the project team.

Anonymous said...

The public is not blind......

They have their own opinion on how a certain sport is run, who manages it , how the system works and how the players portray themselves . At present...... the public's response says it all. Parents want their children palying in a more healthier environment and one with character building....

The saying familiarity breeds contempt- holds in this matter- the coach selection....Que Sera Sera...whatever will be will be... the future is yet to be... Que Sera Sera....

Till then the quest will continue as both players and coaches make a run for their money. It is a funfilled entertainment and wayang for all . Money is what matters to them after all.

Gandhi, said...

On the latest comment by "Mahatma", you are right about money. Why suddenly money? Is it because the "bar" is pushed higher to tempt players and coaches to be part of the team in view of shortage of good supply?

I raise this because last nite i was at a dinner which had certain parties who were a mixture of past & present hockey players and officials. The term "Godfather" , "Dada" and "Malacca Mafia" of Malaysian hockey was consistently used. It seem to direct a lot of prevailing issues to these 3 "names".

Names were not mentioned interestingly enough. It seem people involved in the discussion knew who they were and i did not want to upset the flow of the discussion by asking: "who they were?" Of course i am aware of the term "Malacca Mafia" in Malaysian hockey.

At least it gives an insight to what is happening and the "pulse rate" of hockey lovers.

mahatma said...

Dear Ghandi,

Going for GOLD MEDAL

Are the Malacca mafia, Godfather or Dada that powerful in MHF that they can continuosly screw up the plans laid down by the President.
I don't think so.

Anyway, it is not about who is the strongest in MHF.
It is not about who is the biggest.
It is not about who is most powerful.
It's about something more.

Its whether you want it or not.

Who wants it?

When it come to game, the most important is winning. We must have the edge to win and we must have a perfect team to win. When the hockey team starts to win international tournaments, as they step down to the field to play, they feel perfect. They are inspired to win. Winning is like magic. It suddenly brings glory and fame. And the whole world will be looking at them.
The margin for error is so small that one step too big, too late or too early you don't quite make it.
One half second too slow or too early, you miss the golden chance in every single minute or every second to win. The players need to live every moment in the field till the final whistle is blown. To be a star, they will never never give up.

If the players are prepared to do this, than the Asian Gold medal, Olympic gold medal and Junior World cup championship will definitely come. Let it be whichever DADA or mafia stand on its way.


Anonymous said...

To all Hockey Fans,
No need foreighn coach, a good local will do it if paid genuinely. The 2013 team won the SEA CUP but no 50 million but Football won the SEA games gold medal got 50 million. A hockey under 18 team can become kingpins in the senior competition , imagine the same team 5 years from now. Give that coach a break and pay him well and let him develop that team for the 2016 olympics. We sure will win a medal in 2013 and 2016.Dada(10/2) or Malacca mafia (DP)can fly kites.They cannot do anything.
Hockey Fan

Gandhi, said...

The latest anonymous comment advocates a local coach rather than a foreign. All i ask him to consider the statistic over last 20 years.It was the presences of foreign coaches that took Malaysian hockey places save for 2000 Olympics. Even then there was a foreign consultant with the team for some years.

Lets not be "blinded" by current success of the younger teams. Yes! they have done well against a falling Asian standards in world hockey. Can our boys match the Europeans and the Oceanic nations? At this stage it would be difficult. That is the truth.

Our hockey is already 8 years behind. Tai Beng Hai and Saiful has helped to arrrest the decline despite the "powers" that were trying to "short circuit" their efforts. Some of them who plan the "surges" are still in Malaysian hockey and today they are desperate in their counter measures to ensure a foreign coach is not appointed
Their principle motivation is driven by wanting positions and taking over MHF. If the national teams performance is sliding then they have a good case. The "nit picking" has already started from anything to everthing.

Anonymous said...

"Many are destined to reason wrongly;
others, not to reason at all; and others
to persecute those who do reason."

"Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day;
to the last syllable of recorded time;
and all our yesterdays
have lighted fools the way to dusty death.
Out, out, brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow,
a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more;
it is a tale told
Told by an idiot,
full of sound and fury,
signifying nothing

William Shakespeare

Anonymous said...

Again and again so called propaganda lah.....
We want RESULT lah!!!!!
Either Dada, 10/2, Mafia, Sapi, Lembu, Susu, Dutch,Teachers, GM,or else, its all involved MONEY!! Malaysian money lah!! Dont just bullshit here & wasting time lah..GO implement it lah!
We are no stupid and blind lah...

Anonymous said...

Money, money, money.....
All Greed for money
wayang cukup funny
make the tabung empty..think like celebrity ...all lack of integrity

That's the hockey world.....

Anonymous said...


It is very hilarious to following this article!. The last few comments are also very interesting to note. Other blogs are promoting their choice of coaches, and there are also some coaches who are "selling" themselves.

Your regular comment about power struggle in the management level of the MHF has now shifted to the coaches?

Some comments are posted by the coaches themselves or the working group judging by the contents.

I hope the delay in MHF to hire the foreign coach will not trigger a situation where the coaching qualities of the respective teams are compromised.

Frankly speaking we may not even secure the intended foreign coach judging by the way the “potential candidate’s” predicament of having to endure the news leak before the appointment.

Malaysia may just have to hire a local! But how many locals are actually qualified and ready?

Anonymous said...

is there a screw-up in National Sports School

In 2007, all the form 1 hockey boys was send to SSBP and there was no intake for form 1 hockey boys into SSBJ. The principal of the school voiced out that the school will only take players from form four onwards as elite players. The reason was that to allow individual events students a priority into SSBJ at form 1.
The subject matter got so hot that meetings with Education Ministry, MSN and MHF took place where BJSS firmly stood by their decision. All types of reasons was cooked up for their stand.
Today, BJSS has quietly made a U-turn in their decision to enrol form 1 hockey boys back.

Now, with the hockey National league in progress, SSBP has openly allow their form 4 and form 5 boys to play for clubs BUT not SSBJ.
SSBJ not only stopped their form 4 and form 5 boys but also their pra-u boys from participating in the National league. Some of these pra-u boys are already in the national junior team. Bear in mind that this is one of the best platform for the players to perform and earn an entry into national squad. To make matters worst, one of the pra-u student choose to leave SSBJ to play for the clubs.
Will SSBJ make another u-turn in this matter or will there be many more u-turns coming.

Unlike any other schools, National Sports School plays a very important role in preparing and delivering young promising sportsman with power, dicipline and education for the country. Its responsibilities includes giving proper educations which includes covering all topics which the students might be left out during their absence in training or tournament and the monitoring process. This could be easily solved by giving a lap-top to students. But far more important role of the National sports school is to produce high performance players who will be able to compete international tournamants.
The sports school boys who exceed their current potential performance can only more up to higher level if they are exposed to higher level games. Dicipline and education should not be the reason for the sports school should not hold them back.

Lets not just look into the box but look beyond. Don't live in a small world but explore it.
We are what we repeatetly do hence dicipline and excellence is than not an act but a habbit.