Monday, March 30, 2009

FTCA leadership up for grabs!

Wilfred Abraham, has quietly and effectively served as President of Federal Territory Cricket Association (FTCA). He and his past and present Committees have achieved a lot. An interesting aspect of Wilfred's leadership is that he does not go around bragging about all the things they have done and achieved in cricket. Therefore if you not in the cricketing circles or a regular visitor to the drinking oasis of the Royal Selangor Club, then one may not be privy to such information.

Apparently, this low profile President of FTCA wanted to call it quits and make way for others to take over the leadership. He is of the opinion that he cannot contribute more and therefore his long standing "Test" administration days with FTCA must come to an end. A very wise move before people get tired of the leadership.

There are reasons to believe that forces are at work endeavouring to invite a renowned cricket personality to take the leadership of FTCA.The principal driving point is that this person still has a lot of love for the game despite the fact that he was unable to retain his position in an election at the national body.One of his strengths is his reach to financial resources, which could come handy for the FTCA activities. Further, when he was "parachuted" into MCA many years ago, he saved the organisation from financial bankruptcy by personally extending his personal funds. When he moved up the ladder as the Deputy President, he was the backbone in organising the 3 Nations ODI and the Junior Cricket World Cup. More importantly, in a personal capacity he has educated players and assisted them in their employment. A credential that is difficult to challenge or compete and i am sure many organisations would wait to grab him.

Somehow, this rumour of him being invited has not gone down well with certain quarters in FTCA. Noises are being heard while gossips emerging from a "watering hole" at Bangsar seem to reflect a degree of dissatisfaction of the manner it is being handled. Some "old time" FTCA officials have got together to provide an opposition, as a sign of protest. Therefore the post for President, Vice President and Committee Members is being challenged in the coming General Meeting.

Providence is not obviously on the side of the incumbent President, to allow him to retire honourably and in a harmonious fashion. There are stories that his name has been nominated to defend his current position. I believe if the President intends to stay on, he would probably be re-elected uncontested. There is no necessity to take him on, as he has been serving FTCA properly.

Therefore, the race for the President may fizzle out and in way reduce the noise level. This would mean the contest for Vice President may heat up. An interesting contest if it does takes place. Why not? It is the proof that democracy exists in FTCA despite the believe in some that only those with track records should be "planted" in positions. There is some truth to that argument, but i am sure the incumbent President would want a free and fair process. Whatever the results that is the price for democracy.

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