Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Manindergit Singh - Immovable as the "Rock of Gibraltar"

Maninderjit Singh or popularly known as Mike had been the "solid rock" defender of the Malaysian hockey team for years till the end of the 2002 World Cup.. It has been told that he was seldom substituted as a defender during a game for years, other than getting injured or spending time at the "sin bin". This strong and friendly Punjabi had always given his best for Malaysian hockey and on his retirement, he played a major role in MHF's Disciplinary Committee under the chairmanship of the late Datuk Ho Koh Chye.

Like many former hockey internationals, he is proud of his time with Malaysian hockey and he believes that when he retired, it becomes a paramount duty of the existing internationals to carry the "flame" and keep Malaysian hockey aflame with success. When the rot in Malaysian hockey set in and the continual dismal performance of the various national teams, Mike became a " nucleus" with Mirnawan Nawawi, K Enbaraj and Azlin Fairuz to champion the cause for the relevant parties intervention to arrest the deteriorating standards of Malaysian hockey.

These 4 with other former hockey internationals created the 102 Group by petitioning to the relevant parties to intervene because of the falling standard of Malaysian hockey. According to sources, Mike played a key role and is considered as a main pillar in the whole exercise. It has been told that he was very focused and single minded in wanting to see change in Malaysian hockey. A team man, he apparently slogged hard with the other 3 to put together the so called "road map" i.e over 100 pages of proposal for the rejuvenation of Malaysian hockey. To keep everyone informed they even set-up a dedicated blog to communicate the pertinent issues.

Those who were present at the presentation undertaken by the 102 Group to the Sports Minister and also to MHF, indicate that Mike was in his element. His presentation was clear, concise and direct to the point. The post presentation discussion praises Mike on his sterling performance and many could not believe what they saw. Apparently, this side of Mike is not known to many.

The gossips further highlighted the fact that he refused a number of positions offered to him in MHF for the MHF elections. The reason given was his involvement in 102 Group and the fact that it should not be seen as a vehicle to seek positions in MHF. Although for all purposes the 102 Group came to a demise after its presentation to the Sports Minister, Mike still held on the principle that it would be ethically wrong to seek positions in MHF. Indeed when he was named into the Wawasan Committee, he was not at all keen to take up the position. He was offered a number of other appointed positions and he flatly refused them. He had a number of discussions with people over the Wawasan Committee and he took the view he would remain in it if the 102 Group's "road map" is adopted as a basis of change. The way things are heading in MHF, it would seem Mike would be also contemplating a departure from the Wawasan Committee.

Many of his friends believe that he is guided by certain key principles and holding of positions without a reason is not one of them. Further his main principles are so well moulded plus entrenched that it has made him like the immovable "Rock of Gibraltar" and asking him to compromise is expecting the island of Gibraltar to float away. His love for Malaysian hockey is undying but he believes the methodology to achieve results must be well defined without any compromise of principles. This probably makes him a misunderstood person in the hockey fraternity.


Anonymous said...


He not only suites the name! but
both in the field and out, has proven to many that his tireless
services, is so remarkable, even if he fits into "Cricket" he will
be so remarkable to make a change.
Thats the kind of officials with 110% of commitment for a SUCCESS.

Believe me the training, MIKE, had
and still receives,is from a "GURU"
rare and hard to find in this Planet. These are the products
you see these days.....BRAVO BRO.
Keep up the Spirit for the sake of Sports....who can deny your Delivery......?

Start a Consultants Outfit and advice these down-under, sports
Associations, whats MANAGEMENT,
and DELIVERY is all about...

Strongly recommended for this modest,gentleman and his able Crew.
whoever needs HELP in Sports M"ent.


Anonymous said...

why lah u giving cheap publicity for your staffs? aiyoo aiyoo.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ghandi

Mike always provides his hand any matter till he extends his arm to achieve his goal.

He was a driving force on and off the field during our playing days.

Miss him playing at back and his assertive qualities where all the players were afraid off.

Your Teammate…

Anonymous said...


You deserved these accolades and all the best to you.

We knew that you made the changes and make sure hockey survives and Malaysian flag is flew in world stage tournaments.


Olympic 1996

Anonymous said...

What to do, Mike?

There is some personalities who rides on people’s movement.

I know how frustrating is when people change after they are seated on position that they want.

Hockey is ancillary, selfish and personal gain is their main objective.

Don’t worry Mike, God shall reward you with another means.

One of 102 Group.

Anonymous said...

The name and the word “ROCK” signify Mike’s principle.

Mike is a person with etiquette during playing for Malaysian team.

We wish we have 11 Mike on the field.

The current National players don’t even have 10% of his nature.

Good Luck Mike

Anonymous said...

Dear Ghandi

Mike always provides his hand any matter till he extends his arm to achieve his goal.

He was a driving force on and off the field during our playing days.

Miss him playing at back and his assertive qualities where all the players were afraid off.

Your Teammate…

Anonymous said...

Well done Ghandi

Deserving Article for Mike.

I knew from the age of 17; and his qualities on and off the field cannot be measured.

They wonder his place as defender was untouchable for a decade and no any substitute was available to replace him.


Anonymous said...

Dont Worrry.

We 102 are always there for you but not for some personalities (dont want to mention names) ride on this vehicle to gain position.

After all they are "leach" of malaysian hockey.

Lets see the results of the National Teams.

No integrity - Managers of National Team and Secretariat of MHF.

The Secretariat of MHF is the worst among the NSA in this country.

What can a Sarjan do in Internation hockey...

Waste of Time - MHF

Anonymous said...

The President of MHF, Deputy, NSC and Secretary Hashim are incapable to run MHF.

The prize money of the last year MHL still not paid and this year MHL has also commenced.


Better buck up or pack your bags up...

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

102 Group

Your Open Letter and 99 pages of Proposal is first of his kind in Malaysian Sports.

102 is equal to 300 Spartans who fought against the Persian for their grounds and beliefs.

Bravo 102...

Anonymous said...

MIKE and Gandhi

To both of you. Well done for the concern about our Malaysian Hockey.

By looking at the National Senior Team, Juniors and current ongoing MHL, the future is bleak.

Just forget about the game.

To Mike, you have done your part. And Gandhi, very good coverage of MHF and also keeping them on toe.

But I could not see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Goodbye MHF and Hockey.


Gandhi, said...

I had to edit the comment to keep it within the ambit of the guidelines.

Few questions to ponder:1. What happened after the... Few questions to ponder:

1. What happened after the Seminar?

2. Is Wawasan Committee and Consultative Committee operational?

3. What is happening to Development Committee????

4. What happened to the foreign Coach arrangement?

5. Is MHF website or (delete)functioning. No info.

6. Heard Deputy and (deleted - referes to Secretary) the Sarjan are running wild and their movements are controlled by NSC and (deleted - refers to a national team manager).

7. What about the people who advised TM on the structure. Are they still around.

8. Where are the Hyundai Cars.(whole phrase deleted)

9. The four players issue - match fixing.

10. What is the Coaching Committee plans.

11. Prize money of MHL from TNB sponsorship is misuse.

Looks like nothing have moved. Where are the TM ADVISORS.

MHF is very silience on all the above matters.

The (deleted - refers to Secretary) is still using the "smoke fire" system to communicate with others while we are in an era of hitech world.

Waste of time and money.

Gandhi, said...

I had to edit the comment.

Next month is Sultan Azlan Shah tournament.This to... Next month is Sultan Azlan Shah tournament.

This tournament has brought a bad light / image for MHF.

Strangely the (deleted) PLAYERS who sold the Nation for Money is still in the team and currently in Korea.

Is the odds out for the matches.

Can make money because this (deleted) PLAYERS can decide the scoreline.

Need money during this economy crisis. Maybe this method is a way forward for the stimulus package...


Same tune in a different recoder.

Anonymous said...

He is a great man and player.

One of the best defender in the world.

Is Mike in MHF, then is good. Because he can get things done and he is not afraid of big names as long as the thing is right and good for the game.

I am in to support him.

Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

I think Mike should be with the National Senior Team because:

1. He is intelligent
2. Does the right way
3. Dont believe in mediorce
4. Do not comprise
5. His only objective is the game
6. No selfish interest

The list can go on.............

Sydney 2000 and Sapura

Anonymous said...


Superb name for my great friend:


You Deserved it.



Anonymous said...

Dear Bro.

To everyone, Please be noted, the entire CREW, involved with "MR.Gibraltor" has the same Language, and Length of Distribution..Ultimately -RESULTS.

This is shere Experience and commitment- NOT MANY has this
has it all in his CLOSET...
Its his GURU, who has partially,
made him where he is TODAY...

I speak, because, I have worked with him in SUCCESSFUL Encounters, WORLD CLASS, I mean it.....

MHF lacks, this Caliber.!!!
He should be the incoming -EXECUTIVE SECRETARY to MHF.

I mean it, if anyone Dares me..Ha.Ha...not a JOKE BRO.


Anonymous said...

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