Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MCA - Please respond.

Below is an unedited comment i received for another article, which i believe deserves a respond from MCA. Lets see if the new office bearers in MCA have the courtesy to act appropriately.

Text of comment is as follows:

"Can you pls write on ur blog and ask MCA why there is no cricket at the moment. 3 months has gone and there is no sign of any league.

When is the MCA league going to start?

When is the Interclub going to start?

At the same time could pls ask the states where are their own leagues?

There is 2 important tournaments ahead of us....DIV 6 ICC & ACC Twenty20 and we have not started playing any sort of cricket......not even sixers.

The new committee has been formed about1 month ago, and we have not heard a single word or action from this new exco.

Singapore has finished their Twenty20 tournament, now they are in the mids of their 50 overs League with white ball and colored clothing to simulate International games and scenario.
But we are still with white attire and red balls. There is a vast difference playing with white balls rather then red balls - environment, side screen, swing of the ball, ball travels faster etc

Countries like Afghan / UAE / Nepal / Oman are consistently playing active cricket.
What are our cricketers doing? Sitting at home and playing PS2 cricket on computer........are we going to win tournaments? Are we going to be an ODI nation? Are we going to be a test nation?

We can't even organize a tournament with a handful teams / cricketers available.......shame on MCA la.....

We are way behind other teams at the moment.....ppl in Malaysia do not release that just passion and skills will not make u become a test or ODI nation. There is so much for us to learn!

Do we know how to bowl reverse swing, do we know how to milk runs, do we have variety of spinners, do we have hard hitting batsmen, do we have the knowledge of the game.......
I am afraid we don't.....ask 75% of cricketers in Malaysia how does the new power play rule are played....I can bet u they would not know!! Ask them to explain to you how does a 2 Innings match is played.......you would be surprised that many will not be able to answer you.

This game needs a lot of thinking, it is not just bat, bowl and hit. It’s more then that.
What is MCA & the states doing to combat this?

I am afraid in 10 years to come China will over take us or Cricket will not exists in Malaysia…………

Worried Cricketer "

Interesting questions!


Anonymous said...

The last nail to the Malaysian cricket coffin was hammered in by the affiliates themselves when they elected the same official in charge of domestic competition. Genuine cricket lovers have no one but themselves to blame for trusting their respective state reps to make decisions.
Even interest in this blog has waned after the election.
Rest in peace MCA and may the elected officials rot in whatever chair they're sitting. You do not deserve to serve the sport in the country. Current national seniors, hone your skills elsewhere. Budding cricketers, switch to bowling, squash or even cycling. Don't waste your time toiling under the hot sun when you have useless officials sitting comfortably in air cond rooms dictating when and where you should be playing cricket.

Anonymous said...


National Inter-Club – Postpond for ever

National Under-17 Inter-State April – Nobody know when starting.

MCA Premier League – April-May
1st game: Postpond vs postpond

MCA Division One League –
April-May- Out 5 states, 1 state pull out.

MCA Twenty20 Inter-State Championship – May - By the time all the state will pull out.

National Under-18 Inter-Club –
May - Hoping

Franchise League Twenty20 –
June - God Knows

Anonymous said...

Malaysia, Ireland and Scotland among Pakistan's offshore options

Alex Brown

April 9, 2009
The night sky at the Kinrara Academy Oval, Australia v West Indies, 1st match, DLF Cup, Kuala Lumpur, September 12, 2006
Pakistan could play home games at the Kinrara Oval in Kuala Lumpur © Dileep Premachandran

Malaysia, Ireland and Scotland have emerged as surprise contenders to host future Pakistan "home" series. Ijaz Butt, the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, confirmed that those nations, along with England and the United Arab Emirates, could become the Pakistan team's foreign base while the domestic security risk remained high.

While stressing his desire for cricket to make a prompt return to Pakistan, Butt said his board would announce in the next month neutral venues for impending international series. Butt has already held discussions with Giles Clarke, chairman of the ECB, regarding the feasibility of England hosting next year's Test series between Pakistan and Australia, and will soon decide where other matches will be based.

"We have a number of alternatives before us, and we are investigating their suitability as host venues," Butt told Cricinfo. "We have spoken with the ECB, and we will speak again with Giles Clarke when we all get together for the next ICC meeting in Dubai. There are other alternatives too. Kuala Lumpur, Ireland and Glasgow are among those. Nothing has been finalised at this stage but we will hope to make a decision in the next month."

Pakistan will return to competitive cricket this month when they play Australia in a five-match one-day series, followed by a one-off Twenty20 match, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They have not played since the terror attack on the Sri Lankan team bus in Lahore on March 3, and now face an uncertain future with teams unwilling to tour in the immediate future due to the security risk.

England and the UAE have previously been discussed as potential foreign bases for the Pakistan team, but Malaysia, Ireland and Scotland emerged as new contenders. In 2006, Kuala Lumpur's Kinrara Academy Oval hosted a triangular one-day series featuring India, Australia and West Indies. Ireland and Scotland, meanwhile, host international cricket on a more regular basis, as their respective national teams attempt to ascend from the Associate ranks.

"Some have contacted us, and others we have inquired about," Butt said. "We are investigating all possibilities. We want teams back in Pakistan as soon as possible, but for now it is important that we ensure matches still progress."

Warren Deutrom, the chief executive of Cricket Ireland, confirmed he had held preliminary discussion with the PCB's chief operations officer, Salim Altaf, and was amenable to the idea of hosting Pakistan matches.

"Our aim is to heighten interest in cricket in Ireland," Deutrom said. "We are trying to build an argument that we are a sufficiently viable cricket nation to make the step up to the elite level. To be able to host Pakistan in limited overs and even Test matches could only help us in attracting more interest in the sport. We would be more than happy for Pakistan to play here."