Sunday, March 15, 2009

Work ethics or talent - A question that needs careful pondering.

Today I read in the main stream media that the National Under 16 coach would be shortlisting players from the National Under 16 tournament based on work ethics as oppose to talent. He is of the opinion that players who work hard can acquire the skills while talented players maybe lazy and may not work hard. Indeed if any, the Under 16 coach may have started a debate similar to "the chicken and egg saga " i.e which came first. He is probably going to encourage people to go fruitlessly round and round without a clear cut solution.

My advice to the Under 16 coach is to be careful with his statements as they maybe misconstrued. If he believes a player with good work ethics can acquire skills than why not a talented lazy player be taught good work ethics. The point is the thinking process must be a 2 way approach, not a one way street. Unless of course the Under 16 coach is creating an environment for players by stating that even if you are not skillful, as long as you can work and play hard, you have an opportunity to be called up to the national squad. This i believe is a worthy statement, provided the aspect of talented players is not undermined.

I think the Under 16 coach must not create a warfare between talent and work ethics. In modern hockey both have their respective importance. What must be understood is that both bio- medicine and sports science provide a scientific basis for the optimum usage of players. Therefore, it is the intuition of the coach, when and how to use the player becomes the crux of the decision making. So modern hockey is a combination of various facets and how well they integrate becomes the key to a team's performance. Essentially, this is the role the coach has to undertake.

I wish the Under 16 coach happy talent spotting , as that is the universal terminology used in identifying players. It is not "work ethics" spotting.

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Anonymous said...


Work ethics need to be develop from a young age and we have to create awareness why with need ethics to guide our life.

i.e like a doctor how could be talented but if he doesn't have ethics?

Imagine and wander,will the world be facing such a economic climate if we mankind have ethics.

Mankind have came wiser in development in material gain not ethical.

God have given everyone talent and we mankind need to install good or Gods ethics on earth than talent will grow and this earth will be great and bless mankind with happiness.

Look at most of the sports today.

Very,very rare we hear a sports coach stressing on ethics.

The essence of life is we need to
guided by ethics.

With great guidance and support
this Under 16 team will turn out into a world class hockey team or great men that Malaysia will be proud.

Majulah Hoki Negara.

John Kid.