Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An anonymous person's point of view of the "ramblings" in Malaysian hockey.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Hockey gossip - "Prima Donnas among players":

"This is what happens when there in no clear understanding of ROLES within the team and interference from outside parties with vested interest be it individuals/ groups from within MHF /NSC or whosoever.

There has to be transparency in how things are being run / decisions made etc- no hidden agenda only in the best interest of the TEAM.

The question is ?

Are the coaches given full support by personnel around them who know and understand their roles and undivided loyalty and commitment to the NATIONAL HOCKEY TEAM.

Does Beng Hai have the final say and a free hand when it comes to all matters relating to the team - selection of training squad / final team , programs and tours, support personnel,discipline and rewards, substitution in matches, etc.?

Do the other officials - the team manager / support staff realise that they are there to SUPPORT Beng Hai because at the end of the day HE is answerable for the performance and result of the team.

Hence it must be clear that in the Malaysian set up the COACH is effectively the "MANAGER" and the rest have to fall in to support HIM.

The team cannot afford to have too many "experts" trying to call the shots , having separate meetings or sessions without the coaches ok as this undermines the coach and his decisions and in the process confuse the players as to who is the BOSS. Why the secrecy as this create a sense of distrust within the group unless there are other motives.......

More honest and open communication between all parties concern is needed to prevent any split within the team

ps For the records EY is surely not the most successful club - from records it has to be either TNB (Kilat club) or Maybank based on the number of titles won todate.

Although in recent years with the bulk of the national players they have tasted some success winning the double last year incl. the MHL overall title for the first time."

A very interesting comment except the issue of "conflict" was not addressed. I believe that may be the core of the issue. If that matter is overcome and based on the above recommendation, things may return to what it should be. Malaysian hockey may yet prosper.

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