Saturday, June 13, 2009

Datuk Wira Mazlan Ahmad express his views.

I sincerely hope people would visit, particularly the article "Top Manager" dated Friday 12th.June 2009. Please read the article and then "click" on the "comment". Mazlan Ahmad, in his simplistic manner has pen a few meaningful lines.

He accredits a lot of his work style to passion and without doubt 1998 Commonwealth was the pinnacle of his career in NSC. Today, he seem to look at another challenge and that is uplifting sports in schools, once the traditional breeding ground for our sportsmen. The new bearer of this vision is no other than the Deputy Prime Minister (DPM), who is also the Minister of Education.

Datuk Mazlan had the opportunity to have served the DPM, when he was just the Minister of Sports, Youth & Culture. The DPM knows the capability of Datuk Mazlan and therefore for Datuk it must be a nostalgic feeling to serve again his former boss and also Malaysian sports effectively.

Yet again, lets wish Datuk Mazlan Ahmad our best wishes and all the success in his endeavours with sports in Ministry of Education. Our hopes and prayers are that generations of talents would emerge from the schools in years to come.

Sports with 1heart for 1Malaysia.


rizal hashim said...

Gandhi, I was surprised that he took the trouble to respond to my posting. I know a lot of people have refrained from leaving comments lest they be accused of providing information. Hah...thanks Gandhi.

Anonymous said...


Datuk Wira Mazlan is a beautiful man.

He reminds me of the beautiful words from "Oscar Wilde" "The true perfection of man lies not in what man has,but in what man is."

Congrats and Good Luck to Datuk Wira Mazlan.

Thank You