Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Malaysian hockey and the National Team Manager put on the dock - re: Malay Mail.

Today's Malay Mail has an interesting hockey article titled "By George" on the link: www.mmail.com.my/category/channel/sports/hockey. This is another "master piece" of Johnson Fernandez, who has bluntly put across the pathetic situation in MHF particularly in dealing with "ill disciplined" players.

The National Team Manager is taken to task as his club players donning the national colours are the main actors in this "ill discipline" drama. These players are playing for one of the top 4 accounting firms in the world and the article puts into perspective the image such players would bear on the club.

It questions the wisdom of selecting such players for the Dublin tournament. Indeed it refers to MHF as "toothless" and I believe he is right. Johnson in a nutshell put the onus on MHF and the National Team Manager on the discipline issues and he cannot be wrong.

Folks, please read this article and judge for yourself the issues.

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