Friday, June 12, 2009

Is it true? Mike the GM of MHF

SS Dhaliwal in his blog had indicated that the Deputy President of MHF had stated that the former Malaysian international Maninderjit Singh or otherwise known as Mike is to become General Manager of MHF. Apparently it is all a formality of awaiting NSC's approval. It was also stated that he is to report on 1st July 2009.

Although rumours did exist prior to SS Dhaliwal's story on it but the comment of the MHF Deputy President seem to further confirm the rumour. I wonder why there is no official news release from MHF on such an appointment. Is this another one of the statements of the Deputy President which is just a spontaneous reaction. Many things have had happened in the past and sometimes it is difficult to comprehend the Deputy President's reactions whether that is MHF's official position.

I have no doubt that SS Dhaliwal is just as excited as anyone of us but until there is an official communique from MHF, it may be premature to extend a formal congratulations to Mike.

After all, "there have been many a slips between the cup and the lips" and therefore it may be wise to wait for an official announcement.

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Anonymous said...

Well someone who has been working from the back scene of the hockey and its time he takes the front line role. The person who have excelled academically after getting into hockey world, now translating what he have learned in both hockey and studies into the game he loves the most.Bravo mike. However, taliban nature character need some understanding of the characters involved in MHF. That will be his greatest challenges in real life. Its easy when he was a senior player shouting to his younger team mates. In a real world, things are different and everyone have their on agenda. A hockey team has only one agenda. It will take a while to understand but once he has a gasp on this, he will probably will be the best hockey official. I dare to say that given his understanding of hockey and managing a corporate approach. Step 1; a clear understanding of the people around MHF office is important. Step 2; working with the best available resources around that is even more important. Step 3; talk less but walk the talk.