Thursday, June 11, 2009

Malaysian hockey's alcohol consumption fiasco - "Questions that need answers"

As Berita Harian reports more on the probable fate of the 3 players involved in the "alcohol consumption" and returning wee hours in the morning to an NSC accommodation, there are a number of questions that need response to clarify why such an incident took place. More so as this issue had been simmering on the back burner for sometime.

The lack of decisive action in past has permitted the matter to spread and the frightening aspect is how deep this problem has become infectious on the others in the team. This is not a new issue rather a common phenomenon with the hockey players. Such a problem was not arrested in the past because they have been swept under the carpet or officials just "pooh poohed" the matter with the barest of punishment. Since a deterrent was never created, this simply provided
a clear pathway to do things to the players whims and fancies.

This is not unusual as allegations on match fixing, gambling and other financial dealings have all been forgotten and life just continues as though nothing has happened. Such things if left as it is may become "cancerous" and eat into the very core of our sporting talents. Rather than allowing such matters to be forgotten, it is the duty of NSC, MHF and its officials to undertake the needful to preserve the integrity of Malaysian sports.

I think if NSC and MHF look at these questions and find the necessary answers, I am sure they can move forward with the necessary solutions. The questions are:
  1. Are these players the same players as those involved in the previous incidents in MHF?
  2. If so, what would MHF do?
  3. If not to (1) above, would MHF acknowledge that the problem is far bigger and deeper than the previous incident?
  4. The security at the NSC accommodation indicates that this is a common thing among the hockey players. Why was this not picked up by NSC officials in the past as they are responsible for supervision of the accommodation?
  5. Such incidents must be considered extraordinary and why were such matters not documented by the security and reviewed by the supervising officers?
  6. How come non national players were permitted to use accommodation meant for national players?
  7. Once the authorities became aware of the incident, why was Institute Sports Negara (ISN) doctors not called to do the necessary medical checks including blood tests to substantiate the extent of alcohol consumption?
  8. Is there NSC and MHF standard operating policies and procedures for athletes using NSC accommodation?
  9. Is there a punishment regime, if athletes breach the policies and procedures?
  10. What is the next course of action of NSC and MHF on this matter?

Please do not allow the problem to linger. The last time this was allowed to linger was just under 3 months ago and take note what has happened. It is not a question of punishing the culprits but rather teaching our athletes the responsibility they have to shoulder while donning national colours. Cuddling and pampering them while they break the written and unwritten rules relating to sports is just pushing Malaysian sports into the "Dark Ages".

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