Saturday, July 4, 2009

Planning documents in Malaysian sports becomes the nuclei for collection of dust, as Sports Administrators conveniently forget to implement it.

Tony Mariadass, a known name in the sports journalistic fraternity and in his blog: On Wednesday 1st July, Tony had an article titled "On the shelf or shelved."

Tony, without mincing words, precisely highlighted the "dust collection syndrome" that takes place in Malaysian sports following a study, tour report, or post mortem, or other in-depth analysis to move forward. Sometimes all this is combined with seminars or workshops, where people get caught with "verbal diarrhoea" and thereafter are so tired that they get into "hibernation".

Matters are forgotten until another crisis hits the roof and everyone starts the whole process again i.e a Study. The process repeats itself with seminars or workshops, then the "hibernation" which permits the "dust collection syndrome" to materialise. All these takes place while awaiting yet again for another crisis.

In all of these, the key element is that the same Sports Administrators are involved. They have not seen it once but "umpteen" times and what surprises me is that they are prepared to tolerate it. To be fair, initially there would be loud cries and high degrees of concern. However, with the passage of time the "hibernation" process steps in and the "coldness" freezes the thinking process.

Therefore it is not surprising to see year in and year out the same Sports Administrators. There is no doubts that they have volunteered their services and the positions they hold are not their "bread and butter". Therefore one should not expect too much.

If that argument holds, then Malaysian sports will not see "daylight". I have always maintained that people who are elected to position, wanted the post and , as such, they have a duty of care to undertake their responsibility properly. They have been bestowed trust and that is fundamental in providing the leadership for the betterment of the sports. When they sit on the Chair and make statements just to appease the public, then they are seeking personal glamour rather than getting the job done. Holding positions also means making decisions that may be unpopular but good for the sports. This is where the Malaysian Sports Administrators are so skillful in sweeping things under the carpet, thereby permitting the problems to silently persist and organically grow bigger, hoping that, with time, either the problem would be forgotten or the officials would have left their positions.

I believe Tony has pinpointed an area where Malaysian sports has totally failed to undertake its role. We are paying the prise as declining standards have set in , namely in football, hockey, athletics, cricket and many other sports. I would list Tony's article as compulsory reading for those who care for Malaysian sports.

Thank you Tony Mariadass.

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