Thursday, July 23, 2009

A news portal on Asian hockey - Hockey-Asia

The only news portal for Asian hockey is: I am a regular visitor to the site and it is one way of updating myself with the latest news in Asian hockey. It also provides a comprehensive cover to Malaysian hockey and indeed some of the news tend to be the very latest, probably the first with it.

Part of my reason to highlight this portal is that they are carrying out a Poll and the participation of hockey lovers would greatly help the portal in moving further forward. I am sure your indulgence would be most appreciated by the portal.

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Vignesh Kandiah said...


+1 on the poll. Before I go on, need to get 1 thing clear. What do you mean by other organizations that may contribute to the benefit and improvement of the local hockey scene ?

NGOs, private bodies or maybe a band of brothers ?

I truly think that Malaysian players do not lack quality but rather discipline and proper management. I'm sure you have touched on this issues somewhere in this blog, sorry for bringing this up then.

When I have more time, I will definitely go thru this blog. Nice blog by the way, keep it going.

Thank you.