Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rumours that Mike is the GM of MHF.

During the last MHF Council Meeting, the Secretary of MHF made an announcement that former hockey international and one time Vice Captain of the national team, Maninderjit Singh or popularly known as Mike is to become the General Manager of MHF.

This obviously seems to be an official announcement following rumours around the time of the Junior World Cup that he was already appointed. I then did draw caution in my blog to the possibility of the "slip between the cup and the lips" and interestingly I was proven right. Much later MHF posted an advertisement for the post. Maybe they wanted to be transparent in their appointment.

Sources indicate that there were not too many applicants for the post. There were indications that about 8 people applied for the post including Mike. It is rumoured that a known media personality was also one such applicant. Interviews were conducted by a panel headed by the Deputy President and a shortlist of the recommended candidates was forwarded for a final decision. The fact that Mike is to be the GM, must mean that he was the selected candidate.

Mike is joining MHF during a period i categorise as "interesting times". He has a challenging task and the question is whether certain "forces" would allow him to function properly. Envy, jealousy, revenge, vengeance and other negative superlatives would be in interplay to make his life difficult. People are going to feel threatened, if Mike is able to do a good job. It is going to be interesting to hear the gossip and the results that are going to emerge out of MHF after Mike starts his work.

I do not want to predict anything except to wish Mike the very best of luck in his endeavours in MHF. He must know that people are watching every step and every move he makes. Everything is going to be seen "microscopically" and various stories shall emerge, right and wrong.


Anonymous said...


As I envisage what Mike wiil endeavour in MHF, certaintly fit the words of "Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi"

"First they ignore you,then they will laugh at you,then they will fight you,then you will win".

All the best Mike and may God be beside you in all your decision.

Have a beautiful time.

Thank You

Anonymous said...

For 102 sake or malaysian hockey sake? :-)

Anonymous said...

gd luck n all the best, mike..

It's not simply just a piece of paper, mike.. :-)

Anonymous said...

Mike is "Simply the Best Candidate"
to fit the Post, BUT will everyone
cooperate for the betterment-A no
Nonsence Man, But MHF, is always pampered, and does what suites them Best, for their own Benefit.Time has proven the "State" of affairs
MHF is in.a Total Disgrace, that the officials do not learn from Mistakes.

MIke if he Stays for a good 3 months with no clipping of his Legs and Wings, you will see a turnaround, setting a precident
to all sports.
I have worked with Mike,and he is
always ahead of schedule in his
system and procedures.

Proper KPI or SPI will be the order of the House, to see some drastic changes.

If this backfires, Mike has to take a reverse Flick and return to
his original status.
ManY officials are going to have alot of new lessons to learn, and thats going to be a real Tough Call.

Its my opinion on a Frank basics.
Mike, I wish you all the Best, and
may ALL the GODS be with You, Why,
and you can answer for it....?

Have a great Day ahead of You Mike. Bye for Now

Just Me
from Kabut Cooperation.

Anonymous said...

Mike, Hope you will check all the movements of the Honarary Secretary and the Treasurer!Don't get caught in their trap. They have sweet talks infront of you but behind they have the serpent to kill you.