Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hockey Polls on Australia vs Malaysia matches

Please visit and participate on the polls on the expected results of the hockey matches between Australia and Malaysia.

Having gone down badly with a 8-1 thrashing on the first game, Malaysia has to do something for the next game. Any predictions?


Capik! said...

who would have guessed that the team turned it around and attacked vigorously to win 1-0!! and I am so glad I was there!

Anonymous said...

Its the reflection of hockey standard. Aussies are top nation and we are lower ranks.What do we expect? To try to reduce the score or try out variations and tactics while trying out new players. Hope thats the coaches' focus. We must not forget in the last 20 years we did loose against Aust, Pakistan & Holland with this margin. So let us not bitch around about the score but instead accept thats the state of malaysian hockey and work around to improve the players capability even before they get their call up for the national training camps.