Monday, July 27, 2009

Hockey Poll on MHF & New Affiliates: "A clarion call for the future."

On Sunday 19th July 2009, i undertook a poll on my blog based on the following question:

"Should MHF's Constitution permit other organisations, who can contribute to Malaysian hockey development to become Affiliates."

After the completion of 7 days i.e today, I have withdrawn the polls from the blog. I believe sufficient time has elapsed and it is important that the polls should not be dragged on as 7 days seems to be sufficient time.

The overall results are as follows:
  • Total number of votes: 113 - 100%
  • Total no "YES" votes : 109 - 96%
  • Total no "NO" votes : 4 - 4%

There seems to be a huge call (96%) for MHF to ensure that new Affiliates are permitted to be admitted to MHF.

This is important for the future of Malaysian hockey that organisations like TNB, Sapura, EY, Maybank, BSN, Telecoms, various Universities and many others should be made new Affiliates with full rights.

The wider spectrum of membership brings with it broader creative thinking plus culture, which is a much needed necessity in the current predicament of Malaysian hockey.

Please TM, the opportunity is here for your kindself to stamp a legacy that would take Malaysian hockey into quantum leap in the international hockey arena. We cannot miss this opportunity and TM you are the right person to ensure of it. It is in your hands TM.

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Anonymous said...

If MHF wants to improve , change the Constitution. The State affiliates look after thier own affairs. The presiden choosen by the affiliates but all is working committee including the secretary , treasurer or the sub committees must be appointed by the president. It must be all the presiden's men. If fail , the president takes the responsibility.States should not interfere.