Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Dutch connection to spice KL Razak Cup squad.

6 months ago a Dutch couple decided to leave their homeland to bring "live" hockey matches to the doorsteps of Asians especially in Malaysia. They set up hockey-asia.com and this portal was to serve that very purpose. Technical glitches and the lack of commitment due to the failure to be in listening mode has made this couple reappraise their presences here. They had expectations but they found some of the truth the hard way.

Not at all remorse, this couple remain as excited as ever when hockey is the topic. They are no other than Jaap Suyk and his wife. Jaap has been a coach for nearly 25 years and now given the opportunity to handle the KL Razak Cup squad is permitting him to get into the "thick" of Asian hockey.

Obviousl;y, Jaap is going to enjoy every moment of it and with the "downs" he had been going through lately, this may provide the right dose to lift his spirits. I am sure there would be more avenues open for his services in Malaysia.

Good Luck Jaap.


darthvadai said...

Yup, All the best to him.

Anonymous said...


Why not coach a weaker team. For instance Perlis or Kelantan to test his coaching skills.

Even the local coaches that did the team KL team was winning the Razak Cup anayway.

If he is as good as he claims his expertise can help other weaker teams.

Hockey Fan

Anonymous said...

He is outdated. He came here to cari makan. KL was the blacksheep. K.L cannot even win against the 2013 team.What can a coach do within 2 weeks. This is a lesson for K.L and a lesson for him