Friday, July 31, 2009

Malaysian Hockey Poll - "Who is to be blamed on Malaysia's humiliating defeat of 11-3 by Australia?"

Today i have set up a poll site on the right hand corner of my blog with the following question:

"The humiliating defeat of 11-3 by Australia on Malaysia recently reinforces the continuous decay of Malaysian hockey. Who is to be blamed?"

There are multiple choices so kindly think about it carefully before you vote.

The poll results shall be made public and all those who participate may be playing a role in ensuring that MHF gets to know the feeling of the hockey fraternity.

This is important as the TM being President of MHF can start to plan the next course of action to arrest the decay and lift Malaysian hockey to a formidable international level.

Kindly ask as many of your friends to participate in this poll.

Thank you.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Year in year out the same story but the fact remains the score is the true reflection of our standard.Lets be honest about it. There are top 2 in the world and we are now is at the bottom. My judgment we should be below 16 ranked team. 30 years ago there were only few countries where hockey is played throughout the nation. eg Malaysia, Pakistan, India, UK, Australia, NZ, Holland, Germany.Spain, Argentina and Russia. There were top hockey played from the north to south of malaysia. We could boast about our ranking then. With the emergence of new playing nations with focused concerted effort(FCE) took them higher than us eg Korea,Japan, Canada & few more Europeans. Do we have the FCE? Now look at Singapore economically ie where they were and where they are now. That's the scenario.Folks it is not the team management that creates success it is the entire system. Look at Paul Lissek, the longest serving national hockey coach ever in our Malaysian system. What did he produce? A defence unit? Oops he forgot to gain territories ie how to make goals. Gaining territories basically creating many goal scoring chances in the game. Over time perfection built around high tension games. Absence of this lead us to goal shy malaysians and allow opponents run all arouns us. Longest serving coach unable to produce and now we expect a interim coach to come up with miracles. It is easier to blame the coach and get a replacement. CFE is thinking and implementing and that we are not prepared to do. If that's the direction we might as well play social hockey and win sea games. With our kind of infrastructure is sure to be Sea Games Gold medalist!!